It was over 11,500 thousand years since intelligent man’s presence have been on earth, it was same time that language existed with human. We have often said that language is used to communicate in order to help people understand each other. Indeed, God created language not just for human communication and life purposes. Language also hides a greater significance; it is conveyance or hidden truth about God.

In every language of each clan, each country, it all show His truth in that language. We just need observe and think, we will see the truth.

In this book, the author can only explain conveyance or hidden meaning in Vietnamese language.

  1. Is there how many trinities?

A – The 3 highest universal trinities:
– The first: Includes the Spirit of God, the Creator, who is the first and the last, “Alpha and Omega” Tai Chi, Supreme God etc.
– The second: Is Father of God, created by the spirit of God, Tai Chi called this Supreme creates First Yang
– The third: Mother of God, created by the spirit of God, Tai Chi called this Supreme creates First Yin.

The process of creation of Father of God and Mother of God also known in Tai Chi as Supreme creates duality.

Father God and Mother God’s physical body also called Thánh Thể Ngọc Hoàng Thượng Đế. The 3 highest universal trinities includes: Spirit of God, Father God and Mother God. These 3 trinities are just one because Spirit of God is also Father God and Mother God’s consciousness. These 3 trinities are also known as 3 Trinity Highest God, 3 High Trinity and Supreme God.

B – Division of God Trinity

The first trinity: includes Spirit of God, Father God, and Mother God. According to Christianity, Father God is the first person in the universe.
The second trinity: includes Son of God. According to Christianity is Son of God.
The third trinity: Grandchildren of God, I do. In the words of Christians, they are Holy angels
All grandchildren of God and millions of generations are considered Holy angels. Division of God trinity has no level and power division in order to get benefit from the trinity. Son of God, grandchildren of God, grand grandchildren of God, all of them was born which are unchanged fates.

Besides, in real life, we realize there is much expression in trinity: Trinity of each individual, the body – mind – soul. Trinity: subconscious-RPLI- transcendental conscious, trinity: mind – words – action etc. Even the daily acts of Buddha, also known as Mudra has shown respect the Highest Trinity God- Giving his hand, two fingers swept-back and three fingers raised.

  1. What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a word that carries two meanings with same purpose:

– “Tâm” is shortcut word of center
– “ Linh “is shortcut word of spirituality
Spirituality is center of the soul, the soul of God, and that is God. Besides, its meaning is God, spirituality also implicit another meaning for human Off-center from the word soul.
– “Tâm” is shortcut word of soul

“Linh” is shortcut word of inspiration

Soul is origin of all emotion, from absolute love to respect and trust. Pursuing spirituality also means pursuing God. But in present, we can only feel about God through faith of soul. God can only inspire and exist through great belief which comes from soul; it can’t be inspirational through mind. The inspiration of God through faith, people will be aware of God’s truth in their minds.

– Pursuing the spirituality is pursuit of God, seeking God.
– The spiritual world is God’s world.
– The spiritual ability is God’s ability
– Spiritual Development is developing the relationship with God.
– Spiritual technology is the technology of God.

  1. Why is He called Ông Trời (God)?

Ông Trời has been thought as God. It is the truth, however, Ông Trời is not only God but it also has many meanings.

  • Ông means grandfather, great grandfather, Trời is God

The title of Ông Trời has different meaning, and it is understood that Trời is grandfather. God is actually our grandfather but now Father of God we used to call. Jesus Christ and a few others call Him as Father is correct, however we should call Him grandfather.

This is the true meaning of the term referred to “Ông Trời”.

  1. What is the meaning of Man, Human beings, humanity?

– Man:
“Con” is a child, “Người” is God. Then “con người” is meant to be God’s children. Thus, the meaning of “con người” is all chilren of God.

We already know, a grandfather can still call his grandchildren as “con”. A grandfather can call his children as “con”. Grandfather and grandmother can call their children and grandchildren as “con “as well.

– Human beings
– “Loài “is the species.
– “Người” denotes God
So “Loài người “is understood as one of His species. The meanings in Loài Người denote that we are one species of God.
– Human kind (Nhân loại)
– Nhân: here be understood in two ways, one is: people; two is: who is the center.
– Loại: is removed, detached.

So, Mankind means being far removed from the center, the heart center is also means soul, the universal center is God.
In short, humanity is only those who are separated from God, not in union with God.

  1. What is Ethics?

Ethics is a word derived according to Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching (Lao Tzu is the embodiment of God, the Great truth book’s chapter about author).

A – Daodism
Dao described in Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching can be considered as the original Daodism.
Daodism means spirit of God, spirit is the energy, consciousness, knowledge, wisdom and original knowledge and Daodism was also the first energy source used to create the universe. In summary, Daodism is first conscious energy in the beginning of Universe.

Creative-Daodism means awareness and creative intelligence.

Daodism creates Universe means that God’ wisdom creates Universe and all things in the Universe. However, wisdom only knows creative work, wisdom does not know beauty or ugliness, right or wrong, good or evil .Wisdom does not appreciate beauty as well as decry evil. Intellectual only consider nature of all objects or things due to its existence, it only knows what is reasonable or unreasonable, what is useful or useless.

So Lao Tzu said that Daodism existed before God, it means that primordial spirit existed before physical God. Daodism exists before earth and heaven which also means Universe. Daodism has no attributes, as well as intelligence has no sex (it means male intellectual is same as female intellectual), Daodism has no shape means intellectual has no shapes, sizes, invisible. Daodism may have just found at this place and instantly been found in other place, just appear on right and instantly appear on left. It means a person’s thought appears in Vietnam, instantly it appears in United States, recently on earth and move quickly in the Universe.

– Heavenly Daodism is God’s wisdom, God’s knowledge.
Leader is person who leads, guides human kind with wisdom.
Human being act also means human consciousness.
– Enlightenment is achieved the highest sense, fully consciousness, fully awakening.
– The Christian religion is person who has the wisdom, knowledge of Catholic doctrine.
– Buddhist is person who has wisdom, an understanding of Buddhist philosophy.
B – Đức
“Đức” is also known under different name as software program of soul. It is also Lao Tzu’s words in Tao Te Ching, ethics is created from Daodism. Since then, the soul name and nurture naming all things, animals created by God’s wisdom. From the soul, God knows goodness or evil, good or bad, right or wrong etc. it is soul that name and nurture characters. It is also Lao Tzu’s words in Tao Te Chinh that morals nourish moral or nourish soul.

