CHAPTER I: What Causes a Man to Return to Earth?

       I would like to say again what I mention in the Great Truth book, and what I presented is only a part of my purpose. So, today, I would like to add some new perspectives also related to the event and the real purpose of man’s coming to Earth.

     I sincerely we together find the answer to this question in the spirit of truth, but not distorted for any reason or to avoid the truth because of the fear of our self. You see, for such a macroscopic question we cannot find the truth with just the knowledge of the world, including religious knowledge. But to find the truth to this question we should not be able to complete the answer with the same patchwork. So again, you and I have to go back to the original cause.

     In fact, from the ultimate truth of God, it seems that all the experiences that a soul has come from are derived from a single word. “Want” is the first cause for all the experience of the soul. But if things you don’t want and you still have to experience, what is its reason?  If I cannot answer your question, it means that my statement is not true. Actually if you want to understand your own question, you need to have a multi-dimensional view of everything that happens in your life. You say there are things you do not want to experience, but you still experience unwantedly. Actually it was what you wanted and created in the past. And so with the saying that all experiences are derived from the word “desire”, it does not exclude anyone from it. Even the supreme creator, God is actually the first to use desire, and in fact “desire” to be the first vibrator that produces all the other vibrations of the soul. Wanting to be vibrated has preceded both the vibration of love and the fear. God fulfilled his desires with God’s own actions from the beginning. So ask this intense desire of God is what? It is possible that some of you who read this will be very afraid and for yourself to miss, read these terrible blasphemy “God desires.” If that’s the case, I hope you do not be afraid, to tell you the truth, I’ve never been afraid of God anymore, but I just love and truly respect our God. In fact, God will never punish anyone so there is nothing to fear than I just tell the truth, so you should not worry.

Back to God’s will, you see, when in the absolute world, God always has a desire that God will experience what he knows, what he has, “also conscious God, is “In order to know who you really are. And from this very wish God made a plan and this plan is known as the plan of the whole. Having completed the plan, God from the absolute world, created the relative world of matter. God created the universe, God created the human and the first two humans God created Adam and Eva. But in reality Adam and Eve are also the embodiment of God in the relative world, Adam and Eve are also God our Father. And from God Mother / Father, all souls existing in this cosmic universe are born.

As Father God and Mother God say, all souls that are present in the Universe are born correctly. But in reality, Father God is not the one who gives birth to the whole soul that exists in the universe. But Father God and Mother God only give birth to 72 pairs of twins, that is144 souls and bodies of his direct children. And one hundred forty-fours are the souls of the second generation, they are the General Gods of the space, the Master as we often hear in their messages. Then, these 72 couples produced another 50 pairs of twins also means that each pair has 100 children. From the beginning, They created souls for their children.

     And so on, the successive generations have continued giving birth until the life in the Universe is filled. But it is not true when you say that man does not have many children, because there are no more souls. In case, if the smallest twins in the Kingdom cannot give birth because the Universe is filled, then the souls themselves do not have children. Since then, it has been shown that God’s ability is very limited, creativity has been halted, moreover the will of the willpower of these souls will be limited and the justice of God is broken. So, in spite of the fact that the Universe is always maintained at the level of the 72 Universes. But these areas of the universe have been expanding continuously from its inception until now. For example, since the beginning of the universe, there are only 1 million existing souls, the narrow limit of each universe space will be one million galaxies that exist in it. In today’s universe, there are billions, billions and billions of souls in existence, the sparse limits of each universe space will be the 10 million galaxies that exist in it. And this process will be endless, new souls in the Kingdom will continue to be born and the universe will continue to expand. However, the birthrate of each pair of twins in the Kingdom of God will gradually decrease over time. For example, Father God and Mother God gave birth to 72 pairs of masters, then Each pair of Masters gave birth to 50 pairs, the next generation, each pair produced only 18 pairs. And the birth will gradually slow down and decrease over time to o meet all the needs of human evolution and the universe.

     You see, the truth from the beginning is a proof that each of us is a creator, co-creator with God from the very first days. In addition, we affirm once that all of us have the Father, the mother, the children, the siblings of each one of us in the Kingdom of Heaven, and all of them come from Him- the Creator.

     Actually, all I have said here is only part of God’s omniscient plan. Because it is only half of God’s plan, so our Creator can only experience half of his desire. But God’s overall sense is that there is both Light and Darkness, so if God builds his plan solely on the part of the consciousness of light, the plan will collapse. As you can see, God’s omnipotent plan has been absolutely successful thanks to the absolute balance between the two forces of yin and yang, light and darkness. Once God has created the binary, relative, natural world, all God’s creations must be based on the law of the opposite sex, based on the law of light and dark coexistence and parallelism. In the event of an imbalance in operation, God’s plan will collapse and everything will end, but in fact it will never happen to God.     

    Once we have talked about the balance between God’s light and darkness, you will find that it has generated contradictions. The nature of God is absolute light and infinite love. So, God is only able to express himself with the light consciousness and infinite love. So asking the dark side of consciousness and the fear that is left in opposition to light and love, God created what purpose? And who will be the user and operate it to bring balance to the existence of the universe and life. This is the real cause, the God-motive that creates man and the world in order to realize God’s own desires. And this is also the cause, the purpose, the mission of all of us are doing on Earth nearly 12,000 years. From there, you can see that man is the solution of God, but finally God’s solution is the most beneficial. In other words, at the end, man is the most beneficiary of the solution of God, whereas God is the solution of man.

     In the world of light, God can experience without any of his creation and from his children. But God will never be able to experience anything that comes from the consciousness of darkness, though all are of God. Similarly, the vibrations that emanate from the soul of God are just vibrations that bring love and God always loves human beings and things by unconditioned streams, but it is never be the opposite. Similarly, after all we were born in Heaven, our perceptions, vibrations, and lives were almost completely different from God. It is also called the nature of God existing in every human being.

     So, after each of us has gained a full awareness in the God-consciousness, it is natural that every one of us has a strong desire to be experienced, to experience practically everything that each one of them I know only by the concept of the so-called dark world. It is just like knowing by experience that it is like experiencing war through television, watching live football but directly on television. So, to experience, the desire to experience in reality all that human beings already know is an urgent need of all of us.

     You always wish that one day you will have a lot of money, so you can travel around the world rather than travelling through TV. Similarly, you are a great football fan, so you always have the desire to watch World cup on stadium. You can travel directly, you can experience the feeling of genuine that the place and people bring to you. You can go directly to the football stadium, you can have genuine feelings about the atmosphere of exciting, passionate on the pitch by the players and spectators created. The feeling is quite different from watching on TV even you are watching live. From such a simple picture of reality, you can see how great the desire to experience each of us is. So, if God does not allow you to enter into the actual experience of what you already know, then it is a torture for you. And then you will no longer see the excitement, no longer happy with the world of light you are living. More so life will always be so bland and boring, let alone happiness.

     You see, it is from God’s desire originally, and from that desire God accomplishes it by omniscient plan. But after God created the world and man, God’s will was spreaded to all of God’s children. In other words, when human beings are fully conscious, God’s will is also the desire of the human person. From there we find that the desire to experience the reality of hell in the dark world is the desire of me, of you, of humanity, of the world and of the whole of the universe, but also of the world of anyone. And until then the desire to experience the dark world is no longer the desire of God’s monopoly, but of the whole of mankind. Indeed, the journey of seeking experience through the mundane reality of the dark world is the wish of each of us, God does not force us.


CHAPTER II: What is the purpose of man to coming to Earth?

     Similar to the above question, with this question mentioned in the Ultimate Truth. But in fact, no matter how many pages I write, it will be never enough for a topic that is so vast. Moreover, myself as well as all other people in this universe, never enough to be able to fully understand the subject. You see, God is always like that! God’s consciousness is infinite, it is large enough, big enough, high enough for people to discover and create, so life really makes sense. So, whether it be me, you or anyone in this universe, including Jesus / Sananda, all can never know and understand all about a topic, a field that in life. If that happens, it means that God’s field has run out of creative land, which will lead to the end of creation, which means the end of the game.

     But no matter how vast the God-consciousness, today from these pages I will point out some truths. And those truths are facts that are related to the specific purpose of each of us journeying on Earth. Talking about the purpose of coming to Earth, spiritual pursuers have previously suggested that humans come to this planet to learn. But the gospels and even God, most notably the books of GOD by Neal Donald Walsch. God often said: the true purpose of human beings to Earth is not to learn anything, everybody knows everything. God says your purpose here is to remember who you really are. But do not come here to learn who you are.

     In fact, the primary purpose of all of us to Earth is not to remember who we are, but to carry out our mission of expanding the God-conscious darkness. Remembering who you are will automatically come when you fulfill your obligation to experience the world of your own darkness. In case, God’s word is that your true purpose here is to remember only who you are, the whole truth, you probably do not need to come here to do anything. I do not think that God is wrong to say that the purpose of each person coming here is to remember who he really is? But I think that God is too intelligent, God’s intelligence is infinite when He speaks this sentence. In fact, God’s word is to lead you to another question, give you another hint on an issue that you need to find out for your own journey, and finally to remember you who is that? What God says, you often assume that it is the answer to your questions. But in fact what God says to you as an answer, it is not so.

     Usually when God gives you the answer, that brings you one or more questions, but it never a really complete answer, like two years of clarity. But if you ask? Has God ever answered you a question with a degree of total truthfulness? I suppose yes, surely yes, for example, if you ask God 2 times 5 is a little, of course God will answer 10. But usually you never ask the same question. In fact, you only dare ask God or ask the Masters for something you do not know, but never dare ask them about what you already know. In fact, in the past and in the present, in the spiritual realm, much of what you think you know is often not true. But once God answers you something you do not know, God usually continues to give you other questions, but not a complete answer. Then from the questions that arise, you will answer yourself in the truth, the problems that you care about. And in fact, you can answer yourself to any question you want, as a reminder of God’s message in the message at the beginning of the question itself. “

     And God’s word is absolutely right, but it is not easy to understand this statement, because it has turned into a question itself. So you will have to keep looking for answers, for the question God brings. And as you know, you can answer any question you want, because in your supernatural, in your great self, there is a lot of light-conscious information. Because of this fact, so the saying of God, the purpose you come here is not to learn but to remember who you really are is absolutely correct. God’s saying is very meaningful to us in this “new age” moment but will be meaningless to us in earlier epochs on Earth. From there, in the universe there is always the truth that people in the dark world must live on the question of evolution. In contrast, people in the world of light always live with the answer to creativity.

      So the first part of the answer, your purpose here is not to learn God has become a question. With a perception in the 3D world people often assume that between questions and answers are two different sides, actually all the questions have included the answer. That is why God’s actions are not beyond the purpose of helping your soul evolve in his love.

     So, if you take the whole word of God or Master, you think it as truth and apply exactly in life, then it will lead to mistake. The same mistakes have occurred many times, when the words of Shakyamuni, the words of Jesus, or the words of the Prophet Muhammad were spoken and considered as truth, Applied in religion. Here again I assert that I do not criticize any organization, anyone, or anything, but only speak the truth from my observations. In case there is any confusion in your perception for me. I still have nothing to call it wrong or right, good or bad, but it is all in the process of experiencing each of us.

     In fact, in the world we have always lived with the concept of right or wrong, good or bad to solve the problem. But never want to use a third way in which there is no such thing as right or wrong, good or bad to solve the problem. You should remember, there are times when you do not necessarily use the so-called right or wrong, good or bad to solve the problem, will give you better results. Example: Today you have a little work to move from home to the city center. Of course on your journey must go through a lot of fork, crossroads. Of course, when you come to a fork or intersection, the red traffic light signals you to stop, if you do not want to crash or cause accidents. And you can just cross the road and continue on your journey as the green light pops up. Where, when you come to a fork, the intersection is in red light, but you keep going, which means you broke the law. From this example I give a hypothesis, the green light is true, the red light is false. In fact, you always have a third solution to solve the problem without having to pay attention to what is called right or wrong. In this case, your third prize is the flashing yellow light. And as you know, when you go to a traffic light, you see the flashing light that you have the righ to observe for your safety, but you don’t need to stop. In this case, I give an assumption if, on your path when you see yellow light, you do not have to stop. That means you do not have to pay attention to the so-called green lights or red lights, which means you do not need to worry about the right or wrong.

     Similarly, when you travel on the road, it is imperative that you travel left or right depending on the rules of each country. For example, if you are a Vietnamese or an American, you drive on the right. But when you go to England or Hong Kong, driving on the right is illegal. So, you see the problem right or wrong, good or bad here often depends on the convention, depending on the concept of people in each region and time so they can evaluate the work of You are right or wrong, is good or bad, that’s all. But in the ultimate reality there is no such thing as right or wrong, there is no such thing as good or bad for any matter in the universe. But all based on truth and truth is always great, because it is the truth.

     You see, there are times in life you have a problem, but not always you should definitely find a solution called the best to solve. Because the problem is called dilemma, you can never find for yourself the best solution. If you really find yourself the best solution, the problem itself is not that hard. So, in case of a difficult situation, you should solve the problem as intuitive and flexible as possible, you feel the most important thing to solve first. Insecure then you will have the next perfect solution for you. But if you always prefer to use right or wrong prejudice, self-centeredness, and logic to solve problems, it’s unlikely that it will bring you success. Because everything is supposed to be logical or logical, it can only be logical and logical when things do not go wrong. But once it has happened, what you call self and logic will become meaningless.

     Similarly, if you want to see the truth you do not necessarily have to have a clear separation between right and wrong. But you just observe the wrong way is not wrong, the truth will appear to you.

     In the reality, you sometimes encounter problems that are so difficult and difficult that you have no way to solve them. And one of you got the feeling that you have no other way, you have no other solution to your difficulties. My advice to you is God and your only solution is God. In case you absolutely trust and entrust everything to God, then naturally God will give you a very spectacular escape that you could not have imagined before.

     In fact, in life, the language itself speaks of so many perfect truths. For example: right and wrong words, you see, many times you insist that you are right that you wil get Bitter and many times you insist that other people are wrong, you have Smuggled.

     Likewise, there are many people who put a lot of weight on winning or losing as a major purpose in life. But sometimes you have to fail and sometimes failure gives you more fun than winning. For example: I have a very lovely niece, since he was very close to his grandparents. Especially my grandson loves the game and when I play it often choose me as the object of the game. And every time I play, I always try to lose myself. You see, sometimes in life you have to know when to lose and when to try to find a winner, then you can feel more fun in life. But not necessarily always have to fight live, fighting to win the victory. In the case of my grandfather too, when I know how to lose I will be seeing his face happy and happy. Furthermore, when I accept it for more wins, the automatic belief in its ability to multiply. On the contrary, if I keep trying to win my part, then I will definitely see my very depressed and sad face. Over time, I accidentally undermined my confidence in my ability. And finally, losing is sometimes funnier than winning.

