1. The Remarkable Points of Science and Technology

We cannot deny that scientific technology is an extremely necessary field for human evolution and development. In ancient times, humans used to apply scientific technology in their daily lives, but scientific technology has progressed greatly within the last 100 years. There are two main reasons to explain why the progress of science development on Earth not occurs in synchronicity.

  • Overpopulation: As we know, in the 1800s the world population was only one billion people, but recently it has increased to seven billion. Two hundred and ten years is only about 1/60 of the total time that modern humans have existed on the planet, but the population rate has increased nearly 700% in that time, which is an extremely fast growth rate.
  • Moral evolution: Human evolution consists of many factors, but the evolution of morality and personal behavior is the most important. In general, the people become more civilized and develop higher awareness, the more the respect the law and behave humanely. Social relationships and relations between nations also become more equal, etc.

Overpopulation is an important reason for God to judge whether to equip or not to equip humanity with new knowledge, but morality plays an even more important role.

Let‘s try a little calculation. If the population was seven billion people 1000 years ago, would humanity have survived? If this had been the case, it would have been difficult for us to live because at that time civilization and scientific technology was quite undeveloped. We were less knowledgeable about manufacturing in agriculture, industry, energy, transportation, technical construction, medicine, infrastructure, etc. Everything was primitive, so it would have been hard to meet the needs of all seven billion people. Conversely, if humans at that time had possessed our current scientific technology—and in particular atomic, chemical and biological weapons, it maybe not have been a good thing. At that time, a wealthy nation might start an invasion which was not controlled by any organization, simply based on the king‘s greed.

In brief, before God equipped humans with the intellect to meet the living needs of overpopulation, He examined whether man had enough morality to receive that knowledge or not. In case humanity does not possess high science and technology but does have good morality,

the world will still live in peace and happiness. However, if humanity possesses high science and technology but low level of morality, obviously the world will not be peaceful anymore and may bring about its own destruction.

As we know, many geniuses in different fields have appeared all over the world for many centuries. However, geniuses with great intellects in scientific technology have only appeared in recent times. The increase of the world population goes well with high science and technology development. But the appearance of geniuses and scientists is not matched with the population of each continent, area or country. The appearance of geniuses in each nation depends on God‘s decision. God calculates so that after geniuses are born they work effectively and transmit received knowledge to human beings.

  1. The Era of Blooming Intellectual Development

As we know, Africa was the cradle of all mankind, but Europe was the cradle of scientific technology. In the Renaissance and the succeeding centuries, Europe had many geniuses in different fields, such as literature, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. Talented scientists in Europe initiated progressive scientific technology, which led to the foundation of science of our current world.

Why did most geniuses appear only in Europe in that era, and not distributed equally on all continents? There are two reasons that explain this geographic phenomenon:

  1. Protestant Reformation: This was a movement that emerged in the 16th century as an effort to reform the Roman Catholic Church. This movement emerged with the 95 topics of Martin Luther, and this ideology was developed by John Calvin. The Protestant Reformation was a premise to help citizens in some European countries, such as England, France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, etc., and was foundation on which to reform the thought processes of citizens of European countries to object to the power of bishops and the ecclesiastical structure of the Roman Catholic Church. Gradually, this movement exceeded the traditional limit, doing away with unnecessary rituals. Its focus on personal freedoms led to the democratic process, helped humans assimilate within society and strongly fostered manufacturing and the spirit of work. The Protestant Reformation had a positive effect on science, expressed clearly in the following typical cases: Galileo Galilee was born on February 15th 1565 and died on January 8th 1642. He was an Italian astronomer, physicist and mathematician. Isaac Newton was born on January 4th 1643 and died on March 31st 1727. He was an English physicist, astronomer and mathematician. These two talented scientists appeared in the same historical period. However, Galileo lived and worked in Italy, so his scientific career was limited by the Roman Catholic Church. On the other hand, Isaac Newton lived and worked in England. Thus, he was not restricted by religion as Galileo was. He was completely free in his scientific research, and his works were very useful for human beings.
  1. Climate: Europe has a continental temperate climate. This climate occurs naturally, and brings about many benefits for man. It was not coincidence that the races lucky to live in these temperate climate areas are now most of the world‘s developed countries, such as the

United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, Russia, the Netherlands, China, Korea

and Japan. It was also not coincidence that all G8 countries belong to this geographic group with temperate climates. Finally, it was not coincidence that scientists in these countries were awarded Nobel prizes at a very high rate, especially the United States.

