CHAPTER I: How can there be any forgiveness and forgiveness?

     Dear friends, the topics of love, compassion, tolerance, and especially forgiveness have been mentioned by religious organizations and many other social organizations. But here, I am referring only to forgiveness and I will focus on how you can forgive yourself and forgive others. In fact, it’s easy to say but it’s always very difficult to do, so it’s easier for you to forgive someone and forgive yourself. But if you ask why is it so hard? You will be answered, simply because you do not know how to forgive others or forgive yourself. When you hear me say so, you may think that I am a fool, high, and self-righteous. But in fact, because if you do not know another great truth hidden by God, it is very unlikely that there will be a true and complete forgiveness.

     You see, the real cause of forgiveness is sin. In case, you always assume that you have never committed a sin before and others have never committed any sin. By that, you will never need to condemn anyone else, inferring that you do not have to forgive others or forgive yourself. Conversely, you realize that you have sinned, others have sinned, so you make mistakes or others make mistakes. From there, you will judge yourself or judge others, then convict yourself or convict others. From there, forgiveness is born, otherwise the word of forgiveness does not have to exist in this life. So, the question posed to you now is how you can realize that all your actions as well as that of others do not exist in the so-called sin or crime in it. From there, you can forgive yourself and forgive others.

     And as you have seen, from the top of the book, I have said that God has never forgiven you for anything. Simply because God never blamed you, how could he forgive you? So, your praying for God to forgive you is something that God cannot do for you now, and your plea is meaningless. By simply begging God to forgive you, you also ask God to do something he has never done and will never do. That is to condemn you.

     But in the present time, you cannot do the same thing as God, which is absolutely not condemned. So you need to forgive yourself and forgive others. But how can you forgive yourself and forgive others? When you always think that your job is guilty, causing pain and causing harm to others and it cannot be compensated. Similarly, you always assume that someone’s actions are wrong, guilty, evil, causing pain and harm to you or others. Asking, how can you dare to forgive yourself and forgive others?

    In fact, you never forgive yourself or forgive others for your faults or crimes. So, it is possible to say all that you call forgiveness of others, so long as you leave it aside, do not think about it for the sake of your present. But never thought and acted properly with the so-called forgiveness. For example: It is often said, Men are easy to forgive but hard to forget, whereas women are difficult to forgive, but easy to forget. You see, in fact, both men and women have never forgiven each other. But all thoughts of one’s sins remain in them, but for the sake of the self in the present, so they have to cover up their own thoughts and emotions, not allowing them to express themselves. That is why, they have never had a true forgiveness for each other.

     In addition, many people have used therapy, repentance, penance as a form of atonement, in order to forgive themselves. In fact, in the new age you should not use remedy, repentance as a form of healing. When you repent, you are looking for what you think is right, in what you think is your own fault. In fact, your thoughts and feelings in the matter of repentance, penance are very harmful to you, not only that it also harms those around you, even harm the world. Because when you repent, repentance means that you are always operating in your mind, the things that you have sinned. And if, the more you run the evils you have done, the longer and deeper you accumulate, the more integrated the dark energy you have. At the same time the dark energy frequencies that you access, when you think and vibrate about that sin, as a matrix filled up in space makes other people also affected. So, repentance, repentance is not a healing therapy, but it is the opposite.

     In addition, there are many who think that humans do not need to use consciousness, but simply use their tolerance, compassion, and love to forgive others. In fact, all the acts called to forgive in that way, according to the therapist, are nothing more than a cover-up, a cover-up, a fake one. For if humanity cannot understand the true values of the so-called darkness, suffering, evil, guilt, crime that has ever happened in this world. All of one’s forgiveness, for himself or for others, is just a fake. In fact, one can never use compassion or love as a tool to successfully realize forgiveness. Who tells you that you can use compassion and love to be instrumental in forgiving yourself or others that they have lied to you. Similarly, anyone who tells you to use your compassion or love as a healing tool is telling lies.

In fact, I never denied compassion, which always carries the best qualities, the most perfect, the unparalleled, of love. But in reality, when people are not able to forgive themselves or someone they can not love. In fact, tell you that, when you can not forgive someone yet, somebody tells you not to hate that person anymore. It is very hard, not to tell you to love the person. Indeed, somebody advises you to do so is an impossible task for you. So do not dream that you can use compassion as a tool to create forgiveness for yourself or others. Indeed, love is very necessary in life, because it is the nourishment of life and gives meaning to life. But in the present you must forgive yourself and forgive others, you love yourself and love others unconditionally.

     But when you say forgiveness, you have to say the word for forgiveness, and as you see it, the word for forgiveness itself speaks of its meaning. But ask where does the word KNOW come from? Is this knowledge is our knowledge, awareness, consciousness, not true? In fact, you can only use knowledge, consciousness from light consciousness, you can forgive yourself and forgive others. In fact, the light knowledge, the light perception is the pinnacle of the problem, the key to success in all things in your life, and the issue of forgiveness is no exception.

     You see, allowing you to have a cognition, to forgive yourself, and forgive others is very similar to the cure of your sanity. Well, when you realize that everything you or anyone else has ever done, there has never been anything wrong, wrong, wrong or evil, etc., in it. Generally when you are able to realize that all your thoughts and actions as well as that of others are never immoral. More precisely, when you are aware that all the thoughts and actions of you and others are always good, always true, always is, always beneficial. And all that, once you have thought and acted, nothing can be outside God’s DOD-GOD. From there, you will be able to forgive yourself and others for any sins that you or others have caused.

    You forgive yourself or others, it will be beneficial:  you will  not hurt yourself, nor do dark energy and fear for you. Also, after you forgive yourself and forgive others, you can love yourself and love others with your true love. But unlike before, forgiveness is the cover of emotion for the sake of oneself. From the fact that you pay real love for life, you will access your own love energy source, more and more. From there you will always have peace of mind and have more joy and happiness in life brought by love.

    But somebody (cousin) once asked me that, if he commits crimes, but then he forgave himself as an excuse, then he will continue and back to crime. Indeed, it was reasonable question. But you know, if you have no sense of light, you are not aware of the truth, you do not know the true value of the dark, and you will never be able to forgive anyone or yourself. And of course the behavior you call forgiveness, you did in your life is just a cover for the sake. In fact, when you know to forgive someone or forgive yourself, you are already the person of light and always live by the perception of light. Therefore, you will never intend to return to the darkness, from which you will never have any action of the nature of darkness and fear.

    So feel calm with this question. Finally, when you are alive with the knowledge of darkness, all your forgiveness for someone, or forgiveness for yourself is just illusion and fake. But forgivenss will come true unless you live with the perception of light.

Wish you success with your own forgiving ideas.


CHAPTER II: What does belief in life mean?

     Dear friends, before coming to the so-called faith or belief, let me first talk about trust. But as what faith and trust are different? In fact, trust is not a belief because the meaning of trust is derived from reason and faith or faith is derived from the soul. And just think a little, you will see the real meaning of it is displayed in the words Belief. So, the meaning of trust also means that you determine your understanding of something by reason in faith.

     Example: You are a swimmer and next week, you will have an international competition. So you practiced very hard during the whole period and you are always confident in your ability. From there, you will always have confidence that you will win the first prize in this exam. This is also called winning beliefs triggered by your belief in your own ability. Example: You say, I believe I will accomplish this task within the next three days, that is, you have really understood your work plan based on perception. For example: You always trust that child will pass the college entrance exam, because you know your child is very good at school.

     So, as you see, trust is essential to your belief. In fact, unlike what I described above, you have to trust before you have faith. Actually you have to start believing then to believe in your own belief, that is to start the belief then you will think about that belief, it is also called trust. In fact, faith or faith is essential for all your desires. But if you do not have a belief, there is no real understanding of what you believe, all of this news is largely superstition or blind faith.

     Surely you remember in the Ultimate Truth, I have said that faith is not true. But trust is the bridge between passion and success, between desire and reality. And I am sure that everyone who knows the belief of a man is derived from the mind, but it is always led by his own perception. So, how do you perceive your beliefs to be like that? For example, you believe your God is an angry and egotistical person, and then your beliefs will turn to what you believe in. From there you will always find ways to avoid getting yourself guilty. And always try to avoid sin but not for sake of yourself. But because you are afraid that God will punish if you did wrong things.

     Have you ever heard “see to believe”? Indeed, this statement is true. But this statement only express half meaning. In fact, even if you do not believe it, you can still see many things that are happening in your life. But as long as what you see to believe, all that is never yours, just as you will never be able to experience it.

    Example: You are born in a normal family, no rich, no power. So you never dare to believe that you will achieve such great success as never before, and never dare to believe that you will become a rich man like the rich. But in reality you realize that there are many people in the world who are descendants of yours, even less than you. But in the end, they have achieved great success.

    You see, you cannot achieve success, wealth or fame because you do not dare to believe in your ability. Actually, your ability is infinite and your ability is not inferior to anyone in this world. But you lose the other person in the belief to create the passion to succeed. And as you see, who can be successful, rich or famous without their own beliefs. Actually, such people, they always maintain their self-confidence, as well as belief in their success in life, very intense. Often, these people’s beliefs are sustained, built and strengthened continuously, although in their lives they may have suffered a great deal of failure, but in them they hold fast to the faith. The more they fail, the more they keep their faith, of course, because it will lead them to success, which is the inevitable rule of the game. Like Donald Trump, he encounters countless defeats in his life, and even goes bankrupt. But in the end he is still a billionaire, and today he became the president of the United States.

     But you can say that everyone has belief, if one does not believe in success, then why they act, and there are still many losers. In fact, you’re not wrong. When people do not believe in success, naturally people will never dare to carry out any specific work, and as you say, they have to have faith that they can do something. But in fact, their beliefs are just outbursts, transient, superficial, just emerging when they do the work, but not the faith that has been accumulated for a long time. So, they fail is a very natural thing, because they do not accumulate enough energy for their work to be successful. For the rich or famous they always believe and their beliefs are always maintained in the most intense state, before they are successful. But do not wait until they do something they believe. So their success is inevitable, because they have access to and full integration of energy sources for success.

     You see, when you achieve success, you realize that truth comes from faith. If you just believe in what you see, then the success will never come to you. As I said in the Ultimate Truth, faith is not the truth, but no faith has never existed. So if you lack the belief that you are missing a link with the Universe and with God, you lose the bridge between passion and success.

     For example: Earlier when you heard people say an oil lamp can be brighter when you turn it upside down on the ground. So you never believe that because you think that all of oil lamp will turn off if it is shattered to the ground. Until you see a lamp like that with your own eyes, then you believe it is true. And of course, the whole truth about your beliefs is never your experience. So, all the experiences for this success are those of the believer who has not seen it, and from there they created it, with their own faith and passion.

     You see, you cannot achieve success, wealth or fame simply because you do not dare to believe in your ability. Actually, your ability is infinite and your ability is not inferior to anyone in this world. Whether the one you consider successful, rich and famous, how can they achieve that without their own beliefs.  Actually, those people always maintain their self-confidence, as well as the belief in their success in life, very intense. Often, these people’s beliefs are sustained, built and strengthened continuously, although in their lives they may have suffered a great deal of failure, but in them they hold fast to the faith. The more they fail, the more they keep their faith, of course, because it will lead them to success, which is the inevitable rule of the game. Like Donald Trump, he encounters countless defeats in his life, and even goes bankrupt. Bị in the end he is still billionaire, more than today was the president of the United States.

     In fact, you say nothing wrong, when people do not believe in success, naturally people will never dare to carry out any specific works, unless they believe. And as you say, they have faith that they can do something. In fact, their beliefs are just outbursts, transient, superficial, just emerging when they do the work, but not the faith that has been accrued for a long time. So, they are not a natural thing, because they do not accumulate enough energy for their work to be successful. For the rich or famous, they always believe and their beliefs are always kept in the most intense state, before they are successful.  Do not wait until they do something they believe. So their success is inevitable, because they have access to and full integration of energy sources for success.

    You see, when you achieve success you realize that truth comes from faith. As I said in the Ultimate Truth, faith is not the truth, but no faith has ever existed. So if you lack the belief, you are missing a link with the Universe and with God, you lose the bridge between passion and success.

     In fact, you have to know that we are currently in a game, and this game is also called energy games. So, all your wishes can not be beyond the rules of the game. Also, if you integrate, accumulate enough energy, automatically the desire will be reflected on the surface of your life. So why in recent years, the Light Masters remind you that just call them, ask them, then they will help you. In fact, letting them help you always depends on the energy sources you have built up. For that reason, many of your requests are not made, so many times you have the feeling that they are not interested in your calls, requests. But if you persistently call upon them in your beliefs, but do not mix doubts or despair, your call will be fulfilled at some point. Be responsive, because you simply have enough perseverance, you have enough faith, so you accumulate enough energy for your desires, that’s all.

     So, in my opinion if you believe in yourself, you insist on your own ability and always maintain your faith throughout your life, surely you will be more successful with whatever you want. Remember, you pray, or believe in yourself, is still a form of energy accumulation, no more. So, if you always trust in you, in life if you have failed, or did not achieve what you want, you do not blame anyone. And that is what makes you successful. However, if you pray many times, but you still do not see it with you, you will automatically be discouraged and suspicious or blamed. And that is what makes it hard to get what you want.

     That can show you that all success is by you, yours but not by God, not by God. God is always ready to give you what you have created, that’s all. You succeed with your own ability as your pride and also the joy and happiness of God.

     So, just trust you, you are a healthy person, you will be healthy, you will always trust you are happy, you will be happy, you will always believe you are successful, you will have success etc. And if you always do that, you will always get what you want. And even if you do not know if someone has helped you or not. It is still not the most important thing for you to learn now.

    Finally, n this message I hope you, always trust, and believe absolutely that you will achieve what you want. And whatever your desire is in any field, you can. Belief is a prerequisite to getting you what you want. You should remember that what you have not seen yet believes that after your belief comes true, it will be yours. Conversely, what is to show you believe, then all that will be never belong to you?

     In fact, many people are afraid of the saying “Speak before step not through” so they never dare to speak, dare to assert their wishes. Because they used to find that, in the past, what they said before, as before, was as if it did not happen to them. Since then, they are afraid to talk about what they intend to do, what they are hoping for. Cause, in previous periods, without which you want it, which you always lack, you often talk about it. But what you want is the one you hardly have. On the contrary, what you do not usually care about, which you do not usually talk about, it happens to you easily.

     For example: In the past, there were many people related to money, work or economy, and it is not your problem, because you were born into a rich family. Moreover, you are very easy to succeed in the financial sector, so you rarely think about money. In contrast, you have hard time in love. When you love a girl for a while, something wrong will happen. You are not abandoned, it is also betrayed and whether you really love someone they do not love you honestly, but just want to take advantage of you. So, your love affair is usually going to end up sad. So, before you know anyone, before you love someone, you are afraid to say before the good things will happen in that relationship.

    In contrast, there are many poor people, so they care most about money. But when you talk, you anticipate, you imagine what your job is going to do is get as much as money, then it is going to fail. For your success related to money is almost a luxury thing to you. From there, you are very scared to have to say ahead, plan ahead on anything related to money. Ironically, having affair with a girl is easy for you, because sometimes you do not have to flirt, but there are many girl volunteers to love you wholeheartedly.

