CHAPTER I: What is the true meaning of healing? What does it heal?

     Dear friends, maybe you know, in recent times we have realized that God and people in the world often refer to the problem of healing. But the question posed here to us is why we need healing, more healing, what is healing and healing will bring benefits to man? In fact, most of those who are pursuing spirituality claim that it is healing that is healing the soul. For every human being in us is guilty of sin, for causing so many evil karmas. Thus, the soul was severely damaged so now humans need to heal it. But in fact, if you know your soul is always pure and it itself is never hurt in any case. So it turns out that our thoughts are so far wrong. As I stated above, in reality the human soul is always pure, pure because you cannot add to it any information, even the smallest. Conversely, you can never leave any information out of your soul. Simply because the soul software program is an absolutely perfect program created by God.

     If you think that I am making such an argument as to be disloyal, to say the least, because you realize that in fact the soul of almost everyone in this world is already hurt serious. So what do I mean by that the human soul is never hurt in any case? Indeed, your conception of healing is that healing of the activities of the soul is not wrong. But in fact, the healing problem that people in the spiritual world often say has a lot of implications. Indeed, you do not have to heal, your soul is always healed, because it has never been damaged. But if you still do not believe it is true, you can imagine this fact through the following examples.

      For example: Unexpectedly you heard the building where your beloved wife is working terrorist. When you come to the place where you hit the building is collapsed completely, the scene is desolate blood spattered everywhere, dead people. And according to your observation, it is difficult for anyone to survive the ruins. So, you feel like you have lost hope for a loved one’s survival. In this moment your soul is torn by fear, pain, loss, your heart seems unstoppable. In that moment, you do not know what to do, do not know what to think, you have imagined the worst scenario will happen in your life, if the wife is not with you. Surprisingly, from the bottom of a concrete block found the woman survived and was not seriously injured. Looking back you realize that is your dear wife, immediately the feelings of your soul change quickly. From the state of fear, suffering, loss, sadness, despair, etc., you immediately turned into a state of surrender, cheerful, happy, happy and happy.

     You see, if you think that the pain, the fear before you see your wife alive and out of the rubble, is a serious injury of the soul. So I ask you, emotions such as happiness, joy, joy, happiness and then what is emotion? There is no reason for you to compare these two emotions and one side of you is feeling hurt, the other is a good feeling or not? In fact, have you ever seen something that has just been seriously injured, but immediately it has become healthy and can even function better than before? Have you ever seen, your hands, your legs, your eyes have just broken or just blind, but right then it works better than before?

Also, in this example, I can show you that all the pain and suffering that you have suffered in this world is a hallucination. To you, before, when I heard the similar words of God or of the masters, I felt it was ironic. At that time, I always said that they were telling lies to humanity, saying deceiving sentient beings. At that time, I used to think that they were in high places, they always live in happiness, in joy, in peace and happiness, so they do not know what the real suffering of human beings. If they came to Earth, tasted of the pain and loss they had experienced, they would immediately smell it. From there, they no longer say hurt, miserable is only illusion, it is not true. But until now I realized that the words of God and the masters said to be completely honest. And you can see this truth from right in the example. You see, in that moment, your pain and fear are immense, seemingly unbearable. But after a split second, your emotional state has completely changed in the opposite direction, when you see your beloved wife step out. So ask you the feelings you have just tasted before is true illusion is operated by illusion or not? You can answer yourself.

     You see, the pain you just experienced is real, but it immediately disappeared into a happy feeling when you saw your wife safe. Similarly, all the suffering you experience in this world will immediately become illusion, when you have a full blessed life in love and light. From there, it can show you that your soul is never hurt, nor is it ever lost. In fact, your soul only really feels distressed or happy at the moment it experiences that emotion.

     In fact, you should know your soul software program is never compromised or lost. But if you ask why in reality your heart has suffered so much pain? In fact, sometimes your heart has to suffer a lot in life, because it is related to the way your soul works. And as you know, I always insist that your soul is a perfect software package. And once it’s just a software program, of course it’s just data information. And the information this information has been installed and working on a piece of hardware. And this hardware is also known as your heart. So, when the heart receives the information from your brain, your mind will immediately interact with the data it receives, thereby creating the vibration in the heart. . And when your heart vibrates, it will access the sources that are compatible with the vibrations of the soul and give emotion.

     From this truth can show you that all the vibrations that come from your heart are always dependent on the information that your brain sends to the soul. So, when your soul always receives negative information such as: wrong, evil, loss, damage, failure, etc. Of course, your soul will activate your heart to create negative vibrations. And from the negative vibrations in this fear can give off emotions such as hatred, jealousy, anger, selfishness, suffering, sadness, anxiety, loneliness, etc. In contrast, the soul that receive positive information such as: goodness, kindness and success, etc. Naturally, your soul will activate your heart for the vibrations toward the positive direction. And from these vibrations it will be possible for emotions such as: fun, happiness, elation etc. Unless your mind always remains calm, your mind can have peace.

    So, once you understand the principle of the action of the soul. Then your soul must actively ask for the mind to work according to its will. But it is not passive operation of the information that your mind actively brings to the soul.

     In other words, when you have understood, you have to take initiative. Openness also means that you actively send your mind to your true will and ask your mind to act. And in the process it accomplishes the purpose of the soul, until it is successful it must always send information back to your soul to operate. But you have to know that, when your soul wants it is just want positive things and want to love, but never the opposite. The same thing happens in your life, also known as the voice of the heart. For such simple reasons, you often hear people say hatred heart. By the heart of hatred is the heart to experience too many feelings of hatred. On the contrary, people say the heart of love, because your heart is always experienced with the feelings of love so much, so simple. For real reasons, you can say your heart is hurt, but your soul is never hurt. In fact, your soul never knows what is called hatred or cruelty. On the contrary, your soul also never knows what is called compassion, kindness or benevolence. But when your soul interacts with the data sent from the mind. By that, your soul will create vibrations for the heart, to create emotions. From there you can feel and be aware of these emotions. Except where your soul actively wants to experience love.

     But according to many religions, they often think that the soul needs to be healed. Man must be atoned, he must cleanse his own sins, man must purify his soul so pure that man can enter the kingdom of heaven, or can attain Nirvana.

     In fact, things are not as human as they used to be, such as the Prophet Mohammed, the Messiah, El Morya, when he came down to fulfill God’s mission of creating Islam. During his time in the world, his soul was not seriously injured either. His soul is wounded, because he often leads bloody battles, even killing himself personally. In addition, in his mortal life, he also suffered a great deal of pain, not unlike the people living there. But after the Prophet Mohammed died he immediately returned to the Kingdom of Heaven and immediately took up the position of his Master El Morya. And as you have seen, before the prophet returns to the kingdom of heaven, does he need to spend one day a day to heal the soul?

    Similarly, as Adolf Hitler in his time down, he fulfilled God’s mission. And look at this, who in this world is killing more and more cruelly than Adolf Hitler or not? But after the completion of the mission, Hitler did not need to spend an hour, a minute to do repentance or healing for the soul. But he can still return to Paradise peacefully and live happily, like so many others.

     In fact, not all of those who are present on Earth must heal before returning home to God. Healing is not compulsory for everyone, but healing depends on the specific circumstances of each soul in each of the various tasks. Specifically, people from the world of light to reincarnate on Earth perform their mission, upon completion of the mission that they can return immediately without having to undergo healing. Particularly those who come to Earth to fulfill the obligation to experience the dark world, must be healed to be able to return home to God. In fact, God does not force people to be healed and allowed to return home. But as you force yourself to heal, you can successfully fulfill your dual obligation to God. So, invisible is a soul even if it has fulfilled its duty to experience the dark world, but if it cannot fulfill its second obligation, it cannot go home.