Climatic factors seemed to be a very normal thing, not related to the occurrence of the talent and the development of a country. But we should know that the climate is a very important factor and sustainable factor for knowledge leading to the development of the country and the world. So for those who live and work in a temperate environment, their brains develop better and far more effective than those who live in tropical

The brains of those who live and work in temperate climates develop better and work more effectively than those who live in tropical zones. For example:

  1. People with similar levels of knowledge often work in the same study fields. But Mr. Aworks in 20 C temperature and Mr. B works in 37 C temperature. Obviously, Mr. A‘s performance is much higher than Mr. B‘s.
  1. On summer days with high temperatures, mental patients get crazier than they do on winter days due to the effect that the outside temperature has on their brains. High temperatures make brains works less effectively. 20 C is the temperature most suitable for human brain development and operation(20°C was also the temperature inside the Gisa pyramid which was created by the angels to live and work in when on Earth).

In brief, with these two important factors combined, after the Protestant Reformation period, God equipped many geniuses born in Europe with great intellects. In recent years, there have been many talented scientists appearing all over the world, and this is due to two reasons.

  • First: Nowadays, in most countries all over the world religions do not have much influence over strategies, policies and the legitimacy the nation. Contemporary religions primary focus on guiding humans spiritually. Daily activities do not depend on rituals and religious dogmas. Therefore, despite the fact that modern humans have religious beliefs, they not bound heavily on religious laws (Protestant Reformation is an example). The more practical one lives, one strive more to work and achieve success in life.
  • Second: Scientific technology has improved the human lifestyle, and air conditioners have become useful tools in tropical countries. Air conditioners really help improve the living environments of these countries, as well as their working, learning and studying environments.
  1. The Effects of Overpopulation

The increase in the world population has great meaning for both humans and God. In early days, God encouraged humans to reproduce (Old Testament Bible, Book of Genesis 1:28).

World overpopulation was the primary reason for God to equip humans with the knowledge necessary to develop scientific technology, which subsequently served daily life. In reality, all good and bad things have their limitations, and overpopulation is no exception. In ancient times, there were less humans on Earth—thus, God encouraged man to reproduce to increase the

population. But if the population increases without control, in the long term this will bring about unexpected disadvantages.

For example: the world, in the time of 2000 years ago, is compared to a construction site that were seriously in short of laborers, which need to have lots of human sources in order to maintain progress. But if continuing to recruit more workers as before (overpopulation), this could cause the construction site to go bankrupt.

Recently, there has been no group or scientist who has studied to predict how many people can live on Earth sustainably. We do not know when God will decide to enact the final judgment— maybe in 500 years, or 5000 years, or more. It cannot happen soon though. So if humans continue to reproduce at their current rate, at the end of 22nd century the world population will be approximately 20 billion people, and imagine how many people there will be in the 30th century!

Though we can‘t predict the exact day of the final judgment, we can still guess what will happen on this day. The more crowded the world population is, the less man can be released by God. The more man exists, the higher the standard of selection will be. How many people God will release in the future is not known for sure. After release, humans will be immortal and enjoy heavenly lives consisting of many factors, and space will be the most important.

