When we are fortunate enough to achieve success and happiness in life, we seldom pay attention to spiritual beings such as deities or God. However, when we faces unsolvable obstacles in life, most of us seek out holy beings to ask for help. Why do we do this? It‘s because we have no another way. After all, when we come to holy beings, we usually do so for personal benefit. In reality, whether our requests are responded to by these holy beings or not is still debatable. Moreover, we have not determined if God exists for real; therefore, our belief in God also vague. But if God is real, what is the nature of the relationship between God and humans? Is God willing to help us or not? And if He is, how will He do it?

I have personally been through many ups and downs in my life. I used to pray to holy deity for help when I face difficulties in life. Through those experiences, I realized that holy beings are real; however, they have their own principles in responding to humans‘ entreaties. Even when I worshipped them with all respect, I couldn‘t change their decisions. Thus, I tried my best to find out the truth about their principles and prove their existence scientifically. I hope that in this book you and I will be companions in our search for the truth.