– “Đức” means soul which represents for love.
– Faith is belief comes from the soul.
– Heaven God is the soul of God which is expressed in love
– Jesus Christ is the soul of Jesus which is expressed in love
– Buddha is Buddha’s soul which is expressed in love.

Typically, people associated the word “Đức” with title of those who work in spirit field. For example: the Pope, the cardinal, bishop,duc thuong toa, Dalai Lama etc. they do not attach “Đức” for people who work in favor of intellectual as scientists or leaders.

When we talk about ethical people, we talk about person with wisdom, knowledge, pure soul, compassion and mercy, generousness. High ethical person has high consciousness and great love soul.

In summary, Ethics can be understood as simple as consciousness and the soul.
What ethics do is giving you freedom, J. Krishnamurti
In fact, those who are virtuous people will be freed, will be saved and ultimately our souls will be free.

  1. What is the ego self, the true self, selflessness?

“Ngã” in self, the true self, selflessness is understood as the path, a road in corner of 3 and 4 roads.
The ego-self is the path of oneself and the path of an individual.
Truth self is self-honest way from its beginnings inside each of us. True self is also called as great ego, Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, super consciousness.
– Selflessness does not mean it has no road but it has no specific way, it is all ways, guru of all paths.
– Selflessness also means God.
And even in words “cá thể” God has revealed to us the truth about the origin of physical human life. Cá in “cá thể” is conveyance of fish. Therefore, words “cá thể” show us that physical human has origin from fish. From the begininng, it is kind of fish, after many evolutional period and recalibration of angles, gene of fish become human gene in presense. The fact of human origin shows vividly in our language.  We should observe prejudice, and then We will realize this truth

  1. What is Emptiness?

Before I talk about “emptiness” we will have to learn on the opposite sides of duality. Duality is  separation of an issue, an event, an object into two poles, two opposite sides, for example: Yin and yang, heaven and hell, light and darkness, life and death, happiness and suffering, good and evil, right and wrong, good and evil, cold and warm, left and right … so what mentioned above is called dualism. Thus, we can temporary understand duality which has 2 poles, two opposing sides in a can, because it is in a unique, if there is no this side, other side will not exist.

– For example: If there is no darkness on Earth, we will not know how is light.
– For example: If the cold has never appeared on Earth, man will never know the warm.The meaning of warm will not appear.
– For example: If the state of suffering of human never appears on Earth, man will never recognize the state of happiness

In order to better grasp opposites in a world of divine duality, we will try to see through an example of the opposite sides of the coin.

Considering face side of coin is good and its tail is evil. But really, what is called good floating above the surface of the coin which is only appearance, an illusion. And against what is called evil emerges on the surface of the coin is just form, an illusion. The truth which creates two surfaces of the coin is not what we’ve seen on its surface, it is the material composition, the elements constituting the entire coin. So the two sides of the coin can only do a single made. If we want to remove tails (known as evil) of the coin and keep the face side (called goodness) means that we destroy the structural integrity of thethe coin.Meanwhile, the natural law of God would appear there is no this side, then the other side does not exist.

Similarly, the soul of each human including good and bad nature, opposite personality but exists in the same soul. In reality, we will never be able to eliminate any characters out of our soul. The key problem is not our removal but consciousness, awareness- aware of the thoughts, words and actions.

When each of us can feel and sense the duality, people can apply emptiness.

Emptiness does not mean of non-personalty, but it is unseperated duality. When a person has conscious, then in communication they will not respect, discrimiate, favor one person than others, this object than other object. For example, we do not respect the good person than cruel person. Not love generous person than mean one, should not respect talented person than idiot. Not discriminated behave good person than bad, the rich over than the poor. No bias between beauty and ugliness, no prejudice between right and wrong, not comparing this person with other, this thing with other one etc.

In summary, emptiness is characters operating based on duality consolidated consciousness, in which men will not judge, no discrimination, no comparison, no bias, no win or lose, no prejudice, no resentment etc. everyone is considered equally, we are all one, We and God are one. Aware of all things, all events, everything that exists has its own value, all creatures are created equal perfection: And consider them as indispensably in relationship life. Finally, each of us must be aware that people will not be able to survive when separated from the whole, or in other words, human beings cannot be separated from God.

When people reach enlightenment or awakening up to fully awakening and completely enlightenment, human would show a so-called perfect emptiness. Simply, emptiness is expressed character with highest consciousness based on general view without duality separation. .

Emptiness is considered important part in God’s character, when humans express emptiness; it can be viewed as expressing God’s or Buddha’s nature character.

  1. What is the meaning of unconditioned?

Unconditioned is not merely a word, but unconditioned is the law.
Law of unconditioned goes along with law of action. Unconditioned is not understood as inaction or failure to act, it should be understood as non-interference. Non-interference in the meaning of unconditioned is not intervened in both thought as well as action not to intervene both tangible and invisible.

Law of unconditioned is applied since intelligent human appeared on Earth, and ended in 2000 BC. By law of unconditioned, God, angels and human on Earth cannot intervene process occurring in nature. Not intervene in any works, actions, and other people’s wish without the subject’s request.  In case, there is intervention, it means that related person break the law of unconditioned, thus he will be affected by karma.

In the complete awakening of Angels and God, they will never interfere in human’s desire, action and deed. Unless, they received a request of assistance from people, however, they also do not always help when being asked. Before conducting support, they will consider whether their help which are really beneficial the help of they are really beneficial for experiencing processes of that person or not? They usually will not intervene immediately; they will transfer to next life.

  • For example: There is a very diligent hard working person, but unfortunately they are in a situation of bad debt. He is really honest person, so he wants to have money to pay debts. But all his income is nothing left and no one help him. So he prays God, Angels, Buhhda for supporting. His praying and blessing definitely will be come with Christ.

But the problem is that person has chosen to experience feelings of serious debt in the past. Therefore, God would consider whether that person experience enough that emotion or not, then They will decide whether to intervene or not. In cases, it is enough; they will help him gradually get out of debt. If that person’s experience is not enough, they will not interfere, however they will consider his blessing and move on to next life.  This case but also when applying inaction rules for different people there.

In the same case, but when applying law of unconditioned, there is another different for that person.

