CHAPTER I: What is the origin of sin? The truth about the original sin.

        Dear friends, actually I do not intend to continue writing about this subject in this book. Because I think that the world has entered a new era, so whether you understand it or not, it is not important at this point. Moreover, this concept belongs to religion, so I’m afraid to mention it. But my close friend Le Thanh Tan always recommends that I dedicate a few pages to writing about ancestry. And my friend, also confided in the fact that he read a lot of books and documents explaining the problem of ancestry, but he felt there was not any explanation, which he could do. Give him satisfaction. In the end he insists that he has practically pursued spirituality for almost his entire life for more than 70 years, but always wants to know the issues that he is always on the inside. And sin is one of the problems that he always wanted to know about it. In addition, he insisted that I was very interested in knowing this issue, I fear that too many people would like to know as I do.

     In fact, I have also mentioned briefly about the problem of origins in the previous two books. Today I will try to present a clear and substantial view of the problem related to the concept I once again added, hoping to help you add to your perception with a view to more afternoon. And perhaps I do not need to say anything, anyone can know the concept of original sin or called the original sin, derived from Christianity. The cause of the Christian view of my origins is that Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit, so they were driven out of Eden by God. But if you ask why Christians do give such a weird idea. The sin that man created later has nothing to do with Adam and Eve, but why are they blamed for these two. So ask their opinion is true or false and where is the truth.

     In my opinion, Christians are completely correct in their conception. Because of all the sins, or more precisely, everything comes from Adam and Eve. If you think I agree with the Christian perspective, then I have something to say. In fact, they do not yet see many of the hidden truths that are related to this issue. In fact, if you want to get a clear understanding of this, or any other problem in life, first you must have consciously accepted – all the problems that occur on the earth or universe has its cause. And the first cause is always the most important cause. So who is the first cause of the so-called sin? And the answer is Adam and Eve, or more accurately the first cause is from the Creator.

     As I stated in The Great Truth book, Adam and Eve are the Exalted Creatures. But in order for the Creator to fulfill his fullness of wanting to experience himself, the first act of his omniscient plan is to create his own physicality in the relative world. And here Adam and Eve are God Himself embodied in the shape of God Mother / Father. And they are also the first two to own the God consciousness and own a transcendent software program created by the Creator himself, which is also for Adam and Eve. And this superior software program is also known as God’s soul. And from these first two pure souls, they were later created as billions of pure souls and given to their descendants throughout the cosmos.

  You see, if a person does not have a soul, he or she cannot know what love or fear is, it is impossible to know what good or evil is. So you have It can be said that Adam and Eve, more precisely as Father God/ Mother God is the first cause for all causes, including the cause of the so-called sin. But Christians see only one sin as the first cause, the other has billions of other good things have come from this first cause, but they did not mention. But you have to look at the fact that the soul is never the one that can cause sin, but it is just the one that suffers from all the consequences of what is called sin by your mind.  Also you have to know that, Adam and Eve “Father God/Mother God” are the Light and the infinite love, so two people never use their consciousness of light to cause sin, but only is to love their children infinitely. Christians still accept Adam and Eva as their ancestors, but are only human ancestors on Earth, so they have inadvertently considered the status of Father God even lower than Jesus / Sananda (so sad!). In fact, Adam and Eve also mean that Father God and Mother God are the ancestors of all humanity in the cosmos, but not just for the human race on Earth.

     You see, the true nature of Origin Sin, it was due to Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit. But in fact, the story of Adam and Eve’s eating forbidden fruit is a legend with script created by humans on Earth. But everything written in the Old Testament was inspired by God. There are similar legend words are inspired almost everywhere in the world and in every nation. Typically, the work Journey to the West written by Chinese writer- Ngo Thua An. Why Sun Wukong has 72 magic, whether it is the suggestion 72 twin flames, children of Father God and Mother God. Why do the gods in Heaven, even Mother God protect the powers of the darkness, not let Sun Wukong eliminate them? Is this a suggestion of the processes of experiencing the dark world of humanity? Why Ngo Thua An use smart animals to protect the Tang instead of using human figure. Is this another suggestion of the intelligence of animals in the world of light etc.? It is, in fact, an entertain book, but God has inspired the author to create a lot of suggestions of the ultimate truth.

     There are also other inspired legends such as the legendary ancestors of the Vietnamese Lac Long Quan and Au Co. And in that legend it was pointed out that Au Co was not a normal woman, but she gave birth to 100 eggs and they hatched into fifty sons and fifty daughters. Is this a suggestion for 50 pairs of twins, 100 children of the 2nd rank? So, you can see that there are so many things that happen in life as well as in universe, but if you look at it with only one-sided awareness, you will not be able to see the truth hidden in it.

