1. What is time? How its affection to human beings?

Before going into the main part of the section, we try to explore a concept of time, and what nature of time is?

For everyone, including people of high evolved civilization, the past is important, future is very important; however the present is the most important. We lived and understood the past, but we have to live in present to implement future. If you want a beautiful future, humans have to conscious enlightenment, awakening, full knowledge, intelligence and wisdom. Our future is bright or dark depending on all the thoughts and actions at present. Indeed, the timing of past and future are not real. One can only imagine, remind of the past, but they cannot experience time of the past. Timing of the past is not real; it only exists in memory of each of us.  Each of human experience about decision, choice, career, and memory can only happen in present through consciousness.

  • For example: you and your beloved wife occasionally get together for coffee to remind previous happy and sad days which gone through in their life.

Reminding old memories happened in life also means that we are experiencing times of the past. Consciousness operated to timing of past memories; relive emotions that we have ever experienced. But things can only happen in existing reality.

The past always exists in presence, looms over the present; people always have to experience and solve all problems, every decision that they chose in the past.

  • For example: A year ago, a couple decided to buy a house by mortgage.Thus,in the current month, they must pay a certain amount to the bank. Last month,you decided to open a coffee bar. So, in this time you have to wake up early every day to prepare everything for customers. Last week, you got so drunk with friends, but still drove yourself which lead to fatal accident. Thus, you are now in jail and wait for trial court. Previously, your situation was hassle, you still try your best to study, hence you now have stable job with high salary and very successful in life.

In reality, humans are always interested in the past, live for the past. Most of us’ habit always read morning newspapers to see yesterday updated‘s stock price, gold price, exchange .Read serious murders or the process of war happened somewhere else etc. understand the past to plan for future is correct thing. However, there are some who just interested in the past to satisfy their curiosity and bring them tiredness due to negative, useless information.

One can plan for everything, create everything for future, however, they cannot experience the timing of future. Because time of future is not real, it exists only in human consciousness. And one can only experience a scenario occurring in the future by the imagination the reality of consciousness. There has never a timing of future for us to experience.

  • For example: you have date with your friend at 8 am tomorrow morning in X café. From the moment,we decided to make an appointment until 8 am tomorrow morning is time of future. Actually,we live from moment to moment in reality until 8 am tomorrow morning. Until we meet the friend for coffee and work discuss, there is nothing called future, it is present.

The past, present and future is only one, everything in the past, the future things can only happen in the present. Past always exist in the present, one created all things in the past for present experience. Future always exist in the present, one create all things for future at the moment of present. In above example, we can understand that instead of having meeting with friends at office or at home, you made it at coffee shop at 8 am. It means at the moment you made decision to meet your friend at coffee shop, that moment is creating future. Until you meet your friend and discuss about job, that you stay with past decision in the present time. The agreement between you and your friend for coffee shop is the current moment used to create future. The moment you schedule for coffee with friend, you lived with the past and the past was your relationship.The close connection between the past, present and future creates the so-called time, similar to the connection between body, mind and spirit creating life for humans. Every experience, every emotion that we have in present, come from the creative mind of the past. And in present, our minds always move to operate the existing ones in the memory and moving for the creation the future. Everything is happening in reality, there is no other time field. The relationship between past and future happen in the presence which is ongoing in eternal timing. Human beings live to experience pre written script in the past and create the future at the reality of presence.

  • For example: It is 10 pm, it is time to sleep, however, you feel hungry because you don’t each much in the afternoon. At that time, your mind will give a choice to solve the current hunger. First choice, having beef noodle, however, your mind assume that it is late and tired to go outside for beef noodle. Your mind point out 2nd choice is having cake instead of beef noodle. And your mind rejects this because of painful stomach when eating cake. Finally, it chooses having instant noodle, and you instantly process to prepare cooking. All is done and you just enjoy the delicious noodle. Enjoy the instant noodle is experience of what you created. While having noodle, you feel of missing something as spicy. Thus, you go to kitchen to get some chilly, this is action previously created by mind. It is only a few second; however, it is considered action created by mind in the past. Even when you feel hungry at the present, it is due to not much food in afternoon-which happened in the past.

There are many expected experience such as flood, earthquakes, tsunamis mad us lose relatives etc. But there are also extremely interesting experience such as watching football game, then organizing team announce that you will the jackpot. The winner of the big jackpot is surprising and lucky, but it happens in our intention. It is lucky to win jackpot, but you have to buy ticket. This action belongs to your guided mind in the past. Watching football game is to satisfy sport passion, it is not winning lottery intention. When you win lottery, it is beyond mind intention and desire. Similarly, disaster, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis are not created by our mind, however when these happen, they have affection to us. All came from choice of our mind and actions in the past. In reality, there are things happened but it is not due to decision of mind, it is due to natural demand of human beings such as hunger excretion, etc. but this is still coming from past. There are so many unexpected and non-interesting experiences, not because of the subjective created in the present. But all are due to the choice of the mind and our own actions in the past, “past lives”. And at present, we do not know ourselves creation, because we have to forget the past lives. Only God and the spiritual forces know and bring us what we have chosen in “past lives”. It is also known as destiny, karma, previous goodness, karma, words that people often talk about it.

All occuring in the universe is simultaneously, there has no before and after.

  • For example: you are in Saigon to experience the night time of 21h, the son of Dallas is at 9 am time zone, other person experience 14:00 afternoon in London. Also at this time there is a person working in outer space universe. This person is experiencing a different time zone, not afternoon or night. At the same point, these 4 people contact each other. These 4 are existence in different 4 time zones in different consciousness of time. However, they actually simultaneously experience the unique time field. It is called eternal time field, it is unique and simultaneous for space environment in the universe.

In reality, time is not real; time only exists in the sense of intellectual awareness. A year or Earth is 365 days and 6 hours, and maybe one year of Y planet in galaxy is 3650 days. All the rules are made by human consciousness based on the motion of the Earth and Y. planet. Earth rotates on its axis ‘on the journey to orbit around the sun’ once; it is called one day and night. Orbiting 30 times is a month, 365 times is one year. Time passed, or, more precisely, it is space that Earth orbit around the sun, operate in the universe. To see that time is not real, let see following example.

  • For example: We process to make spaceship depart from Earth to Y planet, estimated of the journey is 10 years. Period of 10 years is calculated according to Earth experts, however they did not reveal this period for astronauts. On the journey, the astronauts did not bring calendars, clocks and experts did not tell them the total time of the journey. When the ship landed onplanetY planet, astronauts surely will not know how long the journey took already. Because time does not exist, astronauts did not know what called time when travelling in space of the universe. For all of them, time only means spending the reality from moment to moment. Only humans on Earth can know that spaceship has travelled for 10 years which based on times Earth orbiting around the sun. And humans on Y said that the spaceship operated for one year which based on times Y planet‘s rotation around its axis.

