Dear friends, before coming to ending section, I would like to spend little time to express my true feelings in this journey of seeking the truth, and it is also true with me. My dear friends, I do not know if you can imagine it, but actually, after reaching this truth, my mind seemed unmoving, my body seemed to be exhausted. I quietly lay there as a soulless body, kneeling on my arms and not know I was really thinking. And I do not know what I really have feelings with the information that I just accessed. Actually, at that moment, I seemed to be experiencing a horrible feeling mixed with fear and happiness. What I access is a very important truth, more important than all combining facts about the spiritual world I have known before. I am glad that if I rely on this truth, I will be able to explain many questions, contradictions, and many inadequacies existing in me. It will also help me to answer many questions that I have not been able to explain in the dark world and in the world of light.

     You know, after that shocked moment, the One who appeared with me in the form of telepathy. The first is the Creator, He says “I sincerely congratulate you on what you have achieved so far, and I am also very happy to congratulate all human beings on Earth. Mankind has received a very great, great, and most important truth, in the evolution of the whole of humanity, and finally from this message. Thank you for all that you have done, in your historic mission to the world. “

     Next is Father God gave me the blessing and Mother God emotionally told me “I am really grateful to you for what you have done, also what you intend to do for this world, and especially for your constant effort to achieve the highest truth of the universe today. In fact, what you know and you will tell the whole world is similarly as an explanation for God, because the truth that you know is a great truth and it is always kept secret until the time. But once this truth is revealed, it will be the most important information that can neutralize almost all doubts and doubts in the heart of a human being. For God, from now on, human beings will be able to answer many questions as to why God is always ignorant of the suffering of the human race. Moreover, from then on, humans can understand why God created the world so incomprehensible to humans. Everyone praises God for being omnipotent, and full of love.

     There were also so many other Masters, including Jesus / Sananda, Lady – Nada’s, Lord Michael, Saint Germain, Lord Ashtar – Shakyamuni, even Shanta Gabriel. There are also Archangel Lucifer congratulated me as well as sending congratulations to our world.

     Besides, after two days, I called my best friend to share with him, Le Thanh Tan, then the Creator once again appeared with us. And he said to my friend in the following words: “Hi little friend, how about you? What do you feel about the truth that you have just been shared by Nguyen Ngoc Thuan?”

-LTT, Yes sir, this is a very good news and in my mind, when people know this truth, people will know more about God.

– The Creator: with the thought (people will know more about God) is still your good idea. But for me, I do not think that at this time people should try to understand Me as the best thing for humans. Indeed, in the present time, man has awared of Me or not, it is not the most important thing. So, no matters humanity on Earth know about Me or not, how they understand about Me. Whether human respect Me or not? I always love them unconditionally. But not until man understands and honors me, I love human beings. Therefore, truth is most important thing for human beings, because only with truth can man escape from darkness and suffering. And in my point of view, until now, the truth that Nguyen Ngoc Thuan has just revealed to you is the most important fact for humanity.

    When people know the TRUTH from Nguyen Ngoc Thuan’s revelation, it will help people to know for themselves, as well as knowing what their obligations on Earth are. Indeed, when people know the truth, people will apply the truth to their own lives. From there, people will gradually come to a better, happier, more prosperous, happier, and safer life, until they achieve complete happiness and eternal peace. Automatically human beings will understand me, say gratitude and respect to Me, in love as well as in their full consciousness. Then I will take those of the human still is not late.

     Little friends, as you have known, from the ancient times the Masters have always told people, that all creativity of the Creator has its perfection. But until now have you ever seen mortal acceptance of EVIL and SUFFERING as perfect thing? So, the truth is always the most important thing that can help people to understand, evil and suffering there is always perfection in it. But if you ask me today, what truth is the most important truth to resolve the conflict between good and evil, between suffering and happiness, etc.? I, the Creator, are ready to declare to you that this is the truth that Nguyen Ngoc Thuan has just revealed to you.

     But as you see, in order to persuade people to understand every creature of the Creator is perfect, it is not easy. So, I never intended to convince anyone to understand that all my creations are always perfect. However, I am willing to give you a little chance, that if you can find something, something that is not perfect, and show Me, I will yield to the throne, the creator of your brother. And my promise to you today is also a promise to all the people in the Universe. So, everyone will get their own chance, try up. But I also warn you, when you find some irrationality, find some imperfection, in something or in a certain matter, is not. You only rely on your prejudice to judge judgment. But to rely on truth, on the basis of truth, based on the principle, based on the principle of the operation of the universe, as well as the principles and rules of action of all life, all existence and existence, Ok!

Dear all of you and two cute little friends,

I am the Creator

    Dear friends, indeed after hearing the teachings of the Creator, it made my friend really surprised and a little scared. It’s like being a Creator gives you a challenge of understanding, but it’s not like a bet. In fact, never, ever, ever, in eternity, my eternal friend can replace the Creator’s Creator. So it is, as a very high and superficial affirmation of the Creator, that mankind will never find an irrational, imperfect, in all light. Creator, of the Creator. From there, you can realize a truth, with this side existing, the other that can exist, this side does not exist, and the other cannot exist. So, what we see and consider is unreasonable, imperfect because our perception is so low? Indeed, this is an undeniable truth.