     Through the data that I presented in the previous section, from which you can determine the healing word used here is not a healing of the soul. But heal all that has hurt your heart. And the things that can hurt your heart most are your own mind. Example: In the past when you were young and even after you grew up, when you were alone in the dark you were afraid of ghosts. Reluctantly you are alone in the dark, but every time reluctantly so you start to fear and increasingly afraid. And just on the way you see a branch of a tree swinging or see a set firefly is your heart like to fall out, your spine is cold and barely move. At times you often imagine how many ghost images may suddenly appear in front of you. And the more you imagine, the more frightening you are.

     You see, the same fears have serious consequences for your heart, worse if the fear is so great that you may faint or die. But after you know what the ghost is, what is the soul, what is the soul energy of the dead, surely you will no longer be afraid of the night and especially scared of ghosts. You see, thanks to the light perception, you have healed yourself of an aspect that is damaging to the soul. And thanks to light perception, ghost related problems can never make your heart hurt again.

    For example: You are a Christian, previously just for some unforeseeable reason that you missed a public holiday, missed a confession or could not contribute money to the church. You are afraid to lose sleep. You are afraid that your God will punish you, you are afraid that your Lord will not be pleased than you are afraid that the power of the church will withdraw your fellowship, making you unable to return to God. But until today, when you have understood your God, your Lord Jesus is not as you imagined before. And moreover, you understand how fellowship is, and you also understand that your God never allows any of these things. So today, you no longer go to church, no longer have to confess to anyone, nor need to contribute to the church anymore.

     You see, when you realize what is true, all your actions in life will no longer be scared. In this case too, you are no longer going to church, no longer confessing to anyone, no longer contributing to the church any money. But you no longer fear, because now you know what the truth is, it means that you have healed your heart a wound that you have caused it for so long.

     You say healing is the healing of the wounds you have inflicted on your soul. But what you really have to do and by the way does not hurt your heart anymore such as healing. For example: You are suffering from severe cirrhosis and it is very difficult to cure. Because of that you are very sad, anxious, suffering, in you as no longer see the joy, but only see the whole is the pain and disappointment. And from this example, you can see that, in the period when you get sick, your soul must always operate with negative information, which always creates anxiety, sadness and suffering. But just curing the disease means that you have healed the wound you are inflicting on your heart. In other words, you have healed the wound that you are inflicting on the soul.

     For example: You have a beautiful relationship with a guy, you and he love each other passionately, as if it cannot be separated. So, you and he also plans next month to hold a wedding. But one day the guy told you, let’s break up, because my family does not agree to marry me. So, from a state of happiness as before, a broken heart. And since you have been abandoned by your lover, you have always lived a life of nostalgia, torment, and grief. You have no desire to work, even to your own life. You are like a lost soul because you are always immersed in memories to gnaw your endless grief. Suddenly one day the guy came to see you and told you I could not leave you for any reason, because I knew you loved me. So, even if his family does not agree, he will still marry her and live with her for a lifetime. Saying that, he immediately took you to register the marriage, despite the opposition of the family.

     You see, the moment the lover says farewell, your soul must always operate with too negative information. So your heart is always shaken with the feelings of hell. But that experience has become the hallucination of the past, so that your soul will direct you to a heavenly experience in a moment. That is so I ask you, your soul is really injured or not? And if your suffering emotions are loved, now is the hallucination of the past then right? Of course, all that your soul experiences is not hallucination but truth. But the illusion is said here, because your soul will never experience the same emotional state again in the future. Hallucinations are spoken here, because by all the emotions you have experienced, you can never come back to hurt you again. Although all the information about the emotions that you experience through always exists in you, but not in your soul, does not exist in your heart.

     In other words, the negative emotions that you have created do not exist in your heart, but it is removed from the heart and stored in other organs of the organ, except for love. Because only the emotions and energy of love are entitled to live in your heart. And you can imagine this through the way people say it. Example: When you see someone who is very brave, or see someone doing something very risky you often say that he is so big, oh he is brave. In fact, all the emotional information about the courage the soul has created is stored in the liver. Similarly, all the emotional and energy information of hate, anger or jealousy will be stored in each of your colon and small intestine DNA. Similarly, all of the emotional and energy information of anxiety, depression, or depression will be stored in each of your DNA, stomach. As a matter of fact, God and the legs always advise you to always live with your fruit. By simply your heart is a place to store emotions and love energy.

     In fact, all the information including the emotional information you have experienced in your life is just a collection of your soul’s information. And all this information will be with you forever in the eternal, eternal life of a soul. Say that your pain or happiness in this earthly reality is only an illusion. Because you can only feel it as a past memory, but your mind can never reactivate it again.

     The emotional information of the soul is not the same as the information of consciousness. Because you can operate, re-operate the information of awareness, to serve your life, even if it is the information that often gives you much suffering. For example, every time you encounter a problem in life you always hide, but never dare to face the truth. For example, you are a subcject, so every time you do multiplication, you will use this conception. In contrast, the emotional information created by the soul is only once and never repeats the same way as before. You often think that many of the emotions that your soul creates are exactly the same without any change. In fact, the emotion created by the soul is not at all, the same time. Thousands of times you have sex with a single woman, but that is when your soul creates a different emotional state, which is not always the same. Like that, the emotional state that women get from you is not the same at all. You go through a million failures; each failure is your soul to create a different emotion. You go through a billion successful times; each successful soul will also create a different emotion. Likewise, there is not any emotion of your soul that is experienced by your soul when it is the same.

    In fact, this is the infinite color of the human soul. But right now, you and I are not able to understand, how God can create a perfect software program and so wonderful. But clearly this is the truth of God within ourselves. And this is truly the truth of J. Krishnamurti’s words. “Truth is a land without paths.” In fact, you will never get a chance to step through the path of emotion that you have created. And this is truly the truth of J. Krishnamurti’s words. “Truth is a land without entrance.” By every emotion you have, your soul only creates one single moment and even if you really want to step into that emotion one more time, you will never be able to do it. Your soul can continually create different emotions for every different experience in your life. But whatever emotion your soul has created, it will never return to you even once. Example: You were once afraid of ghosts and are still very afraid of ghosts. But all the times you’ve been afraid, today has become an experience of the soul. And maybe tomorrow you will continue to scare ghosts, but that fear will be created by your soul based on another scenario, but cannot repeat as fear as you did.

     You can use your own experience to do something, like what you have done before. By speaking of experience, speaking of an experience of consciousness and of experiences of consciousness will give you experiences and you will accumulate them. From there, you can use the experience you have had, applied in life.

     But with all the emotions you experience, it becomes a form of soul information, but not a form of vibration. So, all the emotions you experience in life, also known as memories of your soul. And when you remember those memories, it cannot give you the same feeling as the pain or happiness you experienced before. Remember, here when you say, you REMEMBER the old memory, that is, you operate the mind from the brain to remember what you have experienced. So, your memory is based on information, so that your soul will receive this source of information and operate to create emotion. But all these emotions are completely new emotions, but not the old emotions you have experienced.

