CHAPTER I: Editing some of the information written in the Great Truth and the Ultimate Truth.

      To begin the book, please allow me to correct some of the incomplete information, I have presented in the Great Truth and the Ultimate Truth books. I am supposed to edit all incorrect information in these books. I have accepted the mistakes in these previous books as an evidence for my evolutional process.  I sincerely apologize for the information I have not really completed already existing in the previous two books.

    In fact, I still know that no matter how big my desire is, how great humanity’s desire to approach the truth is, it is never as easy as people approach other personal desires. You see, as I stated in The Ultimate Truth, you want to be awakened so that your soul must go through the darkness and experience the fullness of what happens to that world. So the so-called moment, the so-called falling point in the perception of individual and collective humanity is extremely necessary for reaching the truth.

     Try to reflect on God’s statement in Heavenletter # 5633 Heroes of Infinity, “Look, no one can see ahead of time all the questions you can ask before you experience it in that life “. You see, in addition to having to personally experience things that are related to your own question. The time remaining is also very important for you to get the correct answer to hidden secrets questions. Reflect on the words of God, perhaps you will understand why I have not been able to reveal the truths that I mentioned in the previous two books fully and precisely from the beginning. You see, God for all of us is always unconditional love and absolutely fair. So in God’s eyes I am like you, no matter who I am, who you are, there is no difference. I am very passionate and always try to find the truth, but if I have not experienced anything related to the question, surely I still cannot get the answer exactly right.

    In case, although I have experienced it, but the moment of humanity is not appropriate, I still cannot get the answer in the truth to share with you. I always have a great desire, passion related to the truth. But how often my passion and desire will be answered by God is another matter. Here, the problem of finding the truth is not related to who is better than who. But the problem is when you reveal a truth whether is it beneficial to others at some points for not. Whether God always pondering to allow you to reveal or not. We think that the more people know about the truth, the better it is for human beings. But in reality, it is sometimes unreasonable to know the truth, since those truths are not relevant to the time of the soul’s evolution. For example, if God revealed to you the true meaning of Unconscious Law at the time that you are experiencing the dark world, then it is not suitable for you. Since you do not know the true meaning of the Unconscious Law, you can break the law. And once you break the law, the value of the Unconscious law can be used to help you experience it.  So, with the saying “Let all things go according to nature” it is really a wonderful saying. By being natural is something that each of us needs to respect and accept with fun, but not as angry as by coercion.

     Perhaps before writing this book, I need to share something with you about myself as previous books. Many friends ask me: once I have named the book The Great Truth, at least the book must say the whole thing is true, but why is it still not completely true? Also, somebody told me, that I should not name the second book as the Ultimate truth. Because they think that if I said it was the Ultimate Truth, then there would be no truth after that book. In fact, the Great Truth does not all mean true. Similarly, the Ultimate Truth is a truth that never changes, but not the Ultimate truth of the whole truth.

     Be honest to you, before writing the book The Great Truth, I do not think I’m directing my work to fame or money. My simple thought was just to satisfy my passion related to the truth, that’s all. But after writing, God instructed me to create a website and bring it up to share with everyone. Did you know, even after writing the book, I did not even know what the title of the book was. Actually, I have put a lot of different names for the book. But no name was accepted by God, after all, God personally gave the title of my book “The Great Truth”. (Later, Father God and Mother God set the date and name for my second book, The Ultimate Truth, before I was writing the content.) This book is personally named by the Creator, He set the date and time for starting it. To be honest with, you at first when I heard God give the title of my book The Great Truth, I was very confused because I thought that if I put the title Great Truth, I would think I was a fool, high self-esteem. But Father God said, “You should accept this as truth, because it is truth, so do not deny the truth, but follow it. The voice of truth comes from my heart, that’s all.”

     Even after the completion of the site, God instructed me to write more about Lao Tzu as the embodiment of Father God at the end of the book. God also instructed me to add five words “Or no meaning” at the end of title of The Great Truth on our homepage. Sometimes, I can’t master myself, then I think all the instructions that God gave me in every step is indeed high and wonderful.

    For example, God directed me to write words of Author at the end of The Great Truth. A directive at first glance seems to have no meaning whatsoever. Because I remember that day, when the book was still in the translation phase, someone advised me that book was about spiritual issues and moral construction. So, I have to delete the chapter on the author’s words to keep the good image for me later, because in the author’s words I have mentioned a lot of my bad habits. People also advised me, if I still try to hold on to it, I stripped myself of my backseat, exposing myself to a poor, lowly, and uneducated person. Actually, I was confused about his advice, because she had a lot of experience in life. Indeed, the advice of this respectable woman has come true. And this happened after the book was posted to the site after couple days. There was a comment that I am a mentally retarded person because of lost gambling, so I have generated the same mental thoughts as well.

     But do you know, later on I understood value of things I have experienced as well as the value of the dark world? Indeed, God is truly high and he has not attached my faith to him.

     Honestly, during the time I read the comments, it made me so sad and stressful. It never made it hard for my passion. But in reality, I thought I spent too much time and effort, and at the end it was not beneficial to myself nor my family or anyone else. Indeed, I am very upset that my work is not only making a penny, it also costs money to maintain the site. I did not intend to mourn with you, I just want to share with you my emotion. There are many trials taken place in this world, it was still my choice. Because your kindness and enthusiasm for someone is not always well received with gratitude, but perhaps the opposite. In life, sometimes you encounter many difficulties and challenges just because you live honestly. Typically, in my case, when designing the site, my son-in-law has suggested that we should add support button. This request of my son-in-law was accepted, if someone donated, I will have a little money to maintain the site. On the other hand, if no one supports it, there is no impact on anyone. But you know the life is not irony, no supports except heartbreak comments of a reader. “There is only one book on the site that also claims supporters”. And I felt embarrassed, because there are so many websites that give readers a lot of information but they do not ask for support.”

And as you can see, indeed the comment was like a cold water bowl over my head. It made me extremely shamelessly mixed with an incredible shame. But no matter how, I always try to maintain the site, with the help of funds from the son-in-law. Sometimes I wonder myself, why I have to do this. But because I always have a thought that if people have no knowledge, no wisdom, they will not have the tools in life. So, I still cannot give up my search for the necessary tools to serve my own life. And the one that I choose to choose for my spiritual path, that is, I choose to pursue the knowledge of light.

     On the contrary, the knowledge that I currently have is not the best tool to help me create a good life for myself and my family. By contrast, pursuing this path not only does not make me money, it can cost me a lot of time. There are times when I try to advise myself, to abandon this path! Instead of pursuing this knowledge, think about it for something else, something new in business, or any knowledge that it can bring. Give me and my family a better life. At times I try to tell me to look for a new idea, then later if I am rich will certainly be respected many people. Why do I have to pursue this path, seeking the truth in this field to share with others to do? Not people are grateful, not people are valued, and the opposite is considered by others to be a crazy guy.

    Honestly, when I ask myself, do not know if I’m crazy? And if I really wake up, why do I just do something that no ordinary person wants to do. But truly the spiritual path is my own destiny, in other words it is as if there is a magical force, some great invisible force that pulls me to it. So, after all that has happened, in the frustrations and boredom, I still do not want to give up my desire and passion. Indeed, in me always burning about a desire to find the truth in the field of spirituality. So, in silence, alone, I still pursue any questions that I feel are hidden or obscured.

Actually, if I say that I’m lonely is not really true. Beside the time I spend with my family, when I am alone, I can communicate with the Divine in the world of light. In fact, I have never been alone, you have never been alone, whether you are aware of this fact or not. More than that, I just made a call that I could always talk to the Creator and Father God, or with Jesus, Sananda, Lady-Nada’s, Archangel Michael, Saint German, Lord Ashtar, Shakyamuni, Shanta Gabriel even have Archangel Lucifer etc. I am really fortunate to talk to God as I speak on the phone with you. To be more precise, it is more convenient when we talked to each other in this way. Because this communication method does not require any support tools, you can always call at any time and at any time, it will never lose connection. Such calls are never affected by noise from the outside. Unless you are distracted or do not listen.

     In fact, being able to speak to the Creator, to God, to the Father and to the Light is the motive that helps me overcome many of the difficulties that occur in the reality of life and to continue to pursue my path myself. Because, when spoken to the Creator, to God / Father, they always treat me as their children, They always treat me very warmly and affectionately, They always encourage, and advise me very lightly on their own love. And when I communicate with other people, they always treat me as my brother, sister, or friend. They always talk to me in a very open, cheerful and very friendly spirit and love. You see, after all that, how can I give up my own wish. Rather, it motivates me to consolidate my beliefs, as well as to strengthen my hope of reaching my own success in life. Most of all, through this communication it helps me to determine for sure, They are the truth, and the steps I’m taking towards them are in truth but not illusion. So ask, how was that, how can I give up my passion and my own choice.

It is due to others cannot see through my own experiences. So, except time of sleeping and resting, I always ask questions related to people, God and the spiritual world. To you, in fact, I have never actually done the so-called meditation like others do. But my mind can fall into a state of total silence, at any time, even when I am doing anything. At that time, I was pursuing a question with a passion, that I could fall unconscious. In fact, I could fall into a state of meditation, while driving in the street, watering, planting or scavenging. Even when I was with my family during the concert, my mind left the stage to pursue a question that had just appeared. I knew at that time my eyes were still on the stage, but my mind did not hear from everything that happened on stage, because my mind was busy pursuing the question that just came out in my head.

     Actually, when I first started writing this book, I did not intend to write this chapter. Because I think, writing this chapter is like writing about the author or writing as selfish as I did in The Great Truth. And I wonder if I’m doing this chapter, does it cause you a sense of boredom? But think again, I suppose there is some possibility that some information about my spiritual journey will help you something in your own real life. So, I decided to write this, with a desire to share experiences with you. And today I use God to say that my words are true, but not false, lament or exaggerate. Actually, I only write honest words from my heart and my own thoughts at that time, do not add up. Whether my feelings or thoughts are good or bad, whether true or false, I always cherish. And no matter how much you think about me, I will still accept it, in my own love, we are all in One.



      Honestly, even weeks ago, I cannot even distinguish what soul is.  And something called spirit? I always thought that spirit could be another way of calling the soul, and whoever likes to call it is due to the preferences of each person. And as you have seen in the previous two books, (The Great Truth and the Ultimate Truth), I also used soul and spirit randomly. I sincerely apologize for my mistakes, as it may have affected your perceptions. Mistakes have occurred, for example, in Chapter II of the Great Book of Truth, that I have mention that only human has soul. Apart from human beings, other animals and plants have no soul, and all living activities of all species are inherited only by gene. Because the word “CAN” so-called soul and spirit, I cannot accept it. Because I have always been aware that truth does not consist in the so-called CAN in it. And that is why I am determined to find out the truth about the so-called spirit and soul.

     Actually, not only humans possessed of the soul, in reality there are many animals that have

souls. But if you think that all plants and animals have a soul is not true. Indeed, only the heart-and-matter-possessed species are fed by red blood that God equips for the soul. For example: leopards, lions, monkeys, elephants, buffalo, cows, dogs, cats and mice, even hatchlings such as fish, chickens, ducks and birds all have a soul. So you can see that all of these species can express their feelings, their feelings of love for one another or for the human being based on the relationship they perceive from their fellow human beings. All souls can feel the pain of physical injury, and they can express traumatic or happy emotions on the surface of life. This does not mean that the vibrational frequency bands of the species are exactly the same. In fact, the level of vibration and emotional expression of each species always depends on the original design that God has for each species. So, each species will be equipped with a soul that has a design suitable to their habitat. For example: The wolf has different heart vibrations than the house dog. For example, the souls that are equipped for the dolphins and the anchovies are different, because their hearts have made some differences from the original design. For example, monkeys and goats are both equipped with the soul, but you can see the different levels in their vibrational frequencies of the souls. They carry different emotional expression. And you can observe these two species in their lives. 