     And the story of Adam and Eve eating forbidden fruit is the same, but it doesn’t matter it is true or not. But at least the story has helped us, Humanity on Earth has a very important question. That is the question who is the ancestors of human beings.

If the so-called original sin was not stemming from the fact that Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit, where does it come from? Actually, there were two main causes created the Origin of Sin.

– First cause is the wrong ideology of human ancestors on Earth handed down to the children. You see, there are many mistakes in the understanding of the truth of the ancestors (human ancestors on Earth) have applied in our lives. Besides, they constantly teach and pass on to their children and grandchildren with these perceptions from one generation to another. On the contrary, you have not once considered what your ancestors taught is right or wrong, good or bad, true or false. And in fact, it turns out that you practice and apply of those ancestors’ mistakes that you been taught in your life without any doubt or opposition. Because in your mind, they are always right because they are saints of humanity, they are the ones who go first, so they are never wrong. Moreover, you have always considered their false beliefs to be treasures, you never want to let go of it, and always keep them by your side. You always have a thought that is from ancestors and you do not need to change them. You always have a thought that if you ignore or change things as your ancestors did, it will cause serious consequences and everyone will condemn you, so you are afraid. In fact, you have many doubts about the accuracy of what your parents, grandparents and ancestors teach, but you do not dare to change, because you do not have the confidence to look up the truth for yourself.

There are many misconceptions of ancestors that are passed on to the descendants but I’m just introducing some typical issues to help you get a real look at what’s called Origin of Sin. Your ancestors always teach you that there is always a God who is kind but also violent. He is willing to love and reward you, if you act according to his will, otherwise he will be hated and punished without mercy. Your ancestors teach you that you must protect the honor of Allah, your Protestant, and protect your religion at all costs, even if you sacrifice your life. And if you sacrifice your life for such things, you will be honored as the great martyr who has died and will be rewarded with a heaven. Your ancestors teach you things like karma retrieval, eradicating craving, teaching you how to revenge after ten years, act on behalf of good men.

     In addition, the ancestors teach you to honor the god, devil by offering this dish, as a bribe to your own success or happiness. Also, many doctrines, many ideas that your ancestors taught you which cause many unknown sins. And you try to think again what I just said is sin from the origin or not? But in reality, you never dare to look straight at the truth and dare to let go of it, because you always think that your ancestors who are ahead are always right. Fucking all these sins, you have blamed the responsibility of Adam and Eve, sadly. They are the supreme God of the universe, and you are always praying every day, every hour.

    Second, sin is ours. You see, you are not the only one living on earth. But almost all of us are present on Earth are souls that have reincarnated so many times on earth. And as you can see, according to the law of cause and effect, all the virtues or sins you have created will show up in your present life. So, what you call sin is what you will bring when you are reborn. It also means that you were the ancestors of your own grandfather in the present. Simple to understand that you are the grandchildren of your grandparents, but in fact your grandparents are also your current grandchildren.

     So, all the sins that you caused in your past lives as grandparents, it will be carried when you reincarnate as a child, grandchildren. Simply because the law of rebirth will bring you back to the cause and effect relationships you have caused before, so you are usually reborn in your own lineage. For example: You often hear people say, grandparents had great virtues then their descendants will be entitled great lives. In fact, grandparents living in good virtue also means that you are living in good virtue. So when you reborn, you have earned your own virtue created in past lives, but not by anyone else. On the contrary, grandparents had bad virtue, the grandchildren will suffer. So, the sin you are suffering is considered to be an Offspring Sin.  Actually it is your own sin that has been committed in past lives and now you have to pay for karma according to the law of cause and effect.

     But in fact there is another truth that exists in the saying that grandparents, parents who had good or bad living virtue, their descendants will inherit. It is literally true.  If your grandparents had great virtue of living, then they will become role models for your grandchildren. It is naturally that if your grandparents had great living of virtue, then they will be wealthy or famous. So after they die, you will inherit all of their so-called virtues, such as money, property, fame etc. and vice versa. And as you can see above problem, you can see that there are many different perspectives. Whatever you say, there is still the right thing in it, but there is no wrong thing in your words. But if you want to see the truth, you should not impose your thoughts on something.      

     Here I will explain more about the concept of the resurrection of Christ. In fact, the phrase Christ will rise is not the body that Jesus will rise on this earth. In fact, Jesus / Sananda from the day when he came to earth to do his mission and return to the Kingdom of Heaven, He has never been dead, even before and after. But you should know that Christ is risen, that is, the consciousness of Christ will rise in the minds of every human being on this earth. In other words, you have forgotten the source of the light of God that is in you, from the day you came to Earth and now you will gradually remember, that is, the consciousness of Christ in you will gradually revive with you.

