Love and Light Golden Age – New Book

Welcome to the Light and Love. I sincerely congratulated everyone on Earth, because we were and are now living in Golden Age. The reality of the world is that you are living in the Golden Age. I wonder what do you desire for yourself in this life? Do you want to become a rich happy and peaceful man? Or do you want to be awakened, enlightned or healed? in order to help you to come home with God. Whatever you desire, or anything. I will say that what you need most for your soul during this age is Love, Light consciousness. Fortunatel,  in this book, there are many teachings of Christ as: the Creator, Father God Mother God and Masters, Jesus / Sannada, Lady – Nada’s, the Archangel Michael, Saint Germain, Lord Ashtar, Buddha Shakyamuni etc. Besides, there is a lot of information found from my superior consciousness. From this, it may help you to achieve what you really want. Indeed it will, it will

The Ultimate Truth

Dear friend, Welcome to the Ultimate Truth. Indeed, the truth is a word that you can use daily in life. But clearly, the truth has always played a very important role in the evolution of every soul, and it always has important role as number one position in life. If the truth does not exist, everything will mess up. The life will go dark and the world will be dulling. From the truth and only the truth can guide and change a normal person into superman. However, in order to get what you want, you should first find yourself a master. And here, from the contents of the Ultimate Truth, it will be able to help you find the desired master
Fortunately, the teacher that you will be looking for is not too far away from you, but that person is you. In fact, you are the greatest teacher of yourself and and only you can help you aware of anything in life through truth. Thereby, you will definitely become a genuine Superman. Indeed, in the Ultimate Truth book, there is a lot of useful information that can help you find yourself.

The Great Truth

Dear friends, welcome to The Great Truth. Do you think that humansare really alone in the universe? You assumed that where the human come from? Come here for what purposes and  where man will eventually go? You will be able hav reasonable answers to these questions in the Great Truth. Also, at this place you will know how the soul work and whether the soul is immortal? Here, you will find the pratical explanation of  reincarnation, prodigy, psychic abilities, aliens, UFOs, crop circle mystery of ancient architecture, and other unexplained phenomena other. Is that hard to believe? However you should read and evaluate by yourself through information contained in the GREAT TRUTH.