  • For example: A good person know a friend stucked in debt and cannot repay, thus he has spent quite large sums of money to help his friend without his friend’s request. In this case, the good person has broken the law of unconditioned thus the feeling of being debt of his friend has been transferred to himself in next life experience. Debt and deprivation is his friend’s choice in his previous life, thus current events happening is experiencing what he chose in the past.

In the same case, but the good person help his friend upon request, blessing, thus the good person will not break the law of unconditioned. In next life, good person will be compensated 7 times the amount that he spent for his friend.
Law of unconditioned is also law of non-interference; it does not mean that during application of unconditioned law, God does not absolutely intervene in human life. God allows us free will. In fact, this is only half truth. God does not intervene in thought and action as man-made human.- Humans fully create future, free to write the script for himself in next life . But when man receives”result” they will no longer have free will. During the life, God’s power will intervene, direct and bring everything which humans have chosen in past lives.

People will lose controlling right and cannot change while receiving their own karma.

In the earlier period, human has freedom of thought, desire and action at its sole discretion, but success or failure is based on the scenario that people have written in the past. Past, present and future all things can only happen in current reality. We have experience the past, simultaneously creating the future in the present.

In the past, the future and present, we have to experience life by ourselves in every moment of reality; there is no other time field. Thus, God can only intervene or not to intervene in our reality time lives. All thoughts and actions create the future or being intervened by spiritual power according to karma in previous lives that we cannot know. Despite everything that happens comes from our own thoughts and actions, but only God knows what is ours, what happens due to interference.

The intervention of spiritual forces into human thought and action which helps us to get what we have chosen in past lives is super advanced. Because all their interventions are based on data available in our own super consciousness, so we are very hard to identify.

The intervention of spiritual forces into thinking and acting of human beings; similarly, we are hearing a song from a computer. But the sound source is used directly from the Internet or it is available in the desktop, it is hard to know. Data available is in the desktop which is similar to the data source is in the sub consciousness. Data is generated by the intervention, similar to internet sources. But all sources of data processed from the computer go through the information processors. And all human resources data generated either through us or by the intervention must be processed through our own brains.

Man’s freedom in previous and present period is similarly to the freedom of citizens who live under the leadership of government. It is possible that people have freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of movement, freedom of residence, freedom of commerce etc. But all the freedom must be complied with framework of law which the government has set it up. Similarly, it is assumed that God allows human free will. However, the free will of human beings in the present life is never entirely free. The soul of man in the present life is actually imprisoned. The soul of man is only truly free unless We get God’s salvation and deliverance. Law of conditioned is opposite to law of unconditioned. Meaning of conditioned is wider than action. Action has wider meaning than working. Conditioned has it infinite character of God, action has limited character of soul, and working has limited character of body.

Similarly, juridical capacity is greater than power is and power is greater than authority. Juridical capacity has unlimited character of God, power has limited character of human beings; authority has limited character of a status.

Law of conditioned has been applied since 2000 until the final judgment day. According to each period of human evolution, God will apply law of unconditioned or conditioned in order to help us reach the final goal.

  1. What is transcendental conscious?

In ”Great Truth” book, we understood the subconscious, RPLI and now we will find out the so-called transcendental conscious. During whole life, whole soul of each person, transcendental conscious contains most of important information. In reality, the word super conscious will be more exact than transcendental conscious, because all information of transcendental conscious is only part in the general of super conscious’ one. In spiritual life of each human since the origin, super conscious is the place keeping all the most important information. Transcendental conscious also has many different names such as True self, Holy Spirit, Divine self, Higher self.

Before we mention transcendental conscious, we remind a little bit about RPLI which contains all information of all past lives since the moment a soul came to Earth, besides, there are many souls contained information of lives from planets which have not been salved, thus they continue come to Earth to experience. RPLI is information channel which can be used through transmission data and from this information of RPLI will appear in sub-conscious. What kind of information does super conscious keep?

Super conscious is place that stores all information of a soul since it was originally created by God. Information of super conscious includes 3 main parts:

– First part is transcendental conscious, it is known as source conscious, conscious of High Divine, of God and original Daoism
– Second part: it is called super ego (super ego- High self- Divine self) which stores  all packs of information about life of one soul, including creation, action, doing and emotion transition of that soul through fully awakening relationships in life. Every activity related to life of one soul with fulfilled conscious and pure love through many past universal zones is also called super ego-self. And these previous living periods of this soul are called great past lives.
– Third part is information pack which contain creation, action, doings and behavior of a soul in all related relationships belong s to secular world experience in previous universal zones. These information is also called ego self’s one which was formed from many accumulated past lives.
Is transcendental conscious Our second soul?

Transcendental Conscious is not a second soul of man. Each of us’s soul is not in transcendental conscious, but it is present in each person’s body which is composed of two parts: the conscious software program and soul software program. During the earthly experience, this program will be a creative tool for each person’s ego-self.

In summary, transcendental conscious is a place to keep all of true and super genuine information.

An ordinary person hardly access information channel in transcendental conscious, except for those who have been calibrated. After being calibrated, they are known as prophets, psychics, who served light (Lightworkers’ Guidelines). In addition, there are many people who work in professional fields such as astronomer; scientist, writers, painters, musicians etc … have been calibrated by Angels, they are also accessible to information channels in transcendental consciousn. But most of them are not aware that they have access to information in transcendental conscious and they are unaware that they have been calibrated. All of these people are also known under a different name “genius”.

In reality, it is uneasy to access information in transcendental conscious. The more you try, the more inaccessible you can, when a person is aware of looking for information in transcendental conscious, it will never appear. However, there are many people mistakenly believe that they have access to the information in transcendental conscious. In fact, it is only available information existing in sub consciousness and RPLI which reprogramed and all new knowledge has other name as invention.

Invention and innovation have one different point, the invention is to use the knowledge we already know stored in the subconscious mind and RPLI and reinvented. Innovation is creating new knowledge which never exists in human lives. Historically, there are many fact appeared in transcendental conscious which is opposite to current human knowledge, science and spirituality.

Saying that does not mean all human creations has great status and great benefits for humanity. The process of creating ego- self means our on-going self-renewing process of thoughts and actions. Creating ego- self sometimes creates a small idea, a little action, but not stereotyping, imitation and novelty. Creativity is to create thoughts and actions in favor of light, and light is the fact with goodness. Based on His own creation, God will use cause and effect law to bring us completely good and new things which is unlike what happened before. Creating many ideas and new action, we also achieve new experiences.
To access the information in transcendental conscious, at first, human should have empty mind,  and ask yourself questions and go deep into those questions with passion so that we cannot aware of reality happen around us, then information in transcendental conscious will appear.