     Dear friends, Mother God’s words reminded me of an event. After The Great Truth was posted to the Web and several forums. A commenter commented to me “I see you praise your God as omnipotent, full of love. But I ask you, why is your God creating such incomprehensible world? Moreover, if he is truly omnipotent, He must know that He is wrong when he created a defective product, like how many sins are there on earth. Since then, at least he must have certain interventions to repair his own defective product, right? However, in fact he has never appeared and never really paid attention to this defective product. So you think that your God is omnipotent, full of love and is not true. And because of that I can say God is not real and all that you say in your book, it’s just that you talk about a process of nature. And from that natural process, you integrate your God image into it according to your own imagination.”

     After I read the comment, I quietly delete this comment, because I really do not know how to respond to that person. And I even realized that the question you read was very reasonable. Because there are great conflicts happening here, but the world as well as myself do not know how to answer, true to the truth.

   Honestly, after that day, person’s question is also my own question and it has been bothering me for so many years. Until I started writing the book The Ultimate Truth, I thought I found the truth to the question. Ironically, I finally realized that I still do not have a genuine answer to the question. For what I justify for the suffering, crime and all the inequalities that occur in the world to humanity, in the Book of the Truth is still just a justification, in support , but still not completely true. In fact, I still know in The Ultimate Truth, there are a lot of holes in my interpretation of suffering, evil, and the worst that has happened in this world.

     Be honest with you, before I start writing the The Ultimate Truth book, I discovered the truth of the dark experience, I am really glad. I think it will solve all the problems and paradoxes existing between the world of light and the dark world. Let me re-explain a little bit about the so-called Truth of the experience of darkness. The truth of experiencing darkness is that people will volunteer to live in the dark world, then practice the experience. Actually, through all that man knows about the dark world, while still fully aware, God will be able to experience God himself through the experience of man in all things that man created in the dark world). But after a while completing the book The Ultimate Truth, I realized that. In fact, taking the truth of the dark experience in order to explain all the imperfections and contradictions that have taken place in the world is only a necessary condition, but it is not enough. I often see messages from masters like Jesus / Sananda, Lord Michael, etc. They often use words like Obligations, Mission or Mission to refer to the reason people come to Earth, but never heard of them volunteering to address this issue. And from the words in their messages, I realized that they had deliberately sent human beings a message, but it was not unintentionally.

  So I come up with phrases such as Obligations, Mission, Tasks and Volunteering and I realized that there are great differences in meaning between the two. The first group is the Obligation, Mission or Mission that indicates that it is a type of work that forces you to follow someone’s instructions and you must complete it, and you cannot refuse. On the contrary, volunteering to do something, for someone or for an organization, based on the spirit of not being forced, also means you want to do, do not want to. From there, I realized that the Masters had intended to tell us all (mortal men) to come here to experience the world, not voluntary, (as I had thought). And from the words in their messages, I realized that there was a great flaw here, if I had only used the Truths of the Dark Experience to explain the whole of the existential paradoxes in this world.

     And from these data, I continue to make assumptions. If God only wants to experience of the dark world, forcing man to fulfill his earthly obligations – and then man suffering too much in this world- It’s ridiculous and really very contradictory. Man is obliged to perform his duty to God, to give him the experience, it means God did this for Himslelf, but not care for man suffering. The contradiction occurs because, in fact, God is not like that. In contrast, God is omnipotent, and love. And as a being of love, God will never do anything to make his children suffering. In fact, God does not lack anything, no need for anything, no request for man. Because God is the Divine. It is not true if using the Truth of the Dark Experience to explain all the paradoxes and existing conflicts between the truth about the nature of God and imperfection.

    And if we think that the arrival of human beings is a voluntary act, in order to help people find the experience for themselves. Of course, the Masters will never be so foolish as to use the word DUTY or MISSION instead of VOLUNTEER. And of course, once the Master uses the words of duty or mission to imply that human beings come to Earth for earthly reason, there is a reason. So, the question is what is the reason? And for what reason? It can force the whole person in the Universe, to perform the MISSION EXPANSION and experience the world of darkness God. And indeed this is the key question for all the paradoxes that exist in this world. And if you get the answer in the truth to this question, then you will explain all the problems that are tied to the titles of good, evil, righteous, good-bad, gaining-losing etc.

Indeed, if the experience in the planet a duty, a must assignment for all human beings in the universe, of course you can say No to your own duty!!!



    Dear friends, so that you can see the truth, just imagine the four words and only four words, you will be able to see the truth, and four words that includes phrases such as: Yin-Yang Balance – Energy Balance – Creativity Balance – Balance life and you can also call this fact a Clearing and Balancing or Energy Preservation.