    However, if I just give the same examples, you would think that these are fun examples of children’s games, but not realistic in nature as competitive in life. But no matter what you think, I insist that all that we experience on Earth is still just a game, no more. And do not have any of your experiences in this world without giving you a word. Regardless of all the things you experience, you are clearly separated, what is the winner – what is the loser, what is the success – what is the failure, what is the happiness – what is the suffering Your point. And when you achieve the so-called, winning, success or happiness you will assume that is what you get, in the opposite case you will assume it is lost.

      In fact, if you have never experienced the so-called defeat, failure or misery, you will never be able to obtain the so-called victory, success or happiness. The reason is simple: if you have never experienced what you call loss, you will not have the experience to grasp what you call it. If you have never experienced what you call suffering, you will not have the experience to grasp what you call happiness. Actually, gain and loss are only one-sided vision, influenced by the dualistic duality of the world. But in the sight of God, we have never lost anything, but always.

     I remember a few years ago, when my family was in Saigon, my son wanted to own a coffee shop. Because he recognized that there are many people successful in this business. However, my family is not rich, so it is very difficult to help my child to fulfill his wishes. But with the help of his sister, my son finally got a coffee shop, as he wanted. Although the cafe is not that great, my son is happy that he can master all of his decisions in the business. Sadly, the reality of life is not the same as he thought, the café shop is always empty. Although my child’s business location is in an area with many adjacent cafes. But people’s shop is very crowded, my son’s shop is not. I feel sorry when he always looking for customers.  I can tell, the feeling that my child is experiencing in those moments is very disappointed and boring.

     Because my son’s business is slow, my friends looked at me and my son with a pity look and thought that this was a definite failure. In fact, my sadness is really a joy, because I know my son has really succeeded in another perspective. And this success is not visible from the outside, but it is seen from within the perception of life itself. Since my son never knew what to do to support his family for his parents and sisters, because he was the youngest son. In addition to not knowing what to do to help the family, my son has never recognized how much love and money his parents and sister give to him. But after opening a coffee shop, he knows how to care for others. He knows how to appreciate money, because he recognizes that it is hard to make money. Moreover, he learned to wake up early, making drinking, cooking rice, washing dishes, cleaning the house and decorating the house etc. In addition, after experiencing the humiliating failure, he knows and appreciates the feelings that family members have for him. It is aware that he opens the cafeteria as his wishes, but it is not his money. But after failure, everyone in the family does not scold him for that loss, but vice versa. We are always encouraging and sharing everything with him.

  In your opinion, in my son’s case, it is failure or success. No matter what you think, I always think my son gained success but not failure. In case, my son succeeds in that coffee shop, and he can open up to 10, 100 shops. Maybe my son will become arrogant and he will never know the love, the feeling of family is precious to him. So, in my opinion, success in terms of perception of life, before achieving material success will bring people more happiness. On the contrary, material success before being successful in perceiving life, will often bring people more unhappiness than happiness.

     What human beings do on Earth? As I have explained above, the reason for this is that God’s desire is now for you to act for your own desires and to serve God’s will. Actually this is the truth, but for you to understand more deeply this truth, imagine God’s divine plan divided into the first and the latter, the light and the dark. The first part of God’s omniscient plan is to create and experience that creativity, in the world of light and for love as the main. So, in the world of light, God can experience whatever God wants, in the light and love sense. But what God wants is not just that, God wants to experience the whole of God, all the God created. But God cannot experience the dark world and the low vibration of the soul. Because God’s nature is light and love, God’s desire is impossible. But in reality, for God nothing is impossible and the real solution to God’s plan is that you, me and all the spirits created by God serve the plan. All my plan.

     As I said in the previous section, initially wanted to be of God, but by this time it was no longer God’s own, but it is common desire for all human beings. And until the end, human desires are God’s wishes, but we are the ones who directly carry out our desires. And that desire is the desire to experience the world directly in the sense of darkness and fear. But in reality, when people are living in darkness and fear, everyone is disgusted and wants to get out of it. But when we are living in the world of light, everyone desires to live and experience the dark world. This is also a paradox that exists in our world.

     Indeed, the soul of each of us is always eager to experience what the soul lacks. So, we came to an agreement with God, that God allows us to experience this world directly. And each time before entering the dark world, each person must sign with God a contract in the absolute consensus between God and the soul. Actually, when you are fully aware, you always know that in the dark world you will face many challenges. Not only will you suffer so much cruelty, cruelty, pity and misery. But not so that it can undermine your worldly desire for experience.

     Except for the three highest Gods, not directly to the world, but directly accessible, if they will. The rest of us, headed by Jesus / Sanada and Lady Nada’s to the smallest in heaven, are allowed to experience the world directly. To put it more precisely, no one is able to deny his obligation to experience the world. And if you think that this is an obligation, this is the law of the universe, so you must enforce it is absolutely correct. But if you do not need to rely on the law, you suppose it is voluntarily, that is not also wrong.

So, after having reached consensus from all, God has carried out the plan. First, as Creator and God Mother / Father will direct the Second and the Archangel to design life-sized planets that fit the playing field for souls in the 3D world. Next, the creators will design the soul for souls in worldly life with only two strands of DNA instead of the twelve DNA as in the light of life. Next, when human physiology is engineered with two strands of DNA that have adapted to life on that planet. The creators will put the souls on the list, reincarnated into the Earth. Of course, before being reincarnated, these souls are embedded in the mortal body with a pure soul. All the data on God light consciousness has been accessed by them and becomes their own perception in the life of Heaven. And all the data about the vibrations of love in heaven was retained. To be exact, this information is installed according to the soul, but they are all in the transcendent part of each person.

     Also, after each soul is reincarnated in physics, they will always be followed by God Mother / Father. To be more exact, God has always communicated with all souls by the divine telepathic waves. God / Father will always connect with all souls that are masculine and God will always communicate with all feminine souls. Integrating the direct and simultaneous experience of each of God’s souls is the experience of the Creator. In addition, when a soul incarnate on Earth there are always many or always have at least one guardian angel standing with you 24/24.

     You know, to meet the need to experience the dark world of all of us. The creators designed human physics with just two strands of DNA that prevented us from accessing the source light sense. At the same time, they must hide the information from the great self of the individual in the supernatural, to serve the creativity of your soul in the world in the dark world.

    Your real purpose to the planet Earth is to creatively expand the dark kingdom of God, and to represent God’s image in this world. Imagine your mission as a stuntman, “this is the role of God.” The difference between life and earthly roles is that you have to always follow your own scripts, but not the ones written by God. And once you take on the role of an actor and scriptwriter, God will become your director and also your loyal audience.

     And from the shadow world, you will have to create everything by your own darkness, which is also the creation of God’s dark consciousness. In order to bring you and God the most innovative experiences in the world. But you should know that the word of creation does not mean that you have to do something new, the best, the best, or the benefit to others, in the 3D view of humanity. To be more precise, you have the right to do whatever you want, not necessarily good, good or beneficial. Creativity in your dark world is the creation of whatever is called the newest to your soul, through your thoughts, words and actions, as well as in your soul vibrations. That’s all. The newness used here does not necessarily mean the good in the temporal sense. Every thought, every word, every action of your vibration is a manifestation of God. You see, you come here to make things, to create what God cannot do on your own, to bring God to experience those things. If you do not do so, God will never be able to experience all that God has in God’s whole, so that God will never know who he really is. God can only truly know that he is God through you, but do not know yourself as God because God is God.

     In the dark world, you can do anything you want, like compassion, charity, love, or you can kill people, rob you, rape, power, repression, cunning, dishonest, dishonest, selfish, greedy and so on … with your sense of darkness. And from the creatures of the dark consciousness, you will have to go through the lawless receptacle, and there you will experience all the emotions such as happiness, riches, fame or pain suffering, oppression, unhappiness, suffering, illness, illness, loneliness, etc. Until the end, you see, in any world, whether light or dark, consciousness is always the creation of action and the result of action will give your soul experience. Similarly, from the consciousness, God creates through action, from the act of God to create all and from all God will experience all the results that God created. It is also known as God who recovers the creative work of God himself through God’s actions. In other words, God will recover all results through God’s omniscient plan.

     The process of coming to the dark world until the full awakening of a soul usually goes through seven stages. You should know that the stage I mentioned here is not setting the linear time, but the stage of the experience of a soul. These stages will pass quickly or slowly depending on the creativity and awakening of the soul itself, without specifying the time. For example, there are souls living in the world of the illusion of the world for hundreds of lifetimes who refuse to step through the cognitive stage. But there are souls who live in this phase for several dozen lives that have entered the stage of cognition. For example, many souls will have to live from the moment of earthly perception, until the period of spiritual awareness takes several dozen lives. But there are souls that complete this stage in just a few lives.

1- The first stage, darkness consciousness set.

     This period is also known as the primitive period, referring to the primitive period, and I would like to point you to a problem that has arisen from the original language of Dialogue with God. God was originally advised to return to living with the nature of the primitive man, but the author disagreed with this view. The author claims that primitive people live in darkness, ignorance, backwardness, barbarism. So, if a person returns to live as a primitive period, it is a step backwards in evolution. But God said that if people return to live as primitive man will have a better life, better than the present life a lot. Indeed, the moment I read the CWG, I have also been very sympathetic to the author’s point of view. Eventually, I realized that God had played the word with the author as well as with the reader, God referring to human life in the primordial time, also the beginning. But the author and I at that time assumed that God refers to the original era of Humanity on Earth. You see, God’s way of helping us on the path to broadening our consciousness, is often the same, though at that moment you are very difficult to accept the truth.

     To return to the main issue, it is traced back to the original period of humanity on Earth. In fact, in the primitive period, the number of souls entering the Earth was not so much as the world population today. Therefore, we cannot assume that only those who lived in the primitive period possessed the darkness of consciousness, and that the souls of later incarnations were not. In fact, any soul that has entered the Earth, (for the first time ever derived from the Kingdom of Heaven, has not yet lived through any other planet), at any time in the world, is included new souls. And all of the new souls are souls of darkness. For example, the original period, Creator brought ten million incarnations on Earth. And from this group of ten million souls, they multiply and most of them are new souls entering the Earth.


   The dark period of consciousness is the longest period that a soul must experience in mortal life. The first incarnation was the most difficult time of a spiritual life on earth. In this period, the souls themselves are always living in fear because their living knowledge, their experience of life, their own wisdom is almost zero. So, in order to be able to sustain life, they can do whatever they want in the lead of darkness. Gradually the character of each of us more and more brutal and cruel. In this period, in order to survive, you are ready to do the jumble, rob the road, do the black society, kill the robbers of the hands not only because of a piece of food, or just because the item does not have much value. You will be able to protect your honor with a knife, swordplay, gunfight with one another for a little conflict or just for being offended or just for scrambling for a girl. At this stage, to satisfy your sexual needs, you can take acts like robbing a bride or buying a slave to even arrest a woman as a sex slave. In this period of time, you and I will be able to do things considered cruel, most barbarous by the sense of darkness, in our fear to satisfy the needs of the physical and sustainment.

2 – The second stage: earthly illusion.

     In this period, each soul has accumulated for itself a lot of wisdom and experience. During this period, you will always try to find things like money, wealth, fame, fame, power and happiness for yourself. After many lives through darkness of consciousness, you have accumulated a lot of experience in the blood. So, you will pursue the things you desire, by knowledge, by wisdom, by your own experience, unlike in the past. In this period, you will always remember that everything that you will have can only happen on Earth. So, you will use your knowledge and wisdom to try to achieve everything in your power, despite all the tricks for achieving the purpose, to bring you and your family full of prosperity in life.

3 – The third stage, the realization of the world.

     This is a period of considerable change in the perception of the worldly life of every soul. When the soul comes to this stage, it will automatically require your consciousness to give it another new, guided experience of love. Like God said in the CWG, after you finished breakfast, someone invited you to another breakfast, so you refused. Declare not because the food you are invited to is not good, but the reason is that you have already eaten.

     So, at that point you want to have tea or coffee, but no longer want to experience breakfast again. You see, God’s will in this example tells you that it is not something you have experienced as darkness, crime, or suffering, which is of no value. But here, God wants to tell you that, when you have experienced the so-called darkness, crime or suffering enough. So now you do not need to experience it anymore, that’s all. You see, when your soul has lived through many lifetimes, it has experienced a variety of emotional states, such as cruelty, barbarism, selfishness, deception, unhappiness and suffering, etc. At this moment as a natural law, your soul will no longer want to experience such negative actions and similar emotions.

   And from your own experiences over many lives, you will realize that everything you have is impermanent, nothing with eternal value. So, during this time you feel no desire for evil, competing in lives. In contrast, now you feel more compassionate, more tolerant, more generous, more forgiving, loving and always want to show your love for everyone, things and nature.

    Therefore, souls are experiencing temporal awareness. They are more likely to choose careers for life, more dedication, or to benefit more people than for themselves. Typically, they will choose to do things like priests, priests, priests, teachers, medical professionals or in areas such as science, music, painting, as well as in organizations such as environmental protection, health organizations and humanitarian organizations etc. In cases where souls continue to choose for themselves highly competitive jobs, such as business, finance, manufacturing or high technology, they will no longer behave selfishly as before In return, profit from work, they will do more charity or spend more for the community benefit.

4 – The fourth stage, spiritual pursuit.

     The spiritual pursuit phase is actually a very sensitive stage for a human soul. By this stage, human consciousness is at the boundary between the real and the virtual. And usually when people go through middle age most of the people who have experienced the temporal cognition stage, they will think of spirituality. So, they will not be so salty with the so called job titles, the benefits they are pursuing anymore. They are now aware that, beyond what human beings can understand and possess in the present, there is always a supernatural, great and great force that has intervened in their own lives as well as everyone on the planet. In this period, their soul always has a desire to know the truth about their own origin. Therefore, they are willing to give up many things of worldly interest to pursue higher ends. This is also called spiritual pursuit. At this stage their souls desire to seek information related to the universe, gods, gods, God, etc. Therefore, they may be willing to accept anyone who is a teacher, willing to consent to any sect or sect that they think would give them the truth of nirvana or heaven. This stage is truly an exciting and exciting phase that a soul can experience.

5 – The fifth stage, spiritual illusion.

     In fact, the period of spiritual illusion only really happens to those who have gone through the spiritual pursuit. In the spiritual pursuit phase, at least you have some specific knowledge about the spiritual world, but with a lot of untrue information. At this stage, the truth and falsehood that are mixed up in your perception make you become very illusions of the spiritual world. Your illusion will not stop when you are taught by the masters of the light world or by God. In fact, when you are the master in the world of light as a pupil, your illusion will increase but is not reduced.

    Simply because you think that you are special people should be more interested in God or people in the world than you. You always imagine that you are the person God assigned the most important mission, so you dreamed that you will be God to meet you what you want. So, you can dream that you will have creators who will bring flying saucers to take you to a planet somewhere in the galaxy. Or you always dream that after you leave this body, you will be entered into nirvana, or returned to heaven, but no longer here to suffer like the other. In the period of spiritual illusion, often spiritual pursuits come from religion, which tends to ignore physics. They always have a physical thought that is temporary, which cannot exist with them in the life of Nirvana or in the eternal life of Heaven. The ghost of selflessness or the heavenly realm where God is reigning, is also the illusion that always weighs their minds. At this point in time, people are going through a period of psychic illusion.