Access to information in transcendental conscious is also access to fact, knowledge of light from God.
Information of those who have not been calibrated and recalibrated that compared to transcendental conscious is similar to poor man who can see the national treasury. Even though, they know it has many gold and silver, they did not know how to own it even just a small part.

  1. What is enlightenment and awakening?

Enlightenment and awakening has similar meaning.

A- Enlightenment

– Giác is knowing, understanding, knowledge, awareness,
– Ngộ is meeting, gap lai, recognizing
Thus “giác ngộ” is meeting again, and recognizing the knowledge from inside, perfect enlightenment is meeting again, getting awareness of true self or transcendental conscious.

B – Awakening

“Wake” in awakening is understood as waking up and sleeping, but sleeping is not normal sleep as usual.It is consciousness and information in transcendental conscious which is going to sleep and it is time to wake them up for reoperation. Tỉnh in awakening is wake up from sleep; it also means quiet and sober state.

Thus, awakening is interpreted as waking up each of us’ tremendous asleep knowledge back to operation in state of quiet mind. In fact, when using two words enlightenment and awakening, we are more likely to be confused with two words: waking up or ethics awakening. For example: there is a lazy at work, he just wants to hanging out drinking, gambling, not caring of his family. Each time he got drunk, he hits his wife and children badly so his neighbor takes them to hospital. After he wakes up, he recognized that he hit his wife to hospitalized, but his family could not afford to pay fees, the children at home have nothing to eat. But he cannot do anything due to being arrested by police. After that he has changed completely, not drinking, gambling as before, he always care and love his wife and children.

In this case, others say that he has enlightened, awakened. In fact, this case is not enlightenment or awakening, he had just wake up, his consciences spiritual changed.Self wake up is an act of self-improvement, it is executed in present in order to improve the past faults. Enlightenment or awakening is completely different from conscious waking up. Enlightenment or awakening is always absent of the past. It is a state of mind recognition in quietness without the presence of past, judgment, criticism, analysis and bias. From moment to moment the truth appears, it also mean the unknown appear, however, it is not knowlegde to complete the self, it is thing to understand the self and one’s own ego. Awareness to perfect the self is towards outcome, not akwakening. Awakening is the state without self observation, the truth appear without denial or acceptance. That is the state of observers and observed things in fully consolidation.

In fact, humans can not pratice and pursue awakening with desire. Awakening itself may not achieve through practice, pursuing, inviting and begging. It is about time. However, each of us does not know when will be the time and cannot decide to self- awaken.  The awakening person is simply an intelligent one, so how an idiot can make himself become smart. Similarly darkness itself can not become light. An idiot person can not make himself become smart. The smart that an idiot person think he can achieve which is actually just an imitation, a plagiarized, a dependent on another person’s opinion, it is not invention. Everything that an ignorant person can do is only mediocre inventions; it is not smart, not awakening.  Smart express its meaning, smart is connected with light.  An intelligent person who is transparent to light a light is truth.

Similarly, a person in a state of darkness can not help himself become wise. From the darkness to see through the bright space, he himself is in the dark, not in light. It is simply a self-deception, but is not real light, not true. Similarly, first grade person can read Master’s teaching material; however, he does not currently study Master Degree.

Mention intelligence is talking about creativity; so We should not confuse intelligence with wisdom. A wise man who has gone through a lot of experiences in this life and previous lives, all stored in the subconscious and transparental conscious. Reincarnation and the law of causality will hold all of wise experience for every soul. But reincarnation and the law of causality do not bring humans intelligence if souls have not eligible for. Wisdom belongs to thoughts, memorie and the past. Smart is instantly in presence without the appearance of past. So, in the secular life, the wise one gets successful easier than smart one because the wise one always has plan in life based on his accumulated experience. Intelligent person does not prepare to receive, does not plan as well as invite the creation when needed. Wise person and intelligent person is two different types, however, when there is combination of these 2 and individual, he will become wiser.

In order to get smart, people have experienced through ignorance, stupidity. Need to understand stupidity and fully awaken about own ignorance, then intelligence will appear. Similarly, people want to access to light, one must experience the darkness, live with darkness and understand the darkness in ourselves, and then one can be come light. Wihthout going through stupidity and idiot experience, there will no intelligence.  Without living in the darkness and dark experiences, cannot reach the light. Simply the God forces does not help a soul becomes intelligent when that soul has not experience enough stupidity.Similarly,the power of God will not allow a soul to the light of the world, if the soul has not experience enough the darkness.

In reality, enlightenment or awakening is conditional plan because it always comes with calibration after full experiencing negative characters of heaven. Similarly, complete enlightenment or perfect awakening always comes with calibration.

Humans on Earth or any other planets in the universe are in the experienced period, it means that people are in a state of oblivion. During this period, the great intellectual potential of each of us have experienced sleeping of DNA which manipulated by God forces. So we can only be enlightened or awakened to a certain level, but cannot achieve to complete enlightenment or awakening.

While stored information is sleeping in body, we cannot make them active again by ourselves. If we want the DNA to awaken and reach a state of complete awakening, we need to have the support of technology and energy derived from God and the angels.


The complete awakening is divided into two phases:

-First stage: In this stage, angles just choose calibrate some conscious enlightenment people. Calibration is also known as ascension process to become telepathists or lightworkers. In this stage angles use super technology from outer space, combining energy which has been put into Earth from Universe. And contact with current angels living underneath Earth to conduct calibration. Works of angels is enabling some DNA from 7th chakra to 1st chakra, simultaneously wake some transcendental conscious information stored DNA up.

In addition, They use wide range of energy  ( currently humans does not know yet) to clean and eliminate existing chemical toxic inside body, remove fat and chat voi which open the pineal gland. After the pineal gland is opened, that human can be aware of information from God, angels transmitting through super brain waves or telepathy messages.