     In my opinion, there is no need for anyone to tell you, no one should teach you, you can know, all creativity can reach success and sustainability. The first thing you have to do is balance the processes in creation and operation. In fact, the principle of yin and yang is a mandatory principle for all creativity. You see, whatever it is, it is something, from the greatest to the smallest objects such as a molecule, an atom, or even a quark, all of them have positive, exist in balance and balance in them. You see, just as you look at what is around your life, you will find that all existence and operation are always positive and exist in balance. For example: A battery, always has a cathode and anode exists in it. A working motor is due to the balance between negative and positive forces from the electric current acting on it. A world that wants to survive and develop, in a sustainable way, at least a man and a woman, is almost always the same.

     Likewise, for all God’s creation, he must always rely on the law of the yin and yang. So, in the field of energy, we cannot break out of this law, in the operation and maintenance of the universe, as well as in the operation and maintenance of life. You see, everything that exists in the Universe, even the Universe and all the life in it, does not exclude anything, nothing without the energy to operate and survive. In other words, all creation of God, without anything, does not use energy to operate and survive. It shows that new energy is the first thing God created, to use it for all his next creation as the universe, people and universe in the universe. From there, you can assert that God energy is the most important and the first to emerge from the void of God consciousness, when He decides to create the material world.

     You may not doubt that keeping the balance in all creation as well as maintaining the balance of energy in order to help all existence in life has nothing to do with all suffering, and the crimes of human beings in this world. However, in fact, God is able to maintain the energy balance, in order to sustain the entire existence of the universe. The fact that we are now living in all the world, paying for it with the most terrible crimes, as well as the endless suffering that people have caused and suffered for so long.

      You can imagine this as follows: God is all material forces that exist and are immaterial. And all these forces are always operating, moving and ever-changing in absolute equilibrium, in order to ensure our existence as well as for all that is associated with us. In fact, you must know that the balance of all the energies created by God is the most important balance for all living beings in the universe. Because here, the energy wave is the most important immaterial force for all life and all existence in the universe. And even though at present you cannot see these energies operating and moving with the naked eye, even Earth’s science cannot see it through technological eyes, nor has it. Get a specific understanding of the energy waves. But whether you see them or not? Are there specific awareness about them? That’s for you when nothing is important. The most important thing up to this point is that you have to be aware that you are still and are accessing, integrating, accumulating, and using these energies of God in your life.

     You see, although in the present we have no specific understanding of the so-called light energy and the pure energy of love or dark energy and fear. However, every day, every hour, every minute, every second we go, we always have access to and use these sources of energy. But now you have to be aware that you are accessing your own light and love energy, or the source of your dark energy and fear, for your life. And as you can see, after nearly 12,000 years, most of us have been using most of the dark and frightening energy sources. So, the question posed to our earthly people, is why God says that all people in the Universe are children of God. But why do we only live in an incomplete world like this? Moreover, we are only allowed to access and use the dark and frightening energies to pay for our lives. For those in the world of light, what privilege does God have for them to live in a perfect world and always have access to and use of light energy and love?

      You see, as long as you look at the lives of the two worlds, you will see a great contradiction here. The contradiction occurs because God, like all Masters, always says that we are the One, the people on Earth who are still children of God, still part of God, are always in the total. God and can never be separated. But, how do we suffer so much suffering and they always live in peace and happiness so full? And just looking at this fact makes enough for Christians to think that, since we are sinful souls, God punishes us and exiles us to this world. Indeed, because of the visible reality, there is no way to stop them from having such thoughts. And once people have such thoughts, of course, it will lead to another thought, God being an angry and punishing person. But in fact all these mistakes of man, nothing is possible outside God’s omniscient plan.

     In fact, all human thoughts from the past are true, in fact, in order to explain in details of many existing conflicts. And as you can see, God just hides the truth, and it’s enough to happen, so many conflicts cannot be explained. But you have to go back to the question of how long ago Earth people were allowed access to dark and frightening energy sources, but they could not access the reverse power. This is the most important question for you, so that you can see the fullness of the human game. And the answer here is just four words of ENERGY BALANCE to bring about a PAYMENT. Indeed, your obligation to live in the dark world is not to balance all the energies created by God. And the second task in this historic mission is to find real experiences and experiences with God about what you already know, but only by concept while still fully consciousness.

     Indeed, from the beginning, God created the sources of light energy and love, and forced God to create at the same time the sources of dark energy and fear. In fact, God cannot just create the whole of the so-called light energy and love, but does not create the sources of dark energy and fear. By simply God is the master of both the yin and yang, the so-called light and darkness, love and fear. Nor is there anything you know from God that does not have a binary face in it. But once God has created all of these energies, of course there must be people using it. And people in the light world will only access and use the light and love energy. Only people in the mortal world are allowed to use dark energy and fear.