     At the end of this message, I hope you have an honest and multidimensional view of all the issues around you, including the so-called original sin. So, you should not put all the sins on Adam and Eve, because they are the two of your supreme Gods. Maybe you will not listen, you will not care, but I think that if you continue to have the concept, you will suffer more. That does not mean that God will punish you, but you punish yourself, because you know it is darkness consciousness but you still want to hold it for you.

CHAPTER II: What is the freedom of will? The truth about the freedom of will.

     Dear friends, be honest with you during beginning days of spiritual pursuit, I myself very discriminating with the words “Freedom of will”.  In fact, every one of us do not know everything, it is naturally we will have a one-sided vision of prejudice. Back to those days, I thought that freedom of will was just a fraudulent statement.

     Because of that day, I think that if there really was so much freedom in the world, there would be no such unbearable bondage that would always happen in society. Furthermore, I think that if there is a will in the world, all that is called destiny, karma, or anything related to the past is not possible.  Because once, a person is possessed of the freedom of his or her free will, how can spiritual forces intervene in human life, how can they intervene to create destiny, how can they intervene to force people to do karma? Because of such thoughts, I have not had a good impression of the so-called Freedom of the Will. I will give an example like this so you can understand my thoughts that day. Example: Freedom of will is the right to desire, the right of human desire. And in reality, there is no one in this world whose desires to be unhappy, miserable, poor, ugly, ill, etc. But in fact, most people in the world live the same way, but they are not like what people have been wanting for themselves.

     You see, this is a proof of the so-called thought, when you think that you are operating your own thoughts. When we mention about thought, we are talking about the past, and awareness from the past have many mistakes. So what you think, you argue, you study also means that you cannot reach the truth. Whatever you get from your thinking, from your argument or research, you have to rely on the preconceived notions that existed in the past. For example: gold is the truth and you are a talented goldsmith, but when you only have silver, brass and copper as material, whether you try to mix, all jewelry are just silver, brass and copper.  And even if all of your products look very much like gold, sparkling and beautiful, it will never be gold. Unless the material you have in your hand is gold, no matter how you manipulate, all the products you have created are always gold. Similarly, what I have in mind is not true, no matter how good I try, it is not the truth. Unless I hold the truth, no matter how bad I work, it is still true.

    Likewise, when I consider that Freedom of the Will is something that does not exist, because I have thought and argued based on my own misguided past. Only right after, I successfully visualized the sentence Who am I? What I am ? At this point I really understand what Freedom of will is. Where does the freedom of the will come from and what does the human being use his freedom of will? You see, as long as you notice, you will find this saying with its origin and meaning. 

     Before we discover the true meaning of Freedom of will, I would like use the word consciousness as a tool. You see, when it comes to consciousness that does not need to be said, you also know that it is related to cognition, which is what creates wisdom and form the mind for human beings. So we need to ask another question:  why God only gives man the freedom of will, but the freedom of consciousness. And just by looking at this question you will realize these are different. At first glance, you will assume that God does not say that God has given you the freedom of consciousness, but it doesn’t matter, God still gives us freedom of consciousness. In fact, freedom of consciousness of human has been gone from the very first days we set foot on Earth.

    You see, right from the first day when you go into oblivion, your freedom of consciousness is limited to the maximum physically only with two strands of DNA and the 3d space of the Earth. From the earliest days, humans have landed on Earth, no one is able to successfully access God’s light source consciousness. I will say clearly so that you can imagine with the saying:  cannot access the sense of light source, it means you cannot directly access the source of God’s light consciousness yourself. However, you have the freedom to access God’s light consciousness from others brought to Earth such as Buddha Shakyamuni, Jesus Christ, J.Krishnamurti, Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein. In fact, from the first days on Earth, we have been stripped of the freedom of consciousness! Besides, consciousness and awareness, in fact, from past to present, humans’ mind has always been strictly controlled by the spiritual forces in the form of control waves and veils.

    Actually when I say so, many friends will say that it is not true.  And probably you may think that I have no knowledge, no qualifications because I do not Want to learn, not Want to exchange knowledge, and no God control me. And if you say so, I totally agree with you. But in fact, from all that you say God only allows me use one word “want”. This is the only wish, and the word for this is the freedom that God gave me, for you and for all of humanity in the universe. What do I want? what do you want? What other people want? It is the freedom of will of each person. But how you and I have succeeded, achieved our wishes depends on the perception, knowledge and wisdom of each person. But sadly, our perceptions, skills and wisdom are always interfered by the spiritual forces. And as you know, their intervention has been possible since your soul has just incarnated in the state of the fetus. And it seems that all of their interventions have been made to your life after birth. Yet, all their interventions always based on your Karma, you created in previous lives.