     In addition, there are many species of animals that are not equipped with typical souls such as: bacterial species, germs, worms, snails, jellyfish, bugs, and so forth. The higher evolutionary species such as bees, ants, crabs, shrimps, whales, etc. are living organisms hatched from eggs, not belonging to the biochemistry group, but they all have no mind. Non-soul animals are unmistakable emotions and they will not feel hurt when they have physical damage. Example: A worm is cut into several sections, but the cut itself can sustain life. For example: A moth because it does not feel pain or fear so they are ready to dive into the light even if it is a fire. For example, you can either break away the two cubs or break some of the cubs of a crab without showing any pain even if it can still live. But as you can see, just as you break apart the legs of an ox, you will notice how painful the animal is and eventually it will die if it is not cured.

      But, all being even a tree, a blade of grass, an ephemera, a germ, a bacterium, more or less are all God’s pages, He gives each species a wisdom. In other words, the lowest level of life all are equipped sense of life by God, also known as consciousness. Also known as the life instinct of each species, and that part of the consciousness will be genetically inherited. And this is the infinite perfection that comes from the Creator that we can observe with the naked eyes. The vibration of soul for each species will depend on each level ranging from simple to complex, but the soul is most complex. The most wonderful, the most perfect is the soul.

      In The Great Truth, I think that all living things of all species except humans are inherited through genes, including the purest SOFTWARE program that is completely accurate. Personally, the data that make up the software for the soul is not something that can be passed on to genes like other species. But it is something that God put into the heart of every being before his birth, and it will be brought back to God’s center of the universe along with the other packets of the soul, once the human dies physically.

     The soul that I described in The Great Truth is not close to the truth, and it is not really clear, because it is of a religious nature. In fact, every activity, every creativity emanates emotions of the human soul is very complex and miraculous. But in general, all the activities that make up the vibrations of the soul are largely based on two main vibrational frequencies: love and fear. And from the love vibrations, it can access energy from the high frequency bands and all the love vibrations are largely based on the light-based foundation. Conversely, fear is created from the lower frequencies of the soul’s vibration, and it also accesses the corresponding fears of energy. And all the vibrations of fear are mostly based on the basis of dark consciousness.

    First is the frequency of vibration that creates love. Love is the vibration that makes the high frequency but it is very light. So the vibrational frequencies created by love will go very far and have a great spread, so it can affect everything in the universe. Vibrational love carries emotional qualities such as compassion, charity, tolerance, forgiveness, etc., and from the vibrations generated by love will give people feelings of joy, happiness and peace, etc.

   Secondly, the frequency of vibration creates fear, vibration from fear that will create the vibration frequency is low and heavy. So the vibrational frequencies created from fear cannot go far, it has no great spatial distribution and cannot have much effect on everything in the universe. Vibration from fear is the cause of emotional traits such as cruelty, selfishness, cruelty, and so on. And from the vibration that comes from the fear, it will bring you and people suffering, unhappiness, sadness, anxiety, etc.

     In fact, the vibrations resulting from fear cannot be obtained without the help of dark energy. And with fear I still think it is just an anaphylactic vibration, because the nature of fear always has a desire to protect your life. But almost all reactions from fear bring negative experiences to the soul, as it is born in the support of darkness. Indeed, the vibrations derived from fear are only temporary in the period when man possessed the dark consciousness, its duration is really very short compared to the lifetime of a soul. Fear will be difficult to work with, as each of us has a lot of light consciousness and it will not be able to vibrate when each of us gets full consciousness. So, in current moment, you may be scared or extremely scared of something, but in the world of light, if you ask Jesus / Sananda, Archangel Michael, Saint German to feel fear for just a moment, they will never be able to that.

    In fact, they know what fear is just as they have experienced through fear as we do. But once they have returned to the world of light and full consciousness, fear is now just a memory buried in themselves. And most importantly, even though their souls producing a fearful vibration, there is no fear in their world for them to access in order to express it to the surface of life. And as you can see, once their vibration is not supported by fear energy, they will not be able to trigger fear in themselves. Think of it as a car that has been engineered, but the engine is not fueled, so the engine cannot explode, so it can operate. You see, the energy of fear in the luminous world is scarcely inferior to the pure energy of love in our dark world before. Likewise, before 2012, consciousness Light and light energy are very rare and can be said to be too expensive for our people. Conversely, darkness and dark energy are extremely rare in the world of light. You can visualize this problem through the image of Tai Chi graphics.

      So, once you get the multi-dimensional awareness of 5D or higher, your soul can only experience one-dimensional emotions. To be more precise, all people living in the world of light are people who live in a multi-dimensional sense. Therefore, their souls can only create and experience a single emotional dimension and that is the feeling of love. Generally, people in the world of light always live with love but not fear, cheerful but not sad, always live in full happiness but never suffering, always compassionate but not cruel, always tolerant, but it is not judgement. Particularly for those in the mundane world who have been living with one-sided darkness, their souls will have the opportunity to experience multi-dimensional emotions. It also means that at the moment you live by one-dimensional awareness, you will be able to experience love or fear, joy or sadness, happiness or suffering, compassion or cruelty, tolerance or judgment and so on. In general, at the moment you live with one-dimensional awareness, your soul will have many opportunities, experience various moods differently. Actually, here I am referring to humans, but God is different because God can always exist simultaneously in many different senses, in many other worlds. And God can experience any emotion that comes from the soul, through human creativity, and can experience all kinds of things in every world.

     In summary, when human consciousness is multidimensional, the human soul can only experience one dimension of emotion. Conversely, when human consciousness is one-sided, the human soul experiences multi-dimensional emotions. From there, you can see the benefits that people have, when people live in one-way.


     There is an important issue that you need to keep in mind that your soul is always pure, eternal, eternal and never stained by anything. Soul has a soul of sin; soul has a holy soul. But with its soul it always keeps its purity, its absolute holiness. Because the program of the soul is an extremely perfect program and a unique and unique creation of God, therefore, all data in the soul software program is never possible. Add or subtract from it any information, even if it is only the smallest information. The program of the soul is what creates the whole emotional vibration, with the help of the spirit that the soul possesses. In fact, the vibrating frequency bands that create fear or any emotional vibrations are derived from love, because the true nature of the soul is love.

     You can imagine the emotions that people express on the surface of life including colors such as yellow, red, orange, green, blue, indigo and purple. Example: Red is a sign of anger, hatred, indigo, a sign of loneliness, sadness etc. But once you mix these colors together and have it rotate evenly on a high intensity of motion. Then you will no longer distinguish the individual colors of each color, but now it has become white. So, the white color you see now is the color of love. Inferior, love is the synthesis of all sentimental shades created by the high vibration of the soul.

     You see, as I said in The Great Truth, the dreaded software program is an anecdotal program. So, people will react fearfully to all threats, which can negatively affect or harm their own lives or those of their loved ones. Example: Suddenly you see your 3-year-old son getting off the freeway. Your first reaction is very scary and in a moment, you break out of your own mortal life. And in a moment of great urgency, your only wish is to keep up with your child and hold him to the roadside in peace. “An example of God in Dialogue with God.” You see, the reaction that creates the father or mother’s actions at that moment comes from fear. But your fear at that moment, is not derived from your great love, what is it?

     You have a happy family, and unexpectedly your loved one dies. Naturally, grief enters your door as an unwelcome guest that arrives. Ask what happens because of what? In this case, love without suffering can be said to be extremely offensive and cruel.

     Your cute and lovely little kid is playing in the park; he does not disturb anyone. Suddenly you see your children being beaten mercilessly. For this reason, in the moment you have a very angry response to that person. So where this reaction is coming from? So the answer is because of the other’s actions? Is due to the other person? But it is derived from the love you have for your dear children. In this case, you are completely indifferent, without any reaction as anger or anger for you are indeed a heartless and insensitive person.

    You see when you look at the examples above, do you acknowledge that all emotions such as fear, grief, anger, etc. are things that are derived from love? You can give yourself own answer.

     The first reason is to say that your soul is always pure. Because no matter how your personality is, how bad your emotions are, eventually all the emotions you’ve experienced will pass. And everything that you think is true, when you experience it in the end is an illusion. The real thing your soul always wants to create and always want to live with is love. So, the vibration of love is what your soul wants to create forever in life.

     In fact, the nature of the soul is love. Other vibrations created by fear are transient and will never be used by humans in the light of life.

     The second reason is that your soul is always a pure soul. Because, your soul will experience every moment of every emotion it has created. But all these emotions, all that vibration and all the energy that you have access to in those moments, will not be kept in your soul. It also means that all the emotional and energy data you have access to is not stored in your mind. But it will be stored in each of your organoleptic DNA.

    All the emotions you create from the soul and all the information that is conscious you create, pooling all the information and energy that is your soul. Everything that you have created and experienced in life, also known as the mark of the soul in the time line.

     Of course, when I think your soul is always pure, always pure then you may not agree. Since you may ask, if all souls are pure, is it necessary to force God to reclaim the soul when man dies and reinstates each individual in reincarnation?  It is always so pure that God can install any new soul fragment for a soul when reincarnated without it. In addition to being pure, God is still able to program genetic hereditary genes like other animals, needing trouble. In fact, you think like I used to think why so many trouble, why God has to recover and install a soul into an individual when the soul is always pure.

     But as you can see, God will have to recover the soul of each person, because each soul has its own personal information. Even though soul id always pure, but only your soul can be aware of the information from your soul. Only your soul can recognize the emotional data that it has created. With the exception of your own soul, God can recognize and read the data stored in your soul, without any other soul being able to do so. That is why when you die, God must revive and set your soul upon your soul, when you are reborn. And as you know, God cannot let the human genetic program pass genetically like other animals. By simply living the information of an animal, it is not necessary to retain and re-install them, as they do not need to be reincarnated just like humans. Personally, the information of human life is always kept on the evolution of a soul. So, the human soul is very special and perfect, so it cannot be inherited through genes, but must always be reinstalled after each reincarnation.

Apart from love and fear, your soul always has a very special and important vibration. This vibration that makes the word “WANT” or DESIRE”. It is the beginning source for all the experiences that a soul has in life. WANT is the source of motivation for all the experience of the soul from love to fear. Wanting to be the centerpiece is the starter switch for all the vibrations that come from the soul. Try to imagine WANT to be the bottom of the V-shaped Vine and “victory”. To start the experience of love in light consciousness, or to initiate all experiences of fear in darkness. WANT to draw the line between the two opposites of love and fear, it is to commence and the beginning of all things. WANT to be the first energy used by God in the early universe and rooted in the wish that all vibrations were formed, the universe and everything was created.

Direction of Love in Awareness of Light                     Direction of Fear in Awareness of Dark


Starting point of WANT



     There is an existing concept of human life on Earth related to the so-called soul. You see, most people on Earth who have religion can accept the so-called soul or “human soul”. But most do not mean all, there are some not accept the existence of the soul. And the majority of people who do not accept the existence of the soul are dialectical materialists or non-religious. However, it does not mean that all non-religious people do not accept the existence of the soul. In the present, there may be many who accept or reject the existence of the soul. But one thing is certain: everyone believes and accepts every human being has a soul. So what spirit is and what soul really is. Most people accept the existence of the spirit, but some people do not accept the existence of the soul. Or spirit and soul are just one, but spiritual followers and religious people    like to call spirit, and the rest like to call souls.