Similarly, you live underground without calendar, clock or contact, you surely cannot aware of so-called time. The only thing you can feel the time through each own living activities. During this time, you cannot calculate because time is non-existence. It is only moment to moment in the eternal time field. However, humans on surface of Earth know how long you lived underground based on the Earth’s rotation around its axis.

The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

Albert Einstein

Conveyance of time is completely opposite to God’s. Time is non-existent; however, we always feel its existence. God is true Holy Divine, however, God always make us feel of His non-existence. God can not exist if our mind has always operated in the state of ideological thought, because ideological thought is a symbol of time. God can only exist when the mind is in a state of no time, no thought and no memory. As long as the mind is still operating the known, the unknown will not appear, and the truth is not existence and God will not exist. Only when the mind is in a state of complete emptiness and non-existence of time, the truth can appear.

No matter how far God lives, no matter how He exists in space, all is not necessary. However, if God wants to experience happy and sad emotion of human beings, He also needs to use field time of those emotions.   Thus, humans and God or anyone else exist in the universe; all together simultaneously use this unique eternal time field.

God had to show the meaning of time in the Vietnamese language.
Thời: the moment – Gian: not true, not real

Thus, thời gian is the unreal moment, which is non-existent

Only space is real, không gian is not cheating, it is true that existing things we can look at, measure and calculate it.

Due to this,We should cherish the present, what we can finish today, do not delay until tomorrow. All things can only happen at present and right now. The future, the past can only happen in the present, no there is no other time field. Therefore, we should not too consider the past in the present life, and although we know that the past always exist in presence. Similarly, we should not expect the future, should aware of and take action in the present. Human beings cannot change past as well as future, however we can change everything in present.

We have been through the games in dark, it is now to experience the game of light We cannot say exactly which game is easier, however, we cannot deny that the bigger reward game offer, the more difficult players can achieve. Indeed, in this game we will never lose, it is just when we can achieve the rewards. Sooner or later, it depends on our choices, how we think and act in the present.

  1. How should human beings do to be awakened?

The arising questions is what humans should do in next coming time to get into the Kingdom of Heaven, being fully awakening, coming back to Holy Divine status.

In reality, it is mentioned how to have money, how to be rich, famous and powerful, it is impossible to return to Divine self and kingdom of heaven. Experience and awakening is the process, however we will not know whether or not we complete the first process as dark experience? No matter how we try? Or follow anyone under any forms? Or do anything? It is impossible to be calibrated to get fully awakening. Therefore, all things should happen according to the path, unevitable process

Within all positive things implemented in our coming home journey, charity is very important. But when we mention charity, it is attached to word “doing”, it is actually not. In higher spiritual consciousness, charity is not doing but it is an action. It is action of sharing, helping others, volunteer actions.

Our important current issue is not doing anything, action but consciousness, awakening and enlightenment. Firstly, human beings should be aware of what spiritual world really is. Who is God? What is origin of human beings? Who are you? What is our purpose of coming to Earth? Where will we go and what we can get? What we should do in next coming time to achieve what we desire?

When humans sense the truth, it is motivation for humans to their own perfection,
When humans become aware of the truth, they  will never move backward, always move forward

When humans are aware of the truth, they will choose heaven instead of hell.
When people become aware of the truth, they will act in accordance with the call of the soul.
When people become aware of the truth, people will act in accordance with the call of love from the heart.

And when love speaks from the heart, people will act in compassion,charity,tolerance,generosity, forgiveness, sharing, helping etc.

When love calls, humans will be happy, stained, cordial, simple, rustic, and close with gratitude of God.
Through periods, we experienced negative characters, it is time we should open our hearts, give it wide, open spaces of freedom, let love speak up. Now it is time to let consciousness and love to lead souls. If we can be aware of these, we can have everything.

Now is the time to be self-aware, do not let emotions such as hatred, jealousy, anger, selfishness, greed, lust, desire, dominance, possession, anxiety, sorrow, sadness troublesome, ungratefulness conveyed, let it sleep in memory. Do not live up these emotions in mind; however, there are still some obstacles which impact us.

When those negative things affect us, we immediately think of our final good purpose, think of our Holy destiny. We must immediately apply your conscious to tame negative emotional feeling. In spite of negative information exists in the subconscious and RPLI, it can emerge any time. In reality, human beings live in darkness and ongoing experience negative characters for thousand years.

If saying you will immediately abandon existing negative characters e in mind, it is wrong. We cannot separate, but not depend on negative characteristics we own.

We should know that humans use reason to control emotions, it will be more rebellious. Using the form of violence, bondage, confinement, repression, discipline to control us leads to failure. Emotional control method called instant quitting will be no different from the government’s forces controlled the starving, rebellious citizens in the nation.

Whoever said that one would immediately succeed in giving up the negative character, this will be very dangerous, in fact, what others see from themselves is just temporary, as the cover-up – it is similar to the phenomenon of silent sea before the big storm.

When human beings enter a period of positive experience, things will happen without rush. Starting with small change in everyday life, must start from yourself. Positive and negative experience is natural process which cannot restrictive and forced, oppression, coercion leads to failure. In order to help to experience negative, God has given us with the darkness, lac of consciousness. Thus, every human change started with conscious and next step is action in this period. In fact, human beings will never give up the past negative characteristics, it always exist in mind of each of us unchangeably and eternally. Our problem is replacing and fulfilling instead of giving up. Conscious is the first and end which lead human souls to absolute love and light.

  • For example: Agirl who falling in love is just given up by her boyfriend. Her first feeling is angry, disappointed, hurt, bored and existing lonely feeling in life. These feeling’ cause is from loss, spiritual and material back up, and losing future backup which she imagined. There is loss of physical interest, loss of happiness and habit which the guy had brought.

This ongoing situation will lead to self-isolated, failure in love and depressed etc.

Therefore, if this situation disappears, this girl has to forget this guy. The oblivion does not mean that girl delete information of the guy, but use alternative replacement and fulfilment. It means the girl has to seek and create alternative information. The most effective method is her awakening, finding another guy to love and to be loved. The more alternative data from new love generates, the harder the old data appears. In case, she suddenly met her ex-boyfriend and old memories of past love appear, she now just remembers him as past memory without any pain.

  • For example: There was a child growing up in complicated neighbourhood. Therefore, most of his friends are spoiled, bothering neighbours, stealing, and smoking, drinking and gambling. Therefore, his parents are so worry for him, the child has some spoiled actions when living in such that environment. The best method is cutting transmitting data which can activate his repository of past lives’ information (RPLI). Therefore,the child’s parents chose to move home so that he can access better living environment.Communicate with good friends, good neighbours are good sources of replaced and fulfilled information which can cover negative data in his mind.
  • For example: In our neighbourhood, there are mayflies, mosquitoes, rats, bugs, but the surrounding one does not have one. Everyone in the neighbourhood often spray to kill them, however, within short period, they come more.

Flies, mosquitoes, rats, bugs etc. in our biological world represent the dark forces. So, as well as other dark forces, we will not be able to get a good life if they are present around us.