    From there you can see that the land of emotion is completely different from the land of consciousness, because by, when one of your emotions has passed, it will never return so that you can experience one more time. Indeed, “No one takes a bath twice on a river” facing the material you have not been able to, the more immaterial you cannot. So, you can never experience the same emotional state completely at two different point of time.

Therefore, God and the Light-givers often say, life is a continuous and endless process of creativity, never stop thinking. In case, human beings stop being creative and the human soul is always living in the feeling of the path, then human life will no longer mean anything and everything will end.

     But what makes your soul living with the feeling of the path? And indeed, the answer is simple, it’s the thought-based way of thinking. Indeed, thought-based thinking is the cause of your soul’s experience of pathological feelings. In fact, the way of saying it here is not absolute, but just relative, is about each other, about the emotions that you have constantly created in life. And just as your soul is constantly creating such emotions, then you will find your life becomes tasteless, even if you no longer want to live.

     For example, because I committed a serious crime, I was sentenced to term imprisonment. From that time on, my life in prison became very tedious and the time passed by my day seemed as long as endless. I always feel my body is very tired and tired, the spirit of severe decline, the soul is extremely bored. Although from morning to night, I only do each meal and eat, not like before every day I have to stay up early and work all day long to work to earn a living. In the past, sometimes I did not have enough time to sleep and eat, but I still felt very happy and happy with that life. But now I do not have to do anything I still have food, do not have to stay up late, still have something for me to wear and almost want to sleep when I can sleep at that time. But I do not feel like comfort and fun, but I am very bored, miserable and very tired.

     You see, I’m bored, miserable and tired, not because I have to work harder, but because my soul is experiencing emotionally the way we go day by day has nothing to do with it. Actually, no matter how much mind or body you are hurting, it is not the main reason you feel you are happy or suffering. Because there are times when your mind and body are very hard, but your soul is always experiencing positive emotions, so you feel very happy.

In fact, your soul always wants to experience, change constantly in life. But your soul will feel very happy and happy when it is always experiencing emotions in a positive direction. In contrast, you will feel very bored if your soul is always living negative emotions. But in fact, no matter how much you are suffering or how happy you are, your soul always has a desire to constantly change experiences in positive, more and more ways. If you think that what you are doing is bringing happiness to your soul and so you act in that way. Then your soul not only does not feel happy or happy, but is miserable, because it is experiencing emotional path.

     For example: Before you marry, your life is very hard because in addition to work in the company, you also have to do more work to cover life and support for the family. But after you get rich, your husband will not let you go to work again. Moreover, he is very generous with you, in addition to your need for living without anything, he also provides more money to his wife’s family than when you go to work. At first glance you think your life is very lucky and very happy. But in the long run, the more you feel that life that you think is happy becomes very tasteless and boring. By your life every day as well as in the morning, wake up to eat, lunch to eat, wait for her husband to work. Moreover, you do not need to do anything, because everything has someone to do. During the day, in addition to watching television, reading, walking in the garden and sleeping, you are a ghost in the house because you do not talk to him. People do not dare to talk long or confide in you anything, because their boss does not allow them to do so. Also, you are not allowed to meet with friends, and if you want to, it must be accompanied by your husband. You are right to go shopping shopping delightfully, but be sure to have your husband go next. You are entitled to visit your family, but when your husband is free he will take you away, you are not allowed to go alone anywhere, if you have not been allowed by the husband.

     You see, you do not have to have more money, less body than you feel happy. You used to be very, very, very happy with life, because you have freedom, you have family to share, you have friends to confide in, you have communication, you have many events to solve. You have failed, succeeded and took that pleasure in your striving. But today? Your parents see you, your friends see you, others see you living in riches and very loving husband, spoiled. So they will ask you? What more do you want, indeed, people just see your life from the outside, that’s all. But only you can really know what life is like and how bored you are.

     Indeed, the emotional pathway from your life, which may bring you to two paths is depressed, two is beyond imagination based on the husband’s money. But in the reality of seeing, you do not go the second way, so you feel your life is tainted and depressed is natural. You see, when you always keep yourself thinking with your sense of darkness, you will bring your soul to hurt. Because any spiritual experience is just a trail, it will also be helped by a prejudiced way of thinking. In this case, your parents, your friends, your loved ones always say that marrying wealthy and loving husbands is a blessing for all the girls who come to the age of dating and even You think so too. But in fact, you only get one thing, in many things you need to have, to be able to help you get a happy life. And what you have in this marriage is material and money, but not with love. The way your husband treats you, another person may think that it is the husband’s great love for his wife. Actually it is not love, but it is the way your husband possesses and controls you.

You see, after you have been living in your husband’s house for a long time, you realize that life is so boring and boring. But you do not find the reason why you are sad, why are you bored, because according to you as well as many people that everything has come true with its orbit, why bothered. The simple answer is that since you have lost the freedom of thinking and acting, your mind must experience the feeling of the day. But you do not dare to escape, because you do not find the cause, under the effective help of a prejudiced prejudice path “wealth is synonymous with happiness.” You see, when you have to live in the feeling of the trail, the time of your feeling will be more and more extended. And as you feel your lifespan is getting less and less, you feel even more depressed.

    So you can see, the real time will be stretched out if people are constantly living in negative emotions repeatedly.

   For example: You have an appointment with your partner to discuss your wedding. But you have not seen the date, but the phone did not contact, so in your heart is very nervous and anxious. At this point in you always imagine all kinds of scenarios can happen, he is the replacement of his belly, he is the accident or he is drinking so not bothered to you You just imagine that you are both anxious, anxious and anxious, constantly going on in your life, repeating so constantly, making you feel like time stretching out endless. . In fact, after your lover appears, you look back at your watch, your waiting time is about 15 minutes. And after all you have met your lover, you feel like all the thoughts and worries that never happened to you, even though it was a fact that happened to you. Moreover, after you meet your lover, the two have talked and talked about 3 hours happily, but you have a different feeling. That is the feeling, how much time passes so fast, it seems too short when you sit next to your lover.

     You see, the linear time will be shortened or shortened by your senses, influenced by the emotions you are living with at that moment. Your waiting time is stretched out, simply because your soul experiences repeated emotions, in the negative direction. In contrast, the time you sit with your lover is shortened, simply because your soul is always experiencing different emotions sublimated, changing constantly in the positive direction.

     Regarding the healing problem, it is often assumed that the damage of the soul is largely due to Bodhi, and to greed, dharma. Indeed, greed, delusion, and emotion are the characteristics, emotional vibrations that operate with the system of dark consciousness.

     So GREED is the first word I want to talk about it a little here. You see, although human lust is still in the system of want, but usually when it comes to greed is the allusion to negative action. Actually, Greed is only a metaphor of desire that is driven by darkness. Often when the greed of human beings is always plagued by the ignorance. Example: You go to a friend’s house to visit, suddenly you see a lot of their money to be very funny. And because you are so fond of “IGNORANCE” money so you have silently take away the money that people hide and leave. For example, you are Osin for a rich man. And one day you were cleaning the bedroom for him, mistress, suddenly you see a beautiful diamond ring to set off on the dressing table. And because you are longing for jewelry, but you do not have the ability to prepare yourself. So, you have emerged to take the ring to hide to make your own. Example: You are a senior in the government. And so far your position has brought no less fortune, in addition you have the feeling, you are so many people respect and respect, since then very in love with this leadership position. So even if you do not feel capable of leadership yourself, you still do not want to leave. From there, you will always find everything and at all costs you retain your power.