     For example, if your Karma is good, the spiritual forces will let your soul incarnate, and when you grow up you will become beautiful, healthy, strong, and intelligent. Moreover, your brain operates good and fast. You can learn and remember everything, you have special talents. And from that, it will be the foundation, the way to make it easier for you to achieve more success in your life.

     In contrast, if your karma is bad, the spiritual forces will let your soul incarnate but after growing up, you are not beautiful, sick. It takes time for you to learn everything. Even your soul may be reincarnated into a physique that you later experience with Autism or Down’s syndrome, autism or blindness. In case you have a normal body and want to study, it will be impossible. For those reason, you will quickly forget what you just learn. Even you study hard, until you enter the room you forget all the lessons. In fact, every action that interferes with your reason is to make your life matching with your own karma. To be more precise, they are responding to the choices and wishes you have created in previous lives. So, you can see that they interfere deeply with your intellectual life, which is the main reason why you cannot achieve what you want in life.

      The above example is just limited one. In fact, spiritual forces intervene very deeply and broadly in our perception complicatedly I accordance with each other’s karma, making it difficult for us to perceive. In contrast, God and the spiritual forces never and will never interfere with the desires of your soul and your soul, which is what constitutes your will. So, what do you want, what do you like? Who do you love? Who do you hate? Who you hate? Who do you forgive? You are compassionate or cruel, light or dark, love or fear is all by you, it belongs to you. The absolute freedom of will that God has given you and all humanity in the universe is the creative freedom of your soul.

     In general, the freedom of will is the absolute freedom of your soul. The freedom of will is also the right to choose and desire anything. The right to create any vibration depending on the wishes of your soul. You have the full right to use your free of will in your life that God will never intervene, never demand you to choose this but not others. As long as those choices and wishes are most beneficial to the experience of your own soul, regardless of that desire, what is the choice? And God will give you everything you choose, all you want, to help your soul get the full experience. The fullness here cannot be thought as they way human does such as good or bad, right or wrong. It can explain why in the present all people have good wishes, but God does not meet that for human beings.

     Since the past until now, your wishes cannot be fulfilled, cannot be achieved as you expect. It is simple because your wishes do not fit your karma. The most achievable one are those matching the wishes you have created in a previous life. In fact, in many previous lives, many of your wishes cannot come true. Because your time in life has been filled by what you have chosen in previous lives. So, all that you desire in that life will be brought to you by God in the next life according to the linear chronological order.

     It also means that what you want first, what you choose first, God will bring you first, what you want and choose later, God will bring you later. In fact, in the present, what described above no long exist in our planet. Thus, wishes we created on this life will happen in this life as long as you accumulate enough energy.

     But when it comes to the freedom of will, we should talk about other side of it. Although you cannot deny that all of us and all human beings in this universe, everyone has been given the absolute freedom of will by God. But in fact everything has its downside and for the so-called freedom of the will is still no exception. You see, if you think that when you use your absolute freedom of will, you are free to choose what you want in Divine God. But whether souls who have lived on Earth for nearly 12,000 years, are we really using that right for its literal meaning? Actually, no, we have never had a chance to use that will for almost 12,000 years. Because the package that God brought to humanity is lacking too many good stuff. And almost all of God’s finest offerings are not in this package, then how we can choose as we wish.

     You see, so far, in the package God has given to mankind and allow you freedom of choice, there is no such thing as a sense of light, light energy as well as the so-called pure love energy of God. So for those years you live on Earth, is it too disadvantaged for us. In fact, God never said no to you. However, in that package, there are no good things. So, no matter how good you are, you still cannot choose the best and most satisfying items.

     For example: Next week, you want to have a trip with your lover, it is city A, about 1000 km away from your home. In order to move to City A, you have many options for this journey. And you can choose public transportation such as airplanes, personal helicopters, cruise ships, yachts etc. Or you can choose to travel by car, motorbike, high speed train, or even bicycle etc. But about 500 years ago, how many choices you can make. You can choose to ride a horse, take a donkey, take a horse, or walking. You see, people in the world of light use their absolute will and freedom to do whatever they want, and what they want is right there. People in the world of light have the right to choose the best for themselves, if they feel they really want it. And everything they can choose from does not lack any of the best-preserved items available in God’s package.