Calibration process can last from 35 to 55 days depending on physical condition of each calibrated person. Below are some symptoms during calibration:

  • Insomnia is prolonged or reduced night-time sleep: cannot sleep all night, slumber flutter, many dreams, mind full of thought, going to bed late but get up very early, sometimes stay up until morning, hot body at midnight.
  • blurry eyes, burning sensation in the eyes, poor vision temporarily
  • Inability to think clearly, and very difficult to express thoughts and forgetful, changeable feeling, changeable emotion
  • Broken voice, cannot talk, even losing voice from 2-3 days
  • The body becomes very sensitive to energy related to the activation of the chakras: twitching sensation or tingling, extreme headache particular at 7th chakra, from 1st to 6th chakra there is phenomenon of hot flash from bottom to top of body, which accompanied by painful feeling.
  • Feel the motion along the spine: feel hot or tingling on the back of head, neck, shoulder and back along the tailbone down the end.
  • Fed of non- vegetarian food, body reaction such as stomachache, vomiting, fever, allergies etc. during this period, you should have vegetarian food
    (learn more occurred symptoms during calibration process from awakening website)

After humans are calibrated by Angels, they become healthier, wiser, understanding, more intelligent and compassionate, generous, kinder than before. It is due to angles that awake some DNA at transcendental information stored brain and connect with parts of brain containing super consciousness information.

-Second stage: occurred after the judgment, this period is called calibration; Angels will execute the process of calibration for each individual specifically so that their physical body will be perfect. In this way, the majority of humanity can be upgraded to a fully awakened state as like angels.

After man is calibrated, there will be no separated super and transcendental conscious information. At this time, humans will become perfect because angels executed the connection super and transcendental consciousn information to subconscious as unseparated form. Work of calibration is executed within 3 days by angles. These are 3 mentioned darkest days during this period, humans will lose consciousness entirely) to be back to awakening completely.

When people revert to fully awakening, all the information from transcendental conscious will appear in subconscious. That information includes God’s intelligence, God’s consciousness and all inborn nature character. It means that information is back to human which is ban chat of a perfect angel. All these information is great which is billions times greater than information in subconscious and repository of past lives’ information (RPLI) before being calibrated. Thus, only negative information before adjustment help human aware of full happiness in heaven life. Existing information in subconscious and RPLI cannot have negative impact to humans in divine status.

In the entire human history, there are only a few people who are calibrated and recalibrated to become fully enlightened, awakened. Typically is:

– First case:  Buddha Shakyamuni Siddhartha came to earth through a normal way as other souls- reincarnation as every soul. The difference is that prince had no repository of previous lives, setting information in subconscious and transcendental conscious stay in one form. Due to this, from childhood, Siddhartha prince was enlightened.

Forty-nine days and nights sitting under the Bodhi tree was the time Siddhartha prince being calibrated and re-calibrated by angels. After Buddha Shakyamuni was calibrated and re-calibrated, He has reached full enlightenment and complete awakening. Shakyamuni Buddha has been calibrated and re-calibrated when he was 35 years old.

– The second case: Indian gurus J. Krishnamurti, J. Krishnamurti‘s case occurred similarly to the case of Buddha Shakyamuni. During the period, J. Krishnamurti wrote the book “Under the Master’s feet” it was the moment that he was not fully awakened. All information related to the book is message received from other divine, it was not his knowledge. Thus, after 50 years, physicist -George Sudarshan asked Krishnamurti about the original author of the book “Under the master’s feet”. Krishnamurti replied, “The person who wrote that book disappeared.” At the moment, the physicist George Sudarshan asked Kirshnamurti which is the moment J. Krishnamurti was fully awakening. Mazter J. Krishnamurti was calibrated and re-calibrated when he reached 28.

– The third case: Jesus Christ, the situation of Jesus Christ was different from Buddha. Jesus Christ was not born as normal man. Body of Mr. Jesus was born by Mrs. Maria, until the age of 30; his body had been requisitioned by Jesus Christ by method of channeling. This method was executed perfectly, superiors by angels.
The Angels used super brain wave technology to move the man’s soul and simultaneously installed Jesus Christ’s soul into the man’s body. This works had been completed within 3 minutes, just by the same time Mr. Jesus was baptized by Jordan in Jordan River.

Before Jesus- Maria’s son stepped down to the river base for baptized, the soul still remained in normal man. But by the time shoring up, his soul was already replaced by Jesus Christ’s soul.

After Jesus Christ’s soul stayed in Mr Jesus’s body- Maria’s son, Jesus Christ’s consciousness was fully awakened. It was difficult to activate consciousness and fully awakening in body which not been calibrated and recalibrated yet. Thus, Jesus Christ found quiet place so that angles can calibrate and recalibrate Him at age of 30. This work has been mentioned in:

Mathew 4: 1-2

1Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.

2. And after He had fasted forty days and forty nights, He then became hungry”.

Jesus Christ actually came to Earth for only 3.5 years. Jesus Christ revealed this in “Discover the losing doctrine of Jesus Christ” by Martin Palmer. It belongs to the first doctrine “The doctrine of the only Holy Divine worship in the whole world. Chapters 8, sentence 23-25

“23. That is the reason the Holy Divine uses human body to teach, He said “I am Savior” 24 I came in 3.5 years. 25 Within those 3.5 years, I fight with evil actions of demons and everyone can clearly see that”
The Holy Divine uses human body to come to Earth for teaching” is understood the only divine who used human body to teach man on Earth. The Holy Divine came to human life not by reincarnation. The Holy Divine mentioned in the bible is Jesus Christ but not Father God.

  1. Does 1 D… 4 D, 5 D…..12 D have any relation to human consciousness and evolutional process?

D is abbreviation of Dimension in English (means direction).

Before we refer the so called 3D- 4D, we should figure out why in recent years human beings received many messages from angel, archangels mentioning 3D, 4D, 5D.

3D, 4D beyond the meaning of multi-dimensional level, it also related to conscious dimension, human thought. This is what God and angles really interested.  God wants us to observe an image, a conduct with full knowledgeable thinking mind by different dimensional levels and accept it as existence without judgment, criticism, or elimination.

– 1 D stage: is primitive period when Homo humans appeared on Earth 70,000 years ago. Homo race’s brain can only aware and think of the surface image, what happened ahead.

– 2 D state: is early time when intelligent species appeared (Sapiens Homo) on Earth more than 11,500 years ago. At that time, human intellectual can be aware of seen surface image and analyze the left and right; however, most of them only accept the surface and either left or right. Until the pre-Enlightenment era more than 2400 BC, Humans got further progression.