    You see, all above examples are about greed. These examples show you that greed will only be formed with those that are present and supported by SI addiction. So, although what is called greed is still derived from the jhāna, but it is completely different from the so-called desire. Example: You want to become a singer, from which you are always passionate about singing, For example: You want to become a famous actor, from which you are always passionate about acting. Example: You want to become a rich person; from which you are always passionate about the work of creating money.

     From the examples above, you can realize that all that you have desired is not available to you. But you want it to be true for you. You use your passion to turn into action, to achieve what you want. So the difference between greed and desire is as follows:

– Greed is formed and promoted by ignorance “delusion,” more accurately from an ignorance that will create a greed. In addition, all actions taken because of greed are actions for things that have already existed. And from the reality of life has proven that everything from greed ultimately leads people to negative experiences.

– Desire is the one that is always initiated from the soul and from the desires of the person who will create the passion, to say more precisely the desire is to create the passion, from which the passion becomes the motive force. In addition, all actions taken with the desire to act with things that do not exist and ultimately can be said that the desire to always bring people to positive experiences.

     Concerning greed and desire, you may notice that these two things are always influenced by “because” and “with”/ Example: Because of something, someone, or for yourself, it will make you greedy. But with your desire, just because you acted on it, all your wishes will not be possible. So, your desire can only act with passion, you can succeed. So, people usually talk only because of ignorance, it is with passion.

Because of something, everything happens with bias, then your mind will lose balance and easily lead to it. For example, because of your mother, you will treat your wife unfairly. because of your child, you will not pay much attention to your parents. Because of money, you will not care the relationship. Because of power, you will not care the moral. Even god, you should not do things because of God, because you will depend on God. God never wants you to depend on him, but God always wants to see you grow on your own feet and live in freedom. So, you should not do because of things, only with something. Then automatically your thoughts and actions will always be positive.

     For example: You live with your mother, your wife, children and everyone else with sincere emotion. And how do you always determine your emotional role for your parents? What is your emotional role for your wife? How is your child and the people around you? Certainly you will then deal with all the problems that occur around your life on unstoppable spirit. Since then, you will not for whatever reason to bias mistakes of anyone. Here I do not say that once they mistakenly you will punish or anger them, but are not excuses, do not cover them in your favoritism. If in all your relationships you are always in the position of a watcher and always give love to them and whether they are right or wrong, surely everything will be fine with you.

     You really want to be loved, you really want to be happy, you need to have a certain compromise, with all your relationships based on love and compassion. You approach, you reconcile with them, does not mean that you are afraid of them, but the opposite is a conscious act in life. Certainly you should never resort to any reason, as I do not want to, I do not like to run away or refuse relationships in life. If you do so in your heart you are really afraid of them, so you do not dare to face them. So, what you say I do not want, I do not like to communicate with them, just a cover and cover up the fear in yourself, that’s all.

   For example: you say you want money, it doesn’t mean you do every tricks to get money. On the contrary, you will pursue your desire with the passion to make money. So, when your wishes come true, you will certainly use your money to make the most reasonable and possible with that money you will bless many people. From there you can see, just because you live for the money, the money will own you, in contrast, you live only with money, you will own money.

    Generally, if you live for something, you will depend on it. On the contrary, if you do something with reason, you will master that and you will not be dependent on it. Even love affair, too, you live for a relationship, you will depend on that relationship. Conversely, you just live with that relationship, you will not be dependent on that relationship.

     And for other things like reputation, status, power, too. If you for all those things, you will defy the trick, despite the moral to have it, but the opposite you just with it you master it. With that, with your reputation, your status, your power, you will be able to bless many people.

     Finally, greed is just a temporary, it is always the moment from ignorance and it usually does not last long. And from the fact that life has shown you that all that you gain from greed ultimately leads you to negative experiences. So, from now on, you should not take any action because of greed, but instead, desire what you want, what you want. By all wishes, all your dreams can always lead you to positive experiences.

Next is lust, when you talk about lust, you talk about anger and hatred. In fact, the meaning of the word pitch is understood to be absolutely correct and so it be. In fact, the nature of the Lust is a reaction of fear, from which your soul will create vibrations in the negative direction. And of course, without any vibration, it can be harmful to the human body, much to the vibration of the body. But do you know why man or not?

     You see, indeed the nature of the lust come from soul. In fact, God does not have lust, the person in world of light, God and Budda do not have lust, only moral people do. They are just like us, They only have souls, why they don’t have lust, when we always have lust.

   In reality, the vibrations of the body do not originate from the soul like the “wish” or passion.  In other words, “lust and passion” is derived from the vibrations. The soul is always able to actively create any desire or passion. But all these vibrations are always passive by the action of the mind, so you can easily see why people in the world of light still have desires, always pursuing their own passion, but they never drowned, simply because their perception was always operating in the system of God light consciousness. We are always angry with you, because we have been influenced so much by the implications of darkness. You see, you are also angry, angry, hatred that all. These are due to the information from the mind, judgment, impact on your soul.

     You always confirm if this is right, then other will be wrong, this is good, other will be bad. When somebody brought ideas that you consider it as bad, evil, your mind will have judgement according to your prejudiced thoughts. And the information from your mind will trigger your soul to produce vibration frequencies of Lust. And almost every level of the vibration of the soul that causes anger dependent on the judgment of the mind on the extent of the damage done by others to you, or to your loved ones. Often created vibration frequencies of the soul is from resentment, temper, anger, more than that it can be hatred. And all this emotion in your heart is called Lust.  In fact, the cause of the dread comes from fear, when your mind receives information that has something your subconscious has identified as false, bad, harmful, lost, etc. Then automatically your soul will have a fearful response, until very fearful and the degree of damage caused by the verified mind brings as much, the greater the level of fear. So, it is not unreasonable for your soul to drown, but it is all due to your mind making it scare. And as you know, your soul is always the same and always has the desire to have more experience, which means that it always wants to experience the better, happier. More, more peaceful, happier, more perfect etc. But when your mind gives it an information such as false, bad, harmful, lost etc. then automatically it will have a reaction scared of what it will lose. From there, the vibration of the souls of the soul automatically activates and manifests itself on the surface of le. By contrast, when you receive the information as true, good, beneficial or otherwise, your mind will naturally react to emotions such as excitement, joy, happiness and so on. And all these emotions are more or less big and small, depending on the judgment of the mind about the degree of gain of the right, the good.

     And as you can see, the Buddha, your Lord is not a man, because they are aware that everything that happens in this universe, everything happens in this life without the wrong, bad harmful or lost as the mind of the mortal does. But always, the information they give to their soul from their mind always in the positive direction as right, good, gain, and so on. Since then, their minds have always been able to produce emotions such as peace, joy and happiness in perfection. In fact, because our vision is too narrow, so shortsighted, so overwhelming, we have a one-sided prejudice about a lot of things, from which we make our own judgments. , good bad. Case, later even now each of us self-expanding awareness towards the light. Then we ourselves will not make any judgment in the wrong, good and bad prejudice, then automatically no one will be trapped in the yard.