If humans live in a tiny city, in crowded high rise apartments and with a high density population, these conditions are not conducive to a perfect life. Humans need to live with nature. Beautiful sights and romantic rivers are part of an enjoyable life. Therefore, an overcrowded world population will not meet these needs. In the future, if humanity maintains its current population growth, maybe God will adjust and cut the supply of new souls for humans. He will adjust by making people infertile or spreading epidemic diseases such as HIV as a warning against the abuse of sex. Later, there may appear many kinds of viruses, much more horrific than HIV, which will be brought to Earth by angels from outer space. Also, God could bring about disasters and other deadly things to balance the world population. In fact, God does not give humans bad things as mentioned above, that humans must take the consequences of their own choices.

Therefore, from now on, we must limit the growth of our population. Otherwise, we will have many troubles in sustaining life for humankind, and may harm ourselves through many unexpected events.

Each of us has to die, but there is no forever death. All souls are reincarnated continuously, until the final judgment day when they will enjoy perfect and immortal life. Therefore, we should not try to reproduce, as this can be harmful for us.

  1. Future Scientific Technology

Although we currently possess quite advanced scientific technology, compared to the advanced lives in universe, especially in the place where God resides, our technology level is still very limited. Humans appeared on Earth more than 10,000 years ago, but this is a short period

compared to the lives that existed before us. If humans want to achieve evolutionary levels equal to these other beings, we need much more time.

In the future, if man wants to reach immoral life in the perfect world, we will have to possess three technologies: gravitational waves, anti-gravity waves and super brainwaves.

  1. Gravitational Waves and Anti-Gravity Waves

A gravitational wave is capable of creating high speeds so that objects can move in space. An anti-gravity wave is capable of controlling the gravity of all objects in the universe. After humans search out and possess this technology, we will manufacture flying saucers and operate them in the same manner as the angels, who travel the universe and skies of Earth in flying saucer. With our current technology, even if we try hard, we cannot travel further than our solar system. Owning flying saucer, however, man can easily travel into space and discover distant planets in far-off galaxies. Besides flying saucers, we will also create many other modes of transportation to replace motorbikes, cars, trains and planes. In the future, one popular form of transportation will be equipment which can cover the body like angel wings in fairy tales. This equipment will take man to space with appropriate speed and height based on the users‘ control.

In the future, these technologies will replace heavy transportation means such as the cranes and derricks that we currently use. These new means will work effectively, just as those with which angels moved big stones and built the Egyptian pyramids, in addition to other ancient architectural works. In brief, man will use supreme technology to serve mankind and support our lives.

  1. Super Brainwaves

Super brainwaves are special waves because their speed is unlimited and their transmission can‘t be prevented by any materials or objects in the universe. In the past and present, God and the angels used super brainwaves to connect with and control human brains. However, humans cannot possess this technology before God liberates us. If we possess this technology too early, man will read others thoughts and control their wishes, which will disorder God‘s divine plan.

Super brainwaves play an important role in maintaining human immortal lives in the future. As we know, only the soul is immortal, physical bodies cannot survive forever. Therefore, after the final judgment day, God will grant us final knowledge about medicine and gene technology, etc., which will man solve problems related to aging and disease. The new gene will offer man a perfect physical body and great longevity. However, only with new medicine knowledge and new gene structure, it‘s not enough for humans to live immortal lives.

When we are immortal, our souls will still connect with the central soul data based on super brainwaves on Earth. When our physical body gets old or deadly accidents destroy our bodies, we will use super brainwaves to install our souls (which have been saved in the central soul data) into a new body.

This future work is similar to what angels executed in the following cases:

  1. On July 19, 1985 a 17-year-old Indian girl named Sumitra died. When the family was preparing for her funeral, she suddenly came back to life and named herself Shira, and did not recognize anyone around her. This girl borrowed Sumitra‘s body to relive. Shira was a 22-year-old woman who had died two months before. Her body was found on the train tracks with many wounds on her head. After Shira relived in Sumitra‘s body, she was taken back to Shira‘s family. Sumitra instantly recognized her relatives, friends, neighbors and individual belongings, and had the same handwriting style as Shira (whereas Sumitra had been illiterate).
  1. At Tan Viet village, CaMau (Bat lagoon) Vietnam, Mr. Hieu‘s daughter died at 19 years of age. At the same time, at Vinh My village, there was a girl who died of illness. The family prepared for the funeral and burial, but suddenly, after one day she came back to life, healthy, as if she had never been sick. After she came back to life, she asked to be taken to Mr. Hieu‘s house. Thinking that their daughter was not normal, the family refused her many times, but finally the father took her to Mr. Hieu‘ s house. She described the village, the road to the house and details of Mr.Hieu‘s relatives. When she arrived, she recognized Mr. and Mrs.