     But here I make the assumption that God does not want his children to suffer so much suffering and evil, not invent the dark world. That means all of God’s children will always live in the world of light. Of course, at that time, they will always have access and can use energy of light and love in their lives. So what are all the sources of dark energy and fear that God created for what and who will use it?

     And as you can see, if all of the dark and frightening energies were created by God, but no one was using it, then God had to use it himself. Unfortunately, God is the Light and the Love, so God does not use these energies. So the only way is to let it float in space without having to pay attention to it. However, the needs of all God’s children are always to access and use the sources of light energy and love in life. Consequently, God must continually create energy sources, but God cannot just create the energy of light and love, but the energy of darkness and fear is retained. God. Thus, if this process is continuously repeated, an imbalance of energy sources will occur. Automatically, then, the darker and scary the energy sources will be, the sooner it will fill up space, the more likely the end will take place leading to destruction.

     Similarly, you would imagine, if we destroy the entire life of the plants, plants that now live on the planet. And with the oxygen consumption of more than 7 billion people and all of the different animals now living on Earth, resonate with the destruction of the human environment, then what will happen, you can imagine, as well as you can calculate that how many years the world will go to perdition?

     And from this truth, you can see that you came here to fulfill the obligation of temporal experience as a compulsory obligation, but not voluntary. And through the reality of the dark world, you will have the necessary experience in this world with God. And as you have seen, so that you can experience what is in the dark world, force you to use the darkness and the soul to live in fear. But you can operate and show all of that on the surface of life. You are required to access, integrate, accumulate and use the dark energy-conscious and frightening power sources. And indeed, this is really your main job, in your mission every time you come to earth.

    To say that you come to this world is the duty, the mission you are given by God is still considered a fact. But in fact, everything you have done and everything you experience in this world is that you do for yourself but not for others. You see, in the present and in the past, most of you use only dark and scary energy. Particularly in the world of light, only full use of light and love. But in the near future, when you return home and fully aware, you must also use the same energy sources as people in the world of light used to. So, now it is imperative for you to consume dark and scary energy, in order to balance the sources of light energy and the love that people in the world of light are consuming. But later, when you have returned home, of course there will be other souls who will replace you with the dark world performing the duty of rotation, as you have done so.

     In fact, you always get justice from your life. Yesterday, or today, you and I commit many crimes that you and I have consumed countless dark sources of energy. And from these crimes, the law of cause and effect has brought me and you do not know how much suffering, that is me and you have spent so much energy as fear. Indeed, when you and I decide to come to this world, you and I are always aiming at how we can become the wicked one because through which we suffer the most. All of this is just a question of how to get the most out of darkness and fear to prepare the way to return home in the most joyful and glorious as possible.

     You can imagine, at the present, you are in the world of light and light energy and love that you are using is oxygen gas and emits carbon dioxide. At the same time, vegetation and vegetation are the people of the dark world and the dark and frightening energy they consume most of carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. But temporarily you step out of this imaginary space, then I invite you to stand in the position of the observer. So when you are in the position of an observer, should you criticize or condemn the vegetation and the trees? Because they are consuming the one you leave. And if you cannot criticize or condemn them, in reverse you love and appreciate them. So ask, why do you love and appreciate them? In fact, no need to ask this question, I am still convinced that anyone can answer this question. From that can show you, the bigger, the bigger, the better, the better, the more beneficial the human.

     Likewise, God and people in the world of light to the human world, just as we do to the vegetation and the trees. People know that the bigger a tree, the more carbon dioxide it consumes and the more oxygen it releases. God knows that the more evil, and the more suffering is, the more they will be consumed by the dark and the frightened. God and people in the world of light will also appreciate and love you, like you love the old trees.

     You can imagine, the evil forces in the human world are very similar to the old trees. The evil ones are the ones who always live on the suffering of others, moreover they are always trying to squeeze and suppress the people around them in search of benefits. Similarly, the bigger a tree, the more nutrients and carbon dioxide it inhabits. In addition, its foliage will cover a very wide area under its body. Because of that, the small trees around and under the trunk of the big tree hated the big trees because it was always heavily affected.

    In fact, the truths of two things, of two worlds are the same, so you are very hateful of evil people and evil forces. But you do not hate the big trees, but sometimes you have to sacrifice the small trees that live under the big trees, in order to create the best living conditions for the big trees. Likewise, God never hates evil people and evil forces, but God sometimes has to sacrifice the lives of good people in order to create the best living conditions for evil people. And from this truth, at times you often mourn the fact that good and evil people die prematurely. The evil and the evil are always alive freely.

    You see, no matter what the truth, our purpose and obligation is to pursue it. But in fact, once you have understood the truth you still feel a bitter, there is some kind of overlap. So, after seeing this truth, my heart is broken and very bitter in the bitterness.

     But as you see, everything that is happening in this world of ours, is not out of the question, is to help people in the world of light gain more light and love energy, more love in life. Indeed, from that you can see that, when you honor, you love and appreciate a great tree, it is like God and people in the world of light honoring, loving and grateful. He is very cruel and suffering too much. From this reality, you can have one truth for you, the more suffering, the better for man in 3d and more evil, They will become greater in the eyes of God and in the world of light.