     In reality, no one including force in world of light tell us what the true nature of the soul is. And what is the activity of the soul? Actually, for us, the soul is still invisible, but no one is unaware of its existence. Particularly for the so-called soul, not everyone can have the knowledge and feel of its existence. In the past, and in the present case, if someone says that they can understand and feel the existence of the soul, it is largely based on a supernatural blind faith. . Here I myself do not intend to condemn or criticize somebody’s understanding and belief in the existence of the soul. But in fact, in the present, one can really believe in the existence of souls, they will always stick to the soul of a label and those labels always have names such as mysterious, ghostly, scary or very holy, science cannot explain. Actually, there is not anything that science cannot explain. And with the soul, too, you should not stick to anything, especially inexplicable science. So, the question posed here is not what science will explain. But the question lies: how much of Earth’s science has advanced and what can be explained.

     You see, God did not ever create so-called souls for each of us, just as God never created God for himself. In fact, God created only the so-called soul and gave it to each of us and that is the truth. A being born in the beginning of the Kingdom of God at its source, God does not give a soul a pure soul and the right to use it fully. But God has never given a soul a soul. Say that God never created any soul is true. But to say that the soul is what has never been created and which does not exist is wrong. God is full of soul and life, but God uses the soul God gave to each other and God’s consciousness to create his own soul. So ask what is the soul? Simply the soul is the only packet of information and energy that records the whole life activity that every human being has created and experienced. You can visualize a piece of the soul that each of your possessions possesses, formed as follows:

     Before letting go of the creation of the soul of the past, I would like to leave no mention of the great souls of each of us. The great soul is also the great self of us and this information packet is also called the supreme consciousness.

     The soul of every human existence is composed of three packets of information from each individual in the physical life and all energy from these activities accessible. Three packets of information and energy are generated as follows:

The first is the subconscious and energy packets obtained, and this packet of information will be created through three phases.

1. The first stage is consciousness becoming awareness:

     First, you need to know that consciousness belongs to God. From the source consciousness, from God’s total consciousness you will visit, through many different ways. But what you need to know, the so-called God consciousness- all information derived from God is simple. So, when you say the source of God’s light, you say that the source of positive information comes from God. And you say darkness, which means you say the source of negative information comes from God. From there, you can see that the consciousness from God, that is, comes from God.

     So, from the inside you can directly access the information from the source consciousness, access information contained in the metadata, access information through telepathy communication, access information in the conscious, or access information from the staff. And when these sources of information appear in your brain, then it is merely input information. Next your brain will operate and program it with a filter (also known as thought) from you, from which it will give you perception. Consciousness, therefore, is an understanding of the sources of information that the brain operates. Each person’s perception of information is always operating in their own way; it is never quite the same. Every individual’s perception is dependent on the physical filter he or she possesses. And all input information, in order to become aware always depends on this filter. In fact, information that is operated by a brain and produces results always depends on the underlying perception. So what is grounded awareness? The basic understanding is simply that knowledge is the knowledge that exists in the subconscious and consciousness of every human being. So, sometimes the sources of information are the same, but each person will refine the information in different ways depending on each individual. In a more understandable way, each person will think in a different way, to produce different cognitive outcomes. All these results are called personal perceptions. Example: An information is generated from the television and is received by many people. But some people support, some people condemn, some people despise, but there is also praise. But there are people who do not respond compliment or criticism, not condemnation or support. But they will see and observe things that have taken place based on an objective spirit, with their multi-dimensional awareness. Excerpt: From the teacher’s lecture on a certain topic. But the result is that students are doing the right thing, some do wrong. In fact, a lot of information comes from the mind you call it wisdom. But there is also a lot of information that comes from the mind, but you call it ignorance. So, not any information that comes from the human mind, you can also call it wisdom. Even though both, wisdom and ignorance are derived from the perception of each human being.

     Similarly, when you speak of compassion, you also speak of the qualities of love manifested. So when you say you are showing compassion, you are expressing the qualities of love on the surface of life. Simply put, compassion is the product of love.

     Similarly, when you speak of evil, you mean the qualities of fear expressed. So, when the first stage is consciousness becomes:

     First you need to know that consciousness is God’s. From the source consciousness, from God’s total consciousness you will visit, through many different ways. But what you need to know, the so-called God consciousness, is that all information derived from God is simple. So, when you say the source of God’s light, you say that the source of positive information comes from God. And you say darkness, which means you say the source of negative information comes from God. From there you can see that the consciousness from God, that is, comes from God.

     So, from the inside you can directly access the information from the source consciousness, access information contained in the metadata, access information through telepathy communication, access information in the conscious, or access information from the staff. And when these sources of information appear in your brain, then it is merely input information. Next your brain will operate and program it with a filter (also known as thought) from you, from which it will give you perception. Consciousness, therefore, is an understanding of the sources of information that the brain operates. Each person’s perception of information is always operating in their own way; it is never quite the same. Every individual’s perception is dependent on the physical filter he or she possesses. And all input information, in order to become aware always depends on this filter. In fact, information that is operated by a brain and produces results always depends on the underlying perception. So what is grounded awareness? The basic understanding is simply that knowledge is the knowledge that exists in the subconscious and consciousness of every human being. So, sometimes the sources of information are the same, but each person will refine the information in different ways depending on each individual. In a more understandable way, each person will think in a different way, to produce different cognitive outcomes. All these results are called personal perceptions. Example: An information is generated from the television and is received by many people. But some people support, some people condemn, some people despise, but there is also praise. But there are people who do not respond compliment or criticism, not condemnation or support. But they will see and observe things that have taken place based on an objective spirit, with their multi-dimensional awareness. Excerpt: From the teacher’s lecture on a certain topic. But the result is some did it right and some did it wrong. 

     From above examples, it can show you that all of your perceptions depend on your own filters and perceptions.

Phase 2: The awareness becomes wisdom:

     Your perception is almost always happening in your life, just as you approach information that your brain will operate and give you awareness. (Unless you do not want to operate the information that has come to you). And of course when the input information is running you will give you each specific perception, of each issue, of each incident. But sometimes the input is updated constantly, so that when you are having trouble, you will not be able to operate it to produce a specific perception, in similar cases, it is called that you are distracted.

     And to synthesize all of these perceptions in your life, it is also called your intellect, or your knowledge. You use your wisdom in a certain field, which also means that you use your existing knowledge in the field that is relevant to that problem.

     But, once you speak of wisdom, you speak of a consciousness that comes from the consciousness of light – positive, in other words the mind is the product of light consciousness. Conversely, when you talk about ignorance, you mean an awareness that comes from the darkness of consciousness – negative, in other words ignorance and ignorance are the product of darkness. So, you can use these two platforms together for the mind.

In fact, a lot of information comes from the mind you call it wisdom. But there is also a lot of information that comes from the mind, but you call it ignorance. So, not any information that comes from the human mind, you can also call it wisdom. Even though both, wisdom and ignorance are derived from the perception of each human being.

     Similarly, when you speak of compassion, you also speak of the qualities of love manifested. So when you say you are showing compassion, you are expressing the qualities of love on the surface of life. Simply put, compassion is the product of love.

     Similarly, when you speak of evil, you mean the qualities of fear expressed. So when you say that you are showing evil, you are displaying the qualities of fear on the surface of life. Simply put, evil is the product of fear.

Phase 3 – The stage of wisdom becomes sub consciousness:

     You see, from consciousness to consciousness, from consciousness to mind is a process. And after you use the information from your mind to apply for life, you will put it all back in your own lap. Also known as you put data into your subconscious mind to keep it there.

    And as you know, all the operations I’ve described above are always accessible and accumulating in a certain energy source, for the very operation of your brain. And all the energy that has been accessed along with your own subconscious information pack is part of the soul.

– Second is the package of information and energy from the soul:

     In fact, the pack of information derived from the new soul is the most important part that contributes to creating a soul. You see, in fact consciousness is God’s, and the human brain is just a tool for performing access and operation. But the human brain is not something that can make sense. Conversely, your soul is your own, so you can decide for yourself to create any emotion. But not for that reason, it can be said that your soul is the only one that creates the soul. Actually, when you have emotion, you have feelings for anything, it is simply the vibration of the soul. And from these vibrations, it will attract energies that are compatible with the emotion that the soul creates, which can represent the surface of life. For example: Your soul creates a kind of vibration of love, which immediately attracts some of the love energy that corresponds to that vibration, bringing it back to your heart. Then you will use the power of love that you are attracted to, expressing on the surface of life such as: help, comfort, joy, sharing, joy, joy, happiness, etc. And at the same time accumulate it for your soul. In addition to love, your soul can always create many other forms of vibration, in the system of fear vibration such as: anger, hatred, suspicion, greed, passion, etc.

And from these vibrations your soul will also access and attract the source. And from these vibrations, your soul will also access and fascinate the fearsome energies that are compatible with the vibrations that you created. From there, you will use that power of expression on the surface of life such as suffering, sadness, anxiety, or abuse, beatings, insults, despising others etc. and accumulating these emotions and energies for your soul at the same time.

    In fact, your soul is given by God only a tool to help you create vibrations, and from these vibrations it creates an attractive power source of energy. And from these sources of energy will help you get the emotions that are compatible with the vibrations that you have created. Soul is a machine that creates vibrations that are attractive to energy, but all energies are of God. You see, no matter how your soul vibrates, it cannot attract the power that fits with its vibration, of course you can never, have a real emotion. as your soul has shaken. Cause, energy is the fuel for emotional functioning. Imagine, your soul is like a car and even if your car is perfect, it will not work if it does not have gas or oil.

     You dear, do you know? Actually, in the days before, in 2012, in our Earth’s atmosphere, pure love energy is very rare. Indeed, it is really rare like diamonds, like gold for mortal humans. So, in earlier times, no matter how much your soul creates love-moving vibrations, the pure energy of love in Earth’s space is not so much that you can Access and engage it on you. That is why we used to be very much in expressing our own love for the surface of life. You can imagine the energy of love for the soul’s love vibration, similar to the fuel that burns in the car’s engine to help the car operate. You can imagine your soul as a perfect car, but the energy that helps it work is not much. So, your car will be very difficult to achieve the desired speed on the journey. Because of the shortage of gas or diesel, you have to make a lot of effort to make up for it, such as coconut oil, peanut oil, etc. And as you see, because it does not, it’s not enough so you try to find such a temporary replacement, in the hope that it will make your car run better. But obviously your replacement is not good enough, so it has hurt, damaged the parts in the car engine. Likewise, before your soul, although it has tried so hard, it cannot attract, attract the pure energy of love. So you have to try to use other sources of energy to replace and compensate for the operation of the love vibrations of the soul. From there, it will create the so-called conditional love, in the system of Love-Love of the world.

    The amount of fear is compatible with the vibrations that you create. From there, you will use that power of expression on the surface of life such as suffering, sadness, anxiety, or abuse, beatings, insults, despising others etc.  And at the same time accumulate these emotions and energies for your soul.

     In fact, your soul is given by God only a tool to help you create vibrations, and from these vibrations it creates an attractive power source of energy. And from these sources of energy will help you get the emotions that are compatible with the vibrations that you have created. Soul is a machine that creates vibrations that are attractive to energy, but all energies are of God. You see, no matter how your soul vibrates, it cannot attract the power that fits with its vibration, of course you can never, have a real emotion. as your soul has shaken. Cause, energy is the fuel for emotional functioning. Imagine, your soul is like a car and even if your car is perfect, it will not work if it does not have gas or oil.

     You dear, do you know? Actually, in the days before, in 2012, in our Earth’s atmosphere, pure love energy is very rare. Indeed, it is really rare like diamonds, like gold for mortal humans.

So, in earlier times, no matter how much your soul creates love vibrations, the pure energy of love in Earth’s space is not enough for you to access and engage it. You can imagine the energy of love for the soul’s love vibration, similar to the fuel that burns in the car’s engine to help the car operate. You can imagine your soul as a perfect car, but the energy that helps it work is not much. So, your car will be very difficult to achieve the desired speed on the journey. Because of the shortage of gas or diesel, you have to make a lot of effort to make up for it, such as coconut oil, peanut oil, etc. And as you see, because it does not, it’s not enough so you try to find such a temporary replacement with hope that it will make your car run better. But obviously your replacement is not good enough, so it has hurt, damaged the parts in the car engine. Likewise, before your soul, although it has tried so hard, it cannot attract the pure energy of love. So you have to try to use other sources of energy to replace and compensate for the operation of the love vibrations of the soul. From there, it will create the so-called conditional love, in the system of Love-Love of the world.