     You can say that the sun always shines even when you do not see it. And you can say you just do not hide from the sun, the sun will shine on you. However, even though the Sun is always shining, when you are on Earth at night you can catch sunlight. So, when you fall into those times, even if you really want the light, you still have no chance of catching the sun. Similarly, at times when humanity is in the dark, how humanity can be, light consciousness, light energy and pure love energy, even though it is still in existence. It still exists throughout the universe. By that, can you tell the people of this Earth in the past and present, are there opportunities to make choices like those in the world of light? You can answer this question yourself. In fact, the words of the freedom of the will apply to the present humanity, which is still haft expression and half hidden.

     But in fact, there were so many good things in the world’s sense that we could choose. But since we do not know how to choose, we cannot have it. You can imagine, you take your little baby to a supermarket, they sell different goods. And you tell your child that he can choose any items to buy. So the child chooses from a variety of different toys. After you see his toy, you ask him why he doesn’t choose those diamond rings or expensive stuffs. Your child answered you, I only play with the things I have chosen, but I do not know how to play with your chosen stuffs.

     You see, your child only chooses items that he or she loves that are appropriate for his or her age. And whether you tell him diamond and gold are very valuable things. For them it is inappropriate, as well as unnecessary for its age in the present moment. So, just the toys that it has chosen, it just feels valued to it. You see, the consciousness of a child is natural, what he chooses for himself, it must always be consistent with its perception. You cannot expect your child to have higher choices beyond his or her cognitive ability. Likewise, human consciousness on Earth has been very limited in the past, so humans can only choose what is suitable for human perception. You cannot ask people to choose what they do not know, not in accordance with human perception at that moment.

        Indeed, everything that you have been free to choose for the past 12,000 years is nothing but a sense of darkness, dark energy and scary energy! But you see, just like a kid, it chooses items that are considered valuable to their own experience, at the time when they were a child. Similarly, me and you have chosen for ourselves the sense of darkness and fear which is consistent with our perception at that moment. It also means that we choose only the experiences we love that are consistent with our own perceptions at that moment.

     Maybe after you read through my second example, you would assume that I was in conflict with myself. Because in just a short paragraph I have given two contradictory examples. This is because in the first example I seem to have been crushed, criticized, condemning God, otherwise in the next case I seem to defend God. In fact, I do not criticize nor advocate for God or anything, but I’m just telling the truth that exists in a matter in so many different perspectives.

     Actually I do not want to say much, because saying much does not mean knowing much. You see, in the debate people often say, “Ignorance is bliss”. But in fact, in a higher truth, this statement is false. Usually in a debate, the person with most knowledge will be the least spoken person, vice versa. You see, your God, your Buddha never judge you, never say much, and never argue with you. By the simple moment, They also realize that you are always right.

     But no matter how we say, everything has not changed completely now. Simply because while we are all on the journey of temporal experience, our will is also narrow, it is not totally free. You will be completely free and entitled to use your freedom of will unless you are fully awake and full of consciousness. So just look at your real life and look at the dark side of the so-called absolute freedom that God has given you, you will understand what you came here for?


Chapter III: What is Telepathy? The truth about the telepathy.

     Dear friends, in order not to waste your time, in this section I will not mention the understanding of the so-called telepathy as many have understood before. So I will go straight to the question and answer you that Telepathy is a means of communication in the world of light. Telepathy is a simple tool that replaces speech as well as all forms that humans can use to communicate with each other.


     You see, Telepathy is a supreme communicating method that people in the world of light communicate with each other without having to use speech. The true meaning of the so-called Telepathy, it is simple How to communicate in mind, also called as consciousness. Besides, this tool can be used to communicate about Love or emotional communication. In addition, this tool can also be used to communicate in EVERYTHING. And all this communication is based on a certain superior tool, also known as the method of communication. You see, in the present it is common for other people to understand you, you have to use words to express your thoughts in the language. You can even use body language to express. But no matter what method you use, you can only make the most of your thoughts. For example, if you are happy or sad, you are scared or feel bravely, you can only tell others about your emotional state as, that’s all. But you cannot send or pass those emotions you are experiencing to others, so that they can feel it as you are experiencing. Most people can only imagine that you are happy or sad, joyful or suffering according to their own imagination. But they cannot get the emotions you are experiencing.

    With Telepathy method, one can use this tool to convey both their thoughts and emotions to the receiver in the most honest way.

    Example: You are communicating with God; you can say at that time your emotional state is very normal. Naturally, you feel very excited or feel very happy inside. Or naturally you feel very emotional, even cannot stop crying, but you have no way to resist. Indeed, such emotions at that moment are not yours, but of God. And he sent these emotions to you through telepathy.