– 3 D stage: the Enlightenment period, starting from 1 AD, the transition process is 30 years; until 30 AD, Enlightenment era began. It was a period; Jesus Christ actually came to Earth and enlightened human beings. At this period, intellectual humans can understand the side image, understand both left and right and accept both of them. Until the era of pre light receiving (renaissance) about 700 years ago, the human beings had great progression.

– 4 D stage: is era of receiving light, starting from 2000, the transition time is 12 years. The era of receiving light started from December 21st, 2012. This era has different name as Peace era, era of conditioned, pre-judgment era, and era of heaven festival.

In this era, humans can be aware of images from left, right and behind. In this period, way of thinking and awareness of people can understand images from the surface, left side, right side and rear. Way of thinking and informational approach of man during 4D is very close to the multidimensional awareness, 5 D multidimensional spaces.

– 5 D stage: The period after judgment, light period, the era that humans fully awaken and enlightened. Human beings will return to Divine self. At this time, humans will be master of all transcendental conscious; every one’s soul will be completely free. In this period, humans will understand all conducts, objects from outside as well as inside. This awareness is also called multidimensional mind, God’s consciousness.

From 5D multidimensional mind to 12 D is Divine’s consciousness:
+ 12D is conscious energy level of God’s children, typically as:
+ Jesus Christ, “the oldest son”
Revelation – Chapter I, verse 5.
5 and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth. To Him who loves us and released us from our sins by His blood
+ Archangel Michael
+ Ancestor Abraham
+ Buhhda
+ 11D is conscious energy level of God’s grandchildren, as typical:
The Archangel Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, etc. …
+ 10D is conscious energy level, God’s grand grandchildren(11d and 10d are person who belongs to group of 144,000 Archangel)
+ 9D, 8D, 7D, 6D, 5D is the orderly status in Heaven.
+ 13D to limitless is conscious energy of Supreme Trinity God.
Note: Light is mentioned in 3d, 4d, 5d understood as: Awareness, wisdom and knowledge. Darkness is ignorance, lack of understanding.

In this section, mentioning human awareness during each period is referring to all first souls on Earth. We do not count souls coming before and after B.A from Lemuria planet and advanced evolutional planets in the Universe. They are very old wise and talented souls such as Socates, Plato, Aristote, Trang tu and Manh tu philosophers.

In addition, there are other great Masters from the Kingdom who execute mission of God such as Shakyamuni Buddha, Jesus Christ; J. Krishnamurti etc … Even God came to Earth and channeled into Lao Tzu’s body during his last 3 years.

  1. Does the war in Kingdom of Heaven exist?

God has given us all of consciousness, soul and everything He has, so that each soul is created as a sub-real God. However, when mention this truth, many people would have thought of the war in the Kingdom of God and the rebellious angles etc… The reason of this thought is that everyone has consciousness, wisdom as God, so there is betrayal. In fact, these ideas are completely wrong which drawn from myth, imagination and creation.

We should know from the beginning until now there is no betrayal in the world of God and high evolved civilization, even the small one. There is no conflict even between neighbors. The stories of betrayal angels to God are paranoia. This illusion is due to many reasons; there are 2 most important reasons:

– First reason: in world of God, of highly evolved civilization, humans exist by god’s consciousness, they always aware that they are all one with God, betray others is betray yourself, hurt others is hurting yourself. Their consciousness is more supreme than what people can imagine.

Besides, in life relationship, They behave in the highest love “Divinity of mind”. They know what they should go and what should be retained. Love is what they are giving and happiness is what they keep. Giving absolute love, humans will enjoy full happiness. The question is when humans live in full happiness; do they need to betray others?
If that is not enough, there is second reason which expresses absoluteness of God.

– Second reason is spiritual energy which is God’s primordial spirit. Spiritual energy of God was, is, will be used for his creation of Universe and all things. God’s spiritual energy is infinite power which humanity cannot imagine.

However, we can imagine this through an example: spiritual energy of God is great machine and God himself created operating features and structure different from His machine. God’s great machines can create billions and billions and billions of electrical power within one second. Children of God’s machine can generate billions and billions of kW within an hour and grandchildren of God’s machine can generate billions of kW within an hour and machine of soul can only create hundreds of million kWper hours.

Thus, God never worry or fearfully prevent anyone, any force opposes or betray Him. In case, if someone really wants to betray God, He does not need to fight back. If anyone‘s thought is against God, the mindful power immediately will reflect back to himself. The stronger powerful energy is, the stronger the reflection is, and it can destroy all structure of that soul. Betrayal thought creates negative energy “dark”, the more energy generates, and the worse the reflection is. Similarly, when kicking the ball to the wall, the stronger the kicking is, the harder the reaction is.

In God’s world, all humans have reached the highest conscious. Fighting others is also fighting God. It is unimagined and unhappend to fight against God. But in our world, there are many people who slander and extremely opposed to God. And God does not blame or punish them because they are in oblivion state. But the power of their thoughts were reflected back so that  their next lives, karma itself make them turn into schizophrenia, 2 character person, multi personality , they become really crazy. What they cursed God, now come back and appear in many different voices, sounds as they used to think and talk.

  1.  How did Jesus Christ redeem humankind?

In our world, there are many people living in the illusion that Jesus Christ came to Earth and was crucified on the cross is redeem the world, Catholics followers and who believe in Him.
In fact, people had been redeemed, redeemed, had been freed before humans on earth. No one needs anyone’s redemption, no one needs anyone’s salvation, this will happen sooner or later until humans finish the process of experience.
Redemption, salvation, deliverance are the words of humans, God does not think that He will redeem, salve, deliberate for anyone. No one imprison humans, arrest humans so why God has to redeem, salve, deliberate humans.
Indeed, humans have created many strange legends, funny stories, creating strange Mr. God and Mrs. God. They think God imprisoned humans in darkness of suffering and He asked his son to redeem them. Those only happen in movies or action films which humans created. The fact is that universe never exist such that God for us to worship.

Obviously, humans have not really understood about God, about the origin, thus they assume that Jesus Christ came down to Earth to save mankind.

Jesus Christ appeared on Earth which belongs to omniscient plan of God. He came to Earth in order to help humans open wisdom to understand of God, kingdom of God, the identity. He came to Earth to help alleviate humans from suffering through love, wisdom and mercy which He expressed and preached.