Our issue is changing instead of killing. Causes of flies, mosquitoes and rats are due to dirty and polluted living environment. Therefore, if we want them disappear, everyone needs to change conscious by clean and renovate the surrounding environments, then they will automatically disappear. We cannot kill all flies, rodents around us but we can destroy their living conditions.

Similarly, we cannot change negative thinking and lifestyles of others in the environment around as wishes. The best way is to change our own environment, go away from negative, access to positive living environment. At the same time, we must be self-conscious, always awakened and have active lifestyle, negative will disappear.

Similarly, governments in many countries around the world and most of us assume religious organizations and terrorists as the dark forces of modern society. Therefore, governments have to spend a lot of money and modern weapons to kill terrorists. But as we have seen, the more we try to destroy terrorism, there will be of them .Destroy this organization, other organizations will spring up, destroy this group, other groups will form. The terrorist organizations are much like many head snakes, cut this one then other will grow.

Most of terrorist’s thoughts are powerful desire, wealth and prosperity. The cause of terrorist are due to blind faith, dull-witted, ignorant, fanatic and terrible fears which existing inside their souls.  The terrorists fear everything, scare of God, Allah, crime, scare of forgetting one prayer, one day attendance, scare of violating the religious ceremonial. But there is one thing that everyone is afraid of, but the terrorists do not scare which is death. Death is their best ways to get to heaven if their actions are protecting honor of God, the Cardinal, faith and religious belief. Thus, they are not scared of death, they ready to die, sacrifice their lives to get illusionary heaven as they always desire. This is the most important reason which makes governmental army forces cannot destroy terrorist organizations.

For most of human beings, coming to death is being dead, however toward terrorists, death is deserved to dead. With extreme faith, blind fanaticism, so we cannot destroy so-called terrorism through killing, bombs, modern weapon. Army of government of many countries cannot destroy all terrorists. The problem is not how to kill their physical bodies physically killing their life? It is killing their fears, blind faith, ignorant existing in their mind and souls. Destroy terrorists by intellectual light, truth of spiritual and God instead of weapons. The governments cannot destroy terrorists, however, if light workers can help them aware of what is truth, where is light, and where is darkness, they will be not terrorists anymore.Their living condition is not mountains, forests, it is fanaticism and fear from their inside souls.

The external manifestation of all matter is conscious and changes of inner being of each individual, group or humanity. Terrorism is no exception!

The information humans created and received during lives, which continuously stacked up in the mind from top to bottom according to time line from this life to next life. It has been considered as documents stacking up in unopened box, if you want an access; need to seek from the top to bottom. The longer the information recorded, the harder it can be accessed.

In present, human conscious activities are limited because they are limited in 3 D bodies. In 3D, humans can only access and receive information in one dimension space, from top to bottom or from outside to inside.

When owning body light, humans will access and receive information quickly. At this time, humans will access and receive information in multi-dimensional space.

  • For example: In the3D body, to receive the content of book, we need to turn one by one page. However, in light body, we just pick up the book and photograph it many dimensions, many different dimensional space. The same way as people takes tomography in medicals with hundreds of super sharp machines at a glance. Thus, we instantly understand the whole content of book.

As above stated reasons, we can only bury the memories instead of removing them. We cannot practice to remove negative characteristics, should use many positive actions to cover and bury negative information in our mind. The more positive we are aware, the more beautiful life we enjoy in all aspects, corresponding to the law of God’s grace.

Our life will be more adequate and beautiful, it if way of God to help push back negative characters.

Those who have great influence to mankind, world, country and society, they need to awaken quickly.They are religious leaders, politicians, government leaders, bosses of multi-corporations, banks, famous and high status in society – educational leaders and telecommunication bosses etc.

Because God gave this group power, fame, fame, money, wealth and enjoy more than others in present. Thus, they should be aware of higher responsibilities than others. Spiritual awakening will contribute to create more valuable voices compared to normal ones. Awakening of this group will driving force contribute to awaken more humans.

Awaken yourself is action of helping others. They are ones who come to other planets earlier than normal ones if they choose not to awaken. During practice of unconditioned law, God will not accept delay because it cause delays and ruin His great plan. Human beings should choose one of two ways that God allows “Awaken to return to the world of God, or continue to another dark life in other galaxy”  

  1. What should human being do after awakening and enlightenment?

Normally when awakening and enlightenment, people mention will think about spiritual awakening. Therefore, the arisen question is when humans are awakened, what should they implement any spiritual rituals?

This is the concern of many people who pursue spirituality and be conscious awakened. They usually do not know how act to please their Mr., Mrs. God, Mr. Buddha, Mr. Lord, Mr. Saint,. They confuse and not know which religion, section and group is the best for them. They do not know whether to listen to words of Buddha, God, Master, Priest or Monk called himself enlightened.

Indeed, human beings is really strange, they do not believe that they are the source, the gurus, the Holy Divine and God. They always lack confidence in themselves so that they will make their own suffering. Truth is land without exit, they are living in truth, bathed in truth, they are holding the truth but they still keep on searching for the truth in distant place.  The self tormnet of this group is likely of a scientist send message to the universe with hope of reply of any intellectual living in the universe if any. In reality, what they expect which always was, is, will exist on Earth right next to them and within them. However, they do not dare to believe in the facts, they just keep searching in distant place in the universe.

This is really deep sorrow and concern of many people. They respect others, praise others profusely, they always have idols, but they always underestimate themselves and always feel superior with their knowledge. An ideology always expects a miracle, relies on someone, and depends on a particular teacher made them weaken the creation.  But they must know that they themselves, as well as anyone, not lose for anyone in any aspects. Because God give them everything like others, just be confident and promote hidden infinite possibilities, they will have it all. Only humans underestimate themselves, God always has evaluation in human beings.

Our truth is not in the Bible, scriptures, philosophy, religion, books or in any other formulas.

Our truth is not in Buddha’s teachings, in God’s or any public Masters’. Despite all the teachings of Buddha, of Jesus, of the Masters is the truth. Whether there is truth in bible, books and formula, it is not our truth. It is truth of Buddha, God, of who created that bible, books and formulas.

The truth is always truth, nobody can change the truth. So asking what is the truth? The answer is that truth is nothing, the nature of truth is simply the truth, and in addition, there is nothing else in the nature of truth. True nature of every event, everything, each truth is completely different. But in fact, the truth is marvellous, it is something very simple, rustic and approachable, the truth does not refuse anyone, not alienate anyone, truth never say no to anyone. One with just desire, passion, pursuing and seeking the truth, the truth will appear.  The truth exists all over the place, existing in all aspects of life. But We will never get the truth, if We can not seek the truth for ourselves. The truth is always operating and changing, it is something not standing still. It does not mean this fact will be replaced by other fact.  Saying so does not mean that this truth can be changed by other truth. The fact is the fact, the truth is the truth, nothing can change the fact, and nothing can change the truth. Transformation and operation of truth can be easily understood through the following examples:

For example: last year, you wander from this place to other, without home. It is the fact. Until now, you have house and stable life, it is also the fact.