     When you think you are living in a spiritual illusion, you often think that your soul will have more advantages in life. Because you know more truths, you are closer to the Light and God. From there, in meditation you can see many splendid images in the world of light. In fact, when you return to the real life, things do not always happen as you dreamed. So, you feel extremely tired and depressed with the reality of worldly life. You do not want to go back home with God, stay in the world is no longer happy, you are like standing at a crossroads and do not know which way to go. You can imagine yourself as a small fish alone swimming into the big sea. The fish is determined to swim into the sea because the fish believes in its power and excellence, it deludes that from a narrow river it can swim a great ocean. Unfortunately, it was not so easy because it was not as easy as it seemed.

     So, no matter how well the fish swim, at this point the fish can only swim to the estuary. The fish was unable to reach the big sea as it only came to the estuary, and it was realized that sea water was too salty, which could cause blindness and death in its eyes. It realizes that the sea is a completely different environment from what the fish often imagine. It cannot live in a large ocean environment because it cannot yet adapt to sea water. So, whether it is wanted or not, it still has to stay at the river mouth, the purpose is to familiarize with the salty water environment. More than that, it will have to wait for the fish team, its kind on the river to swim from behind. In fact, the fish cannot go to the sea alone, because the estuary is now closed to separate it from the sea. It was only when the fish gathering was complete at the mouth of the river and, at the appropriate time, the gate was opened for it and the fish group approached the sea.

     Also related to the fish, I remember after reading my two books, my brother-in-law told me a story to compare human’s understanding of the spiritual world as: The turtles, on a beautiful day floating down the water to visit its fish friends. By the way it tells the fish that, on earth, human life is very modern and splendid. Humans have created so many things that are houses, castles, cars, trains, planes and so on to serve their lives. After listening to it, there are many fish that do not believe the turtles speak the truth, but there are some who believe in turtles. With fish that do not believe in the turtle’s words, they wear the words of the turtle, and continue with their lives and see their world as the only one, no other world.With the fish in the turtle has always found every way to get out of the water to see the real life of human beings.

     But as you can see, leaving the water environment, fish cannot survive. Likewise, there are many who do not really understand the mystery of the spiritual world, so they tend to leave their physical bodies to reach heaven, to nirvana. Likewise, if the fish can leave the water ashore, it will have access to the human world, meaning it will die. Fortunately, at the present time, there are also many fish that do not leave the water, but still have their own eyes on the life of the human world. And those lucky fish, which can be referred to as ornamental fish, unfortunately its look is always separated by a glass. If lucky, the fish will be seen outside through a flat glass layer so that it will be able to sense the world of humans in closer proximity to the truth. Unfortunately, for fishes kept in glass tanks, lenses are oval or circular, naturally the image that it sees in the human world becomes distorted and deformed.

     You see, like the fish, there are so many people who have always imagined that they are aware of the spiritual world in a profound and complete way. In fact, their perception of the spiritual world is distorted, deformed, and without the high fidelity they think, no different than the fish’s view of the human world when it is kept in glass aquarium. In fact, in the present, no matter how you look at it, there is a perception of how the world of the spirit is like the ornamental fish of the world, through the mirror of the aquarium. So, in the present moment, no matter how you look at the spiritual world, it always has the illusion that comes with it, to create dishonesty.

     You see, the light consciousness that you have at this point is just the beginning, but it is not big enough for you to apply it in real life in the world of light. In case your awareness is sufficient to be able to master yourself, master life and possibly escape from the power of darkness, I think you are probably not Earth. Unfortunately, in the present, though we have little knowledge of light, we are still living in the power of darkness. Previously in the book The Ultimate Truth, I also mentioned the so-called power, power and authority, but I have not had a satisfactory explanation of these three. By the way today I will talk about it so that you can visualize the truth about the so-called power, especially the so-called dark power.

1 – Power is right based on capacity of each person. The power is exactly relying on the energy that person possesses in his creation. Why do people always assume that God is the Supreme beings, It is simply because God’s consciousness is God’s, so the energy created by the God consciousness is infinite. God is also love, so the energy of love created and given to God is infinite. So, just to mention God is to say the supreme omniscient, that is, to say the fullness and completeness of the whole of God. The greater the power of a person, the happier the person is. In the world of light there is no so-called power, but only the power.

2 – Power, in The Ultimate Truth I have said that human power is just what exists on Earth, more accurately it is something that exists only in the 3D world in general. Indeed, power is an invisible power born in the dark world, power is not born in the world of light. So how does power come to be? In fact, the power generated is always supported by a specific dark-sense force that creates the power to make others dependent on the holder. In fact, power is something born of illusion, but its power can negatively affect all aspects of human life. In fact, power itself is not real, but it is something that is given to someone, a group or a particular country.

The person with the highest power is the one who holds in his hand the things most people need most, typically life, freedom, peace, food, clothing, money, etc. will be the most powerful, the most powerful nation. This simple example allows you to imagine that a husband who has the power to be the husband holds all the family economics, possesses more knowledge, more intelligent, more assertive than his wife. That is why there are so many needs of the wife who is always dependent on the husband, from which the wife gives the husband a call to power. Similarly, the power of the financial and banking circles is born by so many people who need their capital. The authority of the ruler born of the government is that it holds many things that people need, such as freedom of movement, freedom of speech, freedom of belief, peace, even hold the lives of the people etc. The more the machine operates, the less that the people need, the more power the machine receives.

     Example: The power of a neighbor is created not because the country has a larger area, not because the country is more populated. But because that country holds peace, it holds the economic resources of its neighbors too much. The country has a lot of power, because they own more vehicles and more modern weapons than small ones. Because of that little water is afraid and for fear of small water power. In the opposite case, if small countries hold many economic resources of large countries, most of them own more, more means and weapons than modern countries. Then automatically small water will recover the so-called power that they had given to the former big. And naturally, power will be shifted from large countries to small ones. Similarly, the husband’s power will cease to exist and be withdrawn, if the wife no longer needs to use any need derived from the husband. Similarly, the power of financial and banking circles will be revoked, as the entire world population no longer needs and uses money. Likewise, the authority of the authorities will be revoked and collapsed, if all the people have a high consensus of depriving themselves of what they have been given and which have been held by them for so long.

     And you just look at the meaning of the two words that the masters use, the power of light and the power of darkness. You will understand why I think that power is not in the world of light. In fact, power is what is created by the dark energy of consciousness and of fear. The opposite of power is that which is created by light energy and love. In general, the world is no longer afraid, power no longer exists.

3 – Powers, in fact, just look at the two powers that you can understand its meaning without explaining. Because of the power of the word itself, indeed there is a limitation in its power.

     Back to the problem of spiritual illusion, you see, because of what I have outlined above. So, when you enter the stage of spiritual illusion, you will also encounter many difficulties not inferior to the period of your soul in the darkness of dense consciousness. Difficult is because the fish has abandoned the habit of feeding on the old river and the new environment is not familiar. Moreover, its living pressure at the mouth of the river is not easy, as it has to live with two salty and constantly freshwater sources. But now it cannot return to the ancient river, because if it comes back as the effort it has spent will be wasted. There may be a lot of fish feeling very disappointed with the new habitat that returns, but if it goes back will be more difficult for it. Because the return path is the opposite way, opposite the flow of the river, “Also you return to the old 3d sense, about the temporal illusion, back to the opposite trend.” If it returns to success, it will eventually swim out to sea again. Because by the river it is not big enough for it to be able to have the life it desires and only the sea is big enough for it to wrestle in the area.

     Actually, you cannot have a complete awakening, a full consciousness with only you, without the help of God and those in the world of light. It is important that, even if you think that you are more aware of the ascension, it is better to travel with the rest of the people on Earth. You need to understand that everyone on planet Earth is on a boat ride down the river to return to the glorious past. But you cannot accelerate the flow yourself, so you cannot reach the destination faster than people, if you think you can reach the finish sooner than everyone else, you have illusions.

6 – Sixth stage, spiritual awareness.

     The period of spiritual illusion will pass with you, once you have realized that, no matter how high your status in Heaven is, you are still in the present. You are a very special mission maker, you are really unique, but you know, all beings are unique and all those who live on Earth are doing their mission. You will no longer have delusions, because you are aware of the many truths of God and the spiritual world. You will no longer have delusions, because you have come to realize that the true values of what is called light and dark are essential to the problem of energy balance. You will no longer have delusions, because you no longer prejudice, no longer judge the right and wrong, good bad, good evil. You know the true value of the so-called false, evil, evil etc. are all from God and all are just to give you the opportunity to experience. So you will no longer grumble complaining life, resentment around people or resent God than you. This is also the time when you will have to heal all the damage that you make to your soul through the temporal experience of the world. So, after your consciousness has been healed, you will no longer have an illusion, but you will always love and forgive yourself for loving and forgiving others as well. Than you all are aware that all of us are one with God, everything is natural, everything that happens is process and all are in the divine plan of God.

7 – The final stage, complete awakening and full consciousness.

     The seventh period, or the whole of humanity on Earth, ends the dark experience. Entering this period all of the souls who are incarnated on Earth will attain full awakening and full consciousness. It also means that you will awake and fully awake in your own life, but not through death. Awakening also means that you will remember who you really are, it is also the time when you unite all the pieces of soul that have been created by you in each earthly life, back to the higher self “super-consciousness” of yourself. So, whether you want or not, your soul still has to go through the first six stages, you can reach the seventh stage.

     When you are fully conscious, it means that when you have access to the full consciousness of God consciousness, which is no longer constrained by your physical and the old Earth environment. It also means your soul in the past was only embedded in the physical body, designed with only two strands of DNA. And with such physical body structure you can only access source consciousness in the low frequency range but inaccessible and high frequency bands of light consciousness. The darkness of God is also known by its nickname GHOST, and its matrix information has always been filled in the atmosphere of the planet Earth.

     It is inaccurate if saying: when you are not fully awake, you cannot access the source consciousness “God consciousness”. Because in the present moment, you can access your own metaphysics. But in your metaphor there is also a very much information about God light consciousness. The information that you have visited and accumulated it in many lifetimes, experiencing billions of years in lives of light.

     But once your soul possesses a physique designed at least four strands of DNA, out of a total of 12 strands. Then you will remember who you really are in the most obvious way, but not as virtual as in the period you are corrected. Also, by then you are fully conscious. A well-meaning person also means that the person is allowed access to an unlimited source of consciousness, backed up by a 5D physicist. Most of all, after you are fully aware, your light perception will be the most useful tool to help you achieve a peaceful and happy life in love.

     When you truly remember who you are and completely free to visit the source consciousness, you also become a true saint. Entering this stage, you are actually a genuine Superman, because you can create whatever you want in life, you will have what you want immediately, as a spell. But all the miracles that occur here are based on full consciousness and transcendental technology. In this period, your soul is always experiencing a peaceful life, full happiness and whole freedom. At that time, there will be no government, no religion, no longer bound by law or bound by any power, and no one was allowed to rule anyone. Everyone will live according to the universal law of the universe by the light of God. In this society, the relationship between man and man, between man and nature is always manifested by the consciousness of light and love.

   I would like to give you more clarity on the issue of full awakening and full consciousness. Why complete awakening and full awareness must come together so we become a true angel, become a true creator. As I mentioned above, it is perfectly awake that you will remember all the details of what your soul has experienced. To be exact, you will recall all the information you have gained, since the soul has been born in the beginning to the last life, when you are fully awakened. But complete awakening is not really synonymous with full consciousness. Because by, you can completely awaken in the condition that you possess a single physical fiber with only two strands of DNA in the Earth’s 3D space field. But even if you are completely awake, you still cannot get the full sense in physical terms with two strands of DNA and in the 3D space. Simply because you cannot access the frequency band God light sense in such a condition. The most prominent example of this can be the case of Jesus Christ or the Buddha.

     You see, during the time of Shakyamuni and Jesus Christ / Sananda the majority of their time on Earth was fully awakened. Because the physics that their souls possessed was calibrated and calibrated. And after they have been calibrated they can use all of the information contained in their supernatural to carry out their mission. After calibration they can communicate with the Creator, God Mother / Father, with those in the world of light and with them in the higher world. And they themselves in the higher realm have directly observed and assisted a fragment of their own soul working on Earth. All the miracles they performed that day were realized by their souls from the higher realms. In fact, Jesus / Sananda or Shakyamuni Buddha in the time of descent were just a piece of the soul of a total of 12 pieces separated from their main soul. At that time, a piece of their soul is currently working on Earth is not able to fully aware. Because they cannot access God consciousness light, only with a physique composed of two strands of DNA and the Earth’s 3D space environment. But with all the information contained in their supernatural, it is enough for them to know anything, to do anything that the human race in the present is incomprehensible, not to mention the knowledge of the Human type day in advance.

     So, in order for you to be fully conscious, the prerequisite is that your soul must possess at least a physical structure made up of four strands of DNA. In addition, the physicist must be living in a 5D orbit environment, which is also called the new Earth environment. So, do not get too illusions about another world at the moment. The present moment, in fact, is just the beginning of the era of light but not the time of its arrival. In fact, your soul must experience this world more than 300 years, you can, get what you want.

You see, except for the souls that came to Earth to fulfill the mission of a single lifetime, the rest of humanity in the world is almost no one without experiencing the seven stages. As I said, earthly experience is the will of the whole of humanity. But in fact, even if you do not want you still cannot refuse this obligation. The mission of all is in the plan of omniscience, to extend the kingdom of darkness to God. To put it more precisely we have all asked God to bring us here, to practice the practical experience of what we have just come across on the concept. It’s like someone who has learned a lot from the school, now that they come to real life to practice what they have learned, actually this comparison is not nearly as real.

     Because by the time we get to know everything, we are in a state of complete consciousness, but when we reach Earth, then everyone is in a state of total oblivion. And everything that we will create and experience in life here starts from zero. So, from the very first days of your soul incarnation on Earth, you have to access the sources of darkness yourself to practice the life experience in this world. Therefore, the comparison given above is more like the life of each of us in the world of light than of life in the dark world.

    You see, when your brain is functioning only as negative information, what will happen to your life in this world, not saying you can also imagine. And once all of

us cannot access the consciousness of the light of God, but can only purposely use the darkness of consciousness, the world will be born of evil, unrest, suffering and inevitable fear.  But what we have been experiencing through this world is the will of all souls, before leaving heaven to reach the Earth.

     When I say this truth, in this moment, I think there will be many people who are me to be a diehard, crazy, crazy man. But no matter how you think about me, I still do not feel sad because I know what I say is true. You see, I have been trying to analyze and give a lot of examples related to this problem, with the desire that you will look at the multi-dimensional in your own perception. But I still do not dare to believe that you can tolerate this information or not? Can you accept the truth and want to understand the values of the dark kingdom? Actually my anxiety is a cause, because if you only value the value of light alone, but ignore it and do not want to learn other values related to life, you will encounter Disadvantage for your own ascension. If you cannot be aware of the truth about your origins, it is impossible to perceive your true purpose when it comes to this world. If you cannot accept all the truth, everything has happened and everything exists, you will not be able to have a multi-dimensional perspective in mind.