     For these reasons, you often have to think that, something you do not care much about, not too focus, it will happen to you. In contrast, what you usually think of, often referred to, is always not happen to you.

     You see, the cause is that what you created in that life was all passed on to the next. So, in the present life, what you usually want is what you do not have, and because it does not, you often want it. The cause of your absence in the present, simply because you did not invent it out in a previous life. So, now that you want it, you often talk about it, it’s very unlikely to happen to you. For reasons like this one should be afraid of saying anything in advance. “But today things have changed in the opposite direction. You have to always say, you must always remind, you must always assert, in your beliefs about what you want it can happen to you. By the simplest, what you desire today, what you created today, is not destined for the next life, but all will be immediate cause, in the lifetime.

     In addition, before, you often see good wishes that are very unlikely to happen to you, but what you fear is the same as it happens very quickly. By simply when you desire about what is good, you do not usually think about it in a continuous fashion. Example: You want to have a spacious, but you only think of it when you face the difficulty of housing, or when you see the beautiful house.

      With fears different, there are times when you are very afraid of something that will happen to you that you are almost constantly thinking about it, you even fear day and night about what Bad call will happen to you. Example: You commit a crime, so you are always afraid of the day and night that the thing you did will be exposed. Do you always imagine how your incident will be exposed? What is your captive? Trial under what scenario? How do you get in jail? Etc. From there, you have integrated, accumulated about you a volume, dark energy and fear respectively. Speaking more accurately you have access yourself to a mass, negative energy is too big. Of course, then the energy that you have integrated will automatically manifest to you. It also means that through the energy that you have access to, the negative will be manifested on the surface of your life.

   And as you see, for your good wishes, you just think briefly but you rarely think too much, want more about it during day and night, like when you are afraid. So, you do not integrate enough energy for those wants, so that it can manifest to the surface of your life. Also, you often hear people say it, refer to the good not the spirit, but when it comes to evil is often very spiritual. Cause, the good things you remind are things that you have not created yourself in the past. But bad things are things that you have created in the past a lot. So when you mention bad things, the energy you get in the present automatically resonates with the past, so it usually happens. In the reality of the new age, you will not get anything if you do not focus on what you want. Concentrate your thoughts on concentrating the power of your desire so that it can become a reality quickly.

      But in this age, when you create a desire, you definitely should not think or say negative words about it. Also, do not be suspicious about the possibility of it. In your case, you also say negative and doubt about the possibility that what you want also means that you do not unify belief in your wishes. Always suspicious means that you always push your desire away from you.  You push your desire away, which can make you confused. But in fact, when you doubt about the outcome of what you are expecting, you mean accessing a negative energy volume corresponding to your suspicion. From there, this dark energy will be the agent, adversely affecting your desires. Suspicion, anxiety and fear are things you should not, when you desire something for yourself.

     So, you must always trust and believe that you will succeed, even if at that moment you do not really know what you are going to achieve success. Even if at that time, you do not have a specific plan for what you want, what is your plan? But have you ever heard people say. Indeed, now you are believing in your own success. It’s like being a fake, it’s like being a fool yourself. But do not ever give up, never give up, our own will, and never give up your faith. And if you always do that, then whatever your wish is, you will have it in this life, in this life, sure enough – surely, it cannot be other way.

     In addition, faith can heal selfishness. Example: When you want to help, share something with someone, about something that is related to emotion, money or effort. But you do not take action, simply because you are afraid that you will be wasting what you have spent and not get back, which also means you are selfish. But, you always have a faith, that when you help, share or give someone something, God will bring you back seven times what you gave. Then, naturally you will act on your love, but no longer afraid, you will be consumed or disadvantaged. You see, the reality of life has proved, those who are generous, generous, transient, rarely their lives are poor or needy. On the contrary, those who are selfish, small, wrinkled rarely have their lives enriched and prosperous. And of course, everything is based on the law of cause and effect, so if you have faith you will no longer feel fear.

     You see, if your beliefs are big enough, your desire is big enough, it means you have the power to succeed. When you accumulate enough energy as well as you require, you force the universe to give you what you desire. When you believe in your wishes, you can only imagine a few, some of the situations that lead to success. But to the people of the light world, they will have thousands and thousands of different ways to solve the problem you desire. From there, you can realize that, when solving a problem, people in the light world will have thousands, tens of thousands of different ways to implement it for you. And whether they use any solution to solve your problem, the end result you get is always the best result. Particularly for the mortal, thousands, tens of thousands of problems are posed, but it can only be solved in a single way. And the only way to be successful is with no other belief. It means that the first thing you have to equip for the desire, for the plan, for your work is the belief. Because if you lack faith, you will not be able to achieve anything you want.

CHAPTER III Desire for myself and others, what is its benefit for life?

        Dear friends when you say the word want, that is, you say from the DESIRE, because the desire is WANT. And in fact, there are some religions that often treat desire as the cause of all suffering and evil. Because they always assume that life is the cause of man’s destabilization in life as well as loss of peace in the soul. So, today I would like to discuss a bit of the term, but not in the same way as in the dogma of religion. My heart is not discussed in this way as a criticism or condemnation of religion, because I always respect everything that has ever happened to humanity. I even consider everything that has happened in the world as an indispensable part of being an indispensable part of evolutionary play. So, I do not think that somebody’s thought is wrong, or somebody’s job is a crime. I always assert that every thought, every word and every action of someone, expressing the surface of life is always TRUE to them, at that moment. Simply because at that time people knew what they were doing was wrong, or more precisely if people knew what they were doing was not for them, they would never do it. So everything, everything you call the most serious mistake is the most terrible crime, is still the manifestation of God consciousness and there is always a goodness that exists in it.

     You see, everything, everything that you think is bad, if no one dares to commit it to the surface of life, ask where it is for your God to experience. You do not do what you think is bad, someone else has acted on your behalf for God. So what rights you have to criticize, condemning people right or wrong. But here, I do not intend to say words that sound very shocking to your old perception. But here I just want to tell the truth that has happened since the human game. From there, you can realize that evil or good, right or wrong, good or evil, is basically one. But the new moment is what determines what you should choose for yourself. Indeed, the time has come and you have been living in the new era. So now you should choose for you what you can determine it will bring you and others as much benefit as possible that is what you should think. And, in my opinion, what you should choose for yourself now is nothing but love and light, from which all good things will come to you.

     But what I really want to say here is how you can apply love and the light that drives it in life, which is important. Indeed, all human desires in itself never bring sin, but want to be the first and purest vibration of the soul. You may know that the soul is the true master of the body and mind, but in fact the new owner is truly the master of the soul. By wanting to be the beginning of all things in the universe, want to not start, the universe does not appear, human beings do not exist, and things do not form. You see, do not rule out anywhere, from the world of light to the dark world, to always be the beginning of all human experience in life.

     In fact, the essence of the human soul is always towards love, as well as always want to experience the most positive things in life. And only love is what can give your soul the most positive experience in life. Love is always the thing that can give you peace, happiness, happiness and so on and so forth in a positive way. But in fact, every desire human beings have always been driven by darkness, which has led people to wrong and evil. In fact, your soul never wants to become cruel or evil and your soul never wants it to be miserable. But because the desires of the soul have been activated in a dark, obscure awareness, the desires of the higher spiritual experience are dragged down. From there, you can see all the so called faults, crimes, bad ones which are caused by your low mind, which leads your soul to experience things such as suffering. , pity, and sadness, etc.

     For example: You are living in a very difficult situation, so you always want to have a better life. It also means that your soul always wants to change that negative experience with a more positive experience. But your maid, also your mind, because there is no knowledge, no knowledge, it does not know how to change your reality. And the best way it can come up at that time, to help your desires is to steal. And also from the robbery leading to assault or even murder.

     You see, from a story like this, do you find your soul guilty or not? Does your soul really want to kill the robbers of the or not? Does your soul really want what you call evil? Or it wants something else. But as you can see, ever since people saw a crime happen, something bad happened. The first thing is to blame and to capture the heart of man. Even, people say that because the mind of that person is evil, is evil, is still chisel so he can commit crimes. But here in fact the heart of man, is also the soul of man.

     Example: You are a man with a healthy, normal body like many other men. Ironically, you have never successfully conquered a girl. But your soul always wants to love and be loved, in addition your body always want to experience the wonderful feeling of love couples like other normal men. And as you can see, when your soul’s desires are not fulfilled automatically, those wishes will grow stronger and stronger. So, in order to meet this soul’s desire for the experience, your mind in addition to thinking about rape does not know how to accomplish its mission. From then on you will become a crime rapper.

     You see, through these two examples you can realize that the desire of your soul is to always experience more positive emotions, higher in life. He always wants to live with a fuller, happier, happier, more peaceful life. In fact, as your soul always wants to love and be loved, it always wants to experience love feelings in great love. So your soul is guilty or not? Actually, the soul is what is never thought, thinking is the task of your mind. In fact, your soul has no obligation to anything that is owned by it, but your body and mind in return are obliged to give it the experience it expects. Your soul can not think of ways to rob, murder, rape, assault, beating, violence, suppression, fraud, cheating, etc. Only your mind can think of those things. And command your body to do what it thinks. And from the fact that your soul wants to experience better, more positive emotions in love. Lastly, because your mind does not have much light data to realize these wishes of the soul. From there, your mind has moved your soul into negative emotions as you would expect.

     Awareness is also the beginning of a desire for the soul and if it is supported by a mind that carries light, it will surely receive joy, peace and happiness. On the contrary, the desire of the soul, assisted by a mind that carries many dark perceptions, will surely take on suffering and unhappiness.

     Allow me to correct the meaning of the impure soul phrase that Jesus referred to in the New Testament. That poor soul is the soul that possesses a poorly educated mind and especially light data. But the poor soul is not the soul of evil, evil, sin. You can imagine this saying through words, a poor person is said to be a person who does not own or possess too little money and material. But he is still a normal human like every other human being and does not lack any part on or in the body.

     In case someone is defective of any part of the human body, one will call that person handicapped. And people also use the word disabled soul, but the disability is said not your soul is really defective. But it is a cognitive deficiency. It may be that their intellectual people possess a lot of data, but the vast majority of the data that their minds hold is their sense of darkness, still for the poor soul. In contrast, there are many people, not high education, not many conditions to communicate with many parts of society. But that person’s mind possesses a lot of light data and always expresses it on the surface of life with love. So, these people cannot be regarded as poor souls.

     One can use the phrase of the poor soul, but people do not use the term soul rich people. But people often call the owner of a lot of light data with phrases, people with romantic souls, rich or prosperous. The prosperity of a human being is always rooted in the prosperity of the soul. It should be noted that the prosperity of a human being, not only refers to external matter, but to all prosperity from inside and outside. The prosperity of a human being is a manifestation of the inner prosperity of the soul, the surface of life.

     Take a look at what you will see. When you see someone with a very prosperous life. In other words, you see someone very rich and happy, you say this person is happy. Where does this blessed word come from, is not this person living very well in past lives? And the virtue here is not what came from their soul? Is not this person’s soul so prosperous?

     But instead of this life, everything is called sin, the evil is always poured on the human mind. But look again, is not it your mind that causes what you call the crime? Or is the desire of your soul to cause such crimes? You can answer yourself. You see, all the things you call guilty, evil, evil, bad, etc. are caused by your mind, but not by the mind. In fact, your soul is always innocent, always immaculate, otherwise it is always pure and absolutely holy. Remember, every desire for the experience of your soul, always towards the positive, always towards love and holiness. And all the desires of your soul are always pure, always going to be perfect, but it never wants to give you what is called negative or imperfect.

     You see, everything called the worst crime ever to happen in this world, is caused by the human mind. Indeed, most of the minds of all of us are now full of dark perceptions. So, they have not broken your heart many times, causing your heart to know how much suffering, delay in fear. You see, your mind is only a servant of your soul “your soul is also you”. But, your soul has many times been misused by your mind to control, oppress and bind in various forms. But most of this abuse of power can only take you and your body into the path of suffering, but very rarely is happiness. Your own mind does not divert you from the depth of your experience, putting you on the path of suffering that is endless. But it is “your mind,” your poor servant is always honored and supported by people. And the people here are just talking about the darkened minds of their comrades. They are self-respecting, self-supporting, but not friends, not your own soul, nor are they the soul of all of us.

     But to show you the importance of your mind to your mind, you should imagine the importance of your heart and mind.

     Actually, when you speak of the mind, you mean the brain, and the mind referred to here is a non-physical manifestation of your brain. Similarly, when you speak of the soul, you say the heart, and the soul or emotion that is spoken here is a non-physical manifestation of your tight heart. But as you can see, your heart is always working hard 24 hours a day and no matter where you are in life, you can never stop thinking. Even when you are in the womb, it is always working and only until you finally breathe it can you rest. But, what about your brain? It still works very hard but its hard work only reaches certain limits that it must rest. Your brain can work 16 or even 20 hours a day, but it can never work 24 hours like your heart.

     From there, you can see that your mind can rest, but your heart can never rest for a second. In fact, even if your brain stops functioning halfway through, you can still live, but your heart is damaged in half or half that means you will die. Similarly, you are crazy, you lose your mind can still live, but you no longer feel that you are dead. And as you can see, the heart is the nourishment of the brain, but not the opposite. Similarly, so that you can understand the sentence of Lao Tzu, Taoist creation, German nourishment. Consciousness is what is used for creation and the soul that is used to nourish that creation. And the soul is also love, because the nature of the soul is love.

    But as you see, when the dark cohort of the mind enters together, they stand together on the same side. So they have the right to judge, have the right to condemn the wishes of the soul and assume that the will of the soul is the cause of evil and suffering. The cause of this blame is that they are so weak, so dark they cannot fulfill the mission of an adversary. And from the fact that they cannot do well in their roles, in satisfying the desires of the soul. So they flee from responsibility, flip over, inferiorly pour all the sin on the head of his “soul”. In the same way, you should know that the source of all the bad experiences that have ever happened to us in this world is indispensable to those in the world of light. But you always adhere to them thoroughly and never assume that they are related to the bad things that happened before. The reason is that you always say that the Light is absolutely perfect, so they can only bring us good things. But they never bring to our world jubilant jihad, or a constant laziness in life. Similar to the mind’s innocence for the crimes and suffering that have occurred to human beings.

     Dear friends, you have long seen our dark, miserable, wretched mind, which has always abused our power and caused us so much suffering. Yet, they have done as they are innocent, innocent and they always give, they are the most important, the most valuable. But instead of this world, it’s ridiculous for the life of each of us. It is the mind of each of us that can always bring us the most pain.

      You know, many times I look into the eyes of a child, our beloved, I see how they are so happy and peaceful. In those moments, I really crave for those eyes, craving for those feelings, the things that you have manifested in life. Out of the blue, our dear children have the innocence, innocence, innocence, innocence, so happy. Simply because you have not used your own misery to control emotions, but merely express your emotions. Oh how happy, oh miracle instead of God’s idea, oh happy for us as a child.