Last month, you live in sorrow, cannot plan for future, it was the fact.  And now, you think clearly, have plan for future, therefore you found a fun and meaningful purpose in life, it is still true.

  • For example: the truth about the number of deaths due to Ebola constantly changes daily. The truth of gold price changes every minute, and company’s profit change every quarter.

Man cannot find eternal and great truth if humans cannot aware of small and simple truth happening around us.

“Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in largeones either.” – Albert Einstein

Therefore, we should must be aware of and understand the truth about what happen in our lives before seeing and understand further issues. . If people can not consciously aware of obstacles in their ways, cannot aware of nature truth of those obstacles, they will not be able to get where they want to.

The truth is very strange and very special because it’s unlike anything else. People can bring others anything from money, fame, power, wealth, respect, love and many other things in life, except the truth. But there is one thing very similar to the truth, which is happiness. Similarly, one can bring to others anything to help them create happy for themselves. But We cannot bring our happiness to others. As mentioned above, happiness is something one would keep for himself, it is not given thing. People should give others love in order to help them happy. It seems similar, however, truth always keep its unique differences. Because when people are aware of the truth, knowing the truth about a particular issue, there will be no one who can take away the fact that they already own. Similarly, We cannot bring darkness into the room which is already flooded with light with the aim of making it dark again.It is different to happiness, people may take away easily the happiness of others in many different ways. Taking away the happiness of others does not mean that one can use that person’s happiness. It also means that the person just brings pain, causing him to lose his own happiness.

The truth and ego-self seems similar. Because ego is what we have to do manually create, others can not bring our own ego. The ego self look like the truth because all truth is not similar, and each ego-self is specific. Ego-self is similar to truth because no one can steal or take away one’s own ego or your own truth. The difference between the truth and the ego self is: our truth is what we have to seek for, and ego-self is what We have to create by ourselves.

As mentioned above, truth is the fact, vice versa fact is also the truth. So why J. Krishnamurity means when saying “Truth is pathless land” In deed, his sayings has many meanings, beside that truth is what each of us must seek in our own path. In the journey seeking insight truth, only brains and our consciousness can find for ourselves. This is indeed a unique journey, there is no companion and no any available trails  along the way. Besides the fact is pathless, the truth is pathless, there is not the same fact, not the same truth.  Fact of today is not formed from yesterday’s truth. True nature of yesterday and true essence of today is never the same. Eternal truth, eternal fact is always like that. All truth, all fact has its own characteristics, it is formed from nature of its own event and content.

Therefore, in order recognize what the truth is, you should consider other people’s information as questions instead of answers when approaching them. From those questions, you should aware of it without judge, prejudice then you will know what true is. This is your truth, not others’ truth.

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein

For example: We read, we hear people teaching about the law of energy bao ton, general relativity theory, narrow relativity theory. But We do not understand it, not aware of it, it also means that we do not have the truth about what they say, what they teach. The journey of searching for truth must be done by you. Others can only help us to get the raw material, data of the truth, but it can not help us get the truth for ourselves.

The truth transferred from one person to another will no longer be true. Unless the recipients renew it reprogram it again by their consciousness. A simple example, when you buy 3 candies, the salesman will ask you for 6 dong.

2 candies cost 6 dong; it means that one candy cost 2 dong. This is really simple that everyone knows. Even the truth is simple or complicated; all is coded under information and needed to be handled with consciousness. Since information is received until it is consciously settled which is obligated process, and even it happens at a glance or longer. It is simple to normal person that 3 candies cost 6 dong. For a disable child has Down syndrome, it is not easy to be aware of the cost at 2 dong of one candy and 3 candies cost 6 dong even though that child has soul as others in the universe. The issue of humans is who is better than others; it is the matter when a soul can be aware of the truth.

  • For example: A farmer has 365 mangoes, merchants pay 2400 dong per mango. After negotiation, merchant calculated and told the farmer that his total amount is 876,000 dong. The fact emerged from the merchant, but not from the farmer. At this time, there in only farmer’ belief, it is not the truth yet. Because the farmer is illiterate, he does not know what addition and multiply calculation is.

Such sales process repeated many times, but the farmer still never know whether he have received the correct amount of money or not? There is only truth unless the farmer learns to know the addition, subtraction, multiply is so that he can verify merchant’s words.

This case indicates that we will not be able to get the truth from the words of anyone else, books, formulas unless we verify and clearly aware of them.

  • For example: There was a young man who never accepted the Buddha’s words, “life is suffering”. Because the young man was born into a wealthy and powerful family, since he was young, he enjoyed luxury, always got what he wanted. Unfortunately, one day, his family suddenly crashed and he lost all. Since then, he struggled to live in poor, hatred then he can experience the Buddha’s words “life is suffering” as the truth.

Therefore, when receiving any information, no matter where it comes from, we should not rush to judge or accept immediately.  Preconceived judgement is maybe wrong which lead to the denial of truth and instant acceptance because our desire is not always true.

  • For example: You have to buy a lot of different things and after choosing all items, the vendor gives you an invoice. The amount of the invoice maybe true or not true, even it is intentional or unintentional, you should check it by yourself.

In life, there should be belief in the relationship between man and man, man and the others. However, belief is not truth and it cannot replace truth. When the truth exists, belief is only thing of the past.

  • For example: You needed 5 million dong treatment and a friend promised to lend you this amount 4pm tomorrow. From the moment, the friend promised to lend you money until 4pm tomorrow, which you can believe, but it is not the truth yet. Until the friend gave you 5 million dong, then it is moment the truth exists and belief automatically remain as past.

Similarly as above example, Jesus Christ promised to human being that whoever believed in His preaching, they will have Kingdom of Heaven. From the moment, we receive the promise until we can reach the kingdom of heaven, we can believe and practice and it is not truth yet. Until we will able to get there, then the truth will exist. When the truth exists, the faith will no longer exist.  “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”. What Jesus Christ means when saying so? In fact, this is saying of gurus, saying half thing and hides half of them.  Cannot see but still believe is blind, dull-witted? In this saying, He lets us know that what we cannot see by bare eyes, but see through inside awareness and it is bless when believing in what we are aware of. Vice versa, believe but cannot see through bare eyes from outside and cannot see through inside awareness. As a result, this is blind and dull-witted belief.

However, what we cannot see does not mean it has no truth. What we can and cannot see, all contain the truth.  In the secular world, people only believe when they know and feel the truth by the 5 senses. To spiritual followers, they believe and feel through inner consciousness. In the spiritual world, there are many truths that humans can see through naked eyes, however they can see by inner consciousness.