     But, in fact, now in our Earth’s atmosphere, we are full of dark energy and frightening energies. Furthermore, the internal consciousness of darkness and dark energy in each person’s mind is still very thick. So you do not have to tell me that you’re gone, you’re out of patience, and everything is not what you think. You may notice that quite a long time ago, you did not pitch, but it does not mean you are out of Court. Because it is possible in this life you are lucky to live in a good environment, less contact and less clash with the dark forces. Such life will give you less access to dark and frightening energy sources, which will result in your body’s energy not accumulating much of that energy. Also, in your present life is less collision, not much challenged with the dark forces, not much challenge with the people of the dark and with other very negative elements of society, so you rarely find yourself. But it will certainly work, if you encounter serious challenges when faced with the dark forces. In addition, there are a lot of people who are good at covering up and good at controlling their pitch, to avoid letting others see their pitch. But all that they have experienced, did, does not mean the end of the field.

     Remember that in the present, you cannot completely let go of the so-called yard, but at least you need to practice with the so-called emotional control. However, controlling your emotions here does not mean restraining or covering up your own anger. But you have to call for the recognition of the light that comes from within you that appears to relieve you from the occupation of the dark perception. From there, it can help you get angry quickly or no longer angry. Remember, and keep in mind that only light consciousness can help you get rid of your rage, no other than it. Simply put, when all the information from your perception, always knowing the duality of a problem is always perfect. And it is always conveyed to the soul you have properties such as true, good, beneficial etc. automatically you will no longer be hatred.

   Finally is the word ignorance, as you see, it is similar to greed. The nature of Si is also the nature derived from the passion. But it seems that in the world there are many people always think that if people who always live with the ignorance will lead to bad, will lead to danger, will lead to evil and sin. And why they always have such strange thoughts, not sure you understand. Just as with greed, with the so-called ignorance they always think of it as one dimensional with 3d. You see, no one needs to tell you, automatically you also know the meaning of the word Ignorance is also mesmerizing, which in the delusion can include the delirium, confusion, infatuation, superstition and even the passionate in it. In other words, ignorance also means that you not waking up, your spirit will no longer be alert, no longer clear. And why do I still think there is a passion in ignorance? By simply pursuing something with a passion of your own, naturally your mind is no longer knowing what you are pursuing. So, when you enter a state of passion, it also means you are losing the feeling of everything happening around you. And your state of mind is not that you are in love? You may have heard someone say, he loves the game, he loves the girl extremely. It also means that the minds of those people, when they encounter a game or girl, they are no longer conscious. But sometimes you hear people say, he loves his work very much, he loves acting so much, she loves painting so much. Wonder that is not from word of Addiction

     But there are many people who always have the idea that they must kill Addiction, to abandon it and often consider it as a leech, a vicious evil should be avoided, need to destroy. In fact, in the supreme reality of the light realm as well as in this world, if people are no longer passionate or, without passion, humans cannot achieved anything. I have said in the book Ultimate Truth, passion is a bridge between aspirations and success. But why you always try to give up the passion, alienate your own passion, what you can succeed, what you can achieve was Nirvana.

     In fact, you always rely on your right and wrong prejudices to judge others. In fact, your preconceptions are the same as the THREAD problem, which is also your PROBLEM. You insist, you try to stay on what you know, try to fix, try to stay on what you once owned, also you SI and because you are too Suspicious it should not give up it. Example: You have an unexpected relative who has just died, you are deeply distressed by this death. And after your loved ones have been buried, but you are still sad, still suffering as if never ending. In the meantime, no matter who you say you do not listen to, you are advised not to worry, because you are very willing to live with this pain. Because you are too deluded man, you are deluded by what he has brought you. But, if you do not have it, you lose it so you do not want to, do not accept the truth. And from your persistence, trying to resist your prejudices, and being reinforced by your deepest attachment, suffering and sadness are unavoidable. From there you can see that all the delusions or all the persistence, the effort of you are also derived from your own prejudices right?    

     When you see people like beautiful women, love to go dancing club, drinking, gambling, love money, passion, status and power. You will give yourself the right to judge that they are delusion, so they immerse in the evil, nonsense things. But I ask you, you are not them, how do you know but what they are pursuing, what they are doing is not doing for the purpose of their soul. And do you know if at those times they always think that what they are pursuing is not sinful, nothing is evil or helpless, what is it? And look at yourself and see what you are doing? Have you always immersed in the realms of Nirvana, immersed in your heavenly paradise. Have you always influenced by Buddha, Lord, you are influenced by Buddhist scriptures, the Bible meditation, meditation, teaching meditation, teaching or star? What are you doing? Are not you always with your delusion. Why you always incite others to renounce their own sila, saying that you are not selfish? You love the Buddhist scriptures, the Bible, people love the story of pornography, love story is a matter of people, there is something you have to complain, shouting, broke, and condemn people. You are the one who is pursuing Heaven, pursuing Nirvana, and they are the ones who are pursuing hell. You are the pursuit of light, people are pursuing the dark, the two purposes of two souls in the time it is pursuing what it wants is completely different. But all purposes, of all people, are still in God’s plan. So how can you condemn others and ask them to stay away from delusion but you don’t.  I admit that many people after reading this inscription they may be angry and can throw stones on me. Because they think I have spoken insolently, extravagantly, self-righteously, critical, condemning their knowledge and belief. In fact, you have the right to anger, but actually I deliberately write like that, as a test for your so-called Courtyards. In case you read the above words you have reactions like anger, anger, and hatred towards me, that is, you still have to write the word. You even make the SI, because when you have angry reactions to me, you are too confused about what you call your good. You are angry with me because you think what you know, what you understand is true, naturally today I say your understanding is no longer reasonable. In fact, if you react to anything happening around you in any direction in either direction, positive or negative means that you are still in Lust, Ignorance.

    Actually, you do not need to overreact to any of the information you get in life. But you need to stand in the position of the observer in the spirit of not judging right or wrong, good or bad. If you react to the information you receive and give out emotional expressions such as being overjoyed, overjoyed, or overly excited. That means you determine what you get is right, good, beneficial or what is your opinion. In contrast, you react to the information you receive and give you emotional expressions such as sadness, frustration, depression, distress or anger, etc., which means you identify the information that you get is wrong, bad, harmed or lost etc. according to your preconceptions.

     You always take too much information that does not contain truth in your life. It’s no different than taking a breath in the lungs, but you use up all the air in the air, leaving no harmful gas. In fact, no matter who you say you know that oxygen content in the air is only about one fifth of that in the natural air. So, when you take a breath, but you do not emit other gases that are not conducive to the lungs, take what your body does not react. Likewise, all your input information in live, is not always true. However, you do not consider the type of information, not the truth out of your life, asking how your soul does not react to it.

     In case you are aware that everything that happens in the universe has its cause, and everything has its duality. At the same time, you always look at all the problems that occur on the basis of the Human being, then you will no longer judge, but calm, peaceful, calmly accept everything that happens to you with awareness. Highest of your own. On the other hand, if you look at all the problems and focus on the fruits, then surely you will judge and condemn them based on your prejudices. Then, you will have emotional reactions such as sadness, disappointment, pain, anger, anger or joy, extreme excitement, etc.

     In fact, all emotional reactions from the body, more or less all are affected by ignorance. In a simpler way, all of your temper or anger is caused by the fact that you are so ignorant of what is called right, good, and so on. So when you take the opposite you will give the response Anger. Indeed, the word has in fact pointed out that greed and greed always have an interconnectedness that is inseparable.

      So, before the end of this matter, I want to give you some advice: when you have to face your own greed, that is, you are facing the things that you are too deluded. Immediately you have to ask yourself that we crave it, we do it for what? What is my real purpose? And wonder if we do it does it really bring us good? Or maybe because of our actions that will make others hurt, even make ourselves hurt? And once you can answer these questions, you automatically make a decision that suits you. In other words, before you decide to do it, do not rush. But you look at the fruit, imagine the effect. Next is to imagine bad situations, imagine the bad consequences can happen to you, if you engage in greed. And after you have made it clear that you make the final decision for you are not late yet.