So, I sincerely wish that parents, grandparents of that dear child, do not steal your children’s lives anymore, but let them live with the true feelings of their souls. A lifetime does not have so many happy years. So, I’m very much looking forward to not letting you know too soon. You want your children to succeed too early, which means you are too cruel to your own children. Thereby, you can see with the phrase “Love the whip, spit, and hate the sweet for the baby” is a very wrong concept of the ancients for children. Lying off children is to love, affection, and support, to give it space for thinking and creativity. This time they instigated you to love the baby is to whip, to spike, but strange instead you still do. You can act in the way that people teach you, unless you want your children to become an emotionless, love-free machine and live in enmity and violence. In fact, a child after growing up will achieve success, even great success is due in the process of maturation it received much love from parents, relatives and society, but not the whip and violence. Whip, flutter and violence are always mistakes, only love and only with love can create miracles in life.

     My beloved ones, you should know that in the world of light you have always dreamed of, very rarely have a child poetry, and especially the emotional children of the intellect do not intervene. To tell you the truth, no matter what you do for your greatness, the greatest, the most terrible, God does not ever value innocent feelings, In the light of a child, without the mind interfering.

     Likewise, children with disabilities are not the most unfortunate children, but I think the opposite is true. In fact, children with disabilities are as happy as a child. Simply because all their emotional activities are not interfered by the miserable, darkness of the world. An emotional game where the dark mind is not allowed to participate, is really a great game, but not a miserable play. To me, sometimes I look at this mortal life, I always have a desire that I am just a child who never grows up. Even a child with a disability will never know what is called right or wrong, good or bad, success or failure, to experience the most natural emotions of the soul.

     My dear friends, be honest with you about the truth from God. That none of the crimes in the world is at the expense of the crimes committed by human beings for children. You can rob, rape, assault, dishonor, or do anything that is considered the most horrible crime, even exorbitant terrorists, and killers. Of course, all that work comes from conscious people. But all those combined crimes cannot equal to the crime you cause to a child. Simply because our beloved children cannot defend themselves. Giving birth to a child and leave him die in the cold, helpless, lonely, this crime is actually greater than the crime of genocide. He killed a thousand people, ten thousand people, a million people that person is considered a crime of genocide. But you see, the people that you consider to be crimes of genocide, have they ever killed their father, killed their mother or killed their wife or children? You can find out for yourself. In my opinion, if they love their families and wives, and no matter how much their mind is possessing darkness, they always realize that their wives and family are their love and need their protection.

According to you, a mother intestines birth to her child, but after birth, they abandoned their children to death or abuse, beating their children brutally and cruelly. With crime between genocide and murder, which crime is greater, and you u can ask yourself this question.

     Be honest with you, in the present when I witness murder, robbery, rape, terrorism, aggression, aggression or any crime through television, radio. It is always possible to consider that it is casual consequences. But just by watching through video clips or television, the scend of child abuse, beating childe, then my heart is boiling and always can not contain emotions. Sometimes I wonder, am I always reacting to all those negative things related to childhood, can I heal me? But in reality, even if I ask myself again and again, as I know it, I will be very difficult not to have a reaction when I see the negativity associated with childhood. . So, did I ignore whether I had healed? But if I were to choose between healing and negative reactions to childhood. It is better for me to choose not to heal than to give up or repress my emotional reactions when I see people abuse and mistreat children.

     For this reason, I am very much looking forward to all of the great people in the world, right now, to love and care for your children for the best and never to steal soul of children’s childhood. I hope from now until the day I leave the world, in this body, I no longer have to see child abuse, beating, and grievances,  I have healed the myself. Actually, this time is the last chance for you to be loved, valued, caring, loving and caring for children. Because when our Earth becomes a living heaven, we will no longer have the opportunity to live with childhood and to have the feelings of childhood.

     Dear friends, when I say so many things like this I would like you to see the true truth, but I do not criticize anyone or any power.  From seeing the truth, you will abandon the concept based on the old model as the cessation of sexual desire. In fact, all human desires are always good, every wish of the soul is always necessary for life. You eradicate your desires as well as you eradicate all your life. You have no desire to disconnect yourself from God. If in you always desire to live with new experiences, then it can give you confidence. And from faith, you can connect with God and from that connection you can attract energy. And from that integrated energy source, it will help you get to the experience your soul desires. And this is also called evolutionary circle.

     So now, you should not use your mind to destroy, repress, and restrain the wishes of your soul. Restraining your wishes from forming will not be good for your life now and for the future. From your own life, you must realize that every day, every hour, every moment in your life, you always realize your own desires. You want to stand up, you want to sit down, you want to sleep, you want to eat, you want to personal hygiene, you want to drink tea, you want to go coffee, you want to go to the street, you want to look flowers in the garden, You want to work, you want to relax, you want to talk, you want to be quiet, you want to meditate, etc. So ask you, all that is not want or not? So ask, if you eradicate all of your desires, can you survive? So ask, all that desire of your soul is necessary for you or is not necessary for you? So when you fulfill your desires, what is the cause of your suffering? Please answer yourself for this truth, but I am not.

      In fact, life always tells you that sex education is not the way to get you out of suffering. But you have to know to nurture and always affirm your own desires, for the present life. So, from today, you want whatever you find necessary for your life, with light and love. And if you really have enough determination, enough patience, enough faith to assert your desires, you will definitely get what you want. You are determined, patient enough, full of faith and affirmation, that is, you force God and those in the world of light to bring you what you want. In fact, you do not force anyone, but because you and God have a contract binding each other, more than when you integrate enough energy, you will automatically achieve what you want, it is so simple.

     However, here I do not intend to condemn the mind of myself or yours, even though there are times when our mind is truly dark. But not so that the mind of each of us is not necessary for the life of each person. In contrast, the mind of each of us is always very necessary and very important for the purpose of experiencing the soul. Actually, depending on the moment of the game, the soul of each of us will choose the purpose of its experience. In reality, all suffering is not forever with each of us on this earth. All will pass away as the illusion, the illusion of this world. To say that does not mean that everything that every soul we experience on Earth is fake, but all of them are true. But whether the whole is real or fake, fake or true, everything will pass away, the important thing left is the emotional imprints of the soul etched in eternal soul of each of us.

     Also related to the wish, yesterday night when I and my spiritual friend Le Thanh Tan, was talking on the phone. Incidentally, Archangel Michael appeared with me via telepathy and talked with Tan. He said:


Did you know, in the present many people can truly understand the truths revealed by Nguyen Ngoc Thuan, it is not easy. For the most part, those who are pursuing spirituality in the present, often do not believe in human speech, which they consider to be mortal. So, they often search for information from God, Jesus / Sananda, by Michael, of Saint Germain, in general, of those in the world of light who say they believe. But in fact, God Mother / Father, Jesus / Sananda or Michael I here and especially the Creator, in the present time as well as never disclose any truth, that it can is said to be a complete truth. Never I or any person doing such things in this moment. Simply because the truth is clearly revealed in this moment, it will harm the evolution of mankind. That does not mean we do not tell the truth, but all the old and new information, when we bring it to the world, is true. But all these revealed truths, mostly garbled or partially retained, will help you get the necessary questions in evolution.

    You should know that anyone on this Earth, even you, has the right to reveal any truth, in its clarity, clarity, detail and possibly nakedness, in accordance with the times. Great, when allowed by God / Father. And Nguyen Ngoc Thuan is also the man of the Earth, but not the person from the world of light performing the mission either. So he can reveal any truths that have his supernatural powers. For us, Jesus / Sananda, Michael and … are masters, but we can only help you come closer to the truth, but cannot give you the whole of the truth nakedly. And from so close you need to go one step further to grasp the truth personally. We are not allowed, we do not have the right to give you the truth, because we are the only people who support you to ascend to the will of God Mother / Father. We are the ones who support you awake, but we do not make you awake. Awakening is a process that each individual must carry out. So you have to grasp the truth yourself and from the truth will help you awaken completely.

     My dear little friend, I seem to have seen, you are very confident about what I just explained right?

– LTT, yes it is.

– Michael, so every sentence, every word, what I tell you is true. But as you see, all that I have just told you, no truth is called complete, but most of it is just for you. But you understand my words, simply because you have a background in light perception. And most of the perceptions that you have today are derived when you approached Nguyen Ngoc Thuan for nearly three years. You acknowledge to me that much of the truth about the spiritual world, the truth about God’s family, the truth of darkness and light … and even some truths about me, do not know right But from today, you know, why today you understand my words profoundly, you answer yourself?

– LTT, yes I understand.

– Michael, like I told you two from the beginning that I saw you two talk very happy, so I came. But in addition to the purpose to come to the two of you, I also want to contribute some ideas for the book of NNT. And my opinion, if the Creator captures all the human wants of the universe, immediately everything will become meaningless, the universe will collapse and all will return to zero. . You see, no matter what I say, this assumption and assumption can never be true. But my assumption as an assertion of the importance and meaning of every desire in human life.

     My little friend, according to you, the truth I just revealed, you can feel it or not?

– LTT, uterus felt and indeed the words of the Archangel Michael said today is wonderful truth, is the ultimate truth.

– Michael, yes, my words are true, even if it is a factual assumption. But you know, tonight you’re once again thinking about the truth. You think my comment is a clear explanation of the problem. But let’s look back and see if I have a good explanation for what you want, or if I just say it. So, my words are still questions, but not explanations. Similarly, when Gautama Buddha said that desire is the source of all suffering. Indeed, his words are the truth. But as you see, the words he spoke were just a question for the human race of the day, no less, but it was not a satisfactory explanation of the truth about the word. But people at that time thought that: Their Buddha had shown them a very truthful truth and so they implemented sexual disciplines, leading to mistakes. But it’s okay, everything is good, there is a mistake to experience, experience is new and experience can help the soul evolve. And as you see, it’s just a game and it’s a game, it has to be stopped. So, when a game is less fun, another game that is more fun, more grandiose, can open up and so on in the eternal, eternal life.

Yours sincerely,

      You see, as the Archangel Michael says, from which you can understand that not every word or message of the Messengers sent to us through the Light Workers contains the truth completely. For example: Today I received a message from Michael and wrote in this book. But in my case, I’m a spelling person, so I write a lot wrong. Then there is no reason you look at my spelling words that apply to your real life, just because it is Michael’s message. From there, you can see, how much a message can hold depends on the recipient’s sense of the message. In other words, every thought of the Messengers, when sent to a person, depends on the person’s filter. For example: You are the person who owns a lot of light consciousness or is possessing a lot of dark consciousness. They will rely on your awareness to send you the message. This is exactly what I said in The Ultimate Truth, what your chess level is, and how much they will beat you. But they never show their superior level to you, because you find you can not reach, do not understand.

   Still relevant to the issue and I remember more than a month ago with me and Le Thanh Tan, eight phone conversation about the wishes related to our real life. Suddenly the Creator appeared through the Telepathy and talked with us. He said: Hi two friends, do you know who I am?

– LTT, u know, I salute Him, Creator.

Actually, this was not the first time the creator spoke telepathically to me, as was Le Thanh Tan. And usually each time the Creator appears, it starts with the saying, “Hi little friend if it’s only me, and if there’s anyone else,” he says, “greet your little ones.” But God / Father is different, when God / Father or God / Mother appear, those who often use the word Hello or My children are … Particularly like Jesus / Sananda or Archangel Michael. When coming to us often use the sentence, greet you or greet my friends is … but without the word small. For that reason, the creator said the greeting to two little friends, immediately Le Thanh Tan knew the Creator.

– The Creator continues, We can see you very happy and happy when discussing the spiritual world, as well as the time you pursue the truth about this world. But many times I see, when you come back to the real life, you are sad more than happy and can say is sometimes sad. Sad because you feel like you are helpless to the present life. But you do not allow yourself to have the same actions as before in the direction of darkness, to get out of this sadness. Sad because you realize, the reality of life is not the same as what you dream of, when you live with spiritual consciousness. As Jesus / Sananda once said, “comedy is impossible in illusion.” Indeed, if you tell others that you are very happy with the present life, you are telling lies. Because of the fact that there are so many things happening, you cannot be happy with it, but you cannot control it. Typically, there is a shortage of debt, sickness, illness, etc. It is what you have to face and always in the face of real life. So you cannot say that I am very satisfied with this life. If you say, I am very pleased also that you illusory about that satisfaction. By the collision of your living reality, do not make you feel really satisfied. But you say I am very happy with this life, also you cover yourself the truth of yourself, in the eyes of others. You can cover up with anyone, maybe even cover yourself, but you can never cover up anything, in my view.

     However, even if you are sure of the causes of your own unhappiness, your soul no longer wants to experience such negativity. Simply because it has experienced so many similar things already. So, from now on you should pursue the desires that you find it necessary for you, as well as it can give you a better life, fuller, prosperous and more joyful, etc. I do not mean that you have no right to want to, but you always have the right to. You, the right to want anything, at any time and in any way. To be the absolute privilege of the soul, which I have given you to use. Desire, desire even desire themselves not guilty, but want to be the premise for all your own experience. Little friends, you look closely, your soul ever want to experience negative? In fact,  it just always wants to be positive. But why do people think that want is the source of all suffering? You can explain this yourself.

     I am sure that soon God the Father and mother in the world of light will bring you what you are looking for and what you do not know to desire, to improve the present life. God will reward you, for the effort you have spent. But you should not think that God will reward you, when you are fully aware. In fact, when you wake up completely and fully aware, God has nothing to reward you anymore. In the world of light there is no so-called reward, and if God wants to reward, he does not know what he is rewarding and rewarding. Because everything has been rewarded by God once for all in the first place. So, the words can only be used and practiced in this world.

     Today I come here to encourage you, now to make your wishes for what you need. Always insist on the beliefs of what you are wishing, sure you will achieve what you want. In case you do not want, you will never have anything. Because no one in the world of light is entitled to bring to another what others do not want. Give someone else something he or she does not want to break the law of the Universe, or, more accurately, to break the law. So, people can only give you what you want. So, hurry up now, ask God for you, what you want and what you feel is necessary for your life. I, the Creator, promise you that God will immediately bring you the things you desire. I tell you two, but also to those who are reading this book and to everyone in the world.

Goodbye, little friends.

I am the Creator.

Dear friends, I think that at the moment there are many people like me who are having a lot of problems with their money. Actually, it is not because of me or your past lives that you are bad or evil, so now we have many difficulties. In fact, the poor do not mean bad people and all those who are rich do not mean good people, in a 3d way. And here I do not intend to distinguish, who is called a good person and who is called a bad person, because in my eyes all people do not have bad people. But the problem here is that each of us has chosen for ourselves what experience in past, present life, that is it.

     So, the question here is how you can and I in this life always have difficulties in the field of money. And the answer is simply that, since I as well as you in past lives have not accumulated much merit for yourself, but just merit. I say that, Buddhists may understand, but if you are not a Buddhist, you may be confused. So, you can distinguish between two words of merit and merit like this. Virtue is also the thing that generates normal happiness such as money, arguments, material, reputation, fame etc. And if in the past life, you always eat in the virtue, always love and often help others in terms of money, material, employment means you have accumulated virtue. Only merit is something that can help you become more and more aware, more and more aware of the spiritual world. But merit is not a tool for making money.

      In the present, you and I are the ones who always have money problems, simply because we have always neglected our daily life to pursue spirituality. And if there is help for anyone, it is only spiritual help, but not material. So what we get from the law of cause and effect in this life is largely spiritual, but not materialistic. For that reason, in the present I sometimes feel tired and helpless, leading to a loss of faith in the perception that each of us has.

 But in reality, when your perception reaches a certain level based on light and truth. Of course, then you will not have another way of thinking to change or resist what you already know.