    Actually here, I just want to give you an example, which can help you visualize equilibrium truth. But I do not think that people in the light world who consume light energy and love will emit dark energy and fear. And conversely, people on Earth after consuming dark energy and fear will create light energy and love, just as humans consume oxygen and produce carbon dioxide and reverse carbon dioxide. Discharge of oxygen. But in reality, these two things still have a certain similarity, in order to bring about the balance of God’s creation. Indeed, whether you are aware of it or not, in reality, the life of plants and plants has always had a very important and necessary influence on the lives of humans and animals’ species on Earth. Next to this perfect linkage, human life on Earth in the past and present has always had a very important and necessary influence on the life of humanity in the world of light. And of course, everything, everything, always has a close connection for existence and can never be separated in eternal, eternal life. From there you can realize that life in the dark world is the basis of life in the world of light. So, as I said above, the price of heaven must be hell is perfectly valid.

     You see, even to the animals that are present on Earth are still performing their duties, let alone humans. You may not have heard of the gods, and you should not interfere with nature, nor should you intervene in the wilderness. Indeed, people are often greedy and often think that they are right based on prejudice, so often interferes with nature. For example, you will cut down forests, stop the flow of rivers to make hydropower or hunt wildlife, all for the benefit of you. For example, you often think that you are right, when you see a supporting snake attacking a rabbit, you give yourself the right to judge that the snake is too evil to kill the snake to save your life. Example: You are holding a gun in your hand, by chance you see a pack of wolves attacking and preparing to tear the deer’s body. Or you happen to see a lion attack and prepare to tear a deer. So, you do not hesitate to shoot guns aimed at wolves or lions to rescue the coyote or the deer.

     In fact, in those moments, your actions are unwilling to see evil happen, and you do not want to see the extremely painful deaths happening in front of you. And usually after such actions, you often think that you are a person with a lot of love, a moral person, so you love humans as well as love the same animals, so you as such. In fact, your action is to interfere in nature unconsciously and very wrong.

    Because everything that happens in nature, always arranged by God perfectly, but not what you thought. You know, when a snake attacked a rabbit, when a pack of wolves attacked the deer, when a lion attacked the deer, their aggressive nature revealed itself utterly. This means that they have to access a large amount of dark energy in order to respond to their actions. At the same time the prey will access a number of energy, fear greatly because they are too afraid and painful when the opponent attacked and tear the body. But no matter where you intervene in their mission and sabotage the task they are doing, the killer and the prey.

     Likewise, do you think that God created other dark creatures such as flies, mosquitoes, mice, beetles, insects, etc.?  And indeed, these creatures of God are not out of the plan to help you get the most out of dark energy and fear. That’s all…

    As I mentioned in the previous section, you have to know that animals live in the world of light, they also have near human intelligence. But once humans come here to perform their duties, species also come to perform their duties. Each soul comes here, for one’s own mission, the coming species still have their own mission, but not they come here to play. So, in the chapter on eating, I suppose you should not eat wildlife, because they are not the food for you, but the food source for live carnivores. The interaction between live predators and prey is a perfect combination to accomplish their mission. That is to say, because of life, one side consumes a lot of dark energy and one side of death that consumes a lot of fear energy.

     You see, just a simple living entity is still a very necessary part of the whole and can never be separated from the whole. A virus or a germ is attacking a human cell or a moth’s wing in a distant place can still shake the world. One of your words, the cataclysmic death of a bison from a lion’s tearing on an African steppe, or the brutal brawl of an Australian alligator, all of which can impact to the whole universe. But not just a sentence, a death, a piece of food or a virus, a germ.

     My dear friend; Maybe when you hear me say a virus that is silently attacking a human cell or a butterfly’s wing flap in a remote place can shake the whole world, which will make You do not agree. But what I say today or the words of the old saying is true, it cannot be true. And you can imagine this fact through the following examples.

     Example: A president of the United States, or the president of China, is suffering from a cancer. They are also being attacked by viruses that silently attack their cells. So, is not it because of their illness that shook the world? In other words, their health has greatly influenced the life of the world. So ask? Is this the shaking of the world not because of the viruses that created it? You can answer yourself.

     Example: You see a flying butterfly spread in a sky, but not naturally they can fly so panic. The cause of this panic is that people are cutting and burning the forest where they live. And as you can see, a forest has been devastated and burned wildly, which has nothing to do with the world. From there, you can answer the question, why a butterfly’s wing beats can shake the world.

 Example: You say a word, make someone else suffer and this pain can lead to death. So ask from the suffering, not that they have access to a considerable amount of energy, fear. At the same time, you also have access to a mass, energy-conscious darkness, significantly. But your job and that person are beneficial to people in the world of light. So, do your words affect the Universe? You can answer yourself.