     In fact, I myself have been experiencing many similar cases. For example, during first contact with Mother God, I myself cry as if I never cried. At that moment, my heart was very emotional, very sobbing and crying with a state of being very happy, but not in a state of sadness. In addition, the first telepathic communication with the Archangel Michael, Lady Nada’s many other angels, I have the same feelings. Especially on the first day of Lunar New Year 1992, that day, Father God came and talked to me and members in my family. But just after a few sentences, I suddenly burst into tears, crying like rain, tears streaming down my face, but I could not stop myself from stopping. That day, I cried for more than 5 minutes, but after I stopped crying God did not mention the reason why I cried, He just said a few blessings to us and then go. In fact, in March of that year, I had a fatal traffic accident.

You see, to prove the truth that telepathy is a way to communicate emotionally. And from the examples, I can tell you that, for the first time I communicated with Mother God, Archangel Michael or with Lady Nada’s, how can I cry with them or how can I cry on the first day of the new year, when Father God talking to us. Honestly, that day I do not understand why, but today I understand the reason. From then on, now I can share with you this knowledge.

    In fact, people in the light world rarely use speech to communicate with each other, but they often use telepathy in communication. There are times when a lot of people sit together but people do not need to talk, but They use telepathy to work. Telepathy is a way of communicating directly, but in reality it is not direct.

     For example, you and I sitting face to face talking to each other, and the sound from your words will come directly to my ears and I will perceive what you are saying. Conversely, when you use the telepathic technology to communicate, all your thoughts and feelings will be through a system that is located in the center of the universe, then the new information is transferred next to me. Simple as this so you can visualize. Me and you sit opposite each other, see each other but separated by a soundproof mirror and we each hold a phone in hand to talk to each other. So, my words that you hear and vice versa must be through the exchange system, transmitted to each other through the phone. Similarly, all information sent by telepathy, all through the center. The transcendence of this mode of communication is the speed at which information is transmitted by the speed of thought and is transmitted based on the brain wave technology. Because there is an indirect way of communicating the “Than Giao Cach Cam” and only the word “Seperate” has its own three meanings.

– The first meaning of this word is the way of communication, is the way of information transmission.

– The second meaning of this word is that it is not limited by distance.

– And the third meaning for this word is “not close together, not directly, The word “separate” in isolation.

   In fact, not only do people in the light world have the privilege of using telepathic technology to communicate. But all of Earth’s people are still using telepathy, although almost all of us are unaware of that. The thing is, people on Earth only use half of the application of this communication mode. It also means that we have only sent information but cannot receive information. And it does not mean that there has never been a single person on Earth who uses telepathic technology to communicate with people in the world of light. In fact, there have been many people who have gone through a variety of eras that have used the telepathic technology to communicate with God and those in the world of light. But for Earth people, in order to communicate using the telepathy, they must need help from people in the world of light by correcting some chakras and purifying the pineal gland. After correcting and purifying the pineal gland, the person has to be familiar with and practice to feel and distinguish the transmitted information. At first, when using telepathy, it is very difficult for people to distinguish the true source of information transmitted and the source of information that comes from the subconscious.

     To be more precise, when you receive outside information by means of telepathy, you receive voice-prompted information in your own. But in reality, humans can use up to three voices in their own. So, you have to know how to distinguish, you can recognize what the information comes from communication of Telepathy.

– First is the inner voice comes from the subconscious, or you are thinking by inner voice. For example: Tomorrow you will speak at a certain forum, so you will rehearse with your voice, how you will speak in front of the crowd. Example: You meet a girl, through many meetings, but you do not dare to confess to her, even though you love her very much. And this meeting you made the determination to confess to her. So before you meet, you will practice situations that occur when you confess to the girl in your own voice.

Second: While you use Telepathy, when you ask a question or receive a reply, you can only use your voice, so it’s nothing else. So you have to distinguish clearly what information is the information you say with your thoughts and what information is the information you receive from the Messiah. Psychic cognition is an exception, because the telepaths are only those who receive and feel the information communicated at the will of God. But the psychic cannot actively contact, comment, or ask questions and be answered back and forth as the communicator using telepathy.

    Third: Still derived from the inner voice, but the source of this information comes from the super consciousness. When you are passionate about pursuing a question or you are contemplating a problem to some extent in the absolute purity of the mind, the information automatically from your supernatural appears. Often, when information from the supernatural comes outflowing with you, then you are numb, lost, and you almost no longer have any response from your own consciousness. The moment this information comes to you, you will not be able to make any judgment, nor can it be denied or accepted in the right or wrong, good or bad. But once this is done you will not forget this information, and you can remember that information in detail. Say that the source of the information is flowing, but it is in fact your voice that speaks in your own accord, in a logic you cannot master.

     Particularly with information from the subconsciousness, you cannot recognize it. Because when this information comes to you it merges into your subconsciousness, just as you have thought it out, so you do not know.