     Particularly with delusion, I advise you not to delve into anything, before you really want it. Because you are delirious about anything, before you really want it, it will immediately lead to greed. Actually, you should not be so worried that your soul does not know the best for its desires. You may feel the desire of your soul is not really good, not quite right in your mind. But in fact, the desire of your soul is always right, your desire is always to turn to perfection and never to be confused. Cause: What, what your soul has never experienced, never experienced or experienced, not enough experience that it would want it. But always, the will of your soul is always upright, so what it wants is always the best thing for it at the time it has chosen. Conversely, you induce a certain delusion to deliberately set your heart’s desire, then it will lead you to greed but it is not a simple desire.

    You see, the cause of this situation is that because something you can delude is what you have known it, you have experienced, experienced over and over again. And today you see it again, you see it again you are deluded with it. For example, you’ve experienced things like money, beautiful girls, power, reputation, etc. and since you’ve known them for a long time, they’ve known them for a while. It gives you a great experience. So, when you see them again, see them are you immediately delusion. Conversely, if you have never experienced before, never experience it, never know what it is. Ask where you get information so you know and ignorant about it. It then shows that what you are deluded is what you have experienced, experienced many times, in all your lives. But the Law of the Universe points out that, in fact, something that has many, many, many experiences already. But you still love it, always want it, always want it that you are. And once you have greed, the karmic law automatically gives you the opposite experience. And it is also called the clearing law for the inexperience of the soul.


     Being lust is still a vibration of the soul, but it is always helped by information sources from sub consciousness. Then, lust is not just like passion, because lust is motivation for greed. Also with the word lust, my advice is before you have lust, you look at the effect, imagine what will be the effect. From this you will understand about the effect and you will have your decision whether you should have lust or not.

     In short, before you become greedy, you should think of the EFFECT, before you pitch the hatred you should learn about the CAUSE. Also for the delusion you don’t need to think how to delete it, but you just convert its process. You used to have LUST of something before you can own it, and it will bring to GREED. Now you do oppositely, you should wish for something, then it will create the passion.

     However, there is limit in this book and I do not want to explain much more about the so-called greed, lust and delusion. But in fact it is still related to healing. Indeed, all that I have said is relevant, because you have to understand what is truly being corrupted, you can do the right thing. And here we have come to realize that, because of the worldly consciousness, there are too many prejudices based on the elements of right and wrong, good and bad, which make each person’s vision narrow and short-sighted. Thus, the actual focus of healing is healing for our own perception. And since consciousness is healed by the light consciousness, we can help our own soul to function well with love and compassion, but it is not fear.

CHAPTER II: What is the purpose of healing?

     Dear friends, as I have said above, the focus for each of us healing the misconceptions that we have in life. Since mistakes in one’s perceptions have caused so much damage to our souls, it is not the heart of every one who injures himself. For that reason, it is often said that God is the healer. In the past when I heard people say this, I think this statement has too many conflicts. Because I think the soul that God has given to every soul is the sacred object of the individual. And even God never violates this privacy of the individual.

     Previously, I thought that the saying God is the healer is contradictory, because my healing concept is healing the soul. But God never interferes with human activity, how God can be the healer. But to this day I really understand the saying that God who heals is the ultimate truth. Just God gives man the sense of light and the power of light that man can heal himself. But God does not need to repair our souls for anything.

     But in fact, with my argument, you can assume that I created a conflict for myself. The reason is in the above section in question What am I? I asserted that the soul is the master of mind and body. And rightly so, I still save my soul as the true master of each of us. In fact, this boss cannot do anything to help himself find positive experiences, but all must rely on the maid. And as you can see, your soul can nourish everything with its emotions. And whether this feeding is by love or by fear is still a nourishment. You can nourish your life with forgiveness, tolerance, kindness or nurture your life with hatred, jealousy or judgment. But the source of all the food you feed for everything depends on your consciousness at that moment. But, your perception is knowing, but it does not affect, there is no emotion, the opposite of your soul is to give emotion to nourish everything but it does not know. From there, you can see that your soul is bright or dark because of your light or darkness. For example, your soul wants to experience the feeling of love, the first thing it does is to give your mind a reason to put it in the emotional zone it wants. And if your mind is aware of the light, it will know how to bring you to the emotional zone of love. From there, the soul will be satisfied with emotions by vibration of love. On the other hand, if your mind is aware of the darkness, then no matter how hard it tries, it can only put you in areas of fear that are not what you want it to be. You can imagine your soul as a blind man, and if it is led by a bright man it will surely be brought to where it wants to go. On the contrary, if it is led by a blind man like him, of course, both are rolling down the hole. This is exactly what Jesus sent to us in the New Testament.

     In fact, the problem of healing is a great influence on the earthly mission of each soul on this planet. As you know, you are coming to this world as you are fulfilling the duty of expanding the dark kingdom of God and seeking real feelings in that world for yourself and God to experience. And until today when you are reading this book, that is, your first task is completed. But you have to carry out your dual mission in this world. And only when you accomplish your second mission, can you fully awake and fully awake. But so that you can accomplish your second mission, in order to offer God and yourself, you must first be healed so that you can reach the end of the path. And this dual mission is also called the mission of experiencing and expressing the qualities of love.

Dear friend, when I say you must fulfill the mission of experiencing and expressing the qualities of love. Maybe you will continue to create contradictions, because above I think you have to be aware of light, you can help your soul to experience love. But whenever you’re in the dark world, get something to help you spread love. But you know, in fact when you have returned to the world of light and full consciousness. Then you will not have to fulfill any obligation to anyone, not even God. Because in that life you have total freedom to live for yourself without being bound by any obligation. And of course what you can do in the world of light comes from your voluntary will, but not as a duty.

     But in the present, your life is always bound by many obligations. So, whether you want or not, every day you still have to perform very obligatory in life. Here I am not referring to the demand call, because your needs are also your will. But here is the obligation and the obligation, sometimes you do not want you still have to do. For example, you do not eat well recently. But why do you have to eat everyday, simply because you are carrying out your obligations to your physique. From there, it can show you eat, not because you want to eat, but because you are carrying the obligation to nourish your existence. You see, in order for you to survive in this world you can not fail to perform your own duty. And sometimes, many of your jobs are not voluntary. For example: Sometimes you have to fulfill your obligations as husband, wife, father, mother, child, grandchild, obligation to the community, to society, to the motherland. That’s not always from your own desires. From that point, many times you do not have the need you still have to do, so it is considered a duty.

     Similarly, you come here as you are carrying out your obligations to the community, to the kidney, even to God. Agree that in advance, when you are in full consciousness, you say you come here is your own free will. But when you go into oblivion the so-called voluntariness, no longer true to its meaning. For all of us in the present, no one thinks that they have voluntarily come here to seek for their suffering, hunger, disease, loneliness, insecurity, debt, grief. Hard and so forth. Even though we do not want to experience such things in the present, but once we all go into oblivion and live by the darkness of consciousness, it automatically leads us to the path of evil and suffering that is inevitable.