     You see, in earlier times, pure energy and light energy as well as sources of light consciousness were very rare in the Earth’s atmosphere. Because our solar system has operated through space in the galaxy, there are not many sources of light information, light energy, and pure love energy. In addition, in previous periods God has not allowed people in the world of light to send these waves of energy into the atmosphere. But before, there were many people claiming to be gurus as well as religious leaders and spiritual leaders who always call people open their hearts, go to love. Please live with compassion, toleration and forgiveness. Live for your consciousness, be enlightened … Do you think that all the calling is so ironic? Indeed, as I said you have to own something, so you can use it. As I said, you have to have something in order to give other something. But you do not have nothing at all, how can you use it or give it to someone else. When you are hungry, but you don’t have money in your pocket, how dare you can order a bowl of Pho in the restaurant. When you do not have even a penny in your pocket, how dare you can do like others.

     People are hungry and you are hungry too, however they have money, then they can order food. You have to beg for food because of not having any penny. The truth is you don’t have money, but you not want to starve to death, so you have to act like that. As a result, some people look at you with disdainful eyes. In case, if they can be aware, they will feel your difficult situation and empathize with you. From there, they can give you money, or give you food. You no longer need to eat leftover food to fill your hungry stomach. Whether they are despicable or you are despicable, they will answer this question for themselves. For you, you do not need to feel guilty, do not feel embarrassed in this situation. Because anyone like will do the same, they will look for a chance to survive. But at this moment, what you need to do is consider it as a life-long learning lesson and change your life.

     Similarly, you are ignorant, so you have foolish ignorance. But if others do not want to see you again, at least they must give you knowledge that you can change yourself. But here, when they see you dark, ignorant they just shout, shout, criticize, condemn you. Ask if you are selfish or they are selfish, ask you are dark or are they really dark.

     Similarly, before, you did not possess anything called pure energy love, light consciousness and light energy. Ask what so that you can love, take something so that you can open your heart, take something so that you can be compassionate, charity, tolerance, forgiveness and get something for you to sense. From such a truth, so now you can ask yourself a question, do I now need to repent, for all I have done in the past? Or should I forgive myself for the love that I have in the present?

      Likewise, pure energy, light consciousness, and light energy are things that God has not given you in the days before God, have not brought it to Earth, asked what you use? In fact, all that we have been shouting forever about the so-called Tao is just illusion, just a fantasy, but not true. And almost every conception of the so-called Tao of mortal mankind has, obviously, been contrary to the truth. You see, if you look at God’s love for humanity, in a secular way, you would think that God had treated us unfairly. But, you too will not be able to find fairness that really exists in this world. But, you can only find, all injustice and all the inequalities that are happening in the world. Ironically, everything like that has been happening in the world, as evidence of absolute justice comes from God. So, if you keep trying to find justice for society, finding justice for the world is a meaningless job. Nonsense, you will never be able to succeed.

     When I say this, you can consider me as a crazy man who always has negative thought about God and the world. But in fact, I just tell the truth from my own observation, that’s all. My dear friend; Remember, when I say this truth, I would like to express the absolute justice that God has for mankind, but not superficial criticism. You see, in order to realize the law of justice of the universe, to the mortal man, our God divided it into two phases.

– The first stage is giving man the freedom of will, is absolutely fair, because everyone receives it. And once human beings have the freedom of their will, man will have the freedom to choose whatever he wants. Well, once you have your will power, you have the freedom to choose what you want to experience. By that, you can choose for yourself wealth or poverty, health or sickness, power or repression, happiness or unhappiness, fame and respect and contempt, etc. In other words, God gives everyone the opportunity to be absolutely fair, to help people choose what they want.

– The second stage, after you have made all the choices you want. Then God will pass through LIFE, giving you all the things you have chosen for yourself in the past, to help you have the necessary experience that fits your soul.

     Where, in the past you choose for yourself such things as: wealth, happiness or health etc. But in the present God has brought you other things such as poverty, unhappiness or illness. Then you can say that God is not fair, this world is not fair. But God has always and always brought you what you have chosen. How can you blame God for being unfair? Ask how you can blame that this world is not fair.

     And for a very simple reason, so you see in your society and the world is full of injustice. But that inevitability is always inevitable. The cause is that each individual has chosen for himself a different way of living experience. And from the different choices of people, you’ve seen stars in the world that have so many poor people, but some are so rich. So you’ve seen too many hungry people, but some are too feeble. So you’ve seen too many people being exploited, suppressed, but others have too much power etc. and so on. And all that you can see, as an injustice, is God’s absolute justice, coming from the justice of the universe. From there, you can realize that the justice of the universe is absolutely fair. But if there is an injustice that has arisen because of human choice, it is not the will of God. From that, with the statement of publicity from the people, it is extremely relevant.

    When I tell you about this, some of you may protest. Actually, when I tell this truth, I know there will be many people protesting. And the number of people who can accept this fact is mostly those who are now rich, famous, power, happy etc. and so on. For those who are in the opposite situation, nothing will be fun. Because they think that if they accept this truth, they also accept that they do not have the wisdom to choose. But instead of this truth, it is you who have the wisest choice. God will always give you praise and gratitude. The reason is very simple, because the main purpose of your soul when coming here is to find the same experience so. And on this issue I will show more in the last chapter.

     You see, this game is no different than my energy game, yours and all of us, people on Earth. You and I who are currently experiencing the world are volunteers to play the lead role in this drama. You are very sincere, asking God to create this playground for yourself. And it is when you, who are reading this book, are the same people who designed this playground, before you came here in oblivion. So, when your process is not complete and the time is not right, how can God give you pure love energy, light energy and light consciousness for you to use.

     Honestly, every time I read the messages of God Mother or Father and if in that message there are phrases like: I have been giving my love to this world is y I have a sense that God is lying to us. I have always been obsessed with this feeling, because I have thought God to show love to sentient beings, just like Earth ones. At that time, I always thought that how can God say that while God loves us and so far away. And from that question, how can God give us love and how are we spread? And how can God manifest his love for us, so that each one of us can feel it.


   In fact, the expression of God’s love for human beings and the way of expressing love between human beings is completely different. It is simple when people express human love for others in various forms such as care, affection, tenderness, help, protection, fun, harmony, and friendly etc. But when God gives love to man, God is also spreading the waves of pure love energy that surrounds human life. And once the pure love energy of God exists, it fills our atmosphere. Then the soul vibrations of each soul will be able to access and integrate this pure love energy of God, and express them to the surface of life easily. You see, God gives love so that each person can use that love for himself and for others. And from all expressions of love between people for each other, that is, human beings have manifested God’s love on the surface of life.

     Thus, you can recognize that God’s behavior as well as His love to human beings in the Universe is totally different from the way we treat each other. So you can clearly see that God’s behavior, as well as God’s love for the whole of humanity in the universe, is very different from human to human. So, once again, each of us will have to eliminate the illusion that every human being is a God. Actually, there are many of them who have an illusion that they are God Himself as a true God. In fact, man is human, God is God, man is just a God-like creature, part of God, and man can replace God, which represents the surface of life in part, in all of God. But human beings have never been and will never be real God. I hope you remember this fact thoroughly.

     Back to the problem, you see that the soul is responsible for creating all emotions, then it will experience all the emotions that it has created. The creation and experience of the emotions of the soul is continuous, continuous in the course of life, which will shape each other’s personality. And the nature from your soul that is formed in addition to your subconscious in this life is also called your ego in this life. But in fact, the ego of life, is not enough to make your soul call in this life. Why do I think your ego is not your soul? Simply because out of ego, things are formed that you cannot see with the naked eye.

– The third is the package of information and the energy of all physical activity.

       Your soul is formed by the presence of your physical activity. The information and energy generated from your physical activity is the third ingredient that builds your soul. You see, when it comes to the soul and especially to the great soul, your whole great soul, is the sum of your sources of information, but it does not exist in the energy. In fact, energy only exists in the soul of a living person. You can only access and use energy when your soul is in life. But after you die your energy will come out and all that remains of your soul is just information. And the information about your soul will exist with you, eternity, eternity, eternity, eternity never be separated from you.

So, until the end you also see, the soul is not synonymous with the soul. And synthesizing all that I have just described is called the soul of every human being.

     In fact, not only human beings have souls, but all things that already exist in the universe possess a soul. God only equips the soul for humans and some species. Human beings and other living creatures such as lions, dogs, cats, mice, pigs, fishes, etc. are living things that are both soulful. In addition to living beings, the soul also exists in all matter without intellectual life. For example: stars, sun, moon, earth, a mountain, a river, a stream, a rock, a statue, a house, a ship, a car, a cabinet, a table, a chair etc. In general, all life and all things are nothing without the soul. Simply put, the soul is a time diary that records the entire source of information and energy information about every activity, movement, and transformation of a named life or thing.

     But asking is there no living wisdom? I would say to you the following: Example: You say a person’s life, the life of an animal, even the life of a bacterium or the life of a tree, a blade of grass. Everything in the example is the intellectual life. But when you say, the life of a star, the life of a river, the life of a mountain, the life of a statue you even say the longevity of a bridge, a house, a table, a chair, etc. That means you say the life of a bridge, a house, a car, a table, a chair. And all that sort of thing is life without wisdom. From there, you can see that the word of life is not a privileged word for living things such as people, animals or plants. But life is the language of all existing existence and motion.

     And here life will be divided into two categories: the first is all conscious life and the rest is all unconscious life. Inferiority, all existence without consciousness, is not synonymous with death. So here, from death, it means that one is not used anymore, the one who leaves. For example: A corpse, one that the soul does not need and another that can no longer be used. For example, a dead river is a river that has been depleted or too polluted, so it can no longer serve for conscious life such as humans, fish and plants, etc. Inferring that death means that it has no longer worth living for a conscious life.

     God does not give God a personal soul, but all souls that have existed in the universe are the soul of God, also known as the soul. You see, the soul of every human being is a diary that records all the information and energy that a person has created during his or her life. Your noble self is your great soul; it is a package of information that records all the information about your conscious and emotional activities in the light, but it does not exist. A life of a mortal life is a piece of your soul. A piece of your soul, is also your ego “self” in every life. You have a lot of soul fragments that exist in you, so you have a lot of separate ego that exists in you. And almost all the information from the individual pieces of soul that you have created on Earth, all contribute to the soul of your life. It is also the information, from the ego you created in the past presenting in you, contributing to your ego in this life. Particularly in this time of the new age, your noble soul, your great self, still has the opportunity to participate in contributing to the self, creating your soul in this life.

     But after you have fully awakened and fully consciousness, you will unite all these fragments of souls, and become one with your own great soul. Well, you will unite all created by you in your past life with your own great ego. And as you have seen, people say the nature of the human soul is love, simply because most of the time your soul experiences are love in the life of the world of light.

     You can imagine that the information about the feelings of love that exists in your noble soul is the ocean, and the information about the fearful emotions that exist in the mortal souls you created are just the small river. When river flows into the sea, some of it is polluted. However, the water in these tributaries does not always flow to the sea, it will stop when the river runs dry. Similarly, when you wake up completely, the river will stop flowing to the sea. From there, you can imagine that with the amount of water of only small rivers will never be able to pollute the sea. Similarly, the fears and darkness in your fragments of soul will never be able to affect the love and perception of the great light that exists in the soul. It is important that when you live in the world of light, you will never be able

to access the dark energy resources, in order to be able to operate the information related to the fear that exists in the soul.