     In the present, the knowledge we have of light consciousness and the truth about the spiritual world is not enough to enable us to realize it in action, in order to help us have a better life. Simply put, you cannot use your knowledge of the light and the truth of your being, so you can express it on the surface of life, to create your own material life. For example, you pursue knowledge in the field of medicine or information technology, and after you acquire this knowledge, you can express them on the surface of life, from which you can. Make money to live, but with spiritual knowledge is almost impossible.

      So you, like me, who have been pursuing spiritual knowledge, are hardly able to make money from this source of knowledge. In fact, there are many of them that have been severely blocked by the forces in the world of light, with secular work that can make money. So ask, what is it that we can have a peaceful life, not worry about money and material to continue to pursue spiritual knowledge. Therefore, each of us must live with reality, but cannot live by illusion, by air or water. Agree that until today and tomorrow you and I are still living and still pursuing our wishes. But this is not the way we should pursue and live until the end of this life.

     So how do you change your life in a more positive, prosperous way in terms of material and spirituality for the present? To you, this is the question for me. My dear friends, you know, sometimes I feel very sad with my life now, I feel like helpless and extremely useless. Since before when I was young I always thought that, to old age, to death I would also use my will and intellect to create material for my own life and wife without depending on any Who, not even to depend on the children. But you see, everything that happens in life, is not always the same as what we think. And so am I, my thoughts on the future of life, up to this point not in the way I thought young. And until now, when I realized, all that was going on in my life was that I had chosen for myself from a past life, and it was called destiny.

     But if you ask me everything is fate, what else do you say and do you need to discuss these old things again? Indeed, you say exactly, fate cannot be changed, each person’s karma has created, cannot get back. But for you to change your life in the positive direction, first thing you do not need to pay much attention to your fate or karma. It does not mean that people born before 2012 and those born before 2000 can erase their karma in this life. But so that you can surpass the destiny and suppress your karma, there are other advantages that God has given you in this age. It is also called the period of grace.

     You see, before all your creation in the present life is the script for the next life. And everything you have or lose, suffering or happiness is getting back to the script of past lives. However, in the present life you were born in this life connected to the new era starting from 21-12-2012, all your creations are not for the script for life after, as before. But everything you create in your present life becomes a cause and effect for this life. This is your advantage, in creating a better life for the present, in order to overcome fate. You can imagine, the previous life scenario you created for this life is just rice, corn and potatoes. So, if it is normal like the previous periods, your harvest is destined to be nothing but rice, corn and sweet potatoes. But to this day, even if your fateful season is in the scenario of just rice, corn and potatoes, you can still grow new varieties such as beans, coffee, cashew nuts, pepper, etc. on your own land. So, in your present harvest, you will not only have rice, corn and potatoes, but you will also be able to reap what you have planted in this life, but not until after. And all of these actions are called creative actions to overcome fate.

     Similarly, but related to the problem of karma. In fact karma is only part of fate, but when people talk about karma, they refer to bad things happening in your life or someone else’s life. Usually, there are many bad things that happen to someone, people say, that person is too heavy karma. On the contrary, someone always receives many good things to achieve success, wealth, happiness etc. people say he is rich. Actually karma or virtue are things that are destined. And karma or virtue will still happen to all those born before December 21, 2012 especially those born before 2000.

    In the present, there are many messages of the Light who announce that until now humanity has ceased to suffer karma, human beings will no longer depend on fate. In fact, what they say is just the words of the form, say half left again. Indeed, humanity will no longer depend on fate, but only for those born after December 21, 2012. In fact, for us who are born before 2012 still pay drama edition of destiny. But not so that we accept everything that happens to us from the script in a passive and resigned manner. You see, from karma, things can happen to you unintentionally. But right now you have to get rid of the thought, because it is destiny, because it is karma, so you have to bow to accept, accept it as before. Up to this point you do not have to endure, do not have to live with a life of suffering, sadness, lack of anymore. But you have to create a lot of good things that can help you get past the fate you had in your previous life and to suppress your karma, even though karma will still happen to you.

     You have to realize that, returning to God, aware of the light consciousness of the new age, is to free yourself from fear, to free yourself from pain, to get rid of your troubles and get out of your dark place.  But do not go back to God to suffer more, if you are so, then you would rather go to the dark than to go home to God. Darkness is a process that you have already experienced, so you do not need to experience it now. So, now you have to create something new, to help you overcome fate and suppress karma. You can imagine, your destiny season is the rice season and the drought is karma. Previously, when droughts occurred, you end up accepting to look at each dead plant without any help, so it leads you to hunger. But to this age your destiny season is still just the rice season, and your career is still drought. And droughts are still occurring, but you can now deal with kinks by using the underground well and using a water pump. It is also possible to use irrigation dams, canals, watering in paddy fields.

     Similarly, for example, your karma is suffering from cancer, so cancer cannot happen to you. But unlike before, you did not have to endure it to death, but now you can treat it with the most modern medical means. Beyond that, you have to be absolutely convinced that your illness has to be repelled because you do not want to experience it. You have to always tell yourself that I do not want to experience these pain anymore, so leave me now. You always maintain a state of mind like this, surely you will push back the disease as you wish. It is your creativity that represses your karma and transcends fate.

     Remember, in 1993 when I had a traffic accident, my body was seriously injured, my face was broken so many places, my blood ran out of balance. Fortunately I and my wife and children were two good-hearted people taken to the emergency, but also only by means of motorcycles and moving on more than 10 km. On the journey back to the car, I almost cannot stand and many times I like to faint. But I always say to myself, you have to try to conquer me, if you fainted and fall down this time, you are dead, wake up, wake up, wake up. Although on the way to the hospital, blood flowed from my body more and more. But I kept saying good words to myself, until I got to the hospital and when I knew, I was lying on the cassette when I did not know anymore.

You see, of course accident is my karma, I know I have no way to prevent and avoid. However, even if that happens, I will not surrender to it, but I must have the creativity to fight it and suppress it until the end.

     And even if you say that the accident I was experiencing was normal, my thoughts about the accident were normal, anyone could do it. You can assume that my work is not terrible, not to mention, many people are more terrible circumstances, not to mention. In fact, you say exactly the accident I was experiencing was not too formidable and everyone was doing what I did. But here I speak only of the reality of my life. Indeed, and just when you encounter any situation that is not desirable or even bad, you only need to do so, that is, you have to create something new that can fight off karma. You desire to change your reality, by your own free will, that is, you have changed your destiny, but not resigned.

     But you have to master your desires yourself and only allow your mind to help, but not let your mind overtake you. For example, on the way you meet a baby is crying on the street asking you know, he sold lottery tickets have been fooled by people. And then there are only two hundred thousand in your pocket, you want to give him a hundred thousand. But at the same time your mind can quickly intervene by thinking that the two hundred thousand dollars are for you to eat lunch, dinner and dinner with friends, so you cannot output a hundred thousand for the boy. So, until the end you quietly leave, though in your heart you want to give it a hundred thousand, to be able to help it somewhat. But as you see, just because of your dark mind, has made you a selfish, small, insensitive. In this case, if you really want you cannot listen to the mind’s intervention, you are determined to tie your hand to a hundred thousand for him. Of course, then your mind is very upset, but it is clear that the soul is happy and happy because it does what it wants.

     For example: You are the director of a company that is eating and your home is in the city and your mother is in the countryside. But one day you received the news that your mother is suffering so bad, so you rush to visit her mother. When you return home you realize that your mother is very weak because of old age and illness. So, in your heart you really want to stay home for a few days to care for your mother, than you would love to stay to your mother happy because you have very little chance to care and close your mother. But your mind keeps reminding you, urging you to return to the city to solve many of the important problems that are in the company. In this case, if you listen to your mind, you may immediately return to the city to take care of your company, even though your mother is very sick and sad. But conversely, you listen to the voices of your heart, and you will probably stay with your mother no matter how long it takes. And in this case, if you really want to stay, you will force your mind to act, by giving your subordinate or your staff a solution. And no matter what happens afterwards, you do not regret it, because you have done what your soul wants.

You see, regaining sovereignty is simply, when you take sovereignty, you must always direct your mind to act according to the voice of love, but never to do the opposite.

     So, no matter what the circumstances of your life, you should never think in the negative direction, because thinking is what makes the action. So, when you know that you do not possess a high mind, you should not let your mind interfere too deeply with your desires. You are poor but definitely you should not always open your mouth, oh why I’m so poor, oh why is it so unhappy, and never to see anyone open my mouth, I’m so poor I’m so miserable, I’m so unhappy, my sister, my dear, my friend … It’s very likely that what you say is true of your situation, but if you think so, whether you still want it. In fact, whether your mind never really wants to be miserable or miserable. But if your mind keeps saying, thinking so often, invisible you are and always have access to and accumulate the power of poverty and unhappiness for you. It can then show you negative thoughts and words as the usurpation of the mind.

     Remember that what you do not want is not what you want, because what you do not want can never be what you want. Example: You are experiencing so much unhappiness in life, you say I do not want misfortune anymore. Of course, God will not be able to bring you any more misfortune, but the misfortunes that you are experiencing are still there. From there, you can show that, without many unhappiness, does not mean you are happy. So instead of saying you do not want to be miserable, you should tell God, I want to be happy. And once you have enough power for this mantra, God will surely bring you happiness. From then on the so-called misfortune of your past, nature will no longer exist.

     Example: You are in too much debt, you say I do not want to owe anymore, of course God will probably not let you owe more, but the debt you are missing is still there. So, instead of you saying, I do not want to be in debt anymore, you should tell God, I want to be a person with a lot of money, or I want to be rich. By that, when you really have a lot of natural money called debt is no longer with you anymore, than you can also live in full and affluent. You see, like the so-called unhappiness or happiness, for money too. You do not owe it, it does not mean you are rich or wealthy. From these facts, you may know, what you want to give yourself.

     You see, all that you say I do not want is still your creations, but it’s just low-level creativity, not highly effective. So, the sentence I want is really the full and meaningful spell. Example: When you are poor, but if you say I do not want poverty, does not mean you want to be rich, so ask God to give you wealth to do something. God will make you free from poverty, but God will not give you prosperity or wealth. So, always use the words I want for whatever you need for your life.

You should know the saying I WANT is a mantra that is your command. When you say I WANT, you send a message to the Universe, and at the same time it is a request you send to God. And of course, everything you want God to do for you, if you have enough energy for it.

     Similarly, for all the difficulties, sickness, illness, etc. … from here on you should not think or talk about it in the negative. But all your wishes and thoughts must be in the most positive way, the most important thing is that you have to always believe in absolute and always assert your wishes. However, it is important to remember that when you wish to change your status quo, it does not mean you are trying to be mean, it does not mean that you are boasting of something you have not. Doing so means, once again, that you want the bad situation to stay with you. Example: You are trading normally, but some people ask you, how are you doing business now? Of course you should not say, at this time you trade very humid baby. You say that you are lamenting and that you want your business to go into real trouble. Conversely, you should not say, yes, you are too expensive to sell. Because you say that you are bragging, it means that you define a normal business as being expensive. If you really want to be good for your business, the above two ways, definitely not be said in any way, but just you answer everything okay. But always with yourself, you always say to yourself that our trade will be expensive and convenient, sure, sure. You must always assert and firmly believe that what you want will happen, but never doubt it. That means you have been creative.

     You must always trust that you will succeed before you reap success. You must always trust that you are rich before you become rich. You must always trust when you have new health and disease cannot penetrate you. You have to trust yourself to be famous, before you become famous, but you do not have to think about how to become famous. If you always have a thought for how to be famous (such as scandal or burning temple) you can be famous but bad. You must always trust and affirm that you are a celebrity, before you are really famous. But not thinking, what to do to you can become a celebrity. What do you think you should do to become a celebrity, you will find it hard to achieve that, and if it is achieved, your reputation will soon be over? But if you always think, what will you do when you become a celebrity, you will surely be famous and your reputation will be sustainable. Do you always think what you will do when you are famous? That means that you have confirmed, default to your reputation, it cannot be different.

You see, two ways of thinking are two different directions. The first way you think, what you should do to become a celebrity, sounds like you are a very real person. But in truth you never dare believe that you are celebrity, before you get it. Secondly, it sounds like you are unrealistic, but actually you have always believed in yourself, always insisting that you are a celebrity. So God will fulfill your wishes in different ways, so that you can become a celebrity. You must always believe, you must always affirm your desire, until you fully integrate energy, that is, you have forced God to bring you what you want.

     You can visualize how important it is to make a difference to your desires through a story. The story from an article about the success of the business of the two porridge as follows. The article describes two adjacent porridge restaurants, quality and service are the same. Moreover, the appearance of the two restaurants is similar. But the only difference between the two is income. And ever so, the end of day income of restaurant B is always better than the restaurant A. Cause only because the way of inviting staff of two restaurants, a little different.

     Normally, when customers come to the shop A, they often ask, do they use eggs? The staff of the rice porridge B always accompanied the question, he or she used an egg or two eggs. You see, just to change a bit of the question is that you almost change all the energy that is sent to others. In this case, too, because the shopkeeper A always gives the customer a question, in the doubt but does not contain the assertion of his wishes. Personally, it is a question of the B restaurant staff, and in fact they have made a statement about their wishes towards the visitor, in order to force the visitor fulfill their wishes.    

    You can see, usually when you communicate with anyone in your life, the message from the words you send to them is very important. Remember, when you tell someone something means you send them a certain amount of energy and they will almost passively use that energy for thought, speech or action. their motives. If you tell others something positive or negative, you send them positive or negative energy. From there they would use this passive energy source to operate their brains to produce results, also known as homogeneous co-windings.

    Therefore, with the question of the employees of restaurant A because it is not positive, so customers can eat porridge or eggs are not eaten by them, but not by staff. Because in this case, employee A only gives a hint, but does not give the assertion. In contrast, restaurant employee B still gives a hint, but in fact it is affirmative. So, when the customer receives the message that restaurant staff B sent them is eat 1 or eat 2, but no words. So their immediate passive response from the brain is usually to eat one or two but rarely say no. From this story you can assume that the success of B porridge is due to the psychological reaction also, or the passive energy reaction is also.

     You see, indeed all the affirmations for your will can always help you, achieve a certain success in life, not much less. It is often said that the devil is corporeal, but indeed in the present reality is completely different. Because if you know your apprentice effectively with light awareness, then it is not only damaging the fate, but it will always benefit your physical body.

    Likewise, in the above example, all results are available from the time you are interviewing or are available from before your interview, but not later. Therefore, all your worries about success, failure after the interview is useless. In fact, you must always have faith, you must always affirm the desire for place that will work before you go to interview, but not after. You do so also means you send to the person directly interview the source of energy assert your wishes. From there they will passively operate your own energy source to them, in response to your wishes. You are always the decider, what you will get, what you will achieve, but not the other person who will decide for you. Of course, in this case, because they need people, they recruit people (Unless they announce recruitment for other purposes, but do not really want to hire people) and you get them recruited or not. Your decision, but not their decision. Where you feel, you are competent to take on the job they need. But you have not been recruited because you do not have enough faith, not enough confidence, do not dare to assert and more importantly, you accumulate not enough energy for your wishes, so only.