     Dear friends, gladly today and you as well as most people in the world have fulfilled their first obligation, which is the duty of expanding the dark kingdom of God. And now it is time for us to fulfill our second obligation for the full path. But to accomplish the second task, the prerequisite that every one of us should have is the perception of light. In the case of someone who thinks that the new age light knowledge is unnecessary and still uses knowledge in the background of the past, it is unlikely that the person will be able to fulfill the second mission.

You see, as I said so-called compassion, charity, tolerance, generosity, forgiveness, sharing, kindness … is the quality of love. But all these qualities God and those in the world of light can not manifest it on the surface of life, in their world. Saying that God and those in the world of light can not express these qualities is inaccurate. In fact, God and those in the world of light can not express these qualities of love on the surface of life. Simply because they do not have a partner to interact in order to express it to the surface of life, so there. You see, as I stated in The Ultimate Truth, people in the world of light always live with love in full consciousness. How can people commit crimes, what do people lack, hunger, poverty, disease, pain, etc.So who, let them show up on the surface of life which is called compassion, charity, tolerance, generosity, forgiveness, sharing, compassion and so on. In fact, despite what I have just said is the quality of love, man can never manifest it on the surface of life,in heaven. For a very simple reason, they have no partner.

     Because of this, it is not possible for God to experience his own love of God in the kingdom of heaven. But instead of God, there are us, and we are ready to give God great experiences, which we express ourselves from the qualities of love. But saying that we live and express the qualities of love on the surface of life is a duty to God alone, is not true. In fact, all the work that each of us is expressing here is to make one’s own. You see, if right now you do not have the opportunity to seek for yourself the experience of qualities of love, there will be no second chance on Earth for you. So, as I said, young souls living around you are opportunities for you and they are partners for you to interact, to help you express the qualities of love on the surface. In case you wait until you are back home with God you show your love, then you will no longer partner. Of course, then you fall into a loophole, volunteer and ask God for you to find something you have not experienced, in a dark planet that exists in the universe.

CHAPTER III: How can you heal?

     In the present, many people think that if they want to be healed, the first thing they have to do is to avoid as far away as possible the ones they think are bad. It is generally a must to stay away from negative and negative sources of information that exist in life. In fact, your way of doing so is not the best way for you to heal. But the first and most important thing that can help you heal is to expand your awareness to the light and the truth. At the same time you have to let go of the false prejudices of the delusions that existed in the past.

    You see, in case you are just living people want in the temple, in the church, in the church, in the community of light. And in that environment you always receive respect from others, so you will think that you have healed, you have attained enlightenment. So, if you give up that habitat and enter into the reality of life in the world, can you keep the spirit as in the old environment? That is the question for you. I suppose if you go out, you are not respected or insulted by others and you are disdained that you are not angry? Or when you are offended, you will try to hide your feelings, to protect your sanctity, to prove to others as if you were healed.

     In fact, when you are insulted, you may be angry and frantic, and only you, alone, can know what your feelings are at the moment. Example: You are a famous politician, you are speaking in your campaign. When you are speaking, unfortunately you are the one who interrupts your words with curses and bad words against you. But to keep the image, you calmly respond to it, or you ignore it as if nothing happened. Actually, in your heart no one is sure you are not angry mad because of the offense. But you have to hide your true feelings, to keep the best image in the eyes of others, for the purpose. Example: You think that you are a guru, but when you speak or preach, some say that you say no to the truth and curse you, asking in the heart is really angry or not? The only answer you can answer for yourself.

     Due to this reason, many people choose to deny themselves all the input elements from the external media. In fact, at this point you need to have the test, by accepting the negative side in life. By that you can recognize the reaction in you and from that level of reaction, you can know where your sense of healing has reached. Emotional reactions that arise in the test, at a certain level, will show you what is deep inside your subconscious layers. In fact, each of us is a perfect being of the Creator and healers, simply the most perceptible person in the light.

However, for beginners to experience the spiritual world, it is necessary to stay away from negative relationships and avoid receiving information from external media. Because if you are still living normally receiving normal input like before you pursue spirituality, it will be very difficult to keep your core belief in new insights in the realm of the spiritual world. But to a certain stage, when you feel that you have enough brains to hold on to the truth. Well, you start a full healing period for yourself. At this stage you absolutely should not thoroughly avoid the relationship, communicate in life. Or if there is communication, you are only communicating with your choice, but not the normal communication that occurs in nature. In addition, you should not avoid receiving information through the media in a thorough way. Because if you keep on avoiding it, you will not be able to know what your actual emotional reaction is to the information that comes with it. You can cover your thoughts and feelings in the eyes of others, but you can never fool yourself and God. Actually, healing is not trying to cover up, nor is it trying to stay away from negative.

      In fact, almost all of us have been living in a one-sided sense of being heavily influenced by duality. Our world is often divided between the so-called love and hate, good and bad, right and wrong, good and evil. A person, often considered by others to be virtuous, means that he or she must be good, have a lot of dedication and, in particular, be qualified. And the world we usually take such people, as typical, to encourage people to follow. The reason to advocate this thinking of man, simply because humans always assume that only good, good, good and good is the human need. In addition to the so-called good, good, good people will always try to find ways to break and eliminate the opposite from life as well as in thought. And so it is, the more time people are, the heavier the more prejudiced with the right, wrong, good and evil two-sided dualism as the opportunity to promote higher efficiency.

     In fact, there are many people in the world who claim to be masters, teachers in the field of spirituality. And they often preach the best of God, of the Buddha, of Jesus and of the Light, in their one-sided sense. They always try to avoid talking about what they think is wrong, bad or evil, even imagine, if they talk about it will affect the perception of their supporters and lose. Take your moral values. They often advise those who support them to hate and stay away from what they label as wrong, evil and evil. But they need to know that the worst, the worst, the worst are none other than their Most High, but not Archangel Lucifer or Hitler as they think. In fact, their Supreme Being has many other things, which in the present they can never imagine. In fact, they have always believed that their God must be the Light and the Highest Love, but never the One of darkness and fear. They always assume that the darkness must belong to someone, be of someone like Satan, but never their God. But the ultimate truth tells us that God is the supreme light, and God is also the darkness. In all areas, in all things, everything, everything is always in the first place and always hold the position of the last stop. Likewise, God is the One of infinite love, but also the wicked to the end, “if you think it is evil.” In fact, every manifestation of human love is a manifestation of God’s love. On the contrary, all manifestations of human evil are still manifestations of evil from God. To the end of love will be evil, to the end of evil will be love, it is also called the law of the eternal rotation in God’s endless creative game.

     You see, when you dare to openly look at the truth with the highest light perception, but without the fear, you know what you should do on your ascension journey. In a simpler way, when you know the truth, you will no longer keep your prejudices against right and wrong, good and bad. When you know the truth, you will only observe, and you see all the actions of others, just act for the purpose that is necessary for themselves. But there is no evil, no good, no right, no wrong, no good and no bad. When you know the truth, you will no longer want to judge anyone or anything and from your non-judgment, you will not condemn. And from not condemning you will be able to forgive yourself as well as forgive others. And from forgiveness you can be sympathetic, tolerant. And from that empathy, you can share, help, comfort, comfort, harmonize, love with everyone. And from all that you can do, after you forgive yourself and others. It is also called the act of expressing the qualities of God, of love and of compassion on the surface of life, as a healing and offering God your true feelings.

     In fact, right now, to do this is not easy for all of us. But in the end we will definitely do it. And to be able to do now, each of us must learn to gradually become do not hate, although cannot love. And from the sense of non-hate, we cannot judge and the non-judgmental way of healing will be open to all of us.