     When referring to the so-called telepathy, I have seen another problem arising from this and I need to keep in mind for you. There are a lot of people who think that there is a whole language for the whole universe in common use, and after we fully awakening, full consciousness, we will use that language. In fact, there is no common language in the Universe. At first glance, you can say that if humanity can use the same language, it will bring better communication. Or the whole of Humanity in the Universe using the same language, there will be more advantages in communication. But you see, if that’s true, I’m afraid you’ve underestimated the so-called God consciousness, the total consciousness. You see, if that really happens it will limit the variety of language communication. If that really happens, the joys that arise from the differences in language culture will be lost. Remember, every language of a nation, every language of a country, every language of a planet in the Galaxy can only represent a part of Divine God’s consciousness in it. Therefore, it is impossible to have any language that can express the whole of God’s truth. So letting the whole of Humanity in the Universe use the same language is not effective and unnecessary. But if I tell you that the whole of Humanity in the Universe does not use the same language is not accurate. The fact is, there is a common language for the whole of Humanity in the Universe to use in living, but that is not the ordinary language but the language of Love. Indeed, only love is the only language that humans throughout the universe can use eternally.

    In fact, in the Universe, Humans have been using a variety of languages to communicate with each other. Each region, each nation, each country on Earth and every life in the galaxy in the Universe has been using the language they created from the God consciousness. People in the world of light does not need to use the same language. But when communicating with each other, they can fully understand each other. So ask why they can understand each other when they use a different language. Please tell us, in fact when you are communicating with each other, they do not use two different languages, but only one. Let me give you an example, which can help you visualize the problem. Example: I am Vietnamese and you are Egyptian but both, are in a state of full consciousness. Now I proactively touch Telepathy with you to discuss some things. So, my first job was to access the Egyptian language data source already available in the God data warehouse. And just my access to this data source is that I fully understand the so-called Egyptian language. So when I talk to you I have to say in your own language. On the contrary, you are the active person calling me, you also have to visit the general database of God conscious data to use the Vietnamese language to talk to me.


    Likewise, Jesus / Sananda wants to communicate with you, and no matter what language you are using in the world, He can communicate with you in your own language. Since he only has access to the source consciousness, he has what he wants. The problem of people in the world of light, who is active contact, the person must use the language of the other. But in the present moment, whether you actively call or vice versa, they still have to use the language you are using to communicate with you. For example, you call Jesus / Sananda for the Michael Archangel, for Saint German or for any other person in the world of light, he or she will actively use the language you are using most fluently to talk to you. God alone is different, whether you are in the world of light or in the dark world, you actively call God or God to actively call you, you still have the right to use the language you are using the most fluent. By God is God consciousness, God’ is total consciousness.

     In addition, Telepathy also gives users a very special application, that is, you can communicate with all animals, including plants. Telepathy is an extremely useful tool in helping you hear and talk with animals, plants and animals. Only if you are in a state of complete awakening and full consciousness. To be able to communicate with a lion or a rose, its principle is no different than that of humans. Also you only need to access the source repository of source consciousness, as you will get all the languages of every conscious species. From there, you can use the language to communicate.

     May your sympathy be one of the important things that I need to correct here is true and the problem is related to the soul. In the book The True Story, I have said that in the hearts of each of us, earthly beings have not fully awakened, God has installed a piece of God’s soul into it, to be experienced with each one. For those who have been fully awakened, full consciousness of God will leave. In fact, God does not need to install anything on humans, but God is always there for you, so you can always experience every thought, every emotion, every action you take. Simply because God is always communicating with you and everyone in the Universe with the technology of telepathy. The problem here is that not only God is in communion with all who live in the world, but always with all people, all things in every light word as well as darkness. Space. You lose connection with God, which means you are dead, literally dead. When your soul leaves the body, it means that you are in a state of death, waiting for reincarnation, this time of rest is also the time you lost connection with God. Communication technology by the god of telepathy, technology is extremely superior to God. Christians have described this problem in their doctrine as fellowship.


CHAPTER IV: What is Ascension? The truth about ascension.

     Dear friends, as you have seen in recent years, ascension is a phrase often referred to by the Light forces in their messages. So what is the true nature of the ascension? So, is it actually a wave of ascension? Or is it an ascendant form of energy?

     In fact, ascension is not an ascending wave nor is it an energy form of ascension. But ascension is a form of consciousness, the personal effort of the individual in raising awareness of light and understanding of truth. You can understand the simplest word of ascension means going to heaven. But it is not your physical body up to Heaven, not your soul up to Heaven, but your consciousness upward toward Heaven, toward God. The first step in your ascension process is to have true perceptions of God, of true values in life and of the spiritual world. So, light consciousness will be the premise, a tool to assist you in ascension and healing. So, the light consciousness is the beacon that guides your soul to live in unconditional love. And it comes from your perception and the whole of humanity that, over time, God will more and more bring the waves of light energy and love energy to Earth, more and more, for human use. And also from your perception, forces in the world of light will correct you physically. And after such corrections, it will make it easier for you to access your own super consciousness.