And from these simple examples, you can visualize broader and broader, larger and larger imagery, you will understand your true dignity to the world and the universe.

     You see, nothing comes from God’s creation, without its perfection. So once you know what evil is, it can bring about many benefits for one’s own wellbeing as well as good. Until the so-called suffering and the things that people always say is the wrong, evil, loss, worst, etc. … All of them, nothing is not beneficial. The real benefit for life in the whole universe. From there you can see that everything, everything, everything, every creature, every human being and God has an inseparable effort to create and sustain life around the world. in the whole universe.

     You can imagine, the Earth’s atmosphere is a hollow box and 13,000 years ago, exactly 13,000 years, as Sheldan Nidle said. People are constantly filling the empty barrel with all the black paint and red paint, and these two paint represent the so-called dark energy and fear. But for nearly 12,000 years’ humans and animals have used only the majority of these paints to cover their lives. And until December 21st, 2012, people stopped pouring the paint into the paint barrels, but instead they were poured into the tank of two types of white and yellow paint. And you can imagine, white and gold paint is what represents the so-called light energy and pure love energy.

     But one cannot put these two types of paint in the bin when the volume is not yet removed. So, you can only get two types of paint, unless you have to use two types of black and red paint that existed earlier in the barrel. And the process goes on until there are only two kinds of white and yellow paint left in your paint container. That is when your world is the world of light and love.

     But I ask you, if at this moment you are a living person with light and love. Of course, then you will not access and use two sources of dark energy and fear. From there, the question is who will continue to use the dark and frightening energies that still exist in our atmosphere. Indeed, this is the answer to all causes, why in our world there are still war, conflict, there are still evil and suffering occurs.

     You know, as in the message God / Father has said at the beginning, we are living in a new age, but it is only in the beginning. So, you should not expect too much of a perfect world right away. Of course, everything will be perfect, but it is made by Earth people. But the question is how can you create a perfect world when in your atmosphere is filled with dark and frightening energy sources. Of course, when you want to have a perfect world (in the view of the world), everyone in your world must live by the light and love consciousness. Where, people have always lived with the sense of light and love, of course they have to access and use the energy source of light consciousness and love to operate. But in the present, your atmosphere is mostly just the source of dark energy and fear. Asking for more sources of light energy and love, let people access and operate the consciousness of light and love that they own.

     And from the very basic reasons, you still see war and conflict. Still, the jihadists and their victims, still see the power, exploitation, corruption and their victims and all the uncertainty, but all the pain still exists in this world. From that you can show that they are the ones who are continuing to carry out their own obligations, like you, as I have done. It is the access and use of the dark and frightening energy that exists in the Earth’s atmosphere. You do not use dark and scary energy sources, of course there must be a user, until it does not exist at all in our atmosphere, and then your world will have. Can become a real light world, right? Of course, you cannot return the two dark and scary energies that exist on Earth to God.

     And that is the reason, I ask you to ask, if you know the truth about the call for energy balance, you want to criticize, also want to condemn, but want to hate, but want to hate with others and everything happening around you? Or do you want to forgive yourself, forgive others and forgive all the things that you thought were wrong, evil, evil or wrong? Then from that forgiveness, you will be able to love and be loved in search of happiness, peace and peace in this life for yourself.

     Indeed, if you are aware of the truth of this earthly game, you will not need to criticize or condemn anyone but open your heart to love. You cannot criticize or condemn those who are helping you, helping your world and helping the entire human race in the universe. You cannot criticize or condemn those who are pursuing their purpose, pursuing their mission, to help them fulfill their obligations. You see, until this stage of the game, God and people in the world of light are desperate and always calling for you to awaken. Because they know that you have fulfilled the duty of darkness. You also realize that you will have many benefits from that awakening of yourself and the world, simply waking you up is very good. But if you do not accept awakening is still good for the world. Moreover, God as well as those in the world of light always respect and support this decision.

     But why do you think that you do not accept waking up is good for the world, you can imagine it through the following example:

     For example: You are an employee of a company, your boss assigned to your team of 100 people including you, doing a big project. And the deal is a great reward for your team when the project is completed and if the project is completed soon, your team will be rewarded sooner. And according to the process, at least your team will spend 10 thousand days, the project can be completed, that is, each of you have to work 100 days for the project. And only you or anyone in the team working 100 full days is entitled to rest for fulfilling obligations. So, after you have worked 100 full days, you have the right to rest and wait for the project to complete and you will be rewarded. However, there are also people who work 100 full days, but they continue to work.

     So do you think you should hate, blame, criticize or condemn those who continue to work overtime? In my opinion, you will not hate, blame, criticize or condemn those people. On the other hand, you will be grateful to them, for they have worked hard to make the project complete soon, in order to win the award soon and when you get the reward you will also have a share.

     Similarly, after you have fulfilled the obligation to experience the darkness, but you do not accept awakening, this is the same as you do in the case. So ask if God should criticize or condemn you? Of course God will never do that, but God will support and honor your decision. And from the above example, you should not criticize or judge those who are still in the dark, but be grateful, love and forgive them. They have for their own ends, for your own sake, and for the benefit of all humanity in the universe.