     In fact, all emotions such as hatred, hatred, anger, anxiety, sadness, selfishness, etc. all come from fear. And you can all know that if we use emotions that come from fear, it means we hurt ourselves, but not others. For example, you always carry a grudge against a regime. And just when you see or hear something about that regime that you’re boiling in your heart, you hated the regimes of that regime.

     But you see, even if you have hatred for the bone, you hate it, hate the way you live in the end, it’s only you who hurt you. The regime itself, as well as the leaders of that government, does not suffer. So, you have to be aware that a good or bad “way of thinking” you appear to fulfill desires comes from the consciousness of the majority of the population, but not the desire of to whom More than that, you have to know that the consciousness of almost all people has chosen for themselves a leader, but not a leader who can choose the people to govern. The choice I am speaking here is not an electoral and election choice “by a dictatorship that does not have an elected vote.” But the choice of consciousness is formed long before the whole of the people, and in that there may be you. And when the regime and leader of that regime appear, it results from the consciousness of the masses. And that regime, as well as the leaders of that regime, is good or bad, all dependent on the consciousness of the whole people of that country before that

    So, the more you hate a regime that you think is bad, then you contribute to the power of that regime. Simply because you have hatred, you also hate the regime and the leaders in that regime, which means you still want it to exist, but do not want it to lose. And the more you hate, the more you hate, the more you suffer, but the regime is not dissipated. Unless the entire population of the country chooses to have a better, better consciousness of light and love, but is not opposed in hatred. The sense of automatic change will change everything and the mode will change in a positive way. Before you want to see that happen, you must be the first to change. You have to change yourself from hatred to forgiveness, from opposition to calm, from disruptive to harmonious, from which everything will change. And do not be afraid that only you change, but if others do not, then how will things change? Rest assured, you should not worry about that because just as you are the first to change, you will become the lighthouse to shine for others. Then automatically, the other person will change as you do, your job is also called diffuse light, love multiplication.

     Dear friend, in fact, there are many of you think that I only tell one-sided of the problem. Because if my relative was a victim of IS murder, or if my daughter was a victim of ISS or I was a serious victim of physical and mental abuse. Ask me if I can forgive, maybe tolerate and be able to sympathize with those objects. Let me say to you that there has never been a so-called evil or victim ever before in this world. For example: I was seriously and seriously mentally disturbed by other people that I chose to experience that before I was born on Earth but not the victim of the infringement. Example: My relatives are killed by my killer, that is, my loved ones choose to experience suffering before accepting that death, but must kill themselves. And I suffered from that loss, also because I chose to experience it but none of us are victims of IS. You see, once you cannot have a victim call, there is no evil. In case my relatives did not choose death by IS and I did not choose to experience the suffering of that loss, definitely God would never allow anyone to take that suffering for us.

     I, Nguyen Ngoc Thuan, declare that those who are reading this book who read this passage will never be the victims of any great suffering. I would like to inform you that my words are not prophecies nor predictions. But my statement is based on a sequence of awareness in truth. The reason for my statement is simply because the truths revealed in my book are only for the old souls who have fulfilled their first mission. Only the young souls are not allowed to access this information. Young souls, not entitled, do not mean God deprives them of their will. But God and the forces in the world of light help them to fulfill their own duties soon.

      Dear friends; I would like to inform you of the good news that I just received from our beloved Mother. She said, “My beloved children, I sincerely inform you, those who have read this book with the most sincere heart, in the light of perception, will all receive The grace of God, more specifically, is that your life will no longer be subject to any great suffering, grief, loss, but will be happy, happy, full and peaceful. I promise you, I will continue to love, light and peace in this world, to help you succeed your dual mission.

I am Mother God”

     You see, the message of God and His word is not arbitrary, no gratuitous. In fact, all of God’s actions are causal and all are not out of His omnipotent plan. The reason for this judgment is for you, simply because you are old souls. And this is an old soul of course, you will choose to come to light and love, so God helps you to experience love and light, in the arms of his love, that’s all. To say that does not mean that God’s promise to us is not worthwhile, but inversely for us. You do not need to know why? Or for what reason God / Mom promised so to you, but only you absolutely trust in this promise of Mother God is enough for your peace of mind and joy in life. Be glad you know your future has been guaranteed and no longer suffer the great calamities, the heavy losses anymore. From there, you will be comfortable practicing your own dual task experience without ever worrying about anything. Believe in and trust in God’s promise, you will surely receive many, many more positive things that come to you in life.

     For this reason, you should not ask me or ask yourself, whether we are going to be able to forgive, be empathetic, and be tolerant of others. If we experience such bad things. Dear friends; Please rest assured me that, in fact, God’s supreme reality is never to use words or words to suppose. Therefore, you should not use the word for your life more than once, but all must always be confirmed by your own awareness. It is simple to use the word if you are suspicious, but once you have doubts, everything can happen to you in the most negative way possible.

     However, not all the challenges are out of your life. But you also need to experience gentle trials, from life itself, in order to help you heal yourself. In fact, for those born before December 21st, 2012 and especially those born before the 2000s like me, will encounter many difficulties in the belief to achieve their own wishes, because of occupation. But for those of you born after December 21st, 2012, then I am sure that you will have more advantages in believing your wishes. I am really looking forward to seeing all the little babies born after 2012 will get more happiness, more fun in life, (than we who were born before 2012), in the loving arms of God. In this world, this earth belongs to you, the right to decide belongs to you. But we souls born before 2012 will return to you and together build this Earth into Heaven, into a beautiful Eden garden.

So, you must always trust and believe that you will succeed, even if at that moment you do not really know what you are going to achieve success. Even if at that time you do not have a specific plan for what you want, what is your plan? But have you ever heard people say, False, Legs yet? Indeed, now you are believing in your own success. It’s like being a fake; it’s like being a fool yourself. But do not ever give up, never give up, never give up, never give up your own will, and never give up your faith. And if you always do that, then whatever your wish is, you will have it in this life, in this life, sure enough – surely, it cannot be.

    In addition, faith can heal selfishness. Example: When you want to help, share something with someone, about something that is related to emotion, money or effort. But you do not take action, simply because you are afraid that you will be wasting what you have spent and not get back, which also means you are selfish. But, you always have a faith, that when you help, share or give someone something, God will bring you back seven times what you gave. Then, naturally you will act on your love, but no longer afraid, you will be consumed or disadvantaged. You see, the reality of life has proved, those who are generous, generous, transient, rarely their lives are poor or needy. On the contrary, those who are selfish, small, wrinkled rarely have their lives enriched and prosperous. And of course, everything is based on the law of cause and effect, so if you have faith you will no longer fear, share is lost, but the opposite is more than that.

     You see, if your beliefs are big enough, it means you have the power to succeed. When you accumulate enough energy as well as you require, you force the universe to give you what you desire. When you believe in your wishes, you can only imagine a few, some of the situations that lead to success. But to the people of the light world, they will have thousands and thousands of different ways to solve the problem you desire. From there, you can realize that, when solving a problem, people in the light world will have thousands, tens of thousands of different ways to implement it for you. And whether they use any solution to solve your problem, the end result you get is always the best result. Particularly for the mortal, thousands, tens of thousands of problems are posed, but it can only be solved in a single way. And the only way to be successful is with no other belief. It means that the first thing you have to equip for the desire, for the plan, for your work is the belief. Because if you lack faith, you will not be able to achieve anything you want.