     Remember, you always have the right, always the right to desire anything, be free to do anything, but never think that you are weaker or lower than others. You never think that God is so noble, and you are such a lowly, how dare you force God to respond to you what you want. In fact, you do not need to worry about this, God realizes your wish is the happiness of God, but not you perverse, lonely with God. Simply because you and God have signed the contract, more so because God with you is one. So, God has to give you what you want, but with the right conditions, you have to accumulate enough energy. So, whatever you want is what you want, what is dark, how much light, how big, how big and how small, how little, God always responsive to you, your energetic integration.

     Remember, when you fully awake and fully aware, automatically you will have the full power, full power to realize what you want. But in my present consciousness, consciousness, wisdom, you are no different from a child than a person in the world of light. So, it is very difficult for you to act on your own, to help yourself as an adult. So ask, you do not call God, do not call people in the world of light help you, so you know who to call here. You can imagine, a child cannot make money himself, go shopping market, go home to cook for himself. So, when you are just a child, you have to rely on the love of your parents, siblings and relatives, to support you until you grow up, as well as right. do not you? Likewise, we are compared to the current siblings, just as little children.

So, have they always loved and care for us is not ethical? When you are a child, are you hungry, you thirsty ask your parents, asking your brother for you to eat, drink is too much. You have pain in your body, you cannot talk and you cry, as a request to your parents, and sibblings, and they ask you to take medication, taking you to the hospital is excessive?

     Likewise, right now, because your awareness is too limited, you cannot do it yourself. So you ask God, asking your brother or sister in the world of light to help or realize your wishes for you? Asking God, or your sibling for help, is an honor for them, that you bring joy to them but do not bother them as you think. Asked for help by others is the great happiness of the person in the world of light. Because simple people in the world of light together, never encountered any difficulty to ask others to help. People in the world of light you ask for help are opportunities for them to express their love for others without fear of violating the law of free will.

     So, in addition to the three highest Gods, you can ask anyone who you know, and if you ask for help. You can directly ask Saint Germain to assist you with matters related to money, finances, by him your God. Because he is a real Master specializing in finance for life is not advanced as we are. You can directly ask Lord Ashtar to cure you because he is the Commander of the space fleet fleets in the Universe and on the fleets there is a team of strong, powerful and perfect gathering words. Different galaxies in space. You can ask Lord Michael directly for help with issues related to the ascension process. Because he is a Master in the field of light consciousness and is the primary responsible person to the Supreme Council on the awakening of humanity. You can directly ask Archangel to help you with matters relating to love, compassion, mercy, creativity and forgiveness, since he is a Master in charge of the field related. You can directly ask Albert Einstein to help you with issues related to astronomy, space, because he is a Master in this field.

     With Jesus / Sananda you can directly ask him for help in any field, if you do not know the person in charge of the field you want help with. Because Jesus / Sananda is the Chief Commander and he is the direct representative of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Universal God.

I hope that through this book you should know that everything is called your knowledge, your qualifications, and your skills. And just as everything related to your mind is just a tool God has given you, to help you realize your heart’s desires. Everything that is in your mind, in fact, is just what comes from the desires of your soul from the past, to bring you today. In fact, all of these things, not your own, but God’s, serve the life of your soul. So, everything from the mind in the 3d world is just an illusion, which is not your own. And what is considered the truest of a soul in this life is the emotions of the soul is the love from your heart. In the past, God has given you all the knowledge, not just the purpose of serving your own desires, in order to create all the emotions of your soul.

     My dear friends, indeed this is not rare at this time people always think that I am a very intelligent, skilled, intelligent, and qualified, I have a degree and high education. So you have dealt with all the problems that arise in the living of the mind, so that you always ignore all your intuition and emotions. In fact, your soul is your own, but your mind cannot comprehend the truth, so that it always has the betrayal of its own boss. And you should know, in every form, betraying yourself is the highest form of betrayal and especially betraying the emotions of your intuition. You always betray your desires, you always betray your emotions, sure at some point everything comes from your mind will return. If you always betray, always repress your emotions, God will at some time recover all the wisdom that God gave you, because it did not serve the purpose of the soul. Remember, God gives you knowledge through a process of a whole lifetime, but if you let it go, in a split second you lose everything. Of course, God is not automatic, does not automatically recover your mind, but once your soul no longer wants it, no longer wants to be controlled by God, God will fulfill that desire for the soul.  From there, God will take back your mind, recalling that you are naturally crazy, or that you have an accident that leads to insanity. But in fact, it is always there in you.

     Betraying yourself is the highest form of betrayal, for example: You borrow $ 20 million from your friend to get medical treatment for your baby and promise you a month’s worth of repaying your friend. But after a month you still do not know where to set the amount of 20 dynasties to return to his friend. But to not betray your promise to you, you have to borrow 20 million social loans to pay for your friend. And as you can see, since you cannot handle it, you just borrow your money. And until the debt repayment, of course you are still very difficult to manage money. But to not betray the promise, you have to do as you did. But ask how you can, have money to pay for the black society, when your child’s illness is getting heavier. So, from the initial $ 20 million of interest to the parent, you finally have to sell your home to pay off your debt. Because the people of the black society do not let your family live peacefully any day. You see, if you do not tell your friend in the first place, maybe your friend will sympathize and not make you difficult, as you think. Because at least when he gave you the loan, he understood your situation. But because of the size and purpose of protecting your promise, resulting in unpredictable consequences, and all you’re doing is also known as betrayal of yourself.

   For example, the day before you fell in love, you always promised your lover that you will love and care for your lover for life. Even before the wedding day, in front of the celebrant and relatives, you promised God and everyone else. But life is not dream, your wife today is no longer like your lover before, she changes almost completely her way. So, you and your wife do not have a common name in many areas of family life, including the couple. It’s been a long time since you lived with your wife as if you were living with a stranger, you have lost the feeling of the couple. You always have a feeling of fatigue and depression when you return home. Previously, you were a very active and enthusiastic people so many women love you, even now there is no shortage. But to keep your promise to your wife, as well as to keep a promise to the person of the church and keep your promise to God, you must always try to endure it. In addition, you never dare to think of divorce or find another relationship. Simply because you are afraid, if you do so you betray the promise you made before God.

You see, when you always try to do something to keep your promise not to betray others, even if you do not want to, you have betrayed yourself. In this case, too, although you live with this marriage, you no longer feel the excitement, no longer feel happy, you even feel so miserable that you are always abused by your wife mentally and emotionally. But you do not dare to give up, do not dare divorce because you afraid of betraying the oath, fear God will punish you and afraid of the power of the church to charge you. In the end, you only have to betray yourself.

    Example: You have a very happy family, you love your wife and children very much. The home is your home, every step home is that you feel very comfortable, love life, happy and happy, because there is your loved one and your children. But just because you have fun with your friends, you have a wife, husband and unfortunately for you, is only once, but your wife knows, leading to divorce. And since then you are so sorry and bored and sad but things cannot change anymore. Your home in the past was home to heaven, but now it has become hell, because there is no longer your wife and children, which you run out of ink.

     And from this example you can see, your funny actions are not betrayal to your wife, but actions are betraying yourself. Simply because your action is not serving your true desires. In fact, in the depths of your heart, your real wish is to be your wife, your child and your family’s happiness, but not for a moment of pleasure. But because you are tempted by a momentary desire and are driven by the low mind, it leads to your betrayal of yourself.

     Generally speaking, whether it is a big deal or a very small one, betraying yourself is not a good thing to do. To betray yourself is to betray your own desires. Simply put, any task that your mind controls, but without the consensus of the soul and does not fit your rightful desires, means you betray yourself. However, if in life you always promise, you will never be successful. By the simple, when you always say to others, promise, but never care and fulfill your promise, gradually your friends and partners will no longer trust you. . Even your loved ones will not trust or authorize you anything that is important. No one forces you to promise anything else. In case you cannot do it, you cannot do what others ask for, but in order not to lose their heart, you can use other words to replace it as possible or possible, I do not even dare to promise. But you never promise people that you will never give up, but then you give what you promised never happened, it’s bad, but not bad for others but for yourself. Saying that does not mean that you have never broken a promise, but you have been reluctant to promise, at least then you have to apologize for what you did not like. And you never promise wrong words to your children and grandchildren. You cannot promise your descendants anything to try to tempt them to do something, or to coax them into anger or cry. In case you always promised, promised to your children, this is a very wrong. Because your children and grandchildren will behave like you, they will never keep your promise to anyone even with you.

Furthermore, after growing up your children will lose interest in others and lose faith in themselves. The promise of honor, quality, personality, you can look at how you make a promise to recognize your personality.

     In addition, not all the work you do not want is a betrayal of yourself or infringes upon your freedom of the will. Because of the fact that mortal life has shown you, you are always bound by so many so-called obligations in life. So, as I said to you above, we are always entitled to exercise our free will, but it is only a narrow right, but not a free will. To be more precise, you will be using your freedom of will within the framework of the Cosmic Law, such as the law of cause and effect, the law of the unconditioned or the laws of evolution, etc. So, Calling a binding obligation, you will never be allowed to exercise your own free will in life. Unlike the mortals, people in the world of light always use their full will, because they are no longer bound by any obligation. In fact, after man has fulfilled his temporal obligation, he will no longer perform any obligation, with anything or anyone in his life, but will only fulfill his obligation to himself. their bodies. In other words, after you have fully awakened and fully aware, no one can force you to do anything you do not want. And if you do anything to serve the community, serve the living, or the universe, it is all voluntary work in your joy and happiness.

     But in the present, you have to do a lot of things, even if you do not really want to do it in your heart, because those things are obligations. But you can refuse the work, if it is not obligatory. Example: You are a very wealthy person, but you are rarely seen donating to charities. So, someone asked you why? You can tell them that you will help others the way you want, but you do not want to help people by raising money in charities. And as you can see, donating money to charities or even helping someone, is not your duty. And if it is, then it is only voluntary in your love. Otherwise, you will not be prosecuted by the law of cause and effect.

     In fact, loving a person with the highest consciousness is to let him or her have the full right to experience what they have chosen. And even if you find that what they are experiencing in the view of the naked is so bad, you should not interfere unless you are asked. You are aware that you love the person sincerely, but do not hate them. By simply being able to experience many unworthy things in the sight of the mortal, they will soon complete their own duty, from which they will soon return home to God. By contrast, you help them get rid of the bad experiences, but are not required to indirectly harm their soul’s true purpose.

You have the right to refuse any job, even though it is a charitable, charitable, human way of thinking. But you do not have the right to refuse obligations. So, all the defense, all the shirk, the duty of duty are all cause and effect

     For example, you are a healthy young man, living in a war-torn country. And almost all the healthy men have set out to fight the country. So, you cannot say no, I do not enlist because I do not want to. You can successfully fight the battlefield in many different ways, but all of your actions are selfish, your consciousness is too low, you are running away from responsibility, shirking your obligations, so you will causality. You will not need to do this unless you are not a citizen born and raised in that country.

      For example: You have a husband or wife and then give birth to a baby, you cannot say I do not care, I do not care for my baby because I do not want. You will not need to take care of your children unless you do not have sex or give birth.

     Whether you have a husband or a wife, but you know only your spouse, the rest you do not want to care about anyone in the wife or husband’s family, including father and mother in law. When you act selfish, lack of sense of responsibility, your sense of life is too low. You cannot say I do not want to maintain relationships or do not want to contact my husband or wife because I do not want to. You do so as you defy your will, by the perception of darkness, rather than shirk your obligations. You will not need to do anything about your husband or wife unless you do not have a wife or a husband. In case you still have to have a wife, still have to husband, oblige you to oblige with your family mate, otherwise you are ungrateful. Because they are the people who are born, taught and raised, your mate on this Earth. Any excuse for running away from responsibility, or shirking the obligation is you selfish, are you for your own benefit.

     In all your life relationships, but you only know to act for your own sake and you do not care about the interests of others, it means your consciousness is too dark. But it is not the protection of the sanctity or the protection of your free will.

     You receive the salary of the boss, you have to work for them, it is your obligation. But it is not that you always receive the salaries of people, so you are always lazy, so how can you fulfill your obligation. You have very high income, your obligation is to pay taxes to the government and from that they will use this money to serve the people, including you. But if you say, you do not pay taxes because you do not want to spend money on your efforts, you are shirking your obligations.

     You are the light, but you always avoid and always do not want to communicate with people you think are dark. That means you are shirking your obligations, because if you always avoid them, ask who you will be helping on behalf of those who light up here. Therefore, all acts of repudiation, such as avoidance, are an insult, a selfishness, because of the kidney, but it is not the act of the bright one. And if you really do that, then you have violated the laws of evolution of the universe and you will have cause and effect. Actually, if you are really a person of light you will never have such evasive behavior.

    Similarly, you want to get heaven, you have to go through hell, it is your duty. So, hell is a duty that you cannot say no to it. Although, before you come to this world, it is not that you do not know the world where you will suffer many trials and tribulations. But not so that you can say no to the world, because it is your duty. You will not need to perform your earthly duties unless you do not exist in this universe.

     However, in the present life of this world you always use your mind to repress, suppress the true emotion that comes from the soul is something you should not do at all. In case you cannot control yourself and still use the old habit in action, you should call for higher light perception. And from the very simple reason, from today if you want to have a life of peace, health, happiness, fullness, prosperity and so on. But the first thing you need to do is to wish for each specific problem that you need for your life. Wish, pray, affirm and especially believe in what you are expecting, surely it will happen to you. By simply believing that a vibration attracts the most energy for every success.

     You see, the tip of the other side of love is fear, so likewise, the tip of the other side of faith is suspicion. When you still have doubts about what you are wanting to do, it means you have to push the desire away from you. Faith is what is used to access “positive” energies that make up the existence, the doubt that is used to counter “negative” energies. You believe in a certain job that you are going to succeed. But at the same time, you also have doubts about your intellectual ability or your financial ability, or are always afraid of the problem. From there, you inferred that you have access to two sources of energy, positive and negative that are equal, which will lead to your work being unable to progress as well as backward. And as you can see, in business, in business, as in all areas, is not growing, but just stomping on the spot is a failure.

In fact, you can ask God to give you whatever you want, and even if your wishes are foolish. God never said no to you about anything, God never said no to you about any desire. So, the question posed here is not what God can do for you. But the question is, are you integrating enough energy for your desires? The answer to all your wishes in the present is that you must have enough patience, enough faith to affirm what you want to happen, that’s all.

     The problem here is that your desires are the moment and the moment when you will decide what you want. Example: You are in periods of darkness, but you always want to know the world of light and the secrets of the universe. Of course God will not be able to provide you with this knowledge, because you know and you spread this knowledge to the community that will harm the human plan of human experience. Saying God cannot respond to you is correct, but given that you are not getting enough of the energy needed for this desire, God cannot respond to you more accurately.

     So, in the present moment when you fully integrate the power sources for your desires, God automatically gives you. But God’s deliverance is not what you think of a miracle, or something unusual. In fact, what God gives you is based on a very natural process, just like everything that has ever happened in life. Example: Nature in you appears a very unique and new ideas related to your wishes. From this you pursue this idea to succeed in a very favorable way. Example: Naturally, you encounter a tailor that is beyond your expectations, related to your desires. For example: Naturally, there are a lot of people who love you and help you quite voluntarily, which brings you many advantages and successes in your work, in relation to your desires.

     Similarly, when I find and see many truths related to spirituality. At first I thought that it was natural to think of it, to see so many new things and take pride in myself, of course, that was my thought before when I wrote in the Great Truth book.