     Actually, the information that I bring to you is very contradictory to ordinary life and seems very overwhelming compared to what you already know and expect about God, in your way of thinking. I know the information I have been giving to you is contrary to your old cognitive basis. But I believe that once you have expanded your awareness and especially expanded your spiritual awareness, you will accept the so-called truth. The more you expand your awareness and accept the fact that doing it sooner or later is inevitable, something your soul will never want to ignore. Being aware of light is the most powerful tool for your ascension.

     You see, God and the Masters often say, “Nothing can be added to the truth” because the nature of truth is simply truth, or not true. Previously I read a book in which there is a saying that I very much enjoy NV. “Half of the bread is still bread, but half the truth is not true.” Indeed, you cannot add or subtract anything into the truth that it is still true. For example, your postulate of two 5 would be obvious. 10 and 10 are the truth of the two. 5. But if you add only 0.0001 to that number 10, it becomes immediately a 10, 0001 so the truth of the two propositions is no more. Similarly, if you subtract 0.0001 from the number 10, the value of the second propositional value is no longer true. In fact, all comparisons, all examples are crooked, because it is not true. Comparison or example is merely to help you visualize, can relate to a related issue, that’s all. You see, the truth is present from the beginning, is present in the end, is present in the process. The truth has never been away from you for just a second, no matter what you think and is doing some deceitful act, it is still true, the truth itself. At that time, it was still something that came from God, not another place.

     So, the fact that we are here and now living here on Earth is an indisputable fact. The mission and duty of each of us to come here is to manifest God’s truth on the surface of life, to carry out the manifestation of God consciousness into the truth. And the truth is, no one, is not living with the truth God, the truth is God is the truth you are manifesting. Every second, every single minute, every single day, every hour in my life, yours and everyone in the Universe, no one is not expressing God’s truth on the surface of life. God’s truth comes from God consciousness, God’s consciousness is God’s and God’s truth is whole. So truth is truth, no good truth or bad truth, no true truth or false truth, no high truth or low truth. Likewise, the truth is only truth that does not have good truth, or bad truth, no true truth or false truth, no high truth or low truth. But only the ultimate truth, ultimate truth, eternal truth, eternal truth and continuous progress, that’s all.

     You may have heard people say high light consciousness and low darkness. Yes, people say one thing, the truth is another. In the supreme truth of the universe, there is never anything that is considered noble, otherwise what is considered lowly. Similarly, God’s consciousness of light is not considered to be nobler than darkness. For God consciousness of light and of consciousness of darkness are equally important, God does not distinguish what is considered more precious or what is considered less humble. In God’s eyes everything, everything has its perfection. If God also thinks that the light consciousness is noble and the dark consciousness is low, that God recognizes God himself. Because darkness is his, and all that exists in the dark world is formed from his dark consciousness. If God also thinks darkness is low, ask him to create it for what? If God also thinks that darkness is the only thing that hurts people, it is the one that brings suffering to the person, which is not necessary. And if God really thinks so, ask God to find ways to experience it with humans for what? You see, again you can assert, there is no definite side that the other side will not exist. No definitive shade of light is no longer valid, no definitive suffering. Happiness does not make sense.

     So ask, high or low people are used in the phrase “high light consciousness and low darkness sense” What is the real meaning of it? Simple for the meaning of the high and low words that people use here is true to its literal meaning. It also means that the frequency of light consciousness is always high because it is light and sticky, while the darkness is always low because it is slippery, and it is simple like that.

you show on the surface of life is your own truth is your own truth, you always live with truth, you always show truth, truth always exists in you, truth always Live with you. Regardless of what you are doing right now, what are you thinking and regardless of how it is done? It is always the truth that comes from God consciousness. For example: While you are reading these words, you utter a curse for me. Or after reading the book, you write emails, phone swearing, curse me as a fool, be a madman, be filthy. Ask? How will I be able to deal with the insults you have given me? The answer is no, I will not do anything and I will not need to react like I did before to claim my honor. By simply I understand that you are manifesting God’s truth on the surface of life. So, as you can see, once you know that any person, whatever they are doing, they are manifesting the truth of God on the surface of life, asking you to react for what?

     Honestly, I sometimes feel really sad and always wonder what God has given me. Because my work-called business has been cut down and blocked in a way, and this truth I can feel it very clearly. Because it has been going on for a long time for me and my family, but I always have the feeling that I cannot resist.

     And then, as you can see, the only thing that I can do over the years and always supported by them is visualization and writing. And every time I finish writing, I’ll have to give it out on the internet and spend some money printing it. Then the ego gets back to nothing more than boredom, boring truth. Do not dream that others say thank you, because it is really rare like gold. As you know, what I usually get from them is the saying: I am heavenly man. I still know the words that they give me, which are not good in their minds, but can be seen as an irony. In fact, from the sky in their thoughts to me, it is the thought of heaven, earth, heaven, three, false illusions, thoughts in the sky, underground, etc.

     My dear friends, this is my true story, but if you are, what will you do when you stand in my place, and you can give me some advice. In fact, I have always thought, that I was just a human being like human beings. I have always had desires and have practical needs such as: dress, sleep, think, play, entertain and be respected, loved, happy, peaceful like people. And especially the need to work to be able to create the desires as I have raised for myself in life. And I, in myself, have never thought of who I am, more than anyone in any way, and never thought that I was heaven and you are Earth. But in fact, I am a person in Heaven, just as all of you are Heavenly people, who are you? So when I heard people say I was a god in their sarcasm, I always thought they were true. And I’m sure, at some point they will realize that they are real Heavenly beings, but not illusory, not as sarcastic as they have given me now. And for this reason, because they do not understand the truth about themselves, I can readily condone them unconditionally. By simply thinking, they have been manifesting their own truths on the surface of life. To put it more precisely, they expressed God’s truth, expressing God’s consciousness on the surface of life, in order to realize the purpose of their souls. So, just about every time and every place in my life, I always have the peace of mind to live with this awareness, which means all the libel, all the sarcasm that others give to me will no longer be what matters to me.

     You do not have to go looking for truth somewhere distant, no need to search for some masters to teach you, you can find the truth. But just look at your own life, look around you, you will find truth, truth exists everywhere, everywhere, exist in every face of life.

     Indeed, when I first read spiritual books and heard the Masters say such things, I was very upset. By that day, I think what they say is really ridiculous and I feel that this is ridiculous, but not true. I think what they say is unreasonable, because then I think, just look around the world, looking around the world you will see all the war, conflict, terrorism, violence, exploitation, cheating, cheating, killing, suffering, hunger, loneliness, sorrow, etc. and so on. Where are the truths that they say, you are the truth, the truth around you, the truth that exists everywhere, everywhere?

     But you see, the price of consciousness to become aware of yourself is not easy. Until now, when I was able to perceive the words of the Masters as truth, as the truth, more than that it is the eternal truth. But for you to accept, the words of the Masters are true, as I have accepted. I would like to invite you to travel with me, to look around our own lives and look around the world once more. But today you and I will not observe everything, everything like the way I looked before. So today, you and I will try to look at the world with a broader, more general, and more holistic view, but not the same way as I did. In the beginning, we see in the world there are many forces that want to create war, create conflict, terrorism is to serve their greed. But looking at the other direction, we realize that almost all of humanity loves peace, loves freedom, loves justice and justice.

     You and you continue to see and see violence, exploitation, oppression, deceit, antagonism, rape, robbery, slash, murder occur all over the place. But looking in the other direction, we realize that the vast majority of people in society are desirous of peace, but not violence. Mostly help and facilitate each other, but not everyone loves to exploit and suppress others. Most people in society are honest, kind, but not all people cheat and fight. Most people are honest, dignified, ethical, but not everyone does things like rape, robbery, slash, murder, etc.

     You and you continue to look and see so many people are suffering, hungry, lonely, depressed, but look at our direction, most people in the world are living in happiness, full. Summer, fun. In addition to what has been seen, I invite you to continue to look at what is closer as a beautiful bunch of beautiful roses blooming in the sunshine, but adjacent to the weeds. Looking up at the tree see the birds singing chattering, but looking down to see a poisonous snake prowling. Looking at this side see a bunch of flies, swabs, look over the see a colony of bees and butterflies are hard to attract pistil and so on. You and me also see a lot of things around us, a bridge over the river, a road filled with romantic flowers, houses, beautiful streets, good afternoon The ships go on the river, the cars are running on the freeway, closer to me, and you are a table with a few chairs, a teapot, a cup of steaming coffee etc. The sea is the Earth, the moon, the sun, and the sparkling stars.

   Today, you and I are just a glimpse of some events, some things, things in the immense vastness of the world and the universe. Actually, what I and you can see, know only a fraction too small, too little compared to what we do not know, not seen in the infinite God. But for each one, is enough to help you, for me to prove the saying “You are the truth and truth are everywhere, everywhere” is the truth.

    You see, letting you accept the statement that you are the truth, everything, everything around you is not so difficult. But the question is whether you accept this fact or not. So, in order for you to have access to the truth, the first thing is that you have to go inside yourself. From there, the truth of what you have seen outside, will be seen from the inside. So again I invite you along with me into the inside of each one. The sky is the stars, the sun, the moon, the earth, the sea, the river, the birds, the bees, the butterflies, the flowers, the snakes, the flies. Dear friends, what do you see and what you just saw on your trip is natural? No, you will definitely say no, I believe you will say so. In fact, there is no natural thing to do, but if you say all these things are formed by nature, that means you do not have to read my book again. Simply because the information here is not necessary for the purpose of your soul, that’s it.

     And, as you can see, all that I’ve listed above has nothing that does not come from the God-consciousness, not without God and man. Indeed, everything that you can see in the world and in the universe is created by God and man. You see, you may be the one who created something like a star, a planet, a wild animal, a tree, a flower you see today. And your creativity has been made when you are fully conscious, in the world of light. In fact, all souls in the Universe, when in full consciousness, are given God a single star or planet. Indeed, for this reason people often say that every soul is a star in the universe. In fact, it is not an analogy for fun, but it is a fact of truth in the totality of the universe. Example: People call Earth the Earth’s mother, because in fact there is a female angel named Tera who created the Earth, so this woman always considered Earth as the second life of myself. So, in the past and present, this woman Tera always cared for and nourished the Earth with her light and love consciousness. Likewise, the Moon has also been a creative angel. So people often label the Moon a beautiful name is the girl, or can also be called Moon Goddess. Likewise, the sun is created by a male god, so it is often said that the Sun.

I am sure, everything is in the natural world that you have seen, and there are not a few things that are yours. But now you look at it with a strange look, as if it had nothing to do with you. In fact, there are not a few things that exist in the natural world that you see as a product created by your own, which is the product of your child.

     Everything, everything you have created in life, there are things you think you do not collaborate with, in fact you are always co-creator with God. The simple reason for this is that all of your creations are derived from the God consciousness. So, you cannot, do not call all your creations co-creation with God.

     Continue to the roads, bridges, houses, neighborhoods, huts, boats, cars, tables, chairs, vases, cups, coffee mugs, etc. Perhaps you will tell me that these things, such as the table, the chair, the vase, the cup, which is the truth, the truth in it. Actually you say no wrong, but let me tell you like this. It is true that these things are really uncaring, and they never tell you that they are the truth themselves, because they are always silent as they are. But you see, the things that you think cannot be true, in fact they always manifest themselves in the face of life. Because all of them were created by human wisdom, all human wisdom comes from the consciousness of God. So, although they all do not say anything, they are themselves a manifestation of the human mind that created them. Therefore, you cannot deny, the self of all things, things always exist the truth of itself.

     Also, many things, many things happening in the world, such as war and peace, unrest and peace, happiness and suffering, good and evil, injustice and justice, love and fear, etc.All, everything, everything is not man-made? Is it not by me, by you or by others? But ask me, what are you and others taking to create those? It is not that we have extracted from the mind, from the consciousness, from the consciousness and from the soul of every creator? Indeed, but asking all that there is something that can be beyond God consciousness? You can answer yourself. Even our souls are created from God consciousness. So, who are you? what are you? how are you? Whether you are doing anything? Whether you are using light or dark consciousness to cover your life. Whether you are using love or fear, cover your life. All that is true, and all that comes from the consciousness of God. So everything, everything that you can manifest in life, means that you represent God’s truth on the surface of life. You see, if the perfection of God’s consciousness is not manifested from within, it can never appear outside. So, what you see outside is also the inner and inner of this is the conscious God, the truth. And to the very end, you must remember that the whole of the inside is not the whole of what you see outside, but the whole of the outside is from the inside. So, you can assert that everything outside is inside, being conscious of the surface of life, so simple.

     Example: You are a painter or you are an architect, you draw a picture or design a castle. Of course, the painting or the design of the castle is from the inside you are shown to the outside. Similarly, you are an engineer, you make a car, so the car is from within you, shown to you outside, but it is not available on the outside. However, you can tell me that the truth about all the materials you use to make a car is that things are already out there, asking how you can call it something inside yours.  But you see, in fact, all the materials and everything that you can see in nature, if not created by you or others) from within their own, and all come from the consciousness of God.

     Integrating all these truths together can tell you, you are the truth, the truth is you, but your truth is not yours. You cannot and cannot be separated from the truth, just one step or just one second. The other person and everything around you is the truth, but it is their own truth. From there you can see that truth is what is everywhere, everywhere. From there, the words “Truth is the land without entrance” of J. Krishnamurti and my own “The truth is the land without a way out” – The ultimate truth.

     In fact, you act to help a loved one or for someone who is the truth. You act to bring to your loved one or to someone suffering is still the truth. Both your actions and all that you have shown in life are you manifesting your own truth on the surface of life. You take care and love of a person who is shunned and hated by one of them, one of which cannot be beyond the whole of truth, beyond God consciousness.

    For example, I am a murderer, rape, robbery, you condemn my actions as crimes and ask the law to execute my death. But there is one who tells you to forgive him because if we kill him, then everything is over and the dead cannot live. In addition, if we always expect the judge to execute him, that is, we express a desire for revenge and this form of revenge is no less brutal, as the act he caused. out. But this form of revenge is no less barbaric than ours is covered by a cover of law and justice. Therefore, you should not hate him anymore, but forgive him in order to give him a living motive to consider his own sin.

     You see, the three souls in the example are at three different levels of evolution. I am in the example that the soul is in a period of intense darkness, causing sins based on darkness. You are a soul in a temporal delusion, seeking justice based on temporal law. And the other is a soul that is in the stage of spiritual perception, so his behavior is based on love and tolerance. But you see, at that moment all three of them manifested their own truths, and also manifested the truth of God on the surface of life.