     To tell you, just a week ago, if I heard someone say a soul and a whip, a wandering soul, a helpless soul, a soul that does not escape etc. I will immediately assume that he is superstitious. But fortunately for me and thanks to God for the opportunity to find the truth and this truth is related to the so-called soul and soul. But the question that is asked is how the soul of a human being will work after death.



      Soul energy is the source of energy created by the consciousness and vibration of the soul in a living organism. In other words, energy is a form of electricity supplied to electrical appliances to help them operate. Energy is another form of waves that carries a very specific source of energy. For example: A soul full of energy will show you that person having a strong physical strength, a good mind and an optimistic soul. For example, a depleted soul means that a person is in a state of mental depletion and physically nearly dead.

      The power of soul energy in one person is the expression of his mind and emotions through actions on the surface of his or her life. In case, a soul is made up of many perceptions, especially light perception, plus a soul that always lives with love is soul with many positive energies. From there, the energy that it represents on the surface of life will always be positive. And from above, it will bring to them a lot of positive experiences in life. In contrast, a soul is made up of many perceptions of darkness and fear as a soul that carries much darkness and fear. From there, the soul will use the power of these energies to express it on the surface of life that is more negative. Later on, it will bring a lot of negative experiences in life.

     However, all described things above refers to the soul of the living. So, what will the problem of the dead soul be like? And what will its activity bring to human life and the world?

    Long time ago until now, people often conceive of the so-called soul of the dead with an unrealistic perception. And so there are many people in the world still perceive that the so-called soul wandering, whirling, helpless soul and soul cannot yet escape, etc. In addition, there are also many people think that soul of each person will remain in that person’s body after death.

     In The Great Truth book, I mentioned the moment you breathed until your last breath of life, it was also at God’s revival of the soul software program and all the information that was installed into the body. The information you created in this life is also the soul of this life through the transmission of brain waves. But if that is the truth that has ever happened in the real world, wonder where the helpless, wandering soul is?

     In fact, God will seize and protect you with all your information, including information of your soul in this life, when you physically die. But all the energy you have created during your life is also known as the energy of your soul has left God. To be more precisely, all the energies that you have integrated and accumulated while you are alive are still there, still exist where you used to live, still exist where you died, or hide in your corpse. This is the cause of the sous-called wandering, hopeless souls etc.

    As you see, we often think that each person creates his own life energy. But in fact, your mental and physical intelligence does not create energy, it’s just the accessory that draws energy and express it to the surface of life. In fact, living energy is not something you can create, but it is God’s and is everywhere in the universe. You can imagine that you use a 500 horsepower motor to pull a crane. And when your crane works, the motor will consume a certain amount of power. In other words, your motor will attract the same amount of power as the 500 horsepower motor for its operation.

     Imagine that you grow a bunch of vegetables or you raise a chicken, the vegetables themselves and the chicken has access and accumulated energy living in it. And after you eat vegetables or eat chicken, the veggies and chickens themselves will free up the energy that it has accumulated on you. From there, you will access and seize this source of energy, creating a living energy for yourself. You see, the motor itself is not something that creates energy, but it is the tool that draws energy and expresses the power of that energy, which is equivalent to the electricity it attracts. You see, a bunch of vegetables, a chicken itself is not something that creates energy. But they have access and accumulate the energy available in the wild, and then they are released into your body when it is crushed into your stomach.

     Likewise, your soul energy is not due to your mental, physical, or spiritual creation. But all their activity is to access the energies and express them to the surface of life. At the same time integrate and accumulate these energies and to create the so-called soul energy. The activities of accessing, attracting and integrating energy to create an energy body, encompasses many different forms of energy, but all of them are derived from three main sources of energy:

    First of all, energy comes from the operation of consciousness. In the case of your mental activity, it is the consciousness of the dark, that is, you attract a number of waves of dark energy corresponding to your brain’s activity. In contrast, your brain activity is prone to light consciousness, so you will also attract and accumulate some equivalent light energy. And the energy that comes from the activity of the mind is one of the three components of energy that you need to be integrated to create the soul energy of your life.

    Secondly, the energy that comes from the operation of the soul: Where your soul continually has vibrations that create feelings of fear such as anger, anger, hatred, anxiety, sadness, Depression, selfishness, jealousy, jealousy, etc. Also, you have attracted a number of scary waves of energy equivalent to the emotional vibrations your soul has created. In contrast, you always live with love, happiness, joy, harmony, gentleness, humility, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, help, etc. Also you have attracted some energy equal amount of pure love. And all the energy that comes from the action of the soul is the second energy group, which contributes to the energy of your soul.

    The third energy source gained from physical activity: In case, you have great eating habit with essential nutrients, rational and hygienic along with normal physical activity cross. And you do not eat much food containing dark energy, as well as you live in a fresh air environment. Then, your physical body will have the capacity to attract a better amount of living energy. And from these energies, it will help you to have a healthier life and the aging process will be minimized. In the opposite case, you regularly eat less nutritious food, unhealthy eating, unbalanced and unreasonable eating, you eat foods that contain too much dark energy, and lack of exercise. Then you are loaded with toxins such as toxic chemicals, polluted air, lots of stimulants, and so on. So you’ve weakened your physical machine from that your body’s vital energy intake will decline accordingly. And all the energies that you gain for physical activity are the third component that creates the soul power.

     Combining all three source of energies accumulating in your living life is what created your soul energy. At a lower level, every living organism equipped with the soul also has similar steps as the way human create energy for oneself. But you see, your physical life works like a computer, Just one important component has problem, the entire input power (power) cannot operate on other parts, which means the computer has broken. Likewise, only a major part of your body is damaged, which means that all of the input power from other components cannot be operated on the system. I will die. You see, the operation and expression of a computer is because the original design was operated by the supply of the power it consumed, but not by itself power. Likewise, our body is a machine that draws energy from God and expresses it on the surface of life, but not a machine that produces energy.

     You can see that all matter that exists in the Universe can attract and emit energy. Even the smallest object itself can still be attractive, integrates energy sources and dissolves. Example: A statue in a temple or church will attract and integrate the light energy. A house will become much warmer if the people living in the house are happy, happy, and optimistic, despite the house is simple or bulky. Because it has attracted active energy integration and replay, it is also a positive energy source. On the contrary, the house, along with all the opposite things in the house will give people a sense of coldness, irritability and discomfort. Cause they have attracted and integrated the negative energies of people living in the house and replayed. Even a light particle, an atomic particle, a proton can still attract and accumulate energy for itself. From there you can see that the energy that an object integrates with the energy of its own transformation is the soul energy of that object.

    You see, in The Ultimate Truth, I told my son that when the child was far away, meal of mother was always the best meal. Simply because the mother cooks that meal with her love. But, when I say so, you will probably tell me more, no evidence. But you can see this truth through an experiment by Japanese doctor Masaru Emoto who has carried out on such things as rice, fruit, water, etc. And from the study of Dr. Masaru Emoto, it has shown that a material such as water can also receive, accumulate and express the energy it receives and express it on the surface of life. That is when you put water in a jar and you send it a negative or hated thought, naturally the water crystals in the bottle will become ugly and deformed. Conversely, when the water receives a positive thought or love, the water crystal will naturally become beautiful and vibrant. Simply put, when the water crystals in the jar receive energy from your thoughts and emotions, it will manifest on the surface like that.

     In reality, human beings and all material in the universe cannot create energy by themselves. All energy, as well as all living energy is from God’s, derived from God and created by God, it is not natural. Similarly, everything that exists and exists in the universe is derived from God consciousness. But all that exists and operates is energy. You see, a block of explosive or a nuclear bomb when detonated will create a loud explosion and its power is very scary. But a blast or a nuclear bomb in itself is not something that can generate that energy. In fact, when you detonate a bomb, you activate the energy that has been accumulated, which is released into space. But the bomb itself is not something that can generate energy and manifest itself, as you see it.

     Indeed, most of us think that every human being will create a certain source of energy in our lives. In fact, the opposite is true, which also means that each of us will try to get the energy available in space, the most and the best possible, to accumulate and bring it to use. Likewise, a nuclear power plant is a plant that gradually extracts the available energy in the uranium metal rods, generating heat, to operate the associated equipment to attract the energy that forms. Electrical Power. But a nuclear power plant is not a power generating plant. A uranium metal bar itself is not a way to produce energy, but it is a very special kind of material that can store a tremendous amount of energy in itself. Since then people have sought to make the energy available in it manifest (also known as uranium enrichment) in order to apply for a lot of things in life. So, you can see Isaac Newton’s law of energy conservation is a perfect law. Perfect because it points to the absolute truth of the universe in terms of energy. There are many views in life, there are many laws, theorems in science in the time line is no longer reasonable. But Isaac Newton’s law of energy conservation is a law of eternal, absolute truth.

      From this, it can be shown that the energy of a human soul is still beyond the law of energy conservation. Energy can be transformed from one form to another, the energy can move and change its existence, but it can never be eliminated. And so the soul energy of man, when it is physically and guided by consciousness, and the soul is the manifestation of the power of your life and the visible of others. But after your physical death dies, your soul energy source still exists in space but has lost control. Since then, the soul energy of the dead person will be able to adversely affect the human life. You can imagine, the soul energy of a human soul or a soul, as the blood fed to the body. But once the blood gets out of the air long enough, it will be degraded and become foul-smelling, which means it has become toxic. Likewise, human soul energy is like the blood that nurtures life for both the physical and the mental. But once a person dies, the human soul’s energy can be released from the corpse because of the loss of control. From there, it will cause many negative effects for the alive person.

      Soul energy is the most typical example of the value you are using, as it will bring about great harm when it is abandoned by your soul. In fact, the nature of any unused energy that exists in the Universe is always pure whether it is a source of light energy or darkness and it is also called pure and positive energy. In fact, dark energy or unused energy, there is always purity. Energy only really develops its capacity in a positive or negative way when it is accessed and used. Perhaps, have you ever heard the Masters speak of such phrases as pure energy or spiritual energy? Actually, what they call pure here referring unused sources of energy. And of course, the masters are avoiding them, not using phrases such as pure dark energy or pure fear energy. Because humans are not fully aware of the true values of the energy sources. In addition, people are very prejudiced with so-called darkness and fear, so they always have certain evasion of these sensitive issues.

 You can visualize this problem in the following examples:

     For example: In your country, you have many coal mines or oil fields. In case you do not exploit it, but keep it like that, of course they will not cause any harm to your environment. You even exploit them on the surface of the Earth, but you do not use them, they do not harm anything at all. But once you use them to generate heat, apply for life. And of course the heat you can use from them is also the energy that these substances accumulate in them, released into the surface of life. But you see, after you use this source of heat, that is, its mission is complete, and of course what it emits is that gases like carbon dioxide and other substances can pollute the environment, and harm the atmosphere.

     For example: You are holding a pure incense stick in the house, such as the male period. Although pure bass has integrated and accumulated a lot of light energy in itself. But if you keep it in the house, it will not benefit you. Unless you use it for healing, of course, when the patient uses it, it means that the patient directly accesses the light source he or she is holding is released. Or you can burn it, then the light energy that it holds will be released into space. From there, it can repel the entire dark energy from the space whenever it spreads through.

    Similarly, all pure energy sources that exist in space are completely harmless, as well as of no benefit at all. But when you visit, integrate and accumulate them, and if all of them are the source of light energy and love then in addition to you apply them to your own life. The power of self that you hold also will spread itself outside your living space. From there, these sources of energy will shine out and positively affect those who approach it. In addition, you are also entitled to send this wave of energy to others by your own thoughts and feelings. In contrast the source of dark energy and fear too.