     If you still criticize, still condemn and do not tolerate others, then it is okay, but still good. Cause you are not a person of light and love, so you and the person you criticize use the same kind of energy, to help the world soon to succeed.

    Similarly, in this age God and people in the world of light always call you to relax and enjoy life with this journey. But you always say that your life in the present is too much trouble, debt and lack of anything for you to relax and enjoy life? Therefore, you must always live in anxiety and sadness is very natural. You also admit that the advice of God is no different than the cliché, not practical. But in reality, you are always worried and sad about what you think is your debt, your debt and your need, so you always want to stay with you. Unless you relax, be optimistic and happy with your life, they will automatically leave you and instead be prosperous and full, to respond to the relaxation, optimism and fun that you have previous manifest. If you cannot live with relaxation, optimism and joy, God will not force you to live in the opposite direction, but always respect your decision.

     In fact, the consciousness of humanity to the present time is still very low, compared to people in the world of light. However, from the loss of the memory of the Earth, leading to a very low consciousness in life, has brought about many unknown benefits to people in the world of light. So, you must know that your mission on Earth has created so many benefits for the world of light. Actually, all your cruelty, cruelty, worst of all, as well as all the unhappiness and suffering to the end of you, in the eyes of God and the people of the world. You are very perfect. Actually, in the past, if you are the cruelest and the most suffering, in God’s eyes you are the greatest.

    So, when you see in the messages of the Light send us the words like: their gratitude, their gratitude for humanity, you do not need to be surprised.

     Imagine, if you are a qualified, smart, good, beautiful, good-hearted, respected and loved by so many people. At the same time, you look at your neighbor’s house, there is a guy who is just ignorant, just cruel, brutal, ugly, crude, selfish, and mean. Moreover, this guy is still fighting throughout the day, slashing, robbery, suicidal lure play. Can you love that guy unconditionally? Ask if you can say thank you to that guy, for all that he always acts in life or not? Actually, when I ask you this question, I still know that this question is just a superfluous question. In fact, at this time you do not hate it was lucky enough for it, let alone require you to unconditionally love and say thank you, is indeed a dream in the day. Indeed, in the present you cannot invoke any reason to regard all its actions as something good and beneficial in it. On the contrary, you always find that, almost all the work, all the way it behaves, can almost always bring suffering, loss and endangering others. So you cannot love it and accept it, and even dislike it is a very natural thing, no need to argue.

     But, you know not always and always, God and people in the world of light love unconditionally that guy. Moreover, God and people in the world of light always accept all the actions, all actions of this man, with their gratitude for it. Even God and people in the world of light can accept and love unconditionally and gratefully, cruel, cruel, cruel, hundred and thousand times your neighbors. Because they always know that they and the people are one, they also know that these people are carrying out a great mission. And all that is called cruelty, the cruelest of those people is to bring great benefits to people in the world of light. So, how do God and people in the world of light do not love, not honor, not grateful to such people for. And similarly, I ask you, if there is someone always beneficial, always bring the best, always bring happiness, happiness and peace to you, ask you to love Are they grateful and thankful? And with people in the world of light, your past is one of those people.

      Assuming that God and people in the light always think that only light and love are precious and worth pursuing. In contrast, darkness and fear are only despicable and a waste, no benefit. And in fact, if the assumption is true then God and people in the world of light will not be able to love human beings with unconditional love, not to say grateful to mankind. And indeed, if this assumption is true, then God is the one who likes anger and punishment just as people think long ago. And indeed, if this assumption is true, all the promises from the Kingdom of Heaven are false, not worth, as are all things called justice, unconditional love, and whatsoever. According to eternal life, the realm of heaven, nirvana is not real. And of course, when everything goes together, it will be doom, will be the end of the universe, inevitable.

     My dear friends, I really want to talk more, write more about this truth to help you get to the truth, but not to cause conflict in yourself. When you approach and accept this truth, it is likely that it will completely upset the moral values that you have built before. Indeed, when you accept this truth it is almost like you accept and promote evil and suffering. Actually, things have not happened that way, because simply the evil and the suffering for you are only the past. In fact, once you know the truth, you will have a more holistic and multidimensional view of everything that has been going on around you. From that awareness, you no longer want to judge or condemn anyone, nor do you want to judge or condemn anything, including evil, wrong, or bad. And of course, when you do not want to judge anyone, then you will think to forgive yourself and forgive others, without fear, you are the one who brought sin. You forgive yourself and forgive others, naturally when you will be able to love yourself and love others more, in the wave of love energy that God has brought to Earth in recent years. And all that happening in you is considered your healing and ascension.