     For example, there is a young girl who is ugly but always clever, graceful, shaping, doing all kinds of games to attract attention to others. So you are very objectionable and critical of this person, even pouting and spraying saliva to express the contempt for the girl. But when you act like that someone has advised you, please tolerance her, you should not criticize her so heavy words, do not show the contempt of the girl in the face like that will make her hurt. And he also tells you that, living in the world no one wants to be ugly, but all are due to the fate that each has chosen for his own. So, even if the girl is considered ungainly, ugly, but in her depths she always wished, always want to be loved by other people and care. The reason is that no one lives in the world but wants to be despised, despised and alienated. So, her actions were manifested because of that desire, but since she was not aware of the truth about herself at this time, she would have done so. On the other hand, if you’re beautiful, famous, even if she’s more like that, I believe you will not criticize and scorn her, right? But sometimes you cry differently. Finally, the person advised you, stop criticizing her, but give the girl a little more thought and open up to her with love, perhaps better for her and for you.     

     As you can see, the behavior of the three in this example still carries three different levels of evolution. Also in the example, there is also a display of the girl’s body and how to spray your saliva. But as you know, a beautiful physique like Miss Universe is a work created by the God-consciousness, whereas the one you think is the ugliest is still the work of God’s consciousness. And the action, the attention of others, and the action of spraying saliva to show your disdain, plus the advice of strangers for you are derived from the collective consciousness. God. The girl and you have thought and acted in a sense of darkness, the person who advised you, their thoughts and actions are conscious of light. But all three used the God-consciousness to express one’s own truth on the surface of life.

    From this truth, one more time we realize that J. Krishnamurti’s statement “Truth is a land without path” is very good and accurate. You see, you and I, as well as everyone in the Universe, in every second, carve no one without presenting the truth of God to the surface of life. But in every emotion, in every thought as in each one’s actions no one is the same. At the same time no two people are carrying out the mission entrusted to God, the same. Try to look at a factory, there are thousands of people doing the same job, but if you look closely you will find all of them a bit different in their work. Thousands of people are doing the same job, but the changes in their thinking and emotions, at the same time, are unmatched. Hundreds of thousands of people are watching a soccer game, but the way they think and feel at the moment is different. Hundreds of students are present in the lecture hall, just to hear a professor lecture on a topic. But the perception of each person is different on the cognitive journey that the professor has presented. You even see thousands of people marching on a square, at first you think their actions are all the same. In fact, there are always differences from their movements. Also their thoughts and feelings, at the same time will never be the same.

     More than seven billion people on Earth are breathing in the same atmosphere in the Earth’s atmosphere. But at the same time, that person, at one point in time, no one can have feelings, thoughts, and actions. Moreover, there are billions, billions of people living in the dark world as well as in the world of light, all using the God-consciousness of life. But every person, at the same time, will never be able to have the same feelings, thoughts and actions in the same way. Therefore, the truth that I, you and all beings in the universe are pursuing is their own path, the path without paths, in the endless land, God consciousness.

     You can imagine the event that I am referring to in the following example. Apple has produced and marketed 100 million new iPhone models and after three days has sold out. And after a week of using these iPhones, they had all returned and brought back the checks. But after careful inspection they realized that: history, the use of the phone from the message, the call to and from, to the number of access to the network, access to something, visit the site and the data is installed, keeping none of the same. Similarly, each of us, you and me and all of humanity in the universe are born with the same original soul. But after the soul of each person enters into physical life, it has created a soul, a self for itself. From there, you can see that all people in the cosmic universe, have realized the truth of God in life, in their own way. So, the sentence “The Truth is a land without paths” by J.Krishnamurti is an utterance of ultimate truth which is eternal and unchangeable.

     Talking about the truth, referring to the issue of human tragedy, reminds me of a parable that my wife read on Facebook and introduced me, and I felt very comfortable. The story is as follows: There is a thug who is very thirsty and fortunately found a pot of water. Unfortunately, the water in the pot was too deep to reach the drink. But it came up with a way to find the pebbles in the pots, for the water to rise. Thought it acted immediately fly to the river to pick each pebble into the cup, to 69 times it is approaching water and just one more only that it can drink water. But it was not enough to fly even one more time. And while he was sitting there waiting to die for lack of water, he suddenly realized why he had not drunk on the river from the very first time. The more he thought about it, the more regret it was, it was too late for him.

     You see, do you imagine the pursuit of human truth is different from the search for the drink of the crow or not? Also, when the crow flies to the river, it can drink the water, but it does not. It did not drink water when it reached the river, but found another source of water in much more difficult conditions. Likewise, human beings are only able to find the truth, to grasp the truth with ease and extremely simple. Unfortunately people do not do that, people see the truth in front of them, but people always ignore it and do not give it the truth. Like the crow, it has reached the water, has access to water but never for that water, and then continue to find water. The crow does the same as man did, man always lived in truth, always manifesting truth, truth is everywhere around people. But man always does not accept it, always looking for ways to avoid it, so that man is self-carving human body, is looking for truth somewhere far away.

     Actually, if human beings in the world are living in a simpler, simpler way, human beings will not suffer as much as human beings. Actually, if people were living and thinking like kids in the past, maybe everything would be different. Because the child’s mind is extremely simple, when it’s hungry it will show to his parents that he is hungry, and his or her parents will feed him immediately. When she is thirsty she just licks her lips and cries, and her parents will give her a drink. In case it is sleepy, it will naturally fall asleep in the hands of the mother / father, the sibling, of course they will take care of it thoroughly and ensure that it has a peaceful sleep in love. But no, man does not think and act like a child, which is usually the opposite. Because human self is considered as intelligent, who is the number one in the universe, so human is suffering. If human beings suffer from pain, they call upon God or Father or call upon human brothers and sisters in the world of light. Perhaps man will not suffer too much as he ever did.

     But to the same rules of the game, must be so, so until now we can see this truth. When people learn this truth too soon, people will never be able to fulfill their mission, fulfill their own obligations, when they come.

     So now, when you and I have seen the truth, do you need to regret or regret it like a crow? No, really, you do not have to regret anything that has happened in the past. But look at it as a learning experience for yourself, that’s all.

     Sorry for saying a bit about this topic, but actually my purpose comes from wanting to help you understand the true purpose of each of us when it comes to this Earth. And once you are aware of that, I believe that it will be easier for you on the journey towards greater endeavor. In order to accept this truth, it is not too difficult for all of you, although it is a true opposite of your past perceptions. But I believe those who are pursuing spirituality, those who are reading this book are conscious and have faith in God. I’m sure you who are reading this book are an old soul and have reborn this very, very many times. So the purpose of your soul at this moment is to seek light and truth, to serve the purpose of returning home to God.

     So, just look at you today, compare with you in the world of light you once lived, you will realize the paradox. As long as you look at the world of misery and uncertainty that humanity is living today, compare the power and love of God as you know you will realize the paradox. But just when you overturn everything that you think is paradoxical, you can see the whole truth covered from below and see the truth about your own game and God in the world. This. In case, you dare to let go of prejudices, prejudices that you have historically used hold. From then on, you dive into these paradoxical questions with light awareness, and you will definitely have the right answer for yourself. And to your real question of what to do here?

     And once you start accepting the truth and knowing clearly about your purpose, accept what God and the people of the light world have, as well as what you have. Surely when you will glorify yourself as God’s children, surely you will automatically say thank God, grateful to all the Light in the world who has always been with you, always silently help you every time, every place, the whole time you experience the world. And finally you will always love yourself and others, cherish and love your own life, as well as everything related to life.


CHAPTER III: The Meaning of the Question Who am I?

     Indeed, this is a fairly common question recently in the spiritual world for humanity. Follow me in recent years the frequency of the question to know who I am, what you ae constantly appear in the messages of the Light and especially God. You see, if you first hear this question for the first time, you will have a thought, indeed this is a very strange and confusing question. Because you would say that with an average person, who would ask yourself the question who I am. So who is the one who usually ask this question to yourself, then you may think that only the insane people often ask this question to themselves. It also means that the person after the accident or some mental event, they have forgotten all their past. Since then, they do not remember who they are, what name? Who are your parents? What’s your name? How was life before? Since such a serious forgetfulness has occurred to them, they have a desire to recall the past in order to know who they really are. Through, the help of many people such as: doctors, parents, wife and children, friends, relatives, colleagues and so on.

     But with you, you think you are a normal human being both physically and mentally, you will never ask yourself the question Who am I? Usually a normal person they will always be confident to know who they really are and always have a desire to express their ego on the surface of life. For example, they would talk about themselves, I am the president of a country … I am a writer, I am a scientist, I am a businessman, I am an artist, I am a farmer, I am a laborer, and so on. You see, it’s clear to a normal person that human rarely ask himself the question who I am. Actually, this is the ordinary way of thinking of most people in the world. But in reality, we do not really understand the meaning of the question. Who am I? Where our way of thinking, as I just mentioned, is perfectly reasonable, perhaps God and the Light do not need to ask this question for us.

     What is the real meaning of this question? According to the analysis above, only those who are insane, they need to remember who they really are? But you think, you are not insane God tells you this sentence to do? So in order for you to understand the meaning of who you are, you need to ask yourself another question: Is the question you really insane? And if your answer is, are you perfectly alert, then ask God to suggest this question to you? On the other hand, if you think you are losing memory, then ask what you have forgotten, so now you need to remember who you are?

     Indeed, nearly all of us living on this planet are insane, they precisely live ignorantly. Even supernatural souls are carrying out the mission of helping human beings, such as E-Kathryn, the twin souls of Jesus / Sananda, Christine’s twins, Archangel Michael, etc. So who are we really? And in fact, we forget but forget what? Indeed, if we are not really insane we will not be too naive to be proud that the Human Being is unique in the Universe. If we do not lose our minds we will never dare to think that the human race has evolved beyond the intelligence of the universe. Without insanity, we would not be too overjoyed and overly accusatory to argue that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was a great invention of our true origins. Not only that, they have forgotten many, many, many things, many problems, many events, many values about themselves, forget the truth about his ancestors, grandparents, parents, sisters and dear friends in the Kingdom.

      You see, you and I immediately forgot all of our own in our previous lives, then how we can remember what our soul has gone through in previous lives in the world of light. We have been really forgotten, who we are, children of any one in the Kingdom? So, you can also be the son, the daughter of Father God and Mother God, you can also be the son, the daughter of Jesus / Sananda and Lady Nada. You, I and everyone who is living on Earth have been really forgetting our own golden past. For that reason, God has told you that your life on Earth in the present is to remind you who you really are?

     You cannot remember everything in your past, nor can you grasp the future clearly. But in fact no matter who your identity is, what you are, you are noble, you are so great in the past. All that is just past and everything today is your own. You can only be you in the present and everything exists in your mind, your own mind, as yourself today. So everything can only happen in your life right now without the so-called futuristic or so-present moment.

     Maybe you are thinking that, in every moment of life, you always turn your life to the future. In fact, you are not directing your life to the future, but you are heading towards the past. Because your greatness and greatness are not in the future, your greatness and greatness are in the past. If you really come to the future, surely you will not be yourself anymore. Because of the time of the future, that place cannot happen. So what are you called son, daughter of God Mother / Father, there is no such thing as a son, daughter of Jesus / Sananda and grandmother. Lady Nada and so on. So the so-called future is also the past, you look forward to the future is also you are looking forward to the past. In fact, the life of your soul always moves in a spiraling circle, through every moment of the eternal time. The past is the point where you start, the moment you start and the future is on the same point. Because everything called the past or the future is just the present, it exists right now and within you.

    Imagine you are a small ant moving on an incredibly large spring, on an endless spiral-shaped circle. When you look forward you say it your future, you look towards the behind you say it is your past. But just slightly pressing the circles will close together, you will now realize that the position you are standing at is where you left off and the point you went through, referencing a vertical axis.

     You see, who am I? It seems too simple for you to answer, but this is not easy for all of us in the present. But surely you will really remember who you really are? This guarantee of God for all of us is unavoidable. But remembering who we really are, sooner or later is by our own efforts. Actually, the process of remembering who we really are, is a process based on linear time in order, but not instantaneously. You can also remember who you are right here on Earth, but you might as well leave Earth to live on another planet that is in the same darkness as Earth did before. Because you have not fulfilled the obligation, or you do not accept awakening and do not accept your own healing. But until the end you still have to remember who you are? That is the rule of the game that you cannot escape the rules of the game alone.

     As you know, each of us is here in the mission of expanding the perception of the essence and the actual experience of the emotions of the dark world. So, not everyone in the present is entering the search phase to remember who you really are? But I believe those of you reading this book are really old souls, you have gone through many stages in the dark world. And now that your first mission is complete, can you continue to enter the new phase on the journey to remember who you really are? For new souls, their mission is just beginning or not fulfilling, so it is important to remember who they really are not their purpose at this moment.    

     You see, to the soul, remember who you really are? The purpose is very important to it. For every human soul has a burning desire to remember who we really are. But in fact, you know who you are, in the present time is much more important than knowing who you are in the past. Because by, if you do not know and do not accept who you really are in the present, surely you will not know who you are in the past. Because if you always live in the delusion of who you are, with the glorious past, surely you will forget the real life you are today. And if you always leave aside who you are in reality, you will not have any effort for the ascension of your soul. Dragging along where you will never have a future as you wish. So I suppose, you know who you are in the present is more important than you try to know who you are in the past.

    In fact, in recent years, there have been many of you who have been in the world of light revealing their identity in the past, primordial. It is very meaningful for you to be revealed by yourselves in the world of light.

     But based on my observation, knowing who we are in Heaven at this moment, when you have not fully awakened, is a double-edged sword. The fact that you know your body and then you see it as your driving force for higher and higher consciousness, in love will be very good. Conversely, if you consider knowing who your identity is as a fortune-teller for ascension, it is your step backwards. In fact, there are many friends who know their identity in Heaven, who have left their real lives to live with the illusion of who they are in the past.

     In fact, knowing who you are from others is the different from recollection of who you really are. Because of your knowledge of others, in your own 3D reality is very vague. It’s not the same as remembering who you really are by knowing your own 5D. When you remember who you are by your own perception, the past information that appears in you is very clear. And from the sharp clarity of information, it helps your soul to recognize what it has created and experienced through the past. And also from that awareness, your soul will emotionally return to the information contained in the supernatural. You can imagine, in fact, that you know who your identity is in God’s Kingdom through the following example.

     Example: You are a Vietnamese, you were born and grew up in a big family of brothers and sisters, your family is very crowded and everyone lives together happily. When you grow up, you get a wife and your children live in the protection of the family with love. But one day, you have to enlist in the Cambodian army and fight for the status of volunteer soldiers to stop the genocide. And in a battle, unfortunately you are injured in the head leading to unconsciousness. The battle ends with everyone from your teammates to your enemies. There is no one left in the battlefield, you are alone in the jungle. Inadvertently there is an old couple passing by see and save you home care. And when you wake up completely forget the past, so the two decide to adopt you, because without children so they also want to have a child. From then on, you have decided that you are the biological father and mother because you do not even remember a thing about your parents and your real wife and children in your hometown. Then you marry, give birth and live a very happy life with the new family like surrounding people.

