Our God is a man of science; all of the invention/creation He has done for us are based on advanced scientific knowledge and superior technology. His works also need time and the appropriate process to reach success—not just by words alone. In our everyday life, we see events and phenomena occurring that are beyond our understanding. It‘s because our level of intellect has not yet reached a required threshold needed for a scientific explanation. Thus we divinize the issue and name it mysterious. Besides, our God has a very compassionate heart and extreme patience with His divine plan. God created humans and guided us to the perfect life.

The Heaven that humanity has been seeking is nowhere else but right here on Earth. The process to acquire Heaven is based on our individual contribution and we each will be part of that immortal and perfect life. Thus from now on, we, despite genders, religions, nations or race, must cooperate and help each other to evolve together. Each of us needs to self-improve, morally as well as intellectually, to contribute all our ability and passion to the community for the overall purpose of human evolution.

The physical and material resources that God created/invented on Earth are abundant for everyone to have the most convenient life, for the present and in the future. We don‘t necessarily need to fight to claim our own properties. We can‘t carry material wealth with us after we die; we can only pass on morality and intellect to next our lives and thereby forever own it. Morality and intellect are truly valuable for us today, in our next lives, and for immortal life after salvation. Moreover, we can collectively contribute these values to the salvation of humanity and become legitimately liberated citizens of the universe.