     You see, soul energy is the sum of the energies I just listed above. But do you know why the soul energy of the dead can do great harm beyond such imagination for the living or not? Simply because it is a synthesis of the dark sources of the Universe, which is accessed by humans, integrated and accumulated, and now that it is no longer controlled by anyone, it wanders around alive people.

       You see, when your soul energy is controlled by the mind and your soul, its expression on the surface of your life is also your own manifestation. Example: You are a person of natural light you will have compassion, compassion. From there, you will have access to positive energies whose frequency is consistent with the activity of your mind and soul. Then you will manifest this energy on the surface of life as a person of compassion and kindness, such as gentle, sharing, helping, etc. In contrast, you are a human being. Of natural darkness you will also have a cheating heart, cunning, cruelty, adultery, etc. From then on, you will also access the negative energy sources whose frequency is consistent with the activity of your thoughts and your soul. Then you will also show this energy on the surface of your life, into actions such as greed, deception, oppression, empowerment, rape etc. But even if you are such a person, what is being good or bad, you will not be able to hide your true nature through actions. And since then, if you are a good person, others will be close and friendly with you. Conversely, you are the bad guy, the other person will be able to find a way to avoid or hide from you because they fear you.

     Being human, sometimes you have to face very violent and cruel people, but you can find many different ways to appease them or do anything to please them. How to avoid them? It is simple, can only use your consciousness, knowledge, and wisdom to deal with these types of people while they are alive. But once they are dead, it is not easy for you to deal with the terrible dark energy field of their soul.

In fact, the dead soul is the ghost literally. In the case, the dead soul’s energy is not handled well, it will wander, and whip all over in your living space. You cannot anticipate the movement of it, you cannot deal with it like dealing with a living person because you do not see it and you cannot stop it as it invades you. However, once the soul energy of a dead person incarnates into you that is the calamity that has crushed your life. When the soul energy of the dead incarnates, it will make you bad luck, frustration, you will easily get angry for no reason. The heavier it is, the crazier you become. This is the case, people said you are haunted by evil. (This case is completely different from the so-called upward, deliberate entry, the problem of co-incarnation has been explained in The Great Truth.) Also, if you suffer from the dark energy of a Soul, you can be crazy and the actions of this energy manifested as very negative and your mind cannot control them.

     In case, if you have been subjected to the death of a dead soul for a long time, it will cause you to suffer from schizophrenia, also known as personality dummies. In case you have multiple soul energies incarnate at the same time, you will become multi-personality. The problem is that the energy that creates the personality of the souls of your incarnation, is usually those with dark personality. So it will cause you to act like serial killer, rape or do a lot of harm to others that you cannot predict. But what you do, usually you do not know because you cannot control it and control yourself.

    You may even die, if you have too much dead soul energy. For instance, there are many cases, where archaeologists have died unknowingly after they excavated graves in which their owners possessed a source of too much soul energy. And as you can see, in fact in earlier times, people on Earth have been cruel and cruel nowadays. Especially those who have the authority as the king, their lords are become cruel, more barbaric than ordinary people do. So, the energy that they have integrated into their souls is proportional to their iniquity. But after they die, they are mummified and you see that when their bodies are still intact, their soul energy is still dwelling. Moreover, in the vaults the air is always damp and the space is tight, so this energy cannot escape. In addition, dark energy and fear are a form of heavy energy, which makes them unable to move in the air. So, whoever approaches such graves first when it is peeled off, they will be incinerated by this very dark energy source. The mild case will probably cause the person to be crazy, which can lead to severe unexplained death.

     In fact, not all the souls of the dead are harmful to the living, but sometimes it is not. And the highest case of the so-called soul of the dead gives many good things to the living, first of all the soul energy of Shakyamuni Buddha. You see, an 84-year-old Siddhartha’s later life called the Shakyamuni Buddha, is almost the only energy he has access to the light consciousness and pure love energy. In addition, his physicality was largely nourished by food derived from plants, so he did not tolerate the darkest possible sources of energy in the diet. For all the reasons stated, after the Buddha’s physical liking, Ca died and, when cremated, these energized energies were condensed into disturbed particles. And from these particles, it generates positive energies. So if anyone has a chance to be near him, he will receive the positive energy that is distributed from the particles. In contrast to Buddha Shakyamuni, we are human beings who are experiencing the world, through the veil. So, almost the whole lifespan of each of us on Earth, most people are only able to access and integrate the energy sources of darkness, fear and physical power largely nourished by dark matter. So, after dying, our soul energy has never been able to accumulate positive energies.

     You can imagine, people suffering soul energy incarnation, it is just similar to your computer is infected by the virus. So the destructive power of the soul’s soul to your mind, mind and body is more or less dependent on whether you have been partially or fully incarnated by this source of energy. And the soul power of the dead you entered is dark or dark. Of course, I just say that the souls of the dead are dark or dark, but there is no light. For once you are still reborn, once you are still dead, your soul energy is still dark. Unless you have lived on Earth with complete awakening, like the Buddha of Shaky or Jesus / Sananda. Historically, in the history of humanity except Buddha, the rest can be referred to J.Krishnamurti or Jesus / Sananda and Mary Magdalene. But with Jesus / Sananda and Mary Magdalene it is almost impossible to say that they died but later came to life. And secondly, no one knows where their two corpses are and no history is mentioned.

     In fact, not only the soul energy of man after death can cause harm or vice versa for human life. Beyond human beings, the soul energy of souls after death can cause good or bad effects on human life. For example: Souls of aggressive, fierce species such as tigers, leopards, lions, wolves, crocodiles etc. and especially poisonous snakes, after death soul energy They will bring about no less danger than the death of the spirit of the soul. By the time they are alive, their mental and spiritual activities have access and a great deal of dark energy. So, after their souls die, they also carry dark energies that wander around. Unfortunately for you, if you are incarcerated, these dark energies can also cause you some negative effects in life.

   But there are also cases, where some of the dead souls of some species will not harm others, vice versa it can bring you positive energy. The most typical example of terrestrial species is the cow, as cows are a gentle and helpful species for humans. So, the soul of the cow is always very patient, submissive and friendly with people and especially the food of cattle is pure grass plants, leaves. So the source of energy that is accessible and tolerated to nourish the body as well as the mind is no dark energy. So after death, the soul energy of the cow can bring much luck to man. For these reasons, some religions in India have worshiped cows as Gods.

    Also whale is a typical next for aquatic animals. You see, although the whale is a very large species, its soul is a very gentle, non-aggressive. It is important that their food sources are plankton, small shrimps and shrimps that are not soul. More than the whale feeding activity is similar to a cleaning machine for the marine environment. Invisible, common energy access activities for its life are always positive energies. So, after it dies, its soul energy spreads to space as a source of positive energy. That is the reason why fishermen in coastal areas often buried and worshiped the bodies of whale died ashore. You see, it is not natural for fishermen to do seemingly useless, meaningless, laborious and superstitious things.

In fact, the life experiences of human ancestors are extremely valuable to the lives of their descendants. They have done a lot of things seemingly superstitious, but in fact it has brought a lot of benefits for them. So, they continue to pursue those jobs, even if they do not know how to explain them. And even if they consider themselves superstitious, they still defy. Burial of a whale’s body and the setting up of a shrine are typical examples. You see, as I stated earlier, the soul energy of some whales is always positive energy. So after the whale’s bones are placed in a shrine, the natural source of energy that has been integrated into its process of life is spread out of space. In large part, before going out to sea, fishermen often come to the temple to light incense and pray, that is, they have access, access to positive energy from the bodies of the dead whales dispersed.

     Moreover, belief they build for themselves based on their previous consumption that Whale is a God. Then, it keeps them stay strong as they face the dangers in the ocean. And this is also a form of accessing p0sitive energies of fishermen by their beliefs. The dead body of whale is the source of positive energy, resonating with the will and their belief that they have created a temple. From that, the more they believe that whale god fish and the God of the sea.


     First, the solution to prevent the death of souls which has negatively affect the lives of people: You see, if you really want to do the prevention of the soul energy of the dead incarnate, negatively affect your life, you first look at what seems to be the superstitious activities of your ancestors, you will recognize the truth from it.  Such as burning fake money for the dead, burned the paper when your business slow down. When you feel bad luck, they burn grapefruit leaves or stepping through the fire before entering the house.  If the person was just released from prison or coming back from funeral of others. Or grandparents or parents advised descendants that they should not go to the graveyard, cemeteries where many graves at noon or at dark times, it will be very easy to be possessed. What methods the magician apply for those who are supposed to be possessed, or what floating flower lanterns festival is etc. Honestly, I was also the one who always believed and performed these tasks in the unconscious with the old thoughts present. But four years ago, when I wrote The Great Truth book, I thought that the things I mentioned were nonsense and superstitious things. But today when I was writing these words, I saw the truth about all that. In fact, many of the works of the ancients are very scientific, even if they cannot explain how scientist their work is, I would like to explain how you benefit from the work of the ancients.

1 – Burning fake money and paper offerings: According to the people who do the burning offerings, they send money, houses, vehicles, supplies to them so they can use in the underground world. You see, these are really superstitious thoughts in the darkness consciousness system of darkness. However it has scientific sense. You see, when people went to bury a dead body, people burned a lot of paper money. It also means that people accidentally borrow the heat of fire to put the soul’s energy in the air to the higher level, and to free it from the living space.

      In fact, many of you dream that their relatives ask them to burn offerings such as clothes, houses because they are in need. Actually, similar dreams are caused by your guardian angels who have seen you suffering the souls of the dead. So, they create for you the same dream and send it to you when you are assleep. And once you have seen such dreams, you definitely have to buy a lot of paper offerings gold and silver and burn them to the dead. At the moment you burn the paper, it’s definitely in your heart to think about them. You think about them, you are accessing the energy frequencies of the deceased on you. And also at the moment it comes to you, you have borrowed the heat of the fire to decay the energy penetrated you before. So every time you do that, you feel better and happier. You also think that because you burned paper money for relatives, they have been blessing you. You see, the concept of burning offerings a very backward and superstitious thought, but that action has helped you get specific benefits based on science.

     Lastly, I want to tell you that I cannot deny the practical benefits of burning offerings. But I want to recommend that you can replace paper money with gold and silver ink with clean paper, and herbs that contain aromas from natural oils such as: cinnamon, cinnamon, tangerine peel, oranges, and grapefruit. In fact, paper money is produced from non-clean paper, and they also coated chemicals and heavy metal on it. So, when you burn it on yourself, you will breathe these unhealthy substances for health, moreover it will pollute the environment.

     You see, I recommend using clean paper and aromatic herbs to purify the souls of the dead. First, when you burn a clean paper, you also create clean energy, in addition the heat of the fire will create the energy that pushes the dark energy out of your living space. Secondly, the aromatic herbs, which in themselves are the species that in the course of life have access and integrate a lot of light energy. So when you burn them up, you release the light energy contained in them, freeing them out of space.

      Actually here, I am not saying that you can destroy the dark energy of the dead soul. But here I just want to say that you are using alternative therapies. And the simple meaning of this therapy is where there is light, darkness will be dispelled in that place. Indeed, when you release the light energy that is incorporated into the herbs out into space. That means you have chased the dark energy out of the space where the light energy of the herbs is occupying. The Law of the Universe indicates that darkness cannot withstand light, as dark energy cannot withstand the light energy. And finally you need to visualize a principle of the universe that light can always exist and express its nature in the dark, whereas darkness can never exist and manifest its character in light.

     You can imagine a small light can exist and manifest themselves in a black night. But a whole dark night was never possible, showing its darkness in a bright room. Likewise, light consciousness can exist and be successfully applied in the world of darkness. But dark consciousness cannot be successfully applied in the world of light consciousness. Likewise, light energy can exist and be successfully applied in an area of dark energy. But, dark energy can never survive in the region of light that dominates

But you should remember that here I am referring only to used energy sources, but not to pure or pure energy sources. By pure energy sources can always live together peacefully. And you can never use any kind of material or any other source of energy to decay energy sources that are in pure form.