    Until one day, you get a phone call, the person tells you that you are their son, you have a wife and children and so on. From then on, you receive their phone from time to time, but they never come to find you, meet and face you, you cannot even know exactly where they are. And all you have to do is call, in addition to the calls that do not have anything else to prove what they say is true.

     Words in the example you can show you that, although your past life is completely true. But for you now it is only an illusion for the reason that you do not remember about it at all. And as you can see, your present life is not fake, but true, nothing more real. Asking all that you know about your past through another person and your present life is really delusional, you can answer this question yourself. Similarly, ask yourself whether your present life is an illusion, or the life you lived in is an illusion.

     You cannot assume that your present life with your parents and your spouse in Cambodia is illusory, but it is true. But if you look at it in another way, your reality is illusion, because by your spouse, sibling, sibling, your real ancestry is in Vietnam but not is in Cambodia.

     So, to understand what the illusion is, I would like to borrow the words of Jesus / Sananda to help you better understand it. He said, “What is not nourished by love, it is all illusory.” From the meaning of this statement, you ask yourself a question. Your true self in Heaven has been revealed, but have you nourished it with love yet? Or is it merely a disclosed information in the form of cognition, no emotion, no love. Ask yourself, in the present you love your ego, love yourself, grandfather, father, mother, brother / sister and friends, your colleagues more. Or do you love your father, mother, brother / sister, friends, colleagues in the past. Because you cannot remember, you cannot love that’s it. From then on you can give yourself the answer that is truly your own illusion. So, whether you now hear someone say, who you are in the past, this understanding of you is just an understanding, no emotion, no love. From that it is possible to infer all the emotions that you can get about who you are of the past, nothing is not based on illusion.

     You can imagine your face, head, ears, nose, mouth, neck and back. All of that is yours, it is a testament to your physical truth, it is something that is unnecessary and very important to you. But I ask you if you ever see the same with your own eyes. Or you can only see them through the mirror. And as you know, once you just look at something through the mirror, you also see it through the illusion, but it is not real through your eyes.

    In fact, every part of human body is a perfect design that was calculated from the beginning when God created it. Agree that everything on your body that you own is yours. But as you can see, only the parts of your body that you can see with your own eyes are the real parts of your body. The inner parts of the body that you see with the naked eye are where your soul resides. For example, the left chest that you see outside, the inside where the heart is, the heart is where your soul is. In addition, the inside of your chest and abdomen where the visceral organs, which is the place where all information, vibration created by the soul, from your first incarnation on Earth. In other words, in each cell, in each inner DNA, the areas of the body that you see from the outside are the place of information belonging to the emotions and emotions created by your soul. And you can directly use all the pieces of information stored here without going through any of the navigation data.

     In addition, the soul can directly control the body parts you see with your own eyes such as hands, feet, even your genitals. For example, if you want to get up or sit down, you want to go or want to go back, you want to hold something with your hands, even if you want to have sex or not. May you always depend on your soul’s will. Be aware that these organs may still function as controlled by your mind. But with sex, if your soul does not want to, your mind can never intervene successfully in this activity. Unless, you use stimulants or you are forced. If your mind can intervene successfully and force your body to perform this behavior, then you cannot have real feelings and emotions.

     The inner parts of the body, which you cannot see directly with the naked eye are the place to store all the knowledge and consciousness. The inner DNA from the spinal column, to the neck and most of the head region, is the brain that holds all of the information of the supernatural and awakens you. And with this information you cannot directly use it, if you have data. In the present, most of the information you access from these areas of the body is often unclear. In fact, the information you gain from this access is very similar to the illusion, similar to the illusion when you see these organs through the mirror. In case, the mirror you use for the mirror is good material, you will get sharp image, honest about this part of your body. In contrast, the mirror is bad material, the image you see about yourself will be distorted, not honest. Similarly, if you access the inside information from this part of the body with a passion, continuous visualization plus quality material, you will receive clear and sharp information in truth. On the other hand, if you do not have the necessary passion, do not visualize continuously and the material is not clear, you will definitely get information, distorted, untrue. The unrealistic information you have in this case; like the dishonest image you see about your body parts through the bad mirror.

     You see, there are things you think it is real but it’s not, there are things you do not see, but it’s true. There are many things that are present with you but you do not know whether it is real or fake, but it always lives with you every hour, every moment in life. It’s really simple to understand about it, but it is also the secret of the universe in the great game that God has for each of us to participate in. Most typical body parts right on your face. There are many things you think as it is most important to you. Conversely, things are very important to you but usually you do not think it is important. For example, eyes considered as a part of the body, the most important part of your face.

     In fact, the nose is the most important part on your face and in your life. Because the nose is what gives life to you, imagine if your nose just stopped working for 5 minutes, you would die. But with eyes, it can stop working for hours, even if your eyes are unable to function at the moment you are born blind, you can still live. You see, your nose does what you do not see, but what you do not see is what gives life to you. Thus, its self speaks the truth about it. Actually, although the nose works hard in order to bring life to you. However, you barely pay attention to it, you just really care for your eyes and your mouth.

     In real life, always tell you that you are only interested in what you see, such as: What should you look for, what should you eat, what to drink. But rarely do you think, what should you breathe? So it’s not that you care about the nose, but when it’s gone, when it’s no longer working, you realize it’s the most important thing for you. Actually, I – you and almost all of us, are really ungrateful to your own nose. The biggest difference between the eyes and the nose is that your eyes always see but not do, whereas your nose always does but you do not see.

     The nose is a representation of God on the human face. Saying that from my heart with honoring the image of God in yours. In fact, God does not need anything, He doesn’t need any honor from the outside. But for God, you only need to express a sincere heart of love and gratitude in your heart that is full of God. Back to the nose, you see, the function of the nose is to create the breath. But the breath itself is the literal meaning of everything in your life. First, the nose is transporting oxygen to your lungs, as well as the release of carbon dioxide from your body. Actually, what they know about the effect of breathing is just a little too little for its use. In addition to substances like oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases, you must always have access to the energies of your existence all through the nose.

     As I told you in the previous section, in our living space there are innumerable different types of energies coexisting in them. Your problem is through the nose you will access, attractive and integrate these unnamed energies to you. The energy sources can be named as: energy of love, in the energy of love there is divided as: energy activates joy, energy creates happiness, courage, Peace, fear, joy, love and life, etc. For example, the energy of fear, in the fear energy is divided into many different kinds of energy, such as energy triggered hatred. For example, light energy, when you attract light energy it can help your intellect with fast and responsive programing. For example, when you operate a dark, self-conscious source of information, you automatically gain access to and attract the dark energy source. From there, this energy needed to operate the dark-conscious machine, then manifested into action. As I said above, the dark energy and especially the scary energy of the dead soul is the most terrible virus in your brain.

You can visualize the problem of energy through breathing through a few examples.

For example: You are very angry with someone horribly, you feel like you cannot breathe, your liver is hot, as if someone burns you in it. In many cases you can imagine that you can only use a knife to slit your abdomen, so your anger can get out. You think your lungs are very hypoxia, so you have to use the mouth breathe.

     In fact, things do not go as you think, actually you still breathe and your breathing is normal and the amount of oxygen you put into your lungs is not lacking. But when you go into extreme anger, your soul creates a tremendous impulse to attract, attract a tremendous amount of energy, corresponding to your anger. The fact that you open your mouth to get more air, is not your oxygen-deficient lung, but to access more fear energy to respond to your anger. In addition to the amount of energy, fear and energy that you bring and your organs at the moment, there is a tremendous amount of fear energy available to you in the past that is also activated by the new energy. More specifically, when you are angry, you direct your soul to create a pulse large enough to draw inspirational energy in response to your anger. From there, it temporarily paralyzes your internal organs and brain, even leading to death. And so you can deal with similar cases, you must first go into a state of calm supported by your light consciousness. Then, you slowly inhale the air into the lungs and breathe out. And you try to make such a breathing move from three to several times your discomfort will decrease.

     You see, when you are angry, that is your soul is creating vibration to attract the right energy for your temper. But when you use the light consciousness, your spiritual direction comes to the calm, that is, your mind directs your soul to create a vibration toward peace. From this, the energy that you access through breathing is a source of energy. And once these energies are put into the body, it will make your anger go away. The important thing to note, is that when you use consciousness to help the soul. It is imperative that you use the light source that is available after 2012, but do not carry the knowledge that was previously available for use. Because your past knowledge lies in the old-fashioned dark-sense system, with right and wrong prejudices, good and bad. And once the problem of your anger is affected by the good and the bad – the right and the wrong, you will never be able to direct your soul to peace. It is the reason why you cannot relieve your anger. You see, when intellectual intervention is based on prejudice, you add fuel to fire, just as you are extinguishing fire with gas. In fact, you know too well that not any liquid substance is water. Similarly, not all of God’s consciousness is also conscious of light, so that it can help you to have goodness, as literally as it is.

  The energy you gain is derived from human anger, which is one of the most important causes of myocardial infarction. The more you control your anger, the more likely you are to have a heart attack. It is simply that when you always know how to control anger, which anger always exists in you. And once the anger persists in you, you continue to draw the power of fear into yourself. In case, you try to show through the anger that is showing up in you, you still cannot succeed in dealing with the dark energy that is always in you. You see, letting it go, it does not mean it is gone, but you just let it go aside and wait for a good chance you will continue to wake him up. This method is also called “Wait and See”. So, the only way you can eliminate the anger that arises in your life is to forgive. Forgiveness is an alternative therapy, in addition to alternative therapies, you will have no other way to succeed in controlling fears of incarnate energies.

     For example: You are a fresh graduate student. You decide to apply for a large-scale company that matches the specialty you have studied. So you decide to apply and be interviewed. But after the interview, you feel anxious, you wonder if you have made any mistake in the interview? You almost lose your appetite because you are afraid that you will not be hired because of your lack of experience. You always imagine different scenarios to imagine your failure.

     You do not need to worry about your interview anymore, because you cannot change your interviewer’s decision anymore. But when you worry and think about the bad things around your interview. That is, you are attracted to the source of fear, incarnation, and breath. At the same time, you have access to the energy of darkness, to you also through the breath. You see, as I stated in The Ultimate Truth, wasting life energy for anxiety is the most useless waste. By the fact that you cannot interfere, you cannot change, but you still worry, asking is not it a useless thing? More than the uselessness you can see, it gives you something beyond your imagination. That is, when you worry your soul has created a vibration that draws the energy of darkness in the chain of fear to you through the breath.

     In case you are not aware of this fact and continue to live with anxiety and fear. It also means you continue to attract the dark energy sources and accumulate them. If you integrate this energy enough for your soul, it will be the source of energy that will bring you all the failures, unhappiness and suffering in your life.

Energy is in the group of energy worries, anxiety, fear is almost the main cause for stomach pain, even to stomach cancer.

    From your breath, science can prove things through the breath, the things you put into the body such as: smell, flavor, oxygen, carbonic, toxic gases, pollution etc. But with the energy sources, the light-consciousness, the dark-consciousness, or the pure energy of love and the power of fear are the things that Earth science cannot yet prove. Because the material that makes up the energy source is super smooth, it is much smaller than an atom. Also these sources of energy have no color, no taste, no sound and no weight. But the mass of these energies can be accumulated in the DNA of humans and of living things, as well as it can be released from there.

    When you are still living in the mundane world, in the current 3D space environment of the Earth. You have to integrate, accumulate energy for your own success, happiness as well as the opposite of yourself, through your breath. But after you fully awake, full of consciousness, you will not need to integrate, accumulate energy for your soul. But you immediately access and use the energy that you have access to. So, then your soul is always so light and free that it is no longer as heavy as the soul of each of us in the present.

     Also, on your face the new mouth is the most telling thing about you, about your life and your personality. Unlike the nose, the activity of the mouth gives life to you, which you can always see in the truth, that is, the work of your mouth is conscious. The function of the mouth, in addition to eating and drinking, is to sustain life, sometimes it can be used to breathe, replacing the work of the nose in times of need. Over and over with a normal person, the mouth is the place to express emotions that come from your soul such as: “laugh” or “cry” and say or sing and so on.

     Maybe until now you will have the same opinion with me? That eyes have never been more important than the nose and mouth. But you see, in many ways God always helps people recognize the truth about God as well as the truth about ourselves through the closest thing. And the facial parts of each of us are typical. So right now you can visualize, your eyes window of the soul is the image that represents your soul activity in the mundane world. To assume that the eyes represent the world is perfectly fitting, because all the products that your eyes can create are based on the reflection that creates the illusion. And in fact, things happen in the mundane world of 3D, mostly illusions. Also, your eyes are just the one who always sees the other person, but it never really sees itself. And if it can see itself, all through the illusion. So the eyes are the cause of criticism and prejudice. Recognizing your information from the eyes is easy to confuse you, leading to misunderstandings, by prejudices.

  For example: You see two fish of the same species, one is fat while other is thin. So you decide to buy the big one.  But you know, the fish you bought were fish fed with dirty food and drugs. And the other is the fish living in the natural environment. From there, you can see, the perception of truth is the inner perception and the information that comes from the eyes is just the information that leads, but it is never true. Therefore, the information only with eyes alone will lead to criticism, condemnation of dark prejudice. In fact, I have never denied the benefits and benefits of eyes to human life. God never creates anything without its perfection, eyes are typical. But here I just want to tell the truth that God also conceals behind that perfection.

     Similarly, you can visualize the function and function of your nose as representing God. Because the physical shape of the nose is the highest on the face, the nose with two nostrils is the image representing God the Father. In addition, the work of the nose is to bring life to you, but you do not see how it does, you can only feel it. Likewise, God is always with you, giving life to you, but you have never seen God and what God has done for you, but you can only feel it. God only. In fact, you have never recognized the most important aspect of the nose, as you have never before recognized that God has the most important influence on you. You are ungrateful for the diligence and diligence of the nose, which has brought life to you.  Just as you have been so ungrateful to God for so long, you are always working hard to bring life back to you. You just really care about the nose when it’s about to stop working for you, just as you just really care and think about God before you from this pseudo-world (allow me to explain a word from fake, fare is understood here as a false distance but not a real distance “lies in the meaning of the word truth,” so In addition to the function of the nose, it is possible to distinguish the taste or enjoy different flavors, it is similar As God has given you the taste of life, and you can only feel the taste of life God gives you, just as you feel the various odors through the nose, but you cannot see .

     In addition to your eyes and nose, you have a mouth that is no less important. The importance of physical as well as artistic in nature derives from God’s creation. And with the mouth, you can imagine, it’s a body part that represents your “ego”. The main function of the mouth is to eat and drink to sustain life and it is also used to speak. You see, you may be happy and happy when you eat, drink good food, but you will feel miserable when you eat or drink bad things.