In the era, almost humans committed sins, thus Jesus Christ came to Earth to spread inspiration about love, mercy to help humans minimize the pain. He deeply wants the world full of love, mercy to relive the pain.

He willingly died on the cross due to ignorance of humans and awakens love in human heart. He is incredibly brave, he let them nail in the sun in fully awakening status which not everyone can do it.

Indeed, He gave humans so great love; it is even greater than the love of humans for him. The reason to appreciate His great sacrifice is that during the moment of execute; He was in state of complete awakening. At that time, He just need to think Reason, man cannot suffer. Angels instantly get Him out of the cross and fulfill whatever He needs. However, He did not do so; He accepted tragic death and pain until last minute.

Throughout mankind history, there were people who sacrificed, died for community, religion, country. However, their conscious are not in state of full awakening. Thus, at the moment of death, whatever they think, or they do not want to die, spiritual forces won’t save them. However, at the moment of death, Jesus Christ transmit a thought, He will be saved instantly. Because at that time he was Jesus Christ, He was not normal person in state of oblivion.

Jesus Christ accepted tragic death to awaken love and mercy in human hearts. It was His salvation.  Light wisdom which He delivered to awaken humans is His salvation.

Indeed, He was on a mission to save the world out of darkness through rocky path. But Jesus Christ does not come to the world to redeem mankind from death, suffering, torment and sorrow. Not come to earth to redeem mankind from the horrifying experience of that moment. He actually brought to mankind as He said 34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword 35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household”

New Statement Matthew 10:34-36.   He said what he brought to Earth in naked eyed of humans was not good, but in His eyes, it is necessary for the purposes of souls coming on Earth.

Believe in God; believe in Jesus Christ, think according to guide, act according Jesus Christ’s advice is His salvation to humanity.

Jesus Christ did not salve anyone; this is necessary and important game for humans. Make yourself conscious awakening and enlightenment, we will have kingdom of heaven without anyone’s salvation


  1.  Where is Lumurian and Atlantis continent?

In the Great truth book, we mentioned unsalved souls in next coming final judgment on Earth. All of these souls will be retained and continued to experience another life (another solar system).

In fact, Lemurian was advanced living in one of the planet in our galaxy. Most of Lemurian has become highly evolved humans because they have been redeemed. And some unsalved souls continuously came to Earth and experienced 2000 years ago. The souls had come to earth BC such as the Socrates philosopher, Plato, Aristotle philosophers and on-going appears such as: Nicolaus Copernicus astronomer, Isaac Newton scholar, American President George Washington, Chinese Vice President Deng Xiaoping etc.They are souls living in the last period of Lemuria civilization as our current civilization or more than that. While these people continued to experience on Earth, they brought to Earth accumulated intelligence and knowledge in their repository of past lives’ information (RPLI).

Atlantis continent never exist on Earth, it is a continent of Lemuria.  Such souls of Plato, Aristotle came from Lemuria and what existed in their RPLI appeared and they just thought of Atlantic continent where they used to live, has existed on Earth.

The Politics view and Plato’s accumulated knowledge was alsowhathappenedintheland ofLemuriabeforejudgment.

  1. What strength does ideological thought generate?

Indeed, ideological thought mentioned in this question would beunreasonable,but using the word” ideology” is familiar word in the past. Talking about ideology is talking about the past, thought and idea was form earlier. The process of thinking creates ideology, when we are thinking, we are forming ideology. Thus, ideology is past of formed operation of thinking. For example, the ideological thought of Buddha Shakyamuni, of Jesus Christ, and Karl Marxetc. Butwhat mentioned here is process of current thought, present consciousness, but not ideology. In reality, the explanation of a word is not important as what we really feel; understand about an issue.

Human brain is power receiving and broadcasting machine, and it is always connected to God, connected to the center of universe through the super brain waves (according to Catholics Communion). So, every thought, word, action of man is received and reflected by center of universe.  After receiving a thought, an action through the brain, the center of the Universe will respond to sender’s address in the form of energy immediately. Receiving power station may be the main body of the sender, of other an, of an animal, an object or any phenomenon is happening. The power of ideolgical thought forms a triangle Holy. Ideology from humans to the center of universe, the center send feedback to the recipient address, recipient accumulate and phan hoi to the sender.

Not only human beings but all living things, plants, all contents were created by God in the universe, they have potential gravitational and antigravity waves. All living creature except humans and materials are not connected to center of Univers, but they become power receving and broadcasting station when being connected by angles.

-A few typical examples of the power of thought which influence the material.

– For example: Only a diamond jewelry but over the years, many people think it is bad luck diamonds. Therefore, the energy that diamond accumulates is dark energy, negative energy. So, who owns the diamond can have bad luck and even deadly. In reality, when one wants to own that diamond, they think it will bring happiness and nobility and luck. This is considered positive energy, however it is not enough to overcome so big accumulated negative energy.Therefore, its emission energy is only negative energy, dark energy.

A lucky diamond due to many people thinks that it is lucky one. Thus the positive energy accumulated will bring owner true luck.

  • For example,the blackstoneinMecca, actually it wasjust a normalstonelike anyother.Consideringthe value ofthemolecularstructure of thisstone, it does not really has value than others such as diamonds.Butso farit becomessacred, becausemany people thought it as sacred stone and special respect during thousands years ago.Sothe stoneitselfhad accumulateda lot ofpositive energy, spiritual, positiveenergy(light energy). Andfromanordinarystone, it now becomesan invaluablesacredstones. So far, the valueofthe stoneis not basedonthemolecularstructure but on accumulated energy. At this time, due tothe strengthof emitting energy, it make person who stand near it, touch it get out of sickness and having luck.
  • For example: TheBuddha statues, statues of Jesus, of Saint, of lucky Buddha and Earth Buddha etc.arecrafted from wood, porcelain ormetal. While they are in store, these statues haveonlymaterial valuesrelated toItcan be foldeddown tostack up, moved out or moved in when you arebeing soldinstores without concern of sacred or not. At this time, thestatuehas no spiritual value untilit ispurchased. After purchasing, they clean statues, put the statueon the altar, on theshrinesinthe templeorchurchand giving statue love and respect. Then,theyworship, pray everyday, especially in places like temples, churches ormosques, there are many prayers. Humans themselves give statues natural energy and power. The older the Churches, temples are the more positive energy the statues accumulated. Andindeedthere are manysacred placeslike that in this world, the more peoplethinkitis asacredplace, the more sacred it is.