     The process of our ascension takes place as we walk on a spiral that is increasingly rising higher. The starting point is the perception of light and from the perception of light it will be the instrument that will assist you in healing, and from the progress in healing the Light will continue to assist you in correcting the physical body. Your corrected physics will give you deeper access to the metaphysics (the higher self). Deeper access also means that your perception will get higher and higher. And also from the fact that you have higher awareness, it will continue to assist you in effective healing. The effect of healing in light and love is the next thing for the Light to continue to support physical correction for you. This process will continue until each of us comes to full awakening and full consciousness. In fact, ascension is a continuous process of combining intellect – soul and body together with energy waves, in sync and consistency, but it is not separately for each division.

     Ascension is a process based on individual effort, but no one else can do it for you. God and the Light force can only support you by your own efforts. But if you do not accept awakening, or do not work for yourself, God and Saints cannot help you either. Indeed, the consciousness of light is the agent that deepens the expressions of love, which is the beginning of all the good things in human life.


     You see, there was a close connection between the ascension process and the process of remembering who you are. To be more precise, your ascension process, or process of awakening is synonymous with the process of remembering who you really are. So, the first thing you need to do is expand your sense of light, and move on to let go of the wrong dark shadows that have existed in your past. This is the key to your success, in supporting your spiritual healing and improving your own body. Expanding your awareness of the light also means you expand your awareness of the truth regarding your own life and the spiritual world. So, ask yourself the question is whether you dare to let go of false perceptions in the past, ready to receive the truth or not? So, ask yourself the question of whether you dare to bet with yourself once you accept the truth, but do not worry about it being wrong. Although almost all the truths you receive in the new age are contrary to your past perceptions. And if you are stuck with new insights, you need to set yourself a clear direction. But you should not stand on a dualistic position, accept the new but let that look in doubt and keep all that is on the foundation of the past. In case you are still living that way, you will never be able to apply new insights into your own healing. You can imagine your ascension, as a tree that wants to reach the sky. In case, you want your tree to grow strong and firmly planted and bloomed, you must first plant it in sunlight, followed by constant fertilization and watering. But only you can meet the conditions for the living tree, but not enough. More importantly, for its development, you have to remove the branches that have been attacked by the worms and cut off the weak branches around the tree. If you do so, you focus on the stem, so that it is strong enough to grow and flower buds. But if you still retain all the small and weak branches, even if it is pestilent, you are sorry. From there how it will affect the development of the tree, you can know yourself.

     The fact that you have just received new knowledge but still uses past knowledge, it is just like you bought 52-inch flat screen TV for your living room, but you continue use the black and white television of the 60-70’, you just consider a new television as a decoration. You are always doubtful about what you know, just like riding on kid wooden horse. So, no matter how hard your horse has galloped, it’s just standing still. The evolutional law tells you that if you don’t move forward then you are outdated.

     In the same way, you always want to receive the knowledge of light, however you still keep knowledge of the past and not let it go, and surely you will not be able to ascend. And as you can see, all activities of consciousness and love or any activities in your life are able to access energy. And how heavy or light of frequency energy you accumulate depending on the sense of darkness or light, love or fear, all is up to your decision. You receive and apply light-sensitive information in the living room to help you access compatible energy sources. But at the same time you keep and apply dark knowledge, you will also access the corresponding dark energy sources. By that, you have created yourself a considerable force, making you cannot go up nor down. The fact that you are stuck in place in this case, because you are not sure how to choose between two wishes that seem to cancel each other.

     You can imagine that job like this. You receive new knowledge and you know that the soul is real and that after the soul is incarnated the soul can work. But after your physical death, your corpse is the one that goes away because your soul will be reincarnated and enter into a new physical body, into a new life. You know, but when your loved ones are gone, you keep the old folds as buried and try to build tombs. Besides, you also invited priests, pastors, monks chanting. Moreover, you also give offerings, burning paper money all around. From that point, the new perception is meaningless, you cannot ascend. And once you cannot attain the ascension, all the hope of a full awakening is just illusion.

     You can imagine your body’s energy as a tank of paints. You only use red and black paint. But you no long want these dark color inside the tan.  So, what you need to do is to pour into the barrel with two types of white and yellow paint. And if you continue to persevere with only these two colors, your paint barrel will turn gray, gradually it will become creamy. This means that you will become fully awaken and fully conscious.