Scientific followers prove what they have seen; spiritual followers prove what they cannot see. Thus, human beings believe in science more than in spirituality. In reality, there is something visible and seems truth to pursue, which is not always true. Most of scientific followers do not believe in spirituality. Those who pursue and understand about spirituality always believe in science, and consider spirituality and science as one. Until, scientists understand about the spiritual world on the scientific pursuing path, then our world will possess supreme technology- spiritual technology.

In reality, not all things can be perceived by human beings’ 5 senses, which can be considered the truth.

  • For example: There is only son in rich family who falls in love with a beautiful girl in average family. His parents rejects dramatically, they assumed the girl only loves his money instead of himself. The son does not think the same; he thought that girl is good and has no greedy of his money. The conflict has risen, so the guy moves out of home and lives independently. During this time, the girl always takes good card of the son without any complaint.

In order to prove their statement, his parents decided not to talk about his relationship anymore. They have a plan to test the girl’s love to their son. They sell the luxury villas and rent a small house and said that they are bankruptcy and in debt. In addition, they hire a handsome man pretend to be rich and aggressively pursue the girl. After 3 months, the girl leaves the real rich guy and follows the pretended rich guy.

From this simple example, what we can see, hear and feel is not always true. Nobody can tell you what the truth is. For example: in the city many people evaluate him as bad man. His living character is scoundred, gangster. After ending of big criminal case, people know that this guy is under cover police force. Therefore, their point of view changed. In reality, no one can tell us where the truth is.

We cannot ask others about truth, but ask ourselves. The truth is not always from the outside, where we can see, hear, it is what we can see from oneself inner conscious awareness.

We can believe in anything, but faith must be based on the platform of conscious awareness. We should not believe in anything, believe in someone’s words, promises without based on our conscious awareness. Belief is formed from words, promises, formula, however if we do not aware of its truth, then such those beliefs will be blind, fanatic no matter where they are derived from. Believing in one person’s expression that based on ethical foundation and truth is xac dang belief. However, believing in one person based on fate without true ethical jugdement just blind belief.

  • For example: There was a man after entering possessing, or in normal state, he names him self as the embodiment ofBuddha, of God-Primordial Spirit of God. And because of all this, many people follow and believe him, depend and worship him. If we observe in reality, their preaching, what they said is not based on foundation of truth. They just talk about superstitious things, threading words, punishment and rewards in order to control our spirit, binding the ideological thought of accessing person. And during that moment, I met a normal person without high education, degree, social status. Besides, he is not religious people, not the master or guru. However, his words are simple to understand and contain many truths.

Therefore, who you will trust and follow; only you can answer this question. In reality, in order to answer this question, each of us should be self aware and operate consciousness, distinguish where is light, where is dark, what is truth and fake.  You need to separate from crowd, not depend and affected by crowd effect. When there are only you, then the truth will appear.

Many people went bankruptcy due to such those beliefs

Many people lost love and money, suffering due to such those beliefs.

Many people get crazy because they too believe in such those ghost, souls, saints, shamans.

In the world history, there were many events which considered as truth and being accepted as truth, however, they are not true in reality.

  • For example: Previously, most of men believe that Earth is the center and Sun orbits the earth. Until Nicolaus Copernicus astronomer discovered the truth that Earth rotates around the Sun.

However, during that time, it was only Nicolaus Copernicus’s truth, not of everyone. Truth only exists when each of us is fully aware of it. Earth‘s orbit around the Sun is undeniable truth.

Similarly, many people now believe that Charles Darwin’s evolutional theory is true because it explain the human origin. Or there are many who believe that will reward or punish based on human behaviour. Whether such those beliefs are true or not, we have to verify them from the inner of own ego self. Distinction is extremely important when we want to replace the outdated, untrue knowledge by new and true knowledge. Our belief will be not illuminated due to the lack of untrue, outdated knowledge in new era.

It can be fully awareness of any problems to determine the belief; it is also known as cognitive core beliefs. However, do not always ask or truths before you believe. If human beings always ask for the truth, especially truth of spiritual world, we cannot access to any truth.  Since the beginning of truth is faith- faith is the basic platform, is the source for humans to find truth and the realness. There is no difference in life, beginning of success; wealth and power etc. all come from faith. Trust is an intermediary, as a bridge between dreams and reality, between passion and success.

The fact and truth is only one; however, truth is tool of expression, presentation, conveying the truth by means of words, bible, and books. A unfold and a crime occurs, a holy act Hell and Heaven, God is not truth but fact. Only when people use language to express, convey the nature of all events based on true foundation, words, bible, and then the fact become truth. . When talking about expression, conveyance, We talk about what happened, therefore truth conveys the characteristic of past, while the fact includes the past, present and future. Gurus are masters of truth, thus their words have more truth. They are fully awakened so the always know what true is. Truth can come from intangible or invisible, truth exists everywhere, all over the place in all aspects of life. However, the truth can only exist in human conscious perception.

The fact of God is different from words, images of God, of Holy Divine, of source such as meditation, yoga, psychic or any other methods.Language of God cannot tell the truth about God, in reality, using language to express the truth is really limited. Language is never be used to convey the nature of truth. Language that God gave humans is just tool for experience on Earth. It is not perfect tool to describe the nature of the truth. The nature of fact does not depend on anyone’s opinion in spite of how wise that idea is. The master truth should be found in the nature of our own events. Truth does not exist in the belief of soul, it exists in conscious awareness. Similarly, earth rotates around the sun is not just human belief, it is truth. Although, most of us do not have chance for outer space to observe how the earth rotates around the sun in the universe.

We should know that preaching of God, of Buddha or any gurus do not always tell the truth. In the previous period, when humans experienced the bad side of heaven, then their words never included all the whole truth. Their works help us complete the mission of humans ourselves.

Even during light receiving era, there are many messages from angels to human beings through light workers. But not all in messages are true, and in previous era, not all of them are true. In their messages to human beings, how many parts were true, how many parts were concealed and how much turbulence, we cannot know. The issue is not due to God’s and Master’s concealing, it is how much data, knowledge humanity has during the period of receiving those messages. From individual to humanity level, God and masters always know what messages they should deliver, in what levels appropriate with current conscious subjects. Mostly, the messages from Divine are high quality questions, but not explanation. All Divine’s message to humans are based on truth, however, it is only truth for those who can answer themselves. Cloaking and malicious disturbance is not negative intention; it is opportunity for humans which are called evolutional chance.

In fact, all truth that God, Buddha and gurus giving to humanity is never a perfect wheel, it is just material. And from this material, each of us has to make perfect wheel of life as own character and favourite habit. This is also truth, “Truth is pathless land” J. Krishnamurti. In reality, We observe and see that many of us never want to find for ourselves a cake, they only love to eat cake prepared by others. If that is all, we will never have truth; never get deeply awareness and truth about ourselves.

Until you are truly interested in pursuing a passion and experience through inner consciousness, at that time, you can recognize what is true, what is not true. Passion is the source of energy supply for the successful machine. One who has lived and worked with a burning passion is more successful than someone with talent but no passion. A talented person who lives and work without passion gets failure more often.  Talent is not synonymous with success; talent is only part of the successful machine’s operation

Your truth is not inside others, it is truth inside yourself. Truth of all souls in the universe is truth of God.