Accumulated positive energy is always proportional to humans’ good thought A mountain, an old tree, a ravine, a tiger fangs or any object, humans just give  them  good and sacred thought, it will sound good and the sacred, the more people give it a good energy, the more sacred it is.

  • For example: haunted house. In fact, it willnot have such ghost and demons until man think about them, desirethem. Initially,almostallhousesarethe same; untilthere is puzzlingmurder occurred in the house, orwholiveinhomesthathavedrawneccentric.

From normal couple reasons, many people constantly rumored, imagined and the more hatred, bad thoughts about the house, they become ghostly as people’s desire. What people think about house is negative energy, and over the time it accumulated more negative energy. Thus, the house will become cold and creepy when people approach it. There maybe have possible horror things, but the house itself does not create the spooky things, it is man that bringing the house dark power.

In fact, there are some houses with strange phenomena. People often invite priests to come and use the cross, the Bible, Holy water to ward off witches, invite Mon to pray, invite village shaman to manipulate. Is doing that can help prevent such those phenomena?
Indeed, the work of the priest, the temple master, and shaman may take effective or none. When there are negative phenomena in the house, they just need carry a cross, a rosary, a Buddha statue or a perennialJesusstatue. It is essential that these items originated from the spiritual places where many people worship and bless and just take one of the min the house, the phenomenon will end.

Doing this is not superstitious, supernatural, it is scientific. Because cross, rosary, Buddha statues or Jesus statue are positive energy accumulated objects (light energy). Thus, putting these objects in the house, the light energy emitted which eliminates dark energy in the house.  It is more important that people stop thinking bad about the house, all phenomena automatically will disappear.

No matter how the devils are, if you can just bring Kaaba black stone overthere, then the place no longer appears demonic phenomenon.

Feng shui masters use this energy most efficiently. When we build a house, shop, hotel, supermarket or a city, if the work is structured in harmony, beauty and convenience, of course there will be many people who love, enjoy and close to it, this is the essential positive energy for any works. This is positive energy which generates prosperity and development for any construction works. A bizarre architecture cannot bring development and prosperity, because there will be many people who dislike or scorn and hate. The hatred is dark energy, when the dark energy accumulates large enough, the work will go into cold, crippled. Fengshui renovation also means improving the structure, in order to change others’ thoughts and feelings for such work.
-A few examples of the power of thought which affecting animals.

  • For example: There area few things which were bitten by rats,if weare angry,yelling, cursing rats. Although rats cannot hear and understand what we say, but the rats received our irritated, angry energy.When rats receive this energy, it will also be irritated, angry and lose control, thus the rats would bite crazily and dramatically.

In fact, farmers understand clearly about this in spite of not knowing the reason yet. When the farmers saw rats biting their rice fields, they never curse but talk very softly and beg them not to destroy their rice fields anymore.

If someone has never believed in the power of thought which affecting material, animal, creatures or man, just do yourself a small experience about mouse and you will find it out.

Notice that the experimenter who curses, gets mad without true feelings, the out going energy will benotreal, so the experiment will fail.

  • For example: The dog traders, they wander in Vietnamese villages to buy dogs for meat. Whenever they go, dogs will bark crazily, angrily. Not because this person has eaten dog meat, there are many people have eaten dog meat but they do not bark. Dogs are angry and barking furiously because the traders always have the thought of purchasing them for meat. This hostile energy is sent to the dogs and when the dogs receive this energy, they react.

We talk more about hostile energy which is fearful energy.We often see dogs chasing children and anyone who fear them. The dog may not be aware of who are children or adult; however they often chase who seem to fear them. When meeting a dog, the person who fears of dog will emit fear a source of fear. And then the dog receives this energy, it is aware that its objects are scared, soit attacks the object.

We’ve heard many gurus coming to the Earth, living in the mountains in the Himalayas ranges. They live calm, fearless of anything, not fear any species of wild animals attacking them, including lower organisms such as flies, mosquitoes, snakes. They do not need to use any kind of power; they just use power of thought. They are always sending messages about mercy, compassion and endless love to all creatures. Their power of thought transmitted big enough, strong enough to prevent any attack, whether it comes from the man’s will or any creature’s. The love energy transmitted enough to soften the most cruelty, to make the most ferocious beast of prey become gentle as a small cat.

– The power of thought which affecting humans.

When God gives man the consciousness, it is the moment he owns fantastic ideas. But when human is in oblivion in this world, almost everything only start from zero.
God does not deprive our power of thoughts, it is still the most useful tool in life, whenever human is in the universe. Although the power of our thoughts in oblivion state is not as strong as when we are fully awakened, however its energy is strong enough to be able to change things if we know how to use it properly.

In fact, although human thinking energy is strong, it is hard to recognize its affection; human thoughts are always fluctuating, ever-changing in many different emotional states. Human thought is never quite as an object, or less volatile like animals. In addition, the strength of the law of karma significantly influences the perception, the impact of human receiving thinking energy source.

A person who is suffering from a serious disease, but they are always optimistic and thought that I would get well. In fact, there are many people getting well; because their body has accumulated a huge source of good energy which they send for themselves, making them cured.
The meals for children after coming home are always the most delicious ones. It’s really tasty but it is not due to bias. Because a mother cooks with all her love and always wishing her food will be the most delicious. Food that mothers use as normally, but Mom’s energy of love makes her processing food more delicious.

A person who only make a small mistake, however many people think that he is bad guy; he finally becomes the bad guy.

A person thinks he is a loser; it would be hard for him to be successful.

A successful person always thinks that he will be successful at work.
When we think badly about someone, that person will accumulate negative energy and it will reflect bad energy back to us.

When we think good about someone, or pray for them, they will receive positive energy and we ourselves receive the good reacting energy.

Praying is a form of sending positive energy for themselves or particular event. More and more people in the name of God, pray for someone, or for one matter, it would be easily successful. By the name of God, it has a great energy source, so when we thought in the name of God, the power of prayer will increase double. In the name of God, pray for us, for someone or for any matter, prayer should the full name, clear address but not too many words.

A huge storm appeared in the East Sea, moving to shore. But if there are many people in the name of God pray storm become the wind, and then the storm will weaken.
These five men are in a battle, only 3 of them pray in the name of God, the fight will end.