     But later Mother God said to me:

You should know, all I know about the spiritual world in the future, no matter what comes from my thoughts. By the time I think of you re-operating, refresh the information that has been in the subconscious mind even in your consciousness. But almost all of the information that exists in the subconscious and consciousness is untrue. To be more precise, the spiritual information that is present in my subconscious and consciousness is information based on the misconception of humanity in the past.

So, you have to know that the knowledge that you have in recent times, is mostly from your own metaphysics. Imagine, the desire for truth and passion for those desires is the source of data. Similar to when you put a feed into the GOOGLE search engine, it automatically finds the correct or similar data for your child. And with your inner contemplation, your true self is based on the same principle. But not only me, but all those who, if they want to access his supernatural, must first correct the chakras and pineal glands. However, not everyone who has been calibrated can also successfully access his own metaphysics. If they do not have access to their desire for truth is not big enough, the passion for their wishes is not strong enough. Also, their beliefs are not intense enough, and their minds and space while they are being accessed are not sufficiently calm.

You should know, I and God / Cha are always there to help me find the answer, as well as help me during my access to metaphysics. Ironically, this help from Me and God / Father is not always leading me to seek truth information. But sometimes it is the opposite, that is, to prevent children from finding information that is not consistent with the evolution of humanity. For example, it is easy for me to imagine that you are a science that is pursuing and researching flight technology and that you really want to acquire knowledge of UFO technology. But the evolution of humanity is not yet appropriate to possess this technological know-how. So, even if you have access to the supernatural and have touched the information, you will also be stopped. Likewise, for all information, in every field, if it is not consistent with the evolution of the times then it will not be allowed to disclose.

Actually, all I know is that it comes from the desire of the child in the domain of intense faith. But all must be in harmony with the wishes of mankind. But no matter what, God always gives man everything he wants in his own choice and God will never say no to any human desire. But the question here is, when and when will God fulfill a wish, for someone, or for the world? The answer will depend on the place of departure, but not on God. “

    You see, as Mother God says it’s all too easy for us, because you just want to be friends. And yes, you do not want you to never have anything. You are not simply because you do not really want to and once you do not want you will not do it, but once you do not do it you do not have to, that’s it. Of course, once you do not want to, you will not have faith and you have no faith then you cannot achieve anything good. But clearly in the present my perception and you are too narrow compared to people in the world of light, so let your reason reality what you want is not easy. For that reason, you should ask God and the people in the world of light to help you. In fact, they are always happy and happy to be of help to you. However, the condition for your desires to be fulfilled, is always on your side. And that condition is that you have to access, integrate and fully accumulate positive energies for your own desires.

     For example: Just for you and a few people are the desire for world peace, but the rest of the world is unwilling for that. Of course, God will not be able to bring peace to the world, because the energy that you and a few of those people integrate is not enough for God to do what you want.

      For that reason, in recent years, when you hear the one who says they will bring peace to the world right now, it has become a promise of lies and lies. In fact, world peace is unavoidable in the near future. But peace for the world is created by all the people in the world, but not just a few who can do it. Also, it is not created by God and the creators. God and those who are just helpers for world peace, but we are really peaceful creators.

     For this reason, in this age, God and the Messengers have been very active in bringing the world the light energy, love and love energy. And it is the light and the light energy, the love and the energy of love that is the most effective instrument to help us to create our own peace. Simply put, when you and most people get higher awareness in the truth and pay more love in life. It is natural that you and everyone do not want to have war and unrest happening in life, but everyone wants the world to be peaceful. This means that the world has fully integrated the waves of energy for peace, of course God will bring peace to the world. In fact, in the present moment, when you read, you hear the message of those who speak of peace, and speak of prosperity as a hint for you and for many in the world to think and desire for them. In order to gradually accumulate energy sources related to peace and prosperity, it is impossible immediately.

      It cannot be a positive statement, but just a confirmation for the moment and of course it does not cover tomorrow. It is not after a night and when you wake up you can see the peace of world. However, this is only a hypothetical statement, but never a reality, because world peace is a process, but it cannot be instantaneous. How can you bring peace to the world, when you still have conflict and instability inside? How can you wake up in another world without negative thought and fear when that still exists within you? Actually, you want to make the world a world of peace. God is always ready to bring peace to the world. However…

     So, the question here is how you let people have the same desire for – the world of peace just like you. The next difficulty is that you cannot force others to desire for peace like you. And even if you tell them that peace is good for life, they will not listen. So, what you need to do today for world peace, apart from having yourself always have a peace of mind. In addition, you must always believe, pray and wish for world peace. The rest you have to actively share your light consciousness and your own love for many of your abilities. From there, they will be aware of the truth about the benefits to themselves when the world has real peace and prosperity. Of course, when they are aware of it, they will automatically wish for a peaceful world like you, like me. And just you, me and many people together, together wish, together act, peace will rest on eternal, eternal Earth.

     In fact, even though today the world is still in turmoil, you can still live in peace. Indeed, just in your heart there is peace and always a peace, surely you will have a peaceful life. Just in case you really have peace, God will know how to create a peaceful environment and breathe the air of peace. Just in case you really have peace, the angels will know how to bring you to the peaceful sky for your life. In other words, in your heart there is peace, the place where you live will have peace. In fact, peace is not simply the absence of the so-called war. Where there is no war with bombs, it does not mean that there is peace. You can imagine, the Second World War ended, does not mean peace has been repeated in the world. You can imagine the April 30, 1975 war in Vietnam ended, does not mean that Vietnam has been living in peace. After 30/4/1975 in Vietnam there are no bloody battles between Americans and Vietnamese, no longer fighting guns between Vietnamese and Vietnamese. In fact, after April 30, 1975, the Vietnamese people suffered a lot of instability, hunger, poverty, and so on. Is it really a peace for the Vietnamese people? Even in the United States, there has been no bomb war in the United States for decades. Moreover, the people of this country are not severely affected by the war like the Vietnamese people. And it can be said that the American people have been living in a prosperous economy, more prosperous than most other countries in the world. But, ask, do the people of America have to live in real peace? Or, within the United States, there is still a lot of conflict between political forces, between economic sectors, social gangs, and so on. Even so, the United States still has a lot of violence going on every day, for hours, there are still so many gunshots that can suddenly kill innocent people.

Ask if it is real peace or not? You can answer this question. Indeed, if you really have peace in your heart, the so-called war or unrest can never affect you. From that point of view, you can still live in peace, when the world is still war and unstable.

     Go back to the problem you want, as you know it, it is easy to say but when you start to find out they way, it is difficult. You are always going through a process. And the process is fast or slow depending on what you want. Depend on trust, depending on the patience, depending on the amount of energy you accumulate. In addition, what you want in the present is always affected by the force of karma. And the desire for a peaceful world is a prime example of how difficult we are today. In addition to the desire to have a macro level such as peace for the world, prosperity for the country, peace for the society. The more important and first you have to have good expectations for yourself. You must have peace, you must have a prosperous life, you must always live in joy and happiness, your wishes for others or for the new world can come true. In general, all is just the rules of the game and the rules of the game are energy games, so you have to follow the rules of the game, there is no other way.

     However, no matter how hard, no matter how patient, all your experience is still through your own desire. Therefore, you should not and never give up your desires. You may have heard a lot of people say “never give up on your dreams.” Indeed, people often use the word dream, because of the depth of the prejudice of the human, want to be the cause of pain suffering and crime. So, to this day, you do not have to use dream words instead of desires, simply because your dream is to wish for a farther perspective, your desire is to wish for a nearer reality.

     In reality, we cannot deny the important role of dreams for ourselves or for the world. Where people have no dream, they will become gods hear thousands of miles, people will not be able to create TV, telephone, computer, internet and so on. In case, people do not dream that they will be able to fly like birds of heaven, humans cannot create airplanes, airplanes. In fact, dreams can come true if you really have enough faith and passion to be able to make those dreams come true and desires can come true. However, not all of your dreams will come true. Because if you just dream, but do not really want about it, that means you have not accumulated, not integrated, energy for it. And since reality tells us that without energy, nothing will ever come true.

     Similarly, when you talk about dreams, in fact all dreams are not natural. Sometimes when you dream of beautiful dreams and when you wake up you may think that it is only a dream, but not a reality. Actually, your dream will probably come true, and it will probably happen in your life, by simply dreaming as a prophet, showing your future. In fact, dreams come true many years ago, even when it happened you did not remember you dreamed about it. However, just like dreams, dreams can happen, may not happen, it all depends on your creativity. A good dream or a bad dream can happen, or never happen, depending on your creativity in the present.

     Similar to dreams, previous prophecies for the world, or prophecies that are unlikely. It is simple that the scripts that are performed on the stage have been offset and constantly being changed, by the collective consciousness of the world, or your own. Therefore, in this new age, the so-called prophecy will become ineffective, to infinite less than ever. Moreover, people in the world of light will not prophesy with us anymore.

     Likewise, the meaning of the word is about being one, but not necessarily you. For example, you say, I love this flower, I like the sunrise, I love the waves, even you say I love these kids … You see, you say you like them, but you do not necessarily want to own them, and even if you want to own what you like, it’s not guaranteed. So when you say it is to say that what exists is, in line with the emotion of your soul, that’s it. But Want to say what is not and what you need. So, when you say I want more money, I want to be happy, I want to be famous is what you do not have, which you do not own. So, for all your desires, you should not use the word, but you have to say I want it, because when you want you can accumulate more energy to force it to happen.

     In fact, all your wishes are always toward what the value is better, but never towards the lower. And in reality life has told you that the present is never enough for what your soul wants to experience. But that is the true will of God for all of us. So, start now with all your desires, which you feel is necessary for your life. And always pray that God brings you what you want to help you live a happy, happy, fulfilling and prosperous life, and more. But as I stated above, the biggest problem we face today is that those born before 2012 are still in trouble. So you have to always have enough faith, patience to pursue your desires, your passion for ink, you can accumulate enough energy, you can achieve what you want.

     As I have told you, entering into the new age all that you desire, everything you create in this life is causal. So, at this point, you can improve your destiny in the best way, but not following your horoscope like before. In case, you find that your life experiences many negative things, such as lack of money, debt, sickness, illness, unhappiness, etc., because you didn’t have good choice for yourself in previous lives. But in this age, when you pursue your desires, it is a good idea to stop taking care of your old karma, but to pursue it with passion and belief. It also means that you never care about your previous horoscope, how you never listen to any fortune teller, never listen to ….By your destiny, your fate is no longer the same as before, but it will be true if you accept it and live with it without further creation, desire, and compensation.

     So, if you want to change your life, do not worry about the past, do not think, do not talk or tell your story about the suffering, sadness, unhappiness that happened before. It is simple that if you are always thinking, talking bad about yourself, talk bad about other people and negative things, which means you continue to visit and accumulate you darkness and fear energy. But in reality, there are many people who have a habit of moaning, talking, laughing, and criticizing about the past of sadness, misery, mistakes of themselves and others’. You see, this habit is very useless, it is not beneficial to yourself and others. In case, you cannot change this habit, then you do not want to change anything for your life. If you still try to keep your old prejudices, old ways of thinking, speaking, behaving the same way like before. Then now when you pray, wish with passion, confidence, all are still useless.

     So, when you hear those who teach you how to change fate, you think it is very easy. However, it is not easy. Nothing is a free lunch. So, to make a wish come true, the first thing is that you have to change your mind, expand your awareness towards light and love.

For example: Your season is just corn and potatoes, then you will harvest it, even if you do not need to care for it. So, to be able to help you add more valuable products to your harvest. The first thing you need to do now is to open up and expand your land, which means you expand your awareness of light and love. After you have expanded your land, you need to renovate it. That means you have to convert the hard and dry soil into hard soft, fresh one. This means that you have to change your mind from rigid, prejudiced to multifaceted flexible in cognition. Need to change emotions from hatred, jealousy to forgiveness, tolerance, empathy, from hate to love, etc. After you complete these two stages, you can start cultivating and you can plant any trees you want on that land, it can be short-term or long-term. That means you can cultivate your desires on the land of great or small soul, it is up to you. However, after planting you need to actively care, irrigate, fertilize it until harvesting The same for this process is that after you create the desire for your life, you must always believe, passionate, affirm, pursue, patience to access and accumulate energy, certainly You will succeed.

     From these success, it also means that you decide yourself beyond your own destiny. I say you go beyond fate, but I do not say you change fate, because in fact, fate is something that can never be changed. Fate is understood as what you have created in the past and is happening in the present with the overcoming of what you created to add to the present. And when both creatures from the past and present happen simultaneously in your life, this is called fate. And with karma the new things happen at the same time as your old karma, it will help you compensate for karma, and it is all due to you. So at first glance, you may have changed your destiny, but in fact you cannot change the destiny, you are adding things to your destiny. The more you are bringing into your life, the better it is.

     You should remember that when you start thinking about a certain wish, it is like you have just planted something. So, if you want to harvest sweet fruit, you need to be patient, fertilize and love it until it blooms. But if you have just planted, fertilized for a few days, you do not see it blooming, you left it and no longer care for them, then how you can get the sweet fruit from them. Similarly, you always desire and desire a lot of things, but all of your wishes are without passion, no faith, no creativity for it, how can you get what you want? You want it, but you only accumulate little energy for them, so how those wishes can become reality for you. You bought yourself a lot of beautiful cars, but you did not think of giving it a drop of gasoline, then how those cars could run. You never think that your cars are more important and expensive than fuel, because fuel is only secondary thing In fact, fuel is hundred, thousand time more important than your cars. Because if people did not find fuel by themselves, they did not know what the value of the fuel, naturally people would not produce cars.

     Similarly, do not think that your body is the most important thing in your whole life. In fact, if God had not created all the energies of life before, God did not invent the human body for that purpose.

     You can imagine how much effort you put into for your company. But for your company to succeed, you should put more effort. Similarly, you create a dream that is nothing compared to the effort and time you spend nourishing it, so that it can become a reality for you. You create your dreams, you create so many wishes, but you do not nourish it.

   Of course, then all your dreams are illusory, just as all your wishes are just hypnotic. So, when you want something for yourself, you need to have faith, passion and perseverance to nurture your desire, you can achieve it. You succeed with the dream, the least desire, you can succeed with the dream, the bigger wish. If you despise your dreams, your desires or other people’s desires, is not significant, naturally you will never succeed with bigger things. A dream that you still cannot afford to nourish it and let it die still, ask how you can succeed with the bigger, bigger.

     But in reality, I see many people who have prayed, also wished and believed in what is good to happen to me. But they only pursue a time and when they do not see it happening, they automatically get depressed, lose confidence in themselves and lose faith in God. From there they argue that nothing is true in this life, even to God and the Light are just impostors, cheaters no less. However, if you dare to look straight at the truth you will realize that, as you sow a wish, it is no different when you plant a seed. And all the results of it are always patience, trust and passion, along with your own farming time.