     Dear friends, as I said in The Ultimate Truth, a certain law of the universe has been applied in the past, or some truth has been hidden. But if that secret is revealed, then naturally it will no longer be usable or useless, on our planet. For example, in the past when God applied the Unconditional Law in the world is to help you soon fulfill your duty to experience the dark world, when you go wrong. But once you have been exposed to the law of the Void, the law will no longer be valid. So, in this age you have the right to interfere in any suffering, have the power to interfere with any other person’s darkness, in the intention to bring them good. And even if your actions are not asked by others, you will not break the law. And once you have not broken the laws of law, of course the law of cause and effect will have to do its job as it should, to bring back the good things that you have done to others, sevenfold.

     Likewise, when you know the truth about the so-called dark truth, you fulfill your duty to experience the dark world. Allow me to correct here a little more. Saying that you fulfill your obligation to experience the dark world, does not mean that you have experienced all that exists in the dark world. Because the dark world is also infinite, endless, not inferior to the world of light. So you, like me, will never be able to experience all that is in the dark world. But here with the word fulfilling the duty of experiencing the dark world, it is understood that you have fulfilled the obligation, consuming the dark and frightened energies delivered. So, your next life is not to use and consume the negative energies anymore. But you should create new things to compensate for your karma and pay off your karma quickly, in order to prepare for the experience of the world of light out before December 21st, 2012.     

Dear friends, as you know unconscious law is the same with truth of the experience of darkness. When you know the truth about your so-called Obligation to Balance Your Energy to clear up the living resources of God. That is the mission of consuming your dark and frightening energies that is complete and coming to an end. Similarly, the world knows the truth is that the world is coming to an end, ending this mission of the world. So, no need to say you know it yourself, no need to say you can also feel that in recent years God has instructed those who enter into the unknown planetary space the masses of the lane waves of light energy and love. And all these things of those who are not out of the goal are to gradually replace the old energy waves like darkness and fear, in order to restore the light consciousness and love for human life.

     You see, when you know the truth about your mission here is to use and consume dark and frightening energy sources, to balance the energies of the universe. This means that your mission is very necessary, but it is very great.

     But you see, too, for such a naked truth, so in previous epochs, the Masters often tell us that this world is illusion. So ask, what did they really mean to always say to us? Since words in life have told you that, can this life, can this world, can this planet is illusion. Actually, the whole of this life, this world, this earth is the truth, nothing more real. So what they alluded to may be the allusion to what we choose is not really true for the purpose of our souls when they come to this world.

     You can imagine, when you walk into a temple the first thing you care about is the statue. And even if you have seen hundreds of statues there, there is not a single incense burner there. There, the place is no longer spiritual value in the true sense of a temple. On the other hand, somewhere, even if there is no statue, there is an incense burner, it can bring spiritual value to you. Looking at such a simple example, you may realize that sometimes people have a lot of illusions about how to choose for themselves in this world. Just as human evaluation of something is really important to human beings and what is not.

     And as you can see, human beings have always thought that human beings must always practice good virtue, spiritual care. Humans have to be compassionate, compassionate, tolerant, generous, forgiving, compassionate and always doing so much human good to attain Nirvana or Heaven. The irony of the way before, people have chosen to go, is not the way to reach heaven or Nirvana. Because if the whole person chooses to go that way, he will not be able to consume all the energy of darkness and fear that has been delivered. In other words, if human beings come to this world, but choose to go that way, they will never be able to fulfill their duty, so that they can return to the house with God. This event is the TWO CONFLICTS that Jesus spoke of in the New Testament. But, you have to know that what the Masters once considered illusory, today, what you have to choose for yourself in life, human beings can be Nirvana or Heaven.

     You see, when you know the truth about the values of evil, sin, pain, sorrow, sadness, error, evil, etc., that does not mean you keep looking, pursuing it, supporting and advocating for it. But when you know the truth, it will help you to no longer judge, no longer condemn anything, based on your old prejudices, from which you can heal yourself. Also, when you are aware of this truth, you must do the opposite of all the negative things, in your awareness of light and love. In case you say no and continue with the darkness, you will immediately be taken out of the Earth and taken to another planet that is already in existence in the darkened universe that was like Earth before. In contrast, you say yes and you continue to act with it in your light and love awareness. Then, you will be able to bring yourself a very joyous, happy, peaceful and prosperous life, as well as bring peace and development to the world with high technology.

     So, my position is not supportive of the death penalty of humanity. You see, instead of the death of a person, you give people life in prison, in addition to humanitarian meaning, you can also help them consume a tremendous amount of fear energy in their prison life process. Because they are alive they can be sad, they can repent of their sins, sorrow and repentance, repentance is the most consuming form of dark energy and fear. So instead of the death of them, should you let them live on Earth to help them deal with the dark energy and fear that exists on Earth? Since they themselves have to repay karma, you should let them pay righteousness on this earth. But if you kill them now, they will reincarnate on another planet. From there they will consume the dark and scary energies in it, automatically reducing the energy and light of love for the Earth.

    Wish you successfully apply the knowledge I have just shared, to achieve more great success in life, with light consciousness and love of God.