Likewise, your mouth is the embodiment of your ego on the surface of life. If you take a hard look at what you say, your nature is like that. From the thoughts that make up words and just listen to you say that one can also understand your thoughts, but your thoughts are also your thoughts. Your thought is also your nature; your nature is also your ego “self.” Do you often hear people defending themselves against the mistakes of their words? There are many people who open their mouths to offend others, or to hurt others. Then they argue that I say so but I do not think so? In fact, as you can see, you have no thoughts you cannot say in words, because words express your thoughts on the surface of life. So, from your words, what other people will see is your real self? Unless you are a good person to cover up, but your cover up is good, I’m sure it will eventually come out of your own mouth.

     It is more miraculous that God created the mouth for man, that it has access to the nose. And this design for interconnection is very important, because without this passage you will encounter many difficulties in swallowing food. You can imagine this passageway as a drainage duct in your home.

     As I have said, the nose represents the image of God and the mouth represents the soul’s self. Therefore, the communication between the mouth and the nose is similar to that of every human being who has a connection, fellowship with God, cannot be separated. And the help functions for the nose to breathe, is similar to co-creativity with God in sustaining life. You see, the mouth only helps the nose to breathe when your body is in trouble. Similarly, people are more creative when people in difficult circumstances, life is a typical example of this difficulty.

     Also on your body, God shows the truth of the One eternal. For example, you have only one head, one nose, and one mouth. If you do not have these organs in the first place or you live in a corrupt state, you will die. In contrast, the two belong to: the eyes, the ears, the hands, the feet etc. For these parts, in case you have a birth defect or during life it cannot function anymore, you can still live.

    You may think that your present life is a temporary, illusory play, whereas life in the later world is the truth. But in reality, every moment your soul goes through in life right now is the truth, whereas in the present life in the world of light you were only illusory. So if you ask what is the truth, what is false and the answer will be, what you can perceive and nourish it with love, then that is the truth, the opposite of what you. But you do not feed it with love, it is all illusory. Example: You know your soul is created by God, you know you were born in the world of light, you know your ancestors, grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters really from the beginning is in heaven. But if you have not nurtured what you know by love, then all is illusory. Conversely, even though you know that your grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, your relatives in the present world are just temporary in the game of experience. But you still love them, and you always nurture these relationships with love, so for you it is true. You see, for you in every moment of your life, what is illusion and what is true, it all depends on the feelings of love you give it. Yourself, you can also see this from your own life. So, whatever is fed by love, it is the truth, whereas what you nourish by fear is illusory.

     Once again Jesus / Sananda’s saying “What is not nourished by love, all is illusion” is absolutely correct. So, even if you know your true identity in Heaven? And how is your relationship with those in the world of light? You still need time and slowly nurture that knowledge with love, gradually the truth will be revealed. On the other hand, if you go on living with your own insights about reason, but you do not nourish it with love, for you, everything is still illusion.

    Likewise, what God and those in light world tell you about loneliness. Indeed, they always remind you that you are never alone, because God and the guardian angels are always with you. And as you know, their words are true, nothing more real. But, at times you are very lonely and this loneliness is sometimes very scary, since it is loneliness from the outside, and inside. So what are they doing at the moment? And have you ever seen, when you were alone, They came to comfort and share with you or not. Not to mention those who cannot communicate telepathically, in fact even those who can communicate telepathically with them remain. Like myself, at times in life I feel very lonely and sad, but at such times They never actively contact me. Simply because they know that, even if they contacted me, they could not meet the conditions I was expecting to get me out of loneliness, so they would refuse to appear. with me at such times. So they never interfered and lonely and sad in me. From there, you can see, even though God and the guardian angels are always present to you, but you cannot feel the truth, then it is still illusory.


     So, in reality you can never leave your ego in any case. Even if it is the low self that you have in your life, the case of leaving your ego in the present also means that you are dead, really dead. You see, there are so many religions that the ego in the present is a temporary, unnecessary impersonation. But I ask you apart from God, what is not fake, even the universe, which you think is eternal. It is imaginary to know something about God, know something about the wisdom from the Buddha, then that is not temporary. And what is left besides those things is false. But ask that if you do not use your present self, you will take something to pursue what you perceive to be eternal, eternal. I say to you in addition to God is not absolutely nothing, nothing is eternal, eternal. Even if you attain nirvana, attain the life of heaven, it is said that it is eternal life, but it is not eternal life.

      You assume that this life is temporary, this body is temporary, this intelligence is false, then your soul will remain a dummy. Why you think your soul is a fake, because you always think your life in the present is temporary, but your soul is the creature of this temporary mess. In fact, the ego you live with in the present, in addition to the body, the mind also has your soul in it. And your soul is always pure, always the truth, it never creates any fake. In the minds of many, the soul is only a part of the soul, in fact the soul is always independent and it is never dependent on the soul. But your soul is one of the tools that creates your ego. But you always criticize, condemn, me that you condemn your soul.

    In fact, the ego of a soul is its own ego created by a human in every life, but not only. So what is man? Man is simply a life of a body that has both mind and soul. This form is a unified in the creation of the ego “ego” of each life also means the creation of each piece of soul, different. But in the end all that I have created by man, without excluding the great self, is in the possession of the soul.

     In the present, it is important that you do not need to find a way to remove your existing self. But you have to know how to effectively use your ego. You use your current low self, but do not try to express it to the surface of life. But use your present self as a tool to express your lofty ego to the surface of your life. Why do you need to do that? Your great self is dwelling in the physical of your low self now. To be more exactly, at the present, your noble self does not have its own physics, but is dwelling in the low self.

     You can imagine your self today as a small house built on a small plot of land. If you now leave this little house to look for a bigger, nicer house built on a larger plot, it means you’re dead. You die because when you go to find yourself in a better place, you will not have a place to live, but once you are dead you cannot fulfill your wishes. Likewise, if you do not accept you as you are, you want the person to have a higher light perception, in a more perfect physique. Naturally, your soul will decide to leave the body and its wisdom, to find what you want.

     But actually, when you decide to do so, you decide to go find the dead, because your soul has no place to live. And once your soul is in a state of death, you will not have any experience. But once your soul has no experience, you cannot do what you want. (In the reality of mankind many people are always illusions that way). I suppose if you choose to go back to God through death there is no problem, it is still a good way for you. But if you choose this way, the condition is that you must know exactly who you are in the higher world that is incarnating on Earth to perform the light mission. By contrast, if you choose to do so, your soul must return to Earth, continuing the path of finding yourself through life, but not through the death. You should know that all those who have incarnated on earth to accomplish a single mission, they know they are not Earth. So ask if you have received the correct information, that you are here to perform the mission of a single lifetime, or you are the only person of the Earth. In fact, if you are from the higher realm, you will never return to your hometown, but you are always at ease with this life in order to carry out your mission.

     Back to the example, you see, so that you can, get a bigger, nicer house, built on a larger piece of land. The best way for you is not to leave the house you own, but you have to know how to expand it, rebuild it, continue to expand, continue to build a new castle as risk. Till the glory, until you are satisfied. Similarly, in order for you to find your great self in the past, you are not allowed to leave your present self. But expand it continuously, constantly expanding it towards the consciousness of light and love, until you find your own great self. And once you find your own great self, you are fully enlightened and remember all that you truly are. That is, you have accomplished your entire mission, that is, you will attain nirvana, that is, you will have eternal life in Heaven, but all that is possible on earth.

     In fact, the process of waking up and waking up completely is the process of remembering who you really are. Until you remember who you are completely, then there is no other.

You see, God never forced you to give up anything. And to help you find yourself, God does not force you to remove your existing low self from life. But God always wants and encourages you to expand your current ego. It also means that your soul must always be open to the awareness of light and love. From then on, your current low self will no longer play the leading role in your life. Imagine your ego was a steam engine, now your ego is a high-speed train. Continue to raise your ego until it becomes super speed. Imagine your ego was a propeller plane, now your ego is a super jet, is a spaceship. You will continue to raise yourself up until it becomes a UFO flying saucer. Imagine that your former self is evil, selfish, greedy, hegemonic, now your ego is self-ego, help, benevolence, love. Now continue to lift yourself up until it becomes the ego of love and light.

    You see, leave but do not quit, because once you reach the new, automatically you will not use the old fashioned anymore. Give up but do not abandon anything, because the evolution of your soul is divine miracles are always expressed on the surface of life. Likewise, today you no longer use steam trains because it’s out of date, but you’re using a high-speed train because it’s trendy. But the so-called steam train is a part of the evolutionary past, so that today you get the so-called high-speed train. In case your consciousness never goes past the so-called steam train, how can your consciousness today achieve the so-called high-speed train. Therefore, you must always remember that you will never be able to walk away from your past, the past that is eternally eternal in your soul.

     Similarly, your Creator, ancestors, grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, friends, relatives in the Kingdom of Heaven is the truth, the eternal, eternal truth never can change. They are your dear ones, they are always with you, always love you, in every moment, they always live with you, they are very important to us. But you have never seen one in your life. And in the present, if you can, you can only know about them, understand them a little bit, in the whole of a very great truth, through your perception. In the present, if possible, you can only reach them through the telepathic waves, but never a direct one. So all you can know about them is still a form of illusion. Also the love and emotion that you can give them only through Telepathy communication, but it still cannot be the real direct vibration. It’s similar to knowing and loving someone, through the Internet, but never in person. So all this connection is nothing but a form of illusion.

      From the visible facts that tell you, you know who you are in the past, it cannot be as important as knowing who you really are in the present. So, the question of who you are is set for you now, is answered, you are your soul in the present. And though your great soul is the most important to you, it only becomes important when you remember the whole of it in a clear way. So, you have to really know who you are in the present, you can know, who you really are in the past, so it be.

CHAPTER IV: The True Meaning of the Question What am I?

     You see, God and those in the world of light always give them questions, but they rarely complete answer to any question. And to the question what you are is still a strange question. Oddly enough, because it is very rare for people to ask themselves the question what am I? To an ordinary person, no one can deny that I am a human being, not to think of myself as a cat, a dog or a table, a chair, a tree, a grass, a house, a door and so on. Of course, a normal person does not think of himself as odd.

     Indeed, a normal person (I am not crazy or insane) is always aware that they are human. You see, normally when you say I’m a human being, no one will object or deny what you say is true. And as human beings, everyone is possessed of the three unities that make up life, and that is physical, mental and mental. But if you ask yourself a question, what are the three physical, mental, and physical things that really matter to me, or are all three together? If you set yourself such an arrogant question, maybe you will be a little vague at the moment. And wonder? Oh, so what are the three of them?

     I still know a lot of friends, when reading this will have thoughts, well then this problem has been talked about a lot, what I have to cook and say. I agree with you that a lot of people have mentioned this and even though you already know it. But I will continue to discuss it in this book in the hope that it will be available to those who do not really know what the question is. And then they can determine exactly what I am. But, so that you can know the truth, you must first ask, in three things, physical, mental and mental, how one ca live with you eternally, eternally. It is only temporary for you. First you try to consider physics, is it forever with you or not? And without saying, everyone knows that physicality is a temporary one, because by the time you live with your friend it will go to death, even the physical person in the world of light cannot be forever eternal. Then only the mind and mind will either of these two will determine whether the new is really You. And with the mind as well, it is still not possible with you, because your body in this existence cannot exist with you in the next life. And everything that comes from your being in the past, you have to always start from the beginning when you are reborn. In the end, it is only SENTENCE, so you can understand, your soul, that is you, you are your soul. Actually, I still know there are many masters say to you, you are not your body, you are not your intellect, but you are your soul. But in fact, the sorcerers have never fully explained why you are the soul.

Back to the question What am I? And to make sure your soul is yours. You must first determine what the two remaining minds and souls are that govern your life. And now imagine this through specific stories in your life that will help you determine what I am.

     For example: You have been living in a rented house for a long time, after a period of business and saving. Now your husband and wife decide to buy a home for themselves. And in all the houses that your husband and wife visit, one is too expensive, or you have money but you don’t like it. Eventually you and your husband have chosen a good house, but if you buy it you have to borrow more money form the bank. You see, the moment you and your husband decide to buy the house, your mind is analyzing with you that you should buy another home enough money, but do not buy the shortage of money. By buying a home that is over funded, you will have to borrow and you will become a debtor. But no matter how your mind analyzes, eventually you and your spouse will decide to buy the house you like. So, you see that your mind is only support the counseling, analysis, which is the construction technique, which is the location, the place is convenient, which is the peace in the living environment due to Give the house, which is an analysis and point out the hardship if you buy a home that exceeds the amount you have. But in the end your mind cannot intervene successfully in the desire to come from the soul of your spouse.

     You see, what your soul cares about is what it experiences, just that and the task of the mind is to provide the information your soul wants to experience. In this example, it has been pointed out that the first task that the soul gives to your mind is to experience the freedom, comfort and joy in its own home. Since the task assigned to the mind must always work hard and accumulate money, to meet the desire to get the home of the mind. Until you go to buy a home, your soul is determined to buy the house it wants, and other things like borrowing money, working for a mortgage, or any other home-related problem, like papers, transactions etc. it is all for the processing mind.

     You see, just as you want, more precisely, just the mind you want and whatever it wants, your mind is always trying its best to serve it. So, no matter how intelligent you are, your mind is still the only tool for your soul to have the experience it wants.

     Example: You are a girl born and raised in a traditional family and rich. You are just beautiful, have an education, you have education, smart communication, smart and you have good stable job. Therefore, you have a lot of admiration and pursuit, among them there are many rich, even handsome. But you almost cannot have feelings for any of them. Until one day you meet and love a guy, in terms of form is not very excellent, not wealthy, not status, his education level is lower than you. The biggest advantage he has is the simplicity, honesty, above all he loves children, nature and animals.

     Since your family and friends know you and your partner love each other, they are trying to resist you violently. They think the guy is not good for you, they try to analyze you, if you marry him, you will rush, lack, leading to loss of happiness. Not only relatives and friends, but you also think about your lover’s reality, as well as the future of life, if two people come together. But in fact, no matter who said it or how your mind thinks, in the end, you still do not change your mind and go to marry that person. You see, the case in the example is one of the cases where people often say the heart always has its own argument. When you decide to marry, it’s not that you do not have a picture, a reflection on a scenario involving matter and money will likely happen in the wrong direction. But to you these are not important, what you care about the lover is not the external form such as: wealth, education or social status of the lover. But for your simplicity, honesty and love of nature love animals and children, is what you care about and want to experience with him. You love him because you find sympathy in his personality. He lived simple but no color, form, ritual, he lived honestly but not fake, cover up to take other people’s heart. He always has a unique, unlike any of the guys that have pursued you before. You love him because you are very happy, innocent, carefree and no longer any attempt, when you are with him. Most of all, he shares his interests as children, nature and animals like you. So, you will always have the opportunity to experience this hobby with him, so you marry him. Moreover, when he is with you he is not like the other guys are always talking about work, money and things related to the material and status, so the more you love him, that’s all.