In reality, there are many people who always avoided the truth, reject the truth and not search for the truth especially spiritual truth. Thus, if feeling and accepting the truth from spiritual world, they will have to give up their whole life accumulation, their fame and money etc. therefore, they would deny the truth, reject heaven which they assume as illusion  than giving up what they own. Actually, what they own and try to hold back in life is illusion. In the secular world then everything will pass quickly, all are just tools earthly experience. Everything here is completely true, but it is appearance of short, abnormal, non-existent with human beings. In unconditioned era, humans cannot own anything in long-term if extracting from misguided, dark and negative thoughts.

In the new era, each of us must consciously confirm, be confident in his abilities. Depending on any religion, anyone is dependence. Dependent thoughts will block the path of spiritual development, limit creativity, lose freedom and cannot access the truth. “The first and las freedom” J. Krishnamurti

The path is unique for each of us; we should have freedom to create our own ego. We should not be overly concerned, so attention of what others thinks and acts. Our issue is what we should think and act. We cannot be held responsible for what others think and do. We can only be responsible for our thoughts and actions. If we think and realize that our actions are ethical, conscious in truth, then we should not pay attention of what other compliment and criticize, not pay attention so much  on what they think and say.

The ego -self created by one’s consciousness and actions. Other person cannot think, act and help you to create self-ego. Thus, depend on others, depend on any forces or organization is losing yourself. Whether your soul is free or not, it depends on yourself.

Ego –self is really simple self which help self become higher self for general hoa nhap, it is not self in separation. If each of us does not own ego –self, it will dissolve instead of harmonizing in the general. In general view, when being dissolved, We do not seem exist in it. Similarly, if we do not have ego-self, we are just like sugar which hoa tan in the water. After that, we do not see our existing in the glass of water. We try to be ourselves, not try to become others. You and me and all related living creatures create the general. God creates the general, therefore God is considered the representative of the general formed from each individual and all accumulated existing things. General always move and change constantly.  The change of general depend on creation of each individual, it is also considered the co-creator of God. From ego-self of each individual, it contributes the abundance, variety, vivid for the general. Therefore, there is nothing called diet nga, each of us has to create ego-self continuously and eternally. Ego self of each person is brick, foundation and member. It is indispensable to contribute in building the general perfectly house.

Creating ego-self is reminded by Jesus Christ in parable, The Parable of the banquet silver (Lucas 19: 12 -27), New Statement MatthewChapter 25, verse 14-30

14 “Again, it will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted his wealth to them. 15 To one he gave five bags of gold, to another two bags, and to another one bag,[a] each according to his ability. Then he went on his journey. 16 The man who had received five bags of gold went at once and put his money to work and gained five bags more. 17 So also, the one with two bags of gold gained two more. 18 But the man who had received one bag went off, dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money.

19 “After a long time the master of those servants returned and settled accounts with them. 20 The man who had received five bags of gold brought the other five. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘you entrusted me with five bags of gold. See, I have gained five more.’21 “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’22 “The man with two bags of gold also came. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘you entrusted me with two bags of gold; see, I have gained two more.’23 “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’24 “Then the man who had received one bag of gold came. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘I knew that you are a hard man, harvesting where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed. 25 So I was afraid and went out and hid your gold in the ground. See, here is what belongs to you.’26 “His master replied, ‘You wicked, lazy servant! So you knew that I harvest where I have not sown and gather where I have not scattered seed? 27 Well then, you should have put my money on deposit with the bankers, so that when I returned I would have received it back with interest.28 “‘So take the bag of gold from him and give it to the one who has ten bags.29 For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them. 30 And throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

From above parable, Jesus Christ let us know that, man come to Earth to seek experience and create our ego-self, it is not escape or finding the safe place. Good or bad al belongs to ego-self,

Right or wrong, all things we experience belong to our ego-self. Creating ego-self does not mean seeking, experiencing good, mercy, compassionate things; it is seeking experience of all light and darkness. It is upon to each of man on Earth, they can create ego-self for themselves. All have to act and implement the creation of ego-self, no matter how much, it is not important. All things still depend on ability of each soul.  Don’t be passive, escape, find the safe place. In the war, everyone has to fight in the battle field in this way or another one. Until winining, we can share the victory to everyone. Ask if everyone participates in the battle, only you find safe place to hide and wait until the final victory, so how you appear and get the glory?  In the battle, there is general and soldiers, it depends on ability of each person in the battle. It is important to decisive and fights with own effort, and then they can end up with final victory. Similarly, the evolutional game God arranges for humanity, all of us need to participate in the game, act and until the final victory; we can share the glory together. If you do not participate in the game and just find the safe place to hide or escaple when dealing with difficulties and obstacles, how you can get your reward.  If you do not enter the hell, no one else will replace you to enter the hell.

Each human should walk on own created path, cannot be on others’ walked through path “Truth is a pathless land”- J. Krishnamurti. L.

Live for yourself, to love yourself and loving yourself is loving others. Actually, many gurus, master mentioned this; however, it is not easy to understand their words deeply. What they said is abstract, hard to understand and hard to feel in life. Saying that giving others is giving yourself, sharing with others is loving yourself which are hard to understand. When you give other something, it means you lose them, you share something with others, it means that you have less of them. But it is not reason for you to be stingy, selfish, saving without caring of other people.  If you do that, it does not mean you do wrong or you are bad person; however it proves that you do not love yourself.

There is no right and wrong, good or bad in the nature. For example: the same action of killing one by gun, however one use gun to robe, other use gun to kill enemy in the battle. Therefore, the soldier killing enemy is a hero; vice versa the killer and robber commit the crime.

In reality, action of these two people is completely same in nature. Both do the same thing, stealing lives of others. So the nature of killing is the same, however nature of action purpose is totally different. Therefore, soldier’s action will be considered good, and robber’s action is bad. In our secular world, each point of time and situation, people will evaluate whether the same action good or bad, right or wrong. Nature of darkness, value of darkness is honoring the light. If there is no dark, value of light will not exist. Understand value of cruelty, dieu thien is honored.

In the universe, there is more dark than light, in life there is more cruelty than goodness. Therefore, man deeply understands nature of dark, cruelty, and man will respect, honor the light and goodness. Selfish lifestyle is only beneficial only when man is unique kind existing in the universe.

Luckily, we are not lonely; we have God, our ancestors, relatives, brothers and sisters all in the universe. It explains that if you are selfish, stingy, saving for yourself, it will not be good for yourself. According to karma, if you help others, share with them, you will get back 7 times of them. Love, respect others with love and sincerity, you will get back the love and sincere respect seven times more than that. Previously, this happens in the afterlife, nowadays it occurs in present life.