     In fact, the bigger you are, the harder you are to achieve, the more you grow shorter crops, or longer ones. For example, your destiny is poor, but you want to be rich like Bill Gate or Warren Buffett is almost impossible. By simply allowing you to integrate, accumulate enough energy to create wealth as they are for a long time, even if one or several lives are not enough. Therefore, you should only choose the moderate, fuller, more prosperous, more affordable house, etc. then your wishes will become a reality. Cause, the energy that you accumulate for the little desire is less so it happens faster for you. For example: You are a blind man who is born blind, but you want, you beg God to make you look like a normal person. In fact, such wishes are impossible, it does not happen, it does not mean that God cannot do you, but in this life you can never accumulate enough needed energy to force God to do that for you.

     You are from a blind man becomes a normal person, from a destitute man who becomes a big man. It also means that you will change your whole experience, which means that you change your whole destiny. You see, surpassing fate does not mean you can replace the whole old to make it completely new. So, in the present moment, similar desires are never going to happen, unless it is your destiny.

     You can imagine going beyond this fate. Example: Your fateful season is the daily meal. And in your daily meals only including rice, vegetables and dried fish, whether or not you cannot refuse to eat these dishes.

But now it is not the same like before. In the past, even though you have created so many things in your life that you can compensate for, you can add to those unhealthy meals. But all of that is reserved for the afterlife, so fate obliges you to eat such meals for the rest of your life. But in this age, you can add to your meal with a variety of dishes to improve your experience.

     So you add that to your daily meals with sautéed vegetables, and you can continue to add items like meat, stew, steamed fish, etc. depending on your level of creativity at the present. And all of your similar actions are called fate. But you have to know that you are not allowed to substitute all the dishes you do not want before with other foods such as pasta, turkey, pizza etc. You can add to your meal. A lot of food that you love, but with dishes like rice, vegetables and dried fish cannot be missed in your daily menu. And always, it is imperative that you use all the dishes, which cannot be missed (this is also called karma). You can leave without eating the food you have added, but you are not allowed to skip any of the three items that are considered fate. It is simply the things you have chosen, you have chosen for yourself in the past and now you are back, that’s all. If you do not like it anymore and do not want to use it anymore, it is not because no one can blame you for all the things you have chosen for yourself in the past.

     You may think that you can relate to the deeds of Jesus the day he came down. You know that he healed the blind man from the dead, from the lame to the good, from the dead to the living. So, you may be wondering about Jesus and doing that, God cannot do that for you. In fact, even the smallest person in the kingdom can do it for you, not to mention Jesus or God. But actually what Jesus did before, is not to make man Earth. In fact, all those who were healed by Jesus were souls from the Kingdom. They came before, at the same time and after Jesus, to contribute with him to create a messianic script prepared by the High Commission and himself. So you have to understand that all those who have been healed by Jesus do not have anyone who is of Earth.

    You should also know that if Jesus was healed of a man of the earth he would have committed the will of will, breaking the law into the uncircumcised, breaking the law of the universe. Actually when I expose this truth, I just hope that it will help you not to have so much illusion about the hopeless thing. But be realistic with your wishes, within reach, less time, less energy, so that it can easily happen to you faster. And just as your initial desires happen, the next wish will be more likely. Simply because you have accumulated a lot of positive energy sources then.

     In fact, it is the first divine vibration used by God and the source of all existence in the universe. You no longer want to mean that you no longer exist. So, the question posed to you now, is not that what you want to give you? Because the desire of yourself will bring you whatever you want. But the question is, what is your wish to be operated by? What works here also means that your will is operated by the sense of darkness and fear or by the consciousness of light and love. And if your will is driven by a sense of darkness and fear, it will bring you to your wickedness and misery. On the contrary, your will is driven by the awareness of light and the love that will bring you to happiness and all that is good and simple.

-For example: In the past when you wanted to have a lot of money, and that intention was given to your mind for action. But because of that gas your mind contains too much dark information, so it only devises ways of robbing, killing people to respond to what you want and from this action of the mind, causing you to go into pain suffering.

     But now, you still want to have lots of money and your will is still given to the action mind. But in the meantime it hit the dead, you also never take the murder robbery have money, as before. Simply because your soul is love now and it possesses a mind that has a lot of light. So, even if you still want to have money, you can even be starved, but you also never robbed or kill people to have money. You are simply a person of light and love.

     Actually, here in this example, what I am giving is just an assumption, but in reality this is never going to happen. Because it is simple when you know what is true, what is light consciousness, what is love, God will never take you into the wilderness like what I call starvation to the place. In fact, this is just an exaggeration for an example, but it is clear here that there is an alternative reality. It is when you possess the consciousness of light and love that all your desires are activated by the awareness of light in love, which cannot be different. Simply put, in the present moment, whatever you want, and if it does not happen, you will never do it. But you will always pursue it with passion, persistence, patience, and trust waiting for God to give you the opportunity.

     At the end of this message, I would like to point out to you that you can always wish for yourself or others anything and every wish can always come true. But first you have to be sure that you are the one who has been acquitted, you are always innocent, you are always the most holy and holy son of God and always surrounded by God in his love. And from such a belief and faith, you will be more likely to succeed. But to know why you are always innocent, you are always God’s holy child, I invite you to refer to the last part.

 Wish you always succeed with every wish with your own beliefs.


CHAPTER IV Money and Its Real Meaning in Life

     Dear friends, so far I have found that the majority of people who have done spiritual work are rarely talk about money. But today I want to point out the value of money and what its benefits and disadvantages for us in the present life.

     You see, in itself the phrase money in Vietnamese language has been hidden by God for two other very important meanings in itself. Tien bac- tan biec or ban tiec when you change the order of word. Firstly, when you focus too much on money, it will naturally lead you astray. In real life, it has been pointed out that, when a person focus too much on value for money, he or she will no longer attach to anything else. He does not even care for his parent, his spouse, sibling or a friend or colleague. If you don’t have money, you will never have any table for you. You have no money as your life cannot have a full and prosperous life.

     In other words money- tien bac Vietnamese language has another word to say about money tien nong.  As you see, money is related to the heat, (The hot is the old Vietnamese people, used bamboo knitting needles in a circle, used to dry the grain) so that people have The word Nong” is used to connect words, so it becomes the word Tien Nong. So what does God mean to inspire people to put these words together? Indeed, when you translate words from one currency to another, the hidden meaning of it will appear. And here it shows that money will follow you all year round.

     So, even if no one says anything, you certainly know it in the present and in the near future, money is essential for human life. Moreover, you also know for sure that the nature of money is not a crime, just as the nature of want. But again the question is that you have to do to promote the real value of money, when you use it. And as you can see, clearly in the past as well as present, whether you are conscious or not, almost everything that you can enjoy and enjoy in this world is largely due to money brings you. But, in fact, it has shown you that money can also make you miserable and unhappy – but it all depends on how you use it and how you think about money.

     You should know when you use the money, which means you use the God consciousness through money. You see, as I mentioned in the previous section, that all work, all thought, and all products are man-made comes from God’s consciousness.

     For example: You use your money to buy food, clothing, medicine, homes, cars, phones, TVs, computers, or anything else for your life. And then what you bought is man-made based on their intelligence. But you know, all that comes from human intelligence comes from God consciousness. So when you use your money to buy any product made by Earth people or they are available in nature, you also use your money to buy a part of the God-conscious God or human beings on the surface of life.

     In fact, when you are not fully aware, you cannot use your mind to realize what you want and need for your life. And you cannot go back to life as the primordial Earth like hunting and gathering for living. So, you cannot stay connected with others, and whether you want to or not, always and always have a connection with others in this life. You do not associate with others and the world, you can never get a fuller, more prosperous life in terms of material, as well as spiritual. And no matter what you say, money is just a tool for you to get what you like, get what you need in life. So you cannot deny it, in the present. Money always has some invisible power that dominates the world. It even looks like a bridge to all your relationships in life and in the world.

     The reality of life can tell you that money is not everything, but without money you will not have anything at all. It doesn’t mean that you overestimate the value of money. But in fact, it is proved that you have nothing if you do not have money. You see, money is a tool, and now you have no money, so you do not have something to exchange. Once you do not have money, you know that you do not have anything. In fact, when you work manually, at least you can earn money. When you robbing stealing, deceiving with dark consciousness, you can also make money. And now you cannot work, cannot express dark conscious, so how can you have money. Then, you will not have anything without money.

     You even don’t have good health, no light or dark of consciousness. Then what can you own ‘You are also your soul’. And once you’re in that position, you are just person with Down’s syndrome? Then you can live by yourself. . Saying you don’t have money is dark assumption, and it is very close to the truth. In the present, whether you are a writer, a scientist, a painter, a musician, an actor, a jeweler, etc., all your products can only be converted into money. But you cannot use your product to eat or drink for the whole life. So you have to use the money you sell from your products and buy other products that are made from the wisdom of others to meet your living needs. So invisible you see that in the present, money is something that symbolizes the purchase and exchange of God’s consciousness that has been manifested to the surface of life.

     For these simple reasons, I strongly hope that those who have always had bad prejudices about money will have a change in their perceptions of the values of coin. As you know, like the desire, the money itself does not bear sin, the money itself does not cause suffering and crime. If you look at the other side, the real thing in the present is money that can give you joy, happiness and prosperity. Indeed, money itself always carries the power of God, like your brain, always carries the power of God. But the problem is that the energy you’re carrying in your head is a dark or light source, that’s all. Similarly, your money is owning a dark or light source. In other words, the money you get is the money that comes from sin or the money that comes from doing it right.

     With money you can buy a lot of things, but you cannot say like the billionaire Roman Abramovich “What is not bought with money, then buy it with a lot of money.” You have to know that nothing in this world can be bought with money. And the most typical thing you cannot buy with money is love. Because in real life, a person with love, they will never sell love for you. You don’t have to pay God, Buddhist, Lord any pennies, but they always successful, even you are poor, and they will love you more. So what you called love and it was bought by money, then it is not love. Those are things called Fame-Benefit-Love) formed from the mortal life, then they can be traded.

    Money itself is also carrying dark or light energy, money you get from crime, naturally these coins will accumulate some amount, certain dark energy in it. But in fact, the energy accumulated in the coins is always shifted from dark to light, from light to dark. For example: the money you own is carrying a dark energy source, but when you use it for charity, saving, helping people automatically convert and automatically accumulate bright energy resources. Or, to be more precise, it has accumulated more light for it. But when you own your money, through exchange, through trading, you will never know which currency is the money that contains the energy of darkness and which currency is filled with many sources of shining energy. In fact, at present, most of the money is being circulated around the world, which is the accumulation of dark energy. So, so that you can prevent the dark energy that is accumulated in it spread on you, you should not necessarily put a lot of cash in the house or carry too much cash in the house. And for the dark energy sources that are accumulating in money, the most effective way to prevent that is to leave money in the bank, and use credit or visa cards that will be better for you.

     But if your job is to not be exposed and exchange cash with someone else. The best thing is that in the money box, there should always be a package of live salt and it is big or small depending on the volume of your tank. Salt is the most powerful of all the known light sources in the world that can disperse and decay the already used dark energy in the world.

     It still has to do with your money, but there are things in the wild that you should know, they are pure gold or silver coins that never tolerate and accumulate any energy source. It is due to that gold, silver, platinum, or black copper is the material of light, so it can only accumulate and tolerate source of light energy. Similarly, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, marbles, pearls. Agate and other gems are the materials of light and all of it can only accumulate and absorb light energy, but never the opposite. So, people like to wear jewelry such as gold, silver, diamonds or gems, in addition to the meaning of jewelry, it is also a way to prevent the dark energy source very effective incarnation.

    But, whatever we say, money is still the tool, the best means of helping you sell, trade and possess God. So you should not, deny, or react to contempt for money, because if you deny it, or there is a dislike of money. That means you deny, break, hate what you can use to possess the God consciousness that has been shown to man on the surface of life.

      Remember that you need to respect everything, even money, you love them, and they can come to you and live with you. In contrast, you despise, deny them, they will never come and live with you, except negative. So if you ask why you always hate and negate the negative, the negative is always coming to you. By simply, your dislikes and denials are in themselves negative, so they will appeal and call for other negative things to come to you, more and more. All such phenomena occur also known as the corresponding sound, co-gas. So, in fact, whether you have a grudge, you hate money, sometimes money comes to you, and so much more. But it comes to being painful, causing misery for you. But it is not to come to bring joy and happiness to you. For example: Your family is happy, peaceful, happy even at that time your family is quite poor, suddenly you hit large numbers or get relief compensation, so you have a lot of money. And suddenly your family has so much money, that your child is spoiled, your wife gambling, you own the boys boy. That is the reason for your family to dissolve, unhappy, but when your family is apart, unhappy certainly at that time you will not have money.

     And as you can see, the original reason for all this happening is because you always those who have a lot of money. At the same time, you always ask God why other people have such easy money, and it is difficult for you so that you have a resentment of money. That can show you, because you want to have money, but you want to have money in the negative direction. So, God will respond to what you want in the negative direction, that is God will give you a lot of money, but those coins will bring you to unhappiness.

     So, if you look at another angle, you can see in the present money that in addition to being able to acquire a manifestation from God consciousness, has become material.      Money can also help you live a happier and happier life, if you know how to cherish, love money, and use the right amount of money with your highest self-esteem. . In fact, every human-made product or material that is available in nature comes from the God-consciousness. But in the present, all the value of all things is always measured by people, measured in money.

     For the above reasons, I think that in the present you must always have a sense of respect for money and money can come to you. In case you always have bad prejudice about money, money will not be able to come and live with you. And if it comes, it will cause trouble. But the more important thing is that you always have the highest sense of ownership and use of money. Money is very easy to seduce people and is very easy to make people greed and greed from fear will lead people to sin and negativity.

     You see, people cannot use the money to buy love, buy awareness, happiness and peace in the soul. But in real life, one can use the money, as a means to attain a certain part, in all that. You should remember that here I just say it is possible, but not sure. Because there are so many things you cannot buy with money, these things are very important to your soul. For example, you cannot use money to buy light and light energy, and most of all, you cannot use money to buy love and love energy. You cannot even use the money to buy the awakening, buy ascension, buy peace for the world, or buy you a new Earth for later use as garden Eden.

     But no matter how much I say today, in the present I am like you and most of you have to have money as a mean of life. So, today from this inscription, I always wish for myself and all of you have enough money to use for this life. However, I just really want you to only be with money, but not for money, under any circumstances. Wish you always have many advantages and good luck in making money, to serve your own life.

    I wish you every success


CHAPTER V: What is the meaning of eating and drinking in the concept of human beings?

     Dear friends, we do not need to talk much about who we all know the importance of eating for ourselves. You see, in fact living shows that from the past, nothing has ever been considered more important than eating. But in reality, there are still a lot of people who consider eating as a secondary thing, even considering it’s a shabby thing. Typically, the proverb “Mieng an la mieng toi tan, mat an mot mieng long an len dau”. Indeed, although some people in the world think that food is a bad piece of meat. But in fact, just losing a piece of food, they instantly become angry. It is simple, when you steal away a piece of food, you take away the life of one’s own. Indeed, no matter who the concept of eating is, it is thought of each person. Personally, I have always thought that, until the present time, eating is the first priority compared to the rest things of all humanity in the world.