Hieu as her parents and she told them many secrets that only they knew.

In these two cases, angels moved souls and possessed bodies. In the future, man will use super brainwaves to move souls from one body to another to maintain immortal life.

  1. Biological Robots

Recently, humans have created many generations of robots, which serve in various industries, including manufacturing, discoveries, services, etc. However, our robot generations can‘t be compared to God‘s and the angels‘ robots, because their robot generations are much more advanced biological robots.

In reality, angels seldom manipulate flying saucers directly; instead, biological robots perform most tasks when they come to Earth. Biological robots have oversized heads in order to contain data and handle brains which function at high speed. They also have big eyes to see further and more clearly, and very big ears to hear clearly. The body structure and intellectual operations of biological robots is similar to humans, but these robots are not equipped with spiritual software programs.

After humans become masters of super brainwave techniques, we will create a biological robot generation by manipulating human genes and agamic cloning, just as God has. When creating the clone bodies, we will use super brainwaves to install into their brains a consciousness software program, as well as knowledge in one or more professional fields. In this way, we will manufacture biological robots.

These robots will be better than meant specific tasks. Biological robots can learn, supplement knowledge and work as normal humans, but they do not have desires, greed, sadness or anger. They just work as humans assign them. If the bodies of biological robots get old or damaged by accidents, we will collect the data in their brains. Then, we will reinstall this information in other clone bodies, helping them to live and continue working normally.

Nowadays, scientists have successfully cloned different kinds of animals. As presented in chapter two, all species on Earth that have intellect and sentiment also have hereditary genes. Therefore, when cloning is successful, the new version can live normally, as if it was born by parents. But this technology will be not applied to humans, because cloned bodies do not have intellect and sentiment. This will only be possible when we possess super brainwaves technology with which to install souls into those cloned bodies.

  1. Travel Through Space

We are very proud because of the scientific technology and success humans have achieved in recent centuries. Particularly, we have made great advances in the universal space field. Five centuries ago, people thought that Earth was a fixed planet, yet in the 20th century humans conquered the moon. With current universal technology, we can only conquer planets in our solar system. However, when humans can progress and manufacture flying saucers, we will be capable of traveling to planets further than millions of light years away, and even galaxies that are billions of light years away from Earth. Our flying saucers will reach the speed as light speed; after all, man cannot sit inside flying saucers for billions of years just to visit those distant planets. Flying saucers today can‘t exceed light speed because they still needed to be manufactured with materials, and our materials can‘t exceed the speed of light.

In the future, when humanity will be liberated, we will join the members of highly evolved societies that are under God‘s control. At that time, we will be able to move to other member planets to visit, and even travel by super brainwave. The way humans travel through the universe will be similar to the way God allows souls to reincarnate, or the way Jesus Christ descended 2000 years.

Before man travels to any other member planets, we should contact the aliens living there so that they can prepare necessary numbers of clone bodies. Later, we will use super brainwaves to install our souls into these clone bodies, and will be able to operate normally, just as if we were living on Earth. And when returning to Earth, humans use the same manner of transport.

In summary, super brainwave techniques will guarantee immortality and a perfectly convenient lifestyle for everyone on Earth. To achieve higher levels of evolution, we need God‘s and Angels‘ help in improving our knowledge so that everyone on Earth can have an immortal body and enjoys a convenient life. In the future, we will need God and the angels‘ help to improve our knowledge. In fact, science is the only way to HEAVEN.