Selfish self-centered, stingy, short-term benefits lifestyles are not long-term sustainable in life, you have them today not tomorrow; all is not your decision. This was mentioned by Jesus Christ in the New Testament,Matthew-Chapter 13, verse 12

12“For whoever has, to him more shall be given, and he will have an abundance; but whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away from him”

It is the reason that we can recognize in real life, the rich get richer, and the poor becomes poorer. They cannot escape from fate no matter what talented they are. In fact, all things are our creation unconsciously in previous lives but we cannot recognize in the present.

God does not hide anything in previous life. You can feel that loving yourself loves others, giving for yourself is giving others even though it is not 7 times of what happened in life.

  • For example: you havegood special food after the trip and you share them with neighbors. There are parties, ancestry remembering days, you invite them to attend with your sincerely respect. Neighbors with difficulties, you are willing to help them enthusiasm, cordial. In relation tothe village, you are alwayshonest,sincere, fun, harmonywith others, respect adults,loving

This is what you given with sincere, not fake, not pride or exchange. Therefore, what you got from them can be material as you shared with them, and it is more beautiful, greater than that. That is their love, respect which cannot buy by money. Furthermore, what you got is happiness, peaceful soul and safe feeling in your living environment.

In fact, you mention this, there are some people will tell you are unrealistic, because they really do not have money, enough time to earn living, how they can share, help others. Indeed, what they ask is cause of their lacking of money and time. Their excuse for situation, reasons that they cannot help other is main cause of nothing they can own. Karma is very equal, you got what you have given, and giving good things then you will get goodness. Selfishness, evil will get reflecting karma in past as well as present. A person who always share, help other with true love, he will always get what he wanted and vice versa.

-However, actions with love for other, but not for yourself are not considered positive actions.

ŸFor example: In a poor family, there is a mother who not eat, drink much , even not take pills in spite of sickness in order to buy her son a motorcycle. The mother thought, the motorcycle will be good means for her son instead of go working by bicycle. In addition, the vehicle will help him to be equal as friends. However, the son does not think the same, in football betting game, he bet his motorcycle and he lost. After this, his mother has to borrow money everywhere to redeem it. After a while, the son continues to bet and own the outside lender a lot of money. He cannot pay back them he was beaten up to broken leg, and he cannot walk anymore.

Cause of tragedies is due to most fault of the mother. From love for her son, but not herself, the mother gradually brought his son to tragedy. Starting from treat herself badly in order to buy her son a vehicle, then she continues to borrow money to redeem the vehicle.

If at the beginning the mother is aware of that, her son will grow through hard working, through obstacles, through the love and her encouragement. Her son will be equal as friends after his mature and successful effort. It is not good way to have a vehicle by her little money from lack of eating and wearing. If the mother let her son take responsibility about his mistake and accept to lose the vehicle, and if the mother does not borrow money to redeem the vehicle, the child may wake up and no longer rely on his mother. If the mother loves her son with full of conscious love, the tragedy cannot happen.

  • Do not know how to love yourself, then will not know how to express love to others
  • For example: A mother holding baby for breastfeeding, baby suck the nipples, however, he just cries because there is no milk. Looking at the image of thin mom and pale child, it is so tragic. The baby is thirsty of milk; however mother does not have enough money to buy it.

Due to the fact that mother does not love herself before giving love to her child. If during pregnancy, she feed enough nutrition for herself and inborn baby, this situation will not happen. However, if during pregnancy, due to financial hardship so that she can afford for nutrition, then she should be aware of not having baby previously. Due to this reason, the mother does not love herself, and then she cannot know how to love the child. Even though, she cries a lot and feel painful when her baby crying of milk thirsty.

In fact, when the tragedy happened, painful loss appeared, you often blame the circumstances. Actually, all happened circumstance is our creation at this moment or other moment, this life or previous life. Running away is not the best way, you should face with that circumstance, and facing reality can help you to eliminate things that you don’t really want.

In many cases, actions with love do not always bring positive outcome, it must be conscious action based on love. Action based on love but not conscious sometimes will bring mistakes nd negative things.

  • For example: There is rich family, the father is high status leader in the city, and mother has successful business. They have 4 children, 3 daughters and 1 youngest son. Because of this reason, he was nurtured by his parents and sister. If he wants money, car and own house, he will have them. Thus, the son does not want to study, he just wants drinking, causing the However, after fighting, his parents just bail him out by money. His parents always intervene to help him out of crime, and the more spoiled he is. In one drinking night, he kills one person by knife. Unfortunately, he kills the son of his father’s boss. Thus, his parents ‘money and power cannot save him out of life sentence.

In this case, we recognize that, even though parents and sisters really love this son, and nobody objects that is love. However, they showed their love without high consciousness, thus love becomes blind, lead to disaster.

Actions that good for yourself, but harmful to other is selfish, greedy, actions motivated by ambition. Those actions are negative that everyone can recognize.
Actions that are good for your, good for many people, however they are harmful for some others or few would be considered negative.

  • For example: robbing the rich and help the poor seemed as positive action, actually it was negative. One cannot excuse or justify for harming others. All excuse or justification for such actions is

Actions which brings benefit to some people, simultaneously harm other people, is never action stem from consciousness and love. It is selfishness, desire and ambition in big scale which can lead conflict and war.

  • For example: A crowded population country, due to its development lead to lacking of natural resources. Thus, authorities tried to invade sea, islands, border, and land of small countries. When they implement such those actions, the authorities do not consider nation’s interest as priority, just to satisfy ambition of some groups, not for nation’s development. Thus, all excuse for those actions can only prove their desire, ambition, selfishness and cunning to the world.

We can clearly consider Japanese country as proof for this case. In the 30’ 40’ of 20th century, Japan allied with Germany and Italy waging war to satisfy the ambition to dominate their world, but they have failed. World War II ended, we found that Japan did not more resource and came into exhaustion. But not long, Japan developed prosperously not due to resources they got from the war or its natural resource.

Developed country, primarily due to the stability, peace, followed by the will and wisdom of the entire people. Resource is not a determent factor, large population is not determent one, nor due to war and plunder from other country.

Another typical nation without huge population, Singapore is not strong in army forces and lack of natural resources even freshwater while other majority of nations own, however, due to its stability, peace and wisdom, Singapore becomes a developed, prosperous country with the highest per capital income in the world.

War is for the sake of some groups of people, but it is not desire of all national citizens. Thus, they are willing to lie and cunning to bring the whole nation, his fellows into war, death, and suffering. The best leaders always try to bring peace, happiness to his loved ones. Only with peace can bring prosperity, and only prosperity can bring happiness. War and plunger other countries is not beneficial action for the nation, who are always trying to bring peace to his people the most. Because peace can bring prosperity, wealth can bring happiness. War and plunder of other countries, is not an act beneficial to the nation, but the outcome will be reversal.