     You see, reality has shown us that, even if the sky is falling down, storms have surfaced, earthquakes and tsunamis have hit, whether war, bombs explode. The guns are echoing in front of you, but you only have one breath, and one minute to live. You still have to think about eating and you will have to eat and drink even know that after you may be die. A sinner o matter how cruel he or she is, before giving him death, gives him a decent and well-balanced meal. Because of this, the ancients had very practical sayings related to eating “Fine words butter no parsnips. In addition, just word working is enough to show you how important eating is working for food. Indeed, usually when long-term friends have a chance to meet people often ask: oh how long have you been doing business? Actually working is for food, and eating is the basic need so that people have to work. Indeed, if people do not need to eat and still alive, perhaps the world has so few who are eager to work. Therefore, only those who do not work but still have something to eat, then will disrespect food.  By contrast, all cherish and love their food, because they have work hard to pay for and get food to eat.

     You see, no matter how poor or rich how glorious or shameful you are, how dark or bright? Eating is still the priority. You see, when you open your eyes, first thing you do is looking for your own mother, and it also means that from the first moment you were born, you find food for yourself. And even then your perception of the world is just zero, you know that eating is the most important thing that can help you alive. This is the default consciousness that God equips you, as well as for most animals, when He decides to bring you and all animals to material life.

     Indeed, you and I like all of us may each have intentions and own desires. Despite how good, how great those wishes and intention are, then everyone must eat and drink before implementing it.

I am writing these words myself, and no matter how much I am passionate in this moment, my hands still have to stop holding the glass to drink. And no matter what its passion, this afternoon, the first thing I could think of was eating and drinking, before I wanted to do something.

     In fact, right here in this book, I cannot analyze all the substance, the reaction, the chemistry in the food, or the benefits to the body, where and what should you eat? However, I want to mention different aspect of eating concept of some people and I hope to be able to help as many of you get a reasonable perception related to eating. You see, as long as I keep mentioning the importance of eating, maybe you’ll ask me if I’m willing to keep mentioning this. But you know, we are very limited worldly awareness, cannot understand the importance of eating for living.

     Indeed, God was the first to comprehend the depth and breadth of the importance of eating to human beings. So, he gave what he can eat everywhere all over the place, all the time on this Earth. From there, you can find yourself eating in the narrowest capacity or in the worst circumstances of life. But the question is set here for each of us. Eat to be alive and live to be eaten is how different? And from the first point of the question “eating to be alive” telling you that, you have to eat in order to be alive.  But eating to live, you can eat anything and even not good food, lack nutrition food, or you are a vegetarian, you can still live. If you always have a thought to eat to survive, eat to live for days, then this is really a life without much fun.

     Indeed, in this earthly game, God never asks or obliges you to eat or drink fast or to live. In fact, if we talk about food alone, God has responded to humanity without missing anything, not to say it is very rich and prosperous. So, eating, drinking, lacking or lacking in abundance is what you want, chosen by you, but God does not force you.

    And through the second part of the question Live to eat, maybe you can think it is too vulgar, practical, it seems you are too greedy, eating is your important matter. But in fact with the saying “live to eat” showed you that, you will lack of food if you think” is enough for you. Moreover, the saying itself asserted that you live, living is obvious and that it is a default for you. So now, eating to help you maintain your life, it also helps you to experience the excitement of eating. This means that when you eat, it is also for you to enjoy, to experience the flavors, the flavors from the dishes bring the sense of smell, taste, even visual sense even Your hearing, but not just eating to live. And from that, you will have a lot of happy feelings, as well as enjoy the fun from the relatives bring you, when you are with them together at the table. Indeed, often when you are fed by others, you will be happy and grateful. Likewise, when your life is full of delicious food you will feel very happy and happy with life, naturally it is also your gratitude to God. God is ready and willing to give you everything you want, including whether you want to eat well. And your use of food in joy and happiness means that you do not subscribe to him, nor does his devotion to you. On the contrary, you choose to eat poor, poor, less rich, maybe because you do not feel happy, no sense of satisfaction with life, means you deny the plate and The grace that God has given you.

     Indeed, there is a big difference between demand and enjoyment. When in life you have to always try to find for yourself one to eat to live, means that you are looking for something to meet the needs of the body. And this demand is also understood to eat to live. On the contrary, when you eat, but you do not exist to think that you have to eat to live, then you will have the opportunity to enjoy the sense of happiness brought by the food, which means you are enjoying the live your own life. Indeed, for the sake of God, enjoy the diversity of the world! And with eating, of course, it cannot be outside of the diversity that God has brought to the world.

     In fact, you eat miserable, lacking, you do not spare anyone, where you use food, drink, delicious, nutritious and rich you love yourself, is to respect yourself Just as you cherish God for His love for you. By contrast, it is because you do not know how to love yourself, do not know how to cherish yourself, abuse yourself and do not know how to express your gratitude to God, but only you. You see, from the very first days when you came to this world, God has been very careful to prepare everything for you in this life, including eating, in order to help you live better, in His love.

     So I want to ask you a question? What do you think when you are vegetarian and especially vegetarian? Regrettably, here I do not mention vegetarians for the purpose of curing diseases, losing weight, being vegetarian because they really like it or being vegetarian for any purpose whatsoever for the benefit of themselves. But from here I just want to ask those who are vegetarian for fear or vegetarian because of religious dogma. Actually, you should never tell me you are vegetarian because you do not want to be a killer or a slave. If you really think so, I’m willing to tell you that, for the rest of this life, this life, even before and after, you never do what you think “is vegetarian. Not to commit murder or to assist in the slaughter. “Because you are always the killer, killing each day, every hour, every minute, every second of your life, you can survive. I say this is not too exaggerated with you, but in the present, if you do not eat life, you can never live. There is no reason why you can eat materials such as iron, steel, diamonds, diamonds, car homes, or food that you can live on. And you never tell me that only humans or animals have life, and plants and plants are lifeless. In fact, every day you eat a lot of life, even if you are conscious or not, every minute you kill so much life around you. So do not assume that I am vegetarian so that I do not kill and do not help killing.

     You see, in the reality of your life, you cannot and never, do not eat the life you can live, and whether it is the life of any species, it must still be life. That means you are always a killer, always a criminal, if you think it is a crime, it will be a crime. In fact, in this game, there has never been anything called crime that exists in this world. But the crime will actually be there, if you condemn it to be evil. Likewise, you think that eating meat from animals such as pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, fish crabs and fish is the killer from which will bring crime, then the crime will really be with you, then. . Conversely, you still eat the animals, but you always treat them as hidden objects that God has given you. At the same time, when you use them as food for your own life, you say gratitude to them and say gratitude to God, then it is holy thought, holy action, but not sinful. .

     However, in order for one to know good or evil, it is not just based on thought but on words and actions. But aside from this, it’s not a crime to eat these animals. But once you have the mind to eat the animals that is evil, you have always been able to access the dark energy that is compatible with your mind. So with the saying, you always think you are evil, definitely you will become real evil people, in contrast you always think you are good people, definitely you will become real good people. It shows that this statement is always very accurate in life. Actually, here I do not intend to condemn or criticize anyone in my opinion, for vegetarians. But I just want to help you have a clear understanding of the truth, so that you can avoid enforcing yourself to be vegetarian for fear. And from here, I do not really intend to encourage you to eat vegetarian or salty foods. Eating vegetarian or salty foods depends on the preferences and needs of each person. So, I’m really happy to see people eating vegetarian food for their hobby or for their health purpose. But I feel very sad to see another person being vegetarian because of fear, or being vegetarian because of being forced by dogma, by ritual, by the form of religion.

     Indeed from the realities of life, I have seen many times that many are very miserable when forced themselves to be vegetarian. And those cases often occur on the days of forced vegetarianism, or vegetarianism, which unfortunately or accidentally feeds on some salty food, which is like a lime dish. Often times when things like that happen they are very scared and almost always read male models of the Buddha. They act as if they accidentally eat some salty stuff that is immediately their Buddha deprived their right to enter the nirvana. And when there are similar cases, I can feel that they are always acting as if they have committed a crime of some sort. Indeed, they have tied themselves to a chain that is too large and too firmly fixed by their own prejudices. But every day, they always talk about liberation, always talking about nirvana. You see, even a simple thing like eating, yet they cannot free them from outdated prejudices, get what they can to free their souls, so that they can attain Nirvana.

     But the problem I want to say here is related only to eating. So, I would like you to have a clear understanding that in the present time, what and what you can eat, what and what you eat should not be eaten. You see, the reason we have to eat like that, is because people are still living in the 3d world, so people need to use the meat of some animals for food. From there, it can help human body healthy and develop muscles, to deal with the harsh world life. And from the fact that life has shown that, in earlier periods, human physique has adapted, adapted to the flesh of some animals. So, we cannot say no to eat the flesh of the animals is to give up immediately in one day, two days. Even now, your consciousness is able to do that, but your body cannot yet adapt to such a sudden change. It can show you that your eating is for your physical well-being, but not for your thoughts or desires based on your prejudices. What should you eat? What should you drink? to eat, to drink the body you need, the body you want, but not to eat, to drink the will of your prejudice. Your child is malnourished, you need to give it milk and eat nutrients from meat, fish, and eggs and so on. But not all the time you just give it whole vegetables and soy sauce.

     So, what you should eat now, in addition to plant-derived foods, you can also eat animals such as pigs, cows, goats, sheep, poultry, etc. In general, you can use pet species, also known as livestock or poultry for food. Because they are the species before the Earth has volunteered for human service, in the form of death as food for humans. Also, when you use animals for food, because these animals are very gentle species. Therefore, the energy that they access for their conscious lives as well as their emotions is often the energy of light. Not only that, much of the food to feed them is vegetal, and the plants are the ones in the process of living that do not accumulate dark energy. So God has equipped them, serving human life in the form of animals.

     In addition to the pet species, the remaining species in the wild you can also use the species of saltwater fish for food is very good. But, if you ask me, most fish do not live on plants but most of them eat raw meat, which means big fish eat the baby, so why do not I recommend you, should not eat but also Speculate that marine species can eat. In fact, marine fish is a food that has a lot of nutrients, and other foods derived from them are not harmful to your body’s energy. Simply because all saltwater fish can never access the dark energy sources except for the two species. And as you know, in the above sections I often refer to sea salt as a light-carrying material, so it can be used to repel or to decompose dark, used energy sources. . But sea water is really what makes sea salt, so there is not any dark energy or fear that can penetrate and survive in it. Seawater can only accept and reconcile with all sources of light energy, but never accept and reconcile with any source of dark energy. In addition, seawater and seawater can decompose used dark energy sources.

    So, you can use any marine fish without fear of the dark energy used to penetrate your body. More often than not, people often wash their salads with a variety of pre-processed foods, in order to get rid of fishy odors and disinfect them. In addition, it also has the utmost necessity to handle the dark energy that has accumulated in these food sources. But do not eat fish like sharks, crocodiles and killer fish. In particular, you should not eat and kill fish and plants that benefit the marine environment such as whales, dolphins, corals and other beneficial algae.

     Also related to eating, you can see, why people living in mountainous areas are less developed than those living in coastal areas. Simply because the food that people in the mountainous areas often use is wildlife meat. But wild meat is a food that contains a lot of dark energy. Since then, it has had an impact on the body of human energy, which adversely affects the development of consciousness. And it involves influencing people’s ability to think and abstract. In contrast, people living in coastal areas often use marine fish as food. And all kinds of foods derived from marine fish, can only carry light energy, but can carry dark energy. As a result, coastal residents are often more intelligent and socially more developed than those in the forest.

     With freshwater fish you can eat, it is best to thoroughly prepare it and wash it with salt water or bake it on charcoal to eliminate the dark energy that has accumulated in your body.

      Particularly for animals known as live carnivores such as lions, bears, tigers, leopards, crocodiles, snakes, wolves, cats, etc., you should not use them as food. Simply because all living carnivorous species are very aggressive. Therefore, the energy that they access for their conscious and emotional life is dark energy and fear. In addition, the food that they feed on is raw meat that has not been processed, so they have absorbed all the dark energy sources that exist in the food they eat. You should not even eat animals such as dogs, cats and mice. Except in special cases, you cannot eat to maintain life. In normal conditions, if you use live carnivorous meat to make food or drink you will be heavily influenced by the dark energy sources that are incorporated in their bodies and embed on your energy body.

     Even if you use your skin or bones for clothing or fashion accessories, you will be exposed to the dark energy that is in them. You can imagine how dead souls are dangerous to a living, when you use items made from the organs of those ferocious animals, you also will be affected the same way. Because they all have integrated, they accumulate a lot of dark energy and fear.

     You know, when animals live in the world of light, they are all conscious and emotional. And even though their consciousness and soul are not as human as they are, they are all intellectually and emotionally superior to the present. And how can you imagine the mind and emotions of animals, through the Journey to the West of Wu Cheng. But when people volunteer to lower their level of consciousness to the lowest level to enter the dark world. At the same time, animated species also voluntarily lowered their level of consciousness to the lowest level in order to follow human beings, volunteer to serve and be friends with humans in this place. In addition, all animals coming here are to perform their own duty.

     And from these undeniable existential truths, the question posed to you now is whether you should choose vegetarian or salty meals. But the rising question is what should you eat and what to eat to help you get the best physical, without being affected by dark energy and fear energy?

     You see, as I mentioned in the previous section, there are animals that have volunteered to serve human life and among them cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks and some fish, and so on. In general, you can eat any kind of animal called poultry, and are fed with plants.

     But in the wild, you should not eat meat eating animals, you also should not eat the rest of the animals who eating grass, leaves, seeds, fruits or any other food such as bison, wild boar , buffaloes, hares, forest birds, ducks and birds, antelopes, elk, deer, monkeys, gibbons, etc. You also do not have the right to hunt for food, though these are tasty more than poultry. In fact, humans used to hunt for food. But these are the periods before we have not been equipped the techniques and methods of raising livestock and poultry by God. But in the present, you are not allowed to hunt them for food, or use them for anything else. Because their lives are always beneficial to the Earth’s environment. In addition, they are not the food source for you, but the food source for live carnivorous animals. And why they are a source of food for other mammals, but not for humans, it will be explained later.

     Besides animals you can eat as I have stated above, it is very beneficial for the body, without compromising your spiritual evolution. But if you still do not believe, are still afraid, you can use through other animals rich in nutrients such as shrimp, crab, squid, octopus, snails, some jellyfish. , some pupae, even some eggs as substitute food.  Since they are all living creatures without souls, they cannot access any dark energy or fear. Moreover, since they have no soul, they all do not have any pain when they are physically abused or die. In general, these animals are no different to plants, the only difference between them is that plants cannot move and they are able to move. Particularly for the consciousness, each species is equipped with God for a certain part of consciousness to help them work in life.

     Finally, from this message I hope to help you get a clearer understanding of your own eating. From there, you can choose for yourself food source is both nutritious, while avoiding the source of dark energy incarnation. I also hope to help you vegetarian for fear of having a clearer understanding of eating. You can imagine the case of Jesus you will see. If Jesus also thinks like you, eating salty is sinful, eating salty is killing, and of course he will never eat so much fish, while he is in the world. You may not believe in your knowledge, but at least you should believe in him. By the time Jesus came down, he was awakened.

    Dear friends, maybe after full awakening and full consciousness, our physiognomy will not need to eat or be forced to eat something, then surely we will be clear. But it is clear that in the present time people want to survive, people cannot help eating. So, we do not have to worry too much about the next day, but let’s live to be happy and happy for the moment. There is both pleasure and happiness from eating to each of us. Wish you always have delicious, full, warm and happy meals in the love of many people and in the love of God.