2 – Burning the paper to release bad luck: when doing this, you think there is bad luck affecting your job. This means that there is a dark energy source somewhere in your workplace or business. So, it makes you do not have the good business etc. Indeed, you have acted very scientifically for this matter and whether you burned long hair in mind you think like that is not important. But it is important that it gives you a very positive effect from this. When there is too much dark energy in the soul of the dead, in your business, in your company or in your workplace. No matter how great the place is, where definitively it cannot exist the great atmosphere. If that place has no vitality, definitely you cannot have great business.  And it is the law of the universe.

    For example: Your store is really busy, suddenly it is slow. In case, there are guests in the store, you cannot trade successfully. From then on you should consider and take into account that someone has brought energy of deal soul to your store. Therefore, you need to burn fillets, just use clean paper to burn and move around the salon. In addition, you can use other materials such as bass, cinnamon, tangerine peel, pomelo peel on a charcoal stove everywhere in the shop. Where you cannot use fire, you can use salt everywhere in the salon after a few minutes of scanning. For the sake of safety, you should put some salt on some dishes or cutie boxes and place them in the corner and the front of store. Automatically, then atmosphere will be back in your store.

3 –Stepping through the fire before entering the house for the released prisoners or after coming back from a funeral. Doing this is to push the dark energy out of your living space, just like the burning paper I mentioned above. Personally, the prisoner has a lot of dark energy, so when you live in a prison environment, you can attract a lot of these sources. You often see Chinese people, or forced prisoners to walk through the fire before entering the house and then have to bathe with pomelos. This is to push the dark energy that you are carrying in your body before entering the house. Similarly, when you go to a funeral, you are likely to be incarnated by the spirit of the dead. So, you have to step through the fire before entering the house is a scientific work, although your work seems to be superstitious.

4 – Grandparents or parents advise children should not go to the cemetery, cemetery or place where many graves at noon, in the midnight, or at dark times, it is very easy to be possessed. You see, despite the advice of your grandparents and parents are based on superstitious grounds. Nevertheless, I still think that this is the best advice because it is very scientific. Places like cemeteries, places where many dead are buried are places of great concentration of dead souls. If, at noon, you pass through these places, it is very easy for the soul of the dead to incarnate. The reason is, at noon is the time sun emits the strongest heat. And at that time, soul energy of the dead soul will arise with air. So at these times you wander, play at these places, unfortunately encountered this power source it can incarnate into your body.

     Similarly, at sunset time, it is dark and the temperature reduces so that the soul power of the dead will go down. To be more precise, soul energy of the dead is fluttering because the temperature is not too hot, but it is not cold enough for it to sink. It also means that it is in a state of fluttering around our chest and our belly. So, if you wander in those places and that moment you are very vulnerable to the souls of the deceased. So, at dusk, it was the most dangerous time for people who were forced to live in graveside sites. In case, you cannot go to these places at dusk, it is best to hold a torch or carry a pack of salt with you.

     And as you can see, you often feel cold when you have to step into buried areas, in dusk. Even though in reality you are not afraid, but because the soul energy of the dead is a negative energy, it is very cold.

5. The secret of the success of the healing masters. You see, in fact all the diseases that are related to the so-called devils, ghosts, all of them are related to soul energy of the dead. Whenever you heard of someone possessed or punished, those are possessed by dark energy of the deal soul

And you often see healing masters offering incense, sacrifice, reading mantras, etc.  In fact, all these practices of the masters are only forms that help patients and their family has faith in their powerful magic. But in fact, in all their work, the most important thing is to put a jet of fire on the patient. Our teachers cannot doubt that their work is mostly in vain, the only way to hold the fire on the patient is the main reason for the disease. As I have said, all diseases related to the negative are due to the soul energy of the dead. So when the magician doing this, they accidentally have propelled the souls of the dead out of patient’s body.

      In case, when you see a person who is normal with no symptoms associated with psychiatric problems, suddenly becomes dull, dizzy, at the time of delirium, say bad things, say things not related to the reality of their lives. Or at times they emerge from the madness that their mind cannot control, this person was tormented by the soul of the dead. And to be able to cure the diseases that are related to the dead soul energy successful, you must prepare the following steps. First of all you have to prepare white wine with high alcohol, cinnamon, orange peel, tangerine peel, dried grapefruit skin, generally you have to prepare raw materials containing high natural oils like salt and burning charcoal fire. Next, you should wear the hard clothes, cover your head with veil Then you give all the ingredients prepared in the charcoal oven, except for the salt and help the patient passes through, traveling over and over the furnace. And when the sick person walks on the charcoal stove, you just start to put t the salt come into slowly until the end. It is essential that you place the upper side of the charcoal as close to the ground as possible, so that the patient does not become entangled when passing. Next you lit and lit fire on the patient several times before and after, especially the chest and abdomen. It is important that during the entire healing period, you must sincerely pray one single verse “My name is … sincerely praying to the Creator to bring to me the source of light energy and love. Love, I thank him ”   at the same time the patient is constantly breathing slowly and deeply. Also, during the healing period, you should only give the person a vegetarian diet, do not let him eat too much fish and meat. The last thing to remember is to do this in early morning when sun rises, it is the best time to attract light energy. In addition, you should let the patient go to the beach regularly, or you can replace with sea salt in the bathtub.

      After you carry out the above steps, I assure you that within three days, at most five days the patient will recover completely. The patient may be cured only after 2 days, but I recommend that you do it at least three times in order to help the patient remove the dead energy from his or her physic body. In addition to those related to acoustic illnesses, you can also perform healing for people with schizophrenia, personality disorders, or multiple personality disorders in a similar way. People with dual personality or multiple personality are also related to the soul energy of the dead. But in order to cure these people, you have to do it many times. Because they possessed totally and too long. Moreover, the energy frequencies of the souls of the dead are gradually adapted to their physical and mental body, so it is difficult to cure.

Due to these reasons, you or anyone else can become a great guru, who specializes in treating diseases related to the dead ones.

6 – Lantern Festival, floating lanterns on the river: You see, at first glance you think, the flower festival is simply a community festival. In fact, the floating lights in the river are not merely entertaining. Apart from entertainment, the invisible benefits that it brings to people are much more valuable. Because, every year there are many drowning in the rivers, and also because of that there are already many streams of deal soul existing on these rivers. So, when you burn a lot of lights floating in the river, in general you have borrowed the heat of fire to decay or push the soul energy of the dead into the air. From that simple thing, accidentally you have cleaned up your habitat.

    Actually, in the present it is not easy in order to deal with the energy of the dead souls existing in our surrounding areas.  Because soul energy of dead is invisible which you cannot see with the naked eye, just as you can hardly feel when you are possessed by it. However, in the present, you can use natural fire to deal with them, like what I stated above. The heat of the sun, the sun is not something that can help us purify the dark energy streams existing around human life. Because the dark soul energy of the dead is a heavy matter, the heat of the sunlight only takes this energy to a certain height, when the sun down, it sinks. So we cannot rely on solar energy, moreover the dark energy streams can be neutralized by solar energy.

     In fact, all forms of energy are still a form of matter, but they are made up of microscopic particles of matter, known as the seeds of God, called by the scientist. And as you know, everything is formed and operated in this universe coming from the energy of “the seed of the LORD.” But not all of them are seed of light. Seed is light. But seed of God is composed of light and dark particles “dark energy” that exist in the universe.

Second, preventing soul energy of the dead existing in human life.

     You see, our ancestors have a great motto: “Prevention is better than cure” is just 5 words for a maxim. But these words is enough for us to see a great truth. You see, once you have caused a fire, no matter how fast you fire, it will still bring you less damage. Similarly, on the so-called soul power the dead are the same. It is hard for us to imagine that the corpse can embedded with such a dangerous source of energy. So, when we determine that the human corpse is the dwelling place of harmful energy, we certainly need to apply some methods to handle the corpse effectively.

   You see, there are a few religions and a few nations that handle the corpse of the dead scientifically. When a family member dies, they are not sad and crying, but they are happy to sing and burn the corpse of the dead. Indeed, their work made me very admired and admired. You can imagine, your soul is the sum of the information that you have collected throughout your life, it is the record of all the creative activity in your life. But after your death, God has preserved this profile, and this new profile is your most important one. Because it is your soul, the rest of everything that seems to be nothing is worth is meaningful to you anymore. That is the reason why you see that physical death is nothing to be afraid of, nothing to hurt you too much. Death does not mean losing everything, but it is just another physical change, in order to serve the life that your soul has chosen.

     You know, in the world of light, they think differently about the death. The naked person always feels very distressed to witness the death of a loved one. But people in the light world, they feel very happy when they witness someone’s death. They simply know that the soul of the dead ended a difficult period to enter a new ladder on the journey of evolution. They also knew that the soul would possess a better, better, and more original body.

But to help you understand and believe the soul energy of the dead is really harmful to the living? I will show you show examples.  But first, let me ask you, have you ever heard anyone say ghost, and if you have heard about them, what kind the ghost is.

I believe that at least once in your life you have heard the call of the dead, drowning ghosts, and innocent ghost etc. (surprising death), even dog ghost. But do you ever hear people say that burning ghost? In reality, in this life there is never a so-called burning ghost, their soul energy was destroyed by fire and pushed to the upper reaches of space. So, the ashes from their bodies are no longer the refuge of their soul energy. You see, this is the crux of the matter so you know how to handle the corpse of the dead.

     Indeed, you can remove the dangerous energy from the soul of the dead out of human life. The best way is to burn the body of the dead, but do not bury or mummify it.  You see, in the present, we can prevent and stop the spirits of the dead who harm our living. However, in the process of cremating the dead, you should add incinerators such as incense, cinnamon, orange peel, grapefruit, etc. Under certain circumstances, conditions do not permit the execution of cremation, you should use burning process. Only then, we get rid of the dark energy from the souls of the dead to the height of space, so it will not affect human life. My dear friends, who are reading this book, I believe all of you are old souls, light workers, those who bring light. So, be the pioneers, determined to do this for yourself first, to set an example for others. You have to resolutely offer a wish to your loved ones after you die, your relatives have to cremate, but not buried. And if you do, it means you send a message of light to the world that will benefit your life. And that’s how you manifest to others, you people of light, even though you are already dead.

Be honest with you, when I still do not know the danger of soul energy of the dead. But everyone in my family agreed that after my wife and I die, there was no need to organize a funeral, not an altar, and not to be buried.  At that time, I wonder whether after I die, my soul was reincarnated, so why holding a funeral? It is nonsense, and will waste money and time of descendants.  In addition, I think if my children bury me, it will occupy the land of the living people and pollute the environment, that’s all.

     Also, with normal deaths such as old age, sickness, illness, in general if they can be aware of their death, the body is where the residence of the soul energy. But with deaths such as drowning, sudden death or accidental death. In these cases, soul energy of the dead will escape into space. It still surrounds where the death occurs. So, dark energy sources have not been decomposed like cremation, or burning. And with such similar deaths, it is called the adventurous lost soul, it will be collected back by God. The soul energy is separated, washing out of the body, this soul energy is dispersed out of space, no longer in the body. Likewise, to explain the word “ Hôn Vía” ,  soul is information of soul and energy of soul. In those case, you can them helpless souls, floating souls, souls cannot escape, etc.

     Since there are so many deaths in real life, so the waves of soul energy of the dead are present in living space of many people.  And since then, it has had a negative impact on the living. Example: there is a normal road, where there are not too many obstacles that can cause danger, but there are many fatal death on that road. In cases like this one, people call it the bad road.