     You see, when your soul wants to, when your heart speaks no matter how good your mind is, it cannot interfere, but it is only a tool to help the soul. Imagine, a girl just wants to choose a rich man to marry, she does not follow the guidance of reason. In fact, loving and getting rich is derived from a desire of the soul of the girl for a full experience related to money as well as material brought by the husband. In the case of a girl who only wants to choose for herself a person with the status and power to be a husband, it is not the girl who has followed the directions of reason. But it comes from the desire of her soul to experience the status and power of her husband.

     From there you see, your intellect is not you, your body is not your friend and your soul is your own, you are your soul. So, your mind, your physique, is just what’s in your soul. From this truth, so with the question of what I am. Indeed, here in this mortal life, the truth is overwhelming, your mind and your physical being are tools of your own karma, no more. For example, your destiny is bad according to the mind of the naked, so you choose to reincarnate into a physical being when it is born, it becomes congenital blind. So blindness in your life, you choose to experience it in life, but no one forced you at all. You know, when I say things like this, there are a lot of people including my relatives who claim that no one in the world wants to be blind, handicapped, hurt, or poor. So it is not possible to say that they are the things they want, but that is their fate. You see, if you talk about fate is also referring to causality. So ask what you do not sow what you reap, which is what you receive today is you made yesterday. So what has happened to you today whether it is good or bad, is what you chose, what you wanted, you ordered it in the past. And now it’s just when God gives you what you chose, what you want, that’s all. In fact, the ultimate reality of God will never give you the things you do not want and you do not choose.

    In the case of the blind in this example.  it is really the person who wants to experience the blindness in life, so God brings their desire. By contrast, he does not want to experience blind life, God will never give them that. God is not natural to go to work doing such crazy things, doing things that are contrary to human wants. Doing the same thing God never did, you want it you can, and you do not want to get you anything. But how can people want to be blind? I will try to explain what you want. Example: Previous (Formerly, here is a previous life) you are a great black society famous fierce, once in a restaurant have people because you see so strange, so he looked at you slowly. Because that person looks at you for so long that you think he despises you, from which you arise the will to blind his eyes for the sin that dares to look straight at your face. Want to do and you did, is to blind the eyes of others mercilessly, to express their power before the junior. You see, that’s what you wanted to become blind in this life, but no one here wants to be with you.

     For example: Because you want to make more money in the business. So you used chemicals in food processing to lower the cost to the lowest. But with the food that you make, people who use it, will have cancer for a long time. You see, in fact when you put chemicals into food does not mean you want the user to have cancer, but rather you want the money. But because you want money that way, it means you want to have cancer, just like people who used dirty food made by you. Therefore, the desire to experience the experience of being cancerous before, has become a reality for you today.

     In fact, your body is also the tool for you to do business. The body of a blind, crippled, diseased or physically ill person of a person becomes a beauty queen, model, player, athlete, etc. It is always what you have created in Your body today has what it takes before you own it and now you are just recognizing it, that is, you are identifying what you have created yourself in life. When you are still living in the 3d world, your body is still just a tool to support you. The problem is that in the past you wanted to choose how you would later own a physical, so that your soul could experience what you wanted.

     Your soul can choose to experience in a beautiful, perfect and healthy physique and so on. Your soul can also choose to experience in a weak, sick, not beautiful, etc. You can even choose to immerse your soul in a different physique from the personality of your soul, in search of a different sex experience. For example, your soul is masculine, you choose to dip your soul into female physiology, so after you grow up in the physical that people call you Lesbian. In contrast, your soul is feminine, you choose to immerse your soul into male physics, and after you grow older people call you Gay. The problem is that you want to choose what to experience, what you choose is your right, this right is called absolute will freedom. And when you reborn, God will provide you with a physical body that fits the choices you will experience. You see, once again someone said, who would want to choose to become Lesbian or Gay do? In fact, all you choose for yourself is before you are born, but not after you are born. If you are lesbian or gay too. It also means that you have previously committed sexual misconduct, controlled another person’s sexual experience, or binds someone else to sexual violence. In the past, you have always had a lot of misbehavior about sex, it is so simple.

     You see, the reality of today is what you want yesterday, what you now experience is what you want in the past, but never natural. God always responds and is always ready to give you what you want, God will not reject any of your wishes. Whether your desire is dark or light, happiness or pain, joy or boredom, love or fear, God responds, but never judge. Because in God’s eyes all of your experiences are perfect.

     Likewise, your intelligence today is still something you created from previous lives, it really is what you have, before you can recognize it. Your intellect is still only a tool for your soul to practice, but your mind is not you. In case your karma has accumulated many merits, many virtues, God will provide you with a mind that is always intelligent, intelligent, quick, adaptable, qualified. In the opposite case, your wisdom will become dark, slow, hard to remember, quickly to forget and very difficult to receive information to improve knowledge. In fact, the physical and physical that you have today is just what you created in a previous life, and now it is only a tool for your soul to perform karma, and it is only temporary, and in one life.. Although all the information you have gained in your physical and mental experience will always leave a lasting impression on your soul.

     In fact, the physics and the mind that we all have in our mortal life, always is what the masters say is temporary, impermanent. According to my observation, indeed, what they say is absolutely true, undeniable. But you see, so far, what the masters say, always in the form of speech, but very rarely accompanied by explanations.

     In fact, the masters would love to use the context to talk to us. For example, masters say that the world is physical, but not the world of spirit. You see, if you just listen to their words, you will feel that there is a certain contradiction in their words. The inconsistency arises, because you know that no life exists in the universe without matter. So, speaking of life is about matter and there is no place in the universe, there is no material that can have life. The life of any place, heaven or hell, earthly or heavenly, is nowhere near the same material. Likewise, the life of a human being, nowhere in the universe, without a combination of the three: Physical, mental and mental. But you should be a little different, here I’m talking about life, but I’m referring to existence. For example, when your soul is embedded in the physical and mental activity, it is called the life of a soul, or of the life of a human being. But when human beings enter the physical death, in the meantime enter into another physical, your soul will no longer function, leading to no experience at all. During this time, your soul still exists, which means that your soul exists but cannot say it is the soul of a soul.

     Indeed, the monk’s words are very wise, but it is easy for the human beings to misunderstand the real meaning of the word. Even my dear spiritual friend months ago could not determine that after returning to heaven, people would still live in the physical body or just in the spirit world. You know, the sorcerers love to play with us, but in fact they always use the language very accurately. The masters say, the nirvana, spiritual realms but people do not use from the realms of nirvana, mental realms. Because they know that the scene and from the realms are completely different, the realm is a manifestation of matter, and the realm is a non-material manifestation. So, in fact, there is only heaven, the realm of heaven, but no realms of nirvana or mental realms. You see, just a few words of the sorceress is enough for human beings have a lot of strange fantasies? They always imagine that after they enter nirvana or after returning to Heaven they will live in the spiritual realm; it is not material.

    Before clarifying this issue, I would like to explain to you from the spirit. Your spirit is not your intellect nor your soul. The spirit here is understood as the essence of the purity of the divine. And the Spirit here, too, the God of God, and the God of God is God consciousness. Therefore, the purity and elitism derived from the consciousness of God is also the consciousness of the light of God. From this you can easily understand that the spirit is simply another way of calling God light consciousness. Therefore, the gurus say that life in the Kingdom is the life of the spirit, indeed. It also means that when you live in Heaven you live in a world of light consciousness, living in complete awakening, full consciousness. And with the world, the world of matter is perfectly correct. Because in the conception of human life in the mundane world is always heavy, always important material. You always say that what you can hear with the ear, seen with the new eye, is the thing of truth and it is really important to you, and what you cannot hear and cannot see. Indeed, it is illusory that it does not matter.

     The masters often say that the world we live in is the material world, is not wrong. But if you ask the opposite of them, is there any place in the universe, is there any world existing without God created by matter? I believe they will tell you that, no, there is never a world of life formed without matter. But why do they say the world we live in is the material world? Simply from the material referred to here is not pure matter, but material within the concept of human life. In fact, they have said it correctly, that our world is the material world and that they are living invisible world because of its mental realm. Spirituality is the world of light consciousness.

    It is due to when you speak of consciousness, you are talking about the matter, because consciousness is what is used to create matter. In general, all materiality is nothing, not from the consciousness of God. And the manifestations of God’s consciousness are through the mind of man himself. But with all the vibrations and emotions of the soul, you can never see it, but you can only feel it. Therefore, every activity of the human soul is considered to be active in the invisible world. But you see, when human beings are living in the mundane world people always put heavy weight, always attach importance to his mind and often do not consider the life of the soul. Conversely, people in the world of light value the life of the soul and always see the mind as a tool for spiritual life. So, they have told us a line between the heavens, that man is living in the material world and that they are living in the spirit world, invisible. Instead, they say that people should not be too attached to the mind, but to the mind, the human will be less distressed. In fact, they have said and talked a lot, but we do not care, or say more accurately that we do not understand, so we do not care.

     You see, our world is always living with new ideas, things are the most important thing. For example, you always say that your body, money, home, cars, garden, gold, diamonds, pearls … are the most important things for your life. In fact, everything created in this world, as in the Universe, has come from the inside, but not from the outside. All that you can see from the outside is essentially the manifestation of the non-material within. But in reality, the human being in our world, rarely attaches importance to the immaterial world within. The focus of education, the exchange of knowledge, the raising of the level of humanity are almost all outside the goal of material success. If somebody is well educated, knowledgeable, high-level, but they do not like to pursue materialistic goals, they may be disregarded by the society. But then how, because all is just a game, the world must go through this process.

I am going out of the topic Who you are, I wish you all the sympathy because I said before in the preamble, that I cannot control my stream of thought. By simple times like this, I am no longer myself, God and me are companions.

     Back to the topic Who I am, you can imagine, your soul is the planet Earth, your mind is the sun, and other planets in the solar system including the moon is your body and relationships in life. At first glance, you may think that the Sun is the center of the most important object in the living things of the solar system. Because it simply plays a central role and provides energy to the planets that are spinning around it. But in fact, the new Earth is really the center of the solar system. (By the way, I think the old Christian mindset, Earth is centered, in some respects, it is absolutely correct.) The earth is central because it is simply. There is life, and that is our life, the life of the animals and plants that live on the planet Earth. And that is the most important cause for God to create this solar system. At first glance you may think that the sun is the most important object in the entire solar system. But in fact, if not for our own life and for all of us on Earth, God would not create the solar system for what. So, the Earth is just the center, Earth is the planet’s most important planet.

     Indeed, assuming that if humans and all species no longer live on Earth, then the entire solar system in God’s eyes will have no meaning. And surely then God will not dwell on it, and allow it to go completely self-destructive. At first glance, you might think that there is a Sun that the Earth can exist and that, in terms of physics, that is perfectly correct. But in terms of spirituality, the Sun is nothing more than an instrument of service to the Earth, more accurately speaking, it is a tool for man and the whole of life on earth.

     Similarly, you can imagine your mind is centered and everything will depend and revolve around it as slaves. But in fact, deep down from God’s supreme reality, it is true that the wisdom you possess is high or low, good or bad, intelligent or ignorant, all created by your soul. In fact, your soul is really the creator of your intellect and whether you are in Heaven or on earth, the same is true. But now, when you are on earth, God must equip you with wisdom, equip what has been created by the soul, to serve it. But when you are in Heaven, then your soul will know how to command your own intellectually prepared for you to serve the best wishes of its experience. Who do you think you are? You think your wisdom, your qualifications, your education, your knowledge is terrible. Be honest with you, if your soul in a certain lifetime, really in the laziness of experience, idleness of movement, idleness of creation then God will not equip you with any little mind I do not know.

      In fact, you will not have a little knowledge, not a little intellect, if your soul does not want it. And the babies you call down, the “intellectual disability” is typical of a rejection of the soul because it does not want to possess the intellect. You should know that many of your intellectual lives overwhelm you, giving you too much suffering. So, your soul does not want to possess its mind anymore, but it is very desirable that you are a demented person so that you will not suffer the mind to suffer. From those desires of the soul, God has given your soul a life of wisdom. So many lives you will live with the truest emotions of the soul, but not the mind interferes. Meaning that your lives are a child with intellectual disability, really. But if you ask that mental retardation is good or bad for a soul’s life, suffering or happiness, only God and those who are now incapacitated can answer this question for themselves unless you are fully aware.

     You can imagine, the relationship between mind and soul is similar to the government and the people of a country. And as you see, everywhere and everywhere, anywhere in the world, people are always the decisive factor in creating the government, in whatever respect. And while the authorities always scream, they always scream, the people are the owner. But in real life, you have seen how many places in the world, people really have the right to own the destiny of their own lives? Or just the opposite, people are often suppressed by the authorities in various forms, but there is no way to resist.

      Similarly, your mind is created by your soul. But in the end, your mind always suppresses, suppresses, controls your emotions and brings you to extreme suffering. So, your mind is more ritual, the more you form, the more dictatorial, the more controlled your soul, the more suffering. Similarly, the more ritually, the more formally, the more dictatorship, the more severely controlled the people, the more lost the freedom and the more suffering. But once the limits of the soul as well as the limits of tolerance of the people are broken, then of course the mind as well as the authorities will be demoted. Simply because they no longer want to endure what it has been created.

     After all that I present in this section, I hope you can be aware, what are you? I also assert that you are your soul, but not your intellect, not your body, nor your soul. All things, from the mind, the body, and the soul, including the transcendental ones, are yours. In other words, all of these things belong to you. And of course all that is relevant to you is just a tool to support you and your soul is truly the master of all that. Moreover, every decision that brings you to the experience of life comes from the soul, but not anywhere else.

     Also, I am very hopeful after you really understand what you are? Open your heart to live with the voice of your heart – so you always live with the true feelings of love, kindness, sincerity and harmony as possible. I hope that when you understand the truth, you take back your sovereignty – that is, you regain control of your soul to control everything that happens in your life. . And definitely you do not allow your low mind to take you to dark and painful emotions, one more time. Self-control is simply that all actions in your life must always be controlled by your mind, but not by your mind. Perhaps you have heard the words Action with the heart. In fact, the heart in this statement is also the soul, because the soul is installed and lives in the heart. In fact, the heart “soul” does not know the action, but the whole human action is controlled by the mind. But here you have to understand that any action that arises from the will of the heart controls the mind. That will always bring you the best of everything. And all the actions in that framework are called Action with a heart. Actually, if you hear someone say, he or she, she does the whole thing with the mind, the virtues also say that they do things that bring good things, bring the breath of love bear, the quality of love. So, the mind-conscious saying means that there is a soul, a heart, and a word of virtue here, which is just another way of saying it. But you see, the heart or mind does not know how to think and do, so everything depends on the mind action. But when the action mind is led and controlled by the emotional love of the soul, all the results of these actions are called virtuous actions.

     On the other hand, whatever action is controlled and controlled by reason, all of it is considered transcendent, which is the act of forcing, restraining and repressing the emotions of the soul. And do not exclude any action within this framework, all of which have a greater calculation, conditional exchange based on prejudice, but not love. It is simply that you can understand all of it as an emotionless, no human affair.

     Indeed, love is the essence of the soul, so once you regain control, then what you express on the surface of life will always bear the breath of love and the quality of compassion.