In addition, death penalty ‘instead of life imprisonment’, seemed to help a lot of people out of the danger, and seemed as useful deterrent method. Actually it is measure of non-humanitarian, lack of compassion, tolerance, which is a negative action. Implementation of the death penalty denotes the weakness on social criminal management of government, convey the weakness of economy. Death penalty cannot show su ran de of law, cannot prevent other to commit crimes, and cannot bring beneficial education for social awakening. Death penalty stimulate insensitivity, abases tolerance, forgiveness and generosity of human beings in society.

Any negative actions in peaceful era, in unconditioned era will never bring positive outcomes. Due to God, He has not allowed negative actions in wide scale.

God does not ask, request humans anything, He has no demand to request from human beings. At this moment, humans should be aware and act to positive trends. Second after second, express and behave with true love from open hearts. However, during the creative process of positive actions, you should not expect much on results. Because expectation is deform of desire. You always seek how far you can reach in thoughts and actions, it means waiting for a response. These all response from your actions is exchanged without positive experience. Expecting in progressive thoughts and actions similarly, planting a tree with daily care and water and watching it grow and when it will bloom. And when the tree does not grow as your expectation, you will use all kind of fertilizers with hope that it will bloom and have fruits. And then, the tree does not grow well and it dies.

Results of positive thoughts and actions of human beings are such development of a tree. All things have to follow nature, if you want to have positive outcome, you should think and act positively. If you want a tree developed, it needed enough care, fertilize and water. If you expect too much on outcome, this will lead to hasty and impatient that cause to failure. Our expectation is double-edged sword; there has motivation without expectation. But too much expectation sometimes does not bring results, whereas it will likely bring negative results. In earthly life, God does not require us to reach perfection in exchange for his salvation. His omniscient plan is great and His love for humans is infinite, He does not need to use “the stick and carrot” to treat human beings. He thinks and acts in omniscient ways. Humans think and act in a secular way of Humanity. Thus, we never become perfect if we are not edited and calibrated by God forces. We can only reach perfection when we come back with the Divine identity, return with fully awakening state.

Therefore during this time, all thoughts and actions are just positive experience, consistent with the ability of human beings in a state of oblivion. Positive experience is a necessary process of spiritual enlightenment, but not forced. But there will be arisen question, what specific things should humans do to experience positively? Actually, this is vital question for eah of us in the journey back to the general integration. It is difficult for each of us, but fact it is not too difficult question to answer, because the answer of this question is simple truth. The biggest challenge we face is not how to answer questions. The real difficulty comes from the answer of that question, because the answer itself bring to other questions and this arisen question will be difficult for humans. It is about whether we are really desire to seek the truth for ourselves or not. People will know positive experience, when they aware deeply in spiritual matters and people must always live with the truth from moment to moment, and then people will know true meaning of positive experience.

Always live with yourself also means always true to your own nature without having to cover up, hiding. Not living true with you is self- interest lifestyle; it is also due to fear, respect, low self-esteem and lack of confidence. So people try to live to please others “dac nhan tam” try not to offend others, try to cover up, hide, contrived and not dare to express our real feelings. With this lifestyle, it can temporary bring people to the safety, peace and benefits. But if We take time to observe, then we can find it as harmful lifestyle in the long term. When We cover up, hide our real feelings, we can please others and meet objectives and its interests in the present. And from immediate benefits, we do not want to change anything within ourselves. We fear to change even negative, bad habits existing inside us. And We recognize that We donot need to change anything, because we know how to cover up, live artificially, and we know, we just do it so we’re going to be safe and benefit. It is the cause of seriously unforeseen consequences evolutional path of those who live untrue to their own nature.

Live honestly, live truly with yourself is you can do whatever you like, not fear of anything. Happy says, sad says sad, love says loves, hate to say hate, self-confidence, not conceal any emotion that comes from our personality, ‘how to live life like a child’s life’. Initially, this way of life style could bring us much trouble and lose some instant benefits. But fortunately, thanks to this, thanks to the wretched experience from this lifestyle, it makes us change to be fit in community and benefit of ourselves. Changing does not mean concealing, when a change occurs to a person is when he realized something that could bring them positive in life. It’s time hat they realized things happened is derived from their thought and actions. So they will change the thinking and actions toward positive and ethical direction to server their best interest. Changing lifestyle from negative to positive because they no longer want to think and act negatively. This really is a shift in consciousness awakening with enlightenment, but it is not obligated from others for any purposes. Cover negative, negative is still there, only change can make them disappear. Know thyself is easier than understanding others, change yourself is easier than changing others. With facts, living with facts help humans to achieve the ultimate knowledge and consciousness.

Therefore, you could not expect and require too much on yourself perfection. How is perfect, how is the best, you have not known yet, so how you are able to implement the self-perfection.

So much expectation in perfection with 3D, 4d consciousness is also human illusion. Purchase ambition to make yourself perfect, it means you do not understand much about God and the spiritual world. Action of call of true love from heart, compassion and mercy, the doers do not expect the results. But the voluntary actions without request, transferring, rewards, they themselves bring us joy and happiness in souls. And after all the things that people act with love from the heart, with human morality; God will return us Divine destiny, will give us the Kingdom of heaven festival. In addition to the sense of enlightenment, humans live, work, act normally, do not need to bother and force yourself to do any special job. We do not need to tie ourselves into things like; vegetarian, pagodas, churches, mosques, pursuing the practice, sect, yoga, meditation, rituals, any forms. All these mentioned are only one part in human illusion, outdated games of old era.

Thus, “one has to do in order to meet the new challenges is completely untie oneself, completely wipe oneself from past platforms and meet the new challenges again “. J. Krishnamurti.

It is time for us to live with happiness, stay away sadness, living in peace, away from unstable things, living positive and stay away negative. In fact,We are still in the process of secular experience, therefore we are not happy all the time. Our current fate still suffer inevitable worries, muon phien in life, however we should live happily. Our thoughts, our views are important in lives. Always think positively, and hope in beauty of tomorrow, it is the best way to xua tan muon phien, worries. It is proved that what man think of, they will become true. It is not nonsense when thinking positively, they are messages sent to center of universe, and it is request for God to implement our wishes. It is waste of energy when worrying and muon phien Most of them do not happen in the reality, they just happen as plan consciously. Things happen as plan with consciousness is mostly opposite to what we imagine in worry. Therefore, in order to enjoy happy and pleasant life, we should try to finish things today happily. Things of tomorrow let solve tomorrow, do not so worry and get attention for what will happen tomorrow.

In this era, humans beings should aware of happiness, stained, love, empathy, compassion, charity, tolerance, generosity, humility, forgiveness, sharing, cordial, simple, rustic, closeness, honesty and always be grateful for what life has given us. All mentioned above can only convey part of “Đạo” and “Đức”, part of consciousness and soul, a part of wisdom and love. However, we just need to act consciously enough to get to Kingdom of heaven. Indeed, “What moral does is giving us freedom” and yes, our souls will be entirely free, if we are always aware of the moral consciousness.
God, the first and last Holy Divine
Consciousness, the first and last one