     You see, all things, everything that happens with a reason. The original cause of this was that there was a fatal accident on the road, but it was a sudden death. Therefore, the soul energy of the dead has been escaped out of the body and is still present there. So when someone goes through this stage in a mental depression, but goes with too fast speed. And if they were wrong at the time, they would have been killed by the dead souls that had existed there. When a person driving a car is in a state of mental depression, but is deprived of the spirit energy of the deceased, their minds will immediately lose control over which will lead to the accident. And when the accident usually occurs on a certain road, people will call it “huông”.

     You see, this is the truth about the things we have not explained so much in life. And finally we blame the gods, the devils and lead to superstition. Similarly, there are sections of the river seemingly harmless, but then every year there are always drownings that occur right on the river. And so that you can solve this problem, on that road you only need pill salt to the streets, automatically the soul energy of the dead will no longer exist there. Particularly on the river sections there is a drowning trail, apart from the salt you spread on the shore. You also need to use a small boat with a furnace filled with materials as was said in the problem of healing sound, swimming around the river several times, automatically soul energy of previous drowned one will no longer exist on the river.

     You see, in the nature of the universe there are many things, many different kinds of energy that can be mutually handle. And energy derived from salt is the source of energy that can nourish the souls of the dead. You know, you use salt to remove dead soul energy, remove them from your living space so many times, but you do not notice that. The most typical is that you worship in the yard, you can use paper money, burning offerings and salt rice. While praying, you have certainly called the soul of the dead to receive your offering, but the soul of the dead will not be able to reach you, but only the soul energy of the dead will come to you. In fact, the soul energy of the dead is not conscious to be able to come to you through your call. But you have attracted it through thought, through the frequency bands of energy you have emitted that match the energy frequency of the dead soul. Then the souls of the dead will come to you.

     You can imagine, you are a radio, or a television and energy is a wave that a radio or television can access. So, when you open the radio or TV that matching with frequency of the channel you are looking for, automatically you will catch this wave to your computer. Similarly, the nature of energy is also a form of wave and your mind or soul vibration is an energy station. But in fact, all your mental activity in a living body, not only attracts energy waves, but it can also broadcast.  So, when you think about or have feelings about someone, you also transmit the energy to the person. But they key is soul energy power of the dead has no transmission and broadcast station.  So, when you think or remember the dead, you are accessing these waves of energy. You always think about the negativity or suffering that they have experienced, that is, you bring the negativity and suffering to you. On the contrary, you always think of the positive things and the joys they have had with you before, so you have access to these waves of energy to you. But in reality, when you have thoughts, or often remember the dead, you usually think of the pain they have experienced before, but rarely the joy.

     In fact, when you think or remember alive person, it is totally different. Alive people can attract the energy waves you send to them, or vice versa, they can broadcast the energy waves they are holding to you. For those who have died, you can only attract their deal energy. But they cannot get the energy you send them. Alive person is able receive or send energy waves. For those who are dead, they cannot receive the waves of energy sent to them, because they don’t have the transmitting and broadcasting station. So, when you emit the waves of energy to the dead, you will receive the response from their energy waves similarly as what you sent.

     You can imagine that you send someone an item, but that address is not real, and just a ghost address, of course people will return the item to you. Similarly, you send the dead a wave of energy, then they cannot receive it, but you also bring back the negative energy sources that are compatible to what you sent. Then, the more you remember about the dead, the worse you feel. With the dead, they do not get any benefit from your thoughts or feelings for them, simply because they are dead. I agreed that death is not the end, but at that moment their spirit lived in another body, bearing a different name and having a different birth date, that’s all. So, always thinking about the dead is completely not good for you.

After you complete the ceremony, you will proceed to burn gold paper money as a gift, sent, donated to them for use their world. Then you split the rice as the food offerings to them. But indeed, the results of your doings are contrary to your thoughts. You think you help wandering and helpless souls have something to use in their world. But in reality you are destroying and banishing their soul energy out of your living space.

     Also, burning incense to the god, worshiping is also a form of dispelling the dark energy out of the space. Because, there is not any Buddha, God or any evil spirits existing near where you are. Everything around you is energy and it is dark energy or light energy, that’s all. You see, as I said above, aquilaria is an herb that accumulates a lot of light energy. And when people do incense, most of it is made from the bark of acacia. So when you burn incense, it is released into space, which means that it emits the light energy that it has integrated in its life. And once this light source is large enough, it repels the dark energy out of the space it is surrounding.

    The greatest benefit of burning incense has its scientific perspective. But apart from the scientific sense, it also contains a different spiritual meaning. That is when you hold the incense stick in hand, definitely when your heart will be more relaxed, you will pay more respect, and you will focus more. From there, you will be able to access the various positive energy sources that come from your focused thoughts easier. This is also the second benefit you have, when you burn incense. But there are things to keep in mind: when you burn incense, you do not call the soul of the dead to you. In fact, no dead souls can come to you. If you call them, only their soul energy comes to you, but the soul energy of the dead is extremely harmful to you. You can remember, you can thank the dead man with your heart in love. You can call anyone you believe is the person in the world of light that comes to you. But definitely you should not call the soul of the dead to you, but if you keep calling, all the bad things can happen to you at any time.

           You see, in addition to salt, cereals are substances that integrate so much light energy during its life, most of it rice and wheat. As a matter of fact, those who used to work at home often hung three bottles of rice, salt, and water on the thunderbolt in their house. The real thought from their job is that after finishing the house, they will get enough food, food and water for their lives. In fact, God and the angels inspired them to do so, to help them repel the dark energy of the dead soul from the house. But later on, people did not do the same thing, because they considered it the act of superstition.

     Speaking of salt, it reminded me of a story by the prophet Baba Vanga. It was at the time when she was still alive and someone asked her to help them with something like this. Originally, there was a road in the village, and it looked as normal as the other roads on the road, but this was a very common occurrence. Then the prophet told him, ‘Bring the salt over the road, and it will not happen again. Indeed, after the villagers performed this task, a more unexpected result came to them. That is, from then on, the accident has not happened on this road anymore. You see, when you salivate the sugar, automatically the light energy from the salt will spread and repel all the dark energy waves out of the area, simply. And once that place is only light energy, of course there will be no negative thing.


CHAPTER VI: Tang Thuc and truth about its information in super consciousness

     In the Great Truth, supreme consciousness preserves all information about the living activity of all the lives that a soul has created in life earthly life. In reality, supreme consciousness is the place to store all information about the brain activity in the mortal life that a soul has experienced in all life. Particularly for the activities created by the soul have not been kept in the conscious. In fact, all of the emotional information created by the soul in all mortal lifetimes that characterizes a human being will be reinstalled by God in the human organ DNA when a soul comes into being. Because of that, you just need to notice that when you are angry or anxious, your abdomen will heat up, your abdomen will not breathe. Individuals can access and immediately use information related to the soul that has been created from previous lives. The personality of an individual has been formed in many lives, even though the soul has only been through one life and it has been created. Therefore, even in the womb of a fetus, it can express its personality. You see, personality is what has been formed, you have been created in many generations, many lives, not until a child grow up personality is formed. But the personality will be changed in the environment of life, but not the thing that is always fixed. Form a personality that only happens to a brand new soul, the first to incarnate on Earth.

    So, to correct what I wrote incorrectly about the Great Truth: supreme consciousness is a place to store the information of consciousness, knowledge, and awareness of a human being in every mortal world. And in the Ultimate Truth book, the information stored in the knowledge is hidden until the person reaches full consciousness. Every person will automatically remember everything. But we still have access to information from the current app via live data sources, but often the information is accessed blindly. Particularly with the information that is created from the soul, it is more evident that emotions emanating from emotions create a personality derived from the soul, not in the conscious. But all of it will be returned to God each time we reincarnate, and not hide it. The information about a person’s personality will show more and more clearly, according to the age of the child.


CHAPTER VII: The Superstition and the Truth of Information in the super consciousness

     There is no change about information related to super consciousness presented in the Ultimate Truth book. However, there is a change about God’s consciousness. According to Ultimate Truth, God’s consciousness stored in super consciousness. The Divine God. In fact, it is not, because God consciousness is an infinite source of information, so there is no place can store it, not even advanced body in the highly evolved world. Thus God’s consciousness is stored in the central sun, and the central sun is the source of God’s energy. God consciousness is not stored in super consciousness is not completely accurate, but that consciousness become awareness, and all those information has been set up with all the data created by the soul, in each of the brain’s DNA, and some body area such as head, back and neck, Every time we reincarnate, it is also called packet of super informational consciousness.

     We need to know that God consciousness is infinite, that we are only finite beings, including the oldest and noblest souls, such as Jesus / Sananda and Lady Nada, or the Archangel Michael and Christine.  Every single being can only access and use that part of the infinite God consciousness. In fact, there has never been anyone else and no one ever will be able to use all of God’s consciousness in their creative process. When it may happen, it means nothing left to create, man has no land for evolution. It means God has nothing to do, God consciousness is not new so that He can experience more from himself. It also means that we have nothing to desire, to expect, to change, which means that the game will end. And God’s omnipotent plan will end, the universe will not return forever.

     Therefore, from the light and the dark life, one can only access God’s consciousness in some specializations, in certain areas of his creation. So, none of us can be able to realize all of God’s consciousness at the same time. So, after you can access God consciousness, it will become awareness for your own creation. And all the information from this creation dark or light world, has been preserved in our super consciousness. You can imagine the God consciousness is information on the internet and itself is an existing website on it, and you are just a personal computer. So you can only access and download some of the information that is available online and then you can store this information in your computer’s drive. But you cannot put all the information online to your computer memory.

     For the above reason, your super consciousness is not the place to contain all information about the God consciousness and all information about events in the universe. You can find a lot of truthful information in your own super consciousness, but there is also a lot of information you cannot find in your own one. Especially the information about events occurring in the Universe as well as events occurring on the planet Earth when you have forgotten period. Typically, this happened to me, after I finished writing The Ultimate Truth and posted it, I read the book Who Needs Light, Who Needs Light? Jesus / Sananda through E – Kathryn. And after reading this work, I realized that much of what I presented in The Ultimate Reality of Jesus Christ / Sananda is untrue. So, I was very disappointed with myself and always wondered why the information that I was helped by the God Father, the access to the metaphysics was untrue. And if this is a false information, then most likely all of what I wrote will not be true. For this reason, I was very sad, but I could not find the reason.

So, I prayed to my Father God for His answer, but He said, “ find yourself an answer your own super consciousness, you will find it” But I cannot still find the answer, I ask the Creator himself, as well as Archangel Jesus / Sananda for answers, but all the answers of the Messiah are not much different. But at the end, I found the answer for myself. The reason is that when Jesus / Sananda came down, I was able to experience the world before. Therefore, the information about the earthly process of Jesus / Sananda is not in my metaphor. It was not even in my consciousness, because at that moment I did not have the chance to witness the event at all. So, what I wrote in the book The Ultimate Truth is that the combination of information from mix of superconsciousness and subconsciousness.  Information of Jesus on the Jordan River is very similar to how Jesus / Sananda performed on another planet in another cosmic space I have witnessed, so this information survives in my supreme consciousness. And what I wrote was the information that I collected from the New Testament written by others that existed in my subconscious in this life.

     The truth has been revealed, super consciousness is not the place to store all God’s information. But this is where all the information of the individual soul from the origin until he came to Earth in forgotten state. And most of the information super consciousness is God’s light-conscious information that you have access to and use, along with a lot of information about the love of the soul. However, in the present, most of the information is in the conscious and subconscious is only dark one.  So, it is very difficult to distinguish what information is information from the meta-information, which information is accessed from the conscious. And what information is derived from the subconscious accumulated in the present life. However, only the information you access from the metacognition, the new information is genuine and reliable. So you have to be really patient and passionate, you can distinguish, what is the truth from the supernatural, where the illusion comes from conscious and subconscious.

     Wish you always successful on the path to seek the truth from your own super consciousness.