Dear friends, maybe I should end the book here too, because I know it’s too long. Until the end, please allow me to present some of my own views and to my own book. Actually, before when I was determined to find the truth is to find myself a solution to how to get out of the suffering and fear from life itself brought me. To tell the truth, I always expect that the truth will help me to have a fuller, happier, happier life than not being afraid.

     For example, before when I was pursuing the number of threads, I realized that there was always a specific intervention, of the forces outside of Earth acting on the crates, so they know the numbers will come out, what exact number will be.  Also then I realized that they could always interfere with my mind, interfere with my own brain, with some kind of energy wave, change my mind to change the outcome compared to my expectations. From this truth, I have often been tempted to create some tool against them, first to help myself and then to be able to help many people. So I always have a thought that I have to make something, put on the head to be able to stop their control wave. However, when I think about the day scene I was in control of them, at night they still control me. Naturally, my intention against them was dissipated. Because I realized that the waves that they used to control me were able to penetrate the Earth and through the obstacles that existed in the Universe easily. So, how can I use what materials are available on Earth, to create a tool to block this wave of control? From there, I gave up trying to fight against them, instead exploring the truth about them.

    Dear friends, it is not good to say good things about gambling. But you see, the first thing I pursue is to pursue a career that I think can bring me a better life. Although in my eyes, my work is negative, at the moment I still think that all my work is not out of a desire for a better life for myself.  Desire to have a better life, while I myself have no other way, all that I did at that time was the most I could think of. But as you can see, the last thing I pursued was the main reason for my pursuit of the spiritual path. Actually, I always thought that what I was following was the truth, but never thought it was spiritual, because then I hated the spiritual language.

    Instead of resolving to find the truth, I find again God, the divine, the evil, the light, the dark, the heaven – hell etc. Is not this spiritual? But in fact, no matter what I find, what secrets I find, and who I find and identify, my greatest wish is to seek for myself and others. The best life possible, that’s all. In other words, I always thought that I was looking for myself and others, a more prosperous, prosperous, happier, happier and happier life. Honestly, can you say that my goal is too trivial?

But no matter how you think about me, I always insist that my true purpose is only that. From the beginning on the journey to seek the truth, I never intended to seek for myself a nirvana or heavenly realm, but only to find myself the best possible life right here on earth.

     From there, I hope through this book will help you more in your life, also on this Earth. So, I always hope that if you look through my book, you just treat my book as every other book containing information about living knowledge, but do not take it as a book. Spiritual, psychological at all. In my opinion, Dao is the knowledge, the realization that the consciousness of God and Ethics is the vibrations that are manifested from the heart and that the true essence of love is love. So, my moral viewpoint is simply mind and soul, and the highest manifestations of mind and soul are light and love.

     Although today, I can talk directly with the Creator, Father God and the people in the world of light, then how. Whether all of this can bring me something? And from this truth, I always think that the most important of all that has happened to me and around me is life. In fact, even though I did not know who God was. Not knowing what God is. And do not know if God has anything to do with me? But I still live in his infinite love. In the past, I thought that God had no connection with me. I separated myself from God, but God never once and never separated me, as was the whole of Humanity in the Universe. In other words, you live on this fruit, you live in this universe, you breathe, use energy, eat and all that you use is related to life, nothing is not from God. You even want something for your own life, and even if you never thought you were begging God, once you wish you were connected to God.

     From this truth, I have always thought that all my desires, all my passions to the truth remain only for one living word, and in my own life, that’s all. So, I always assert any truth I can find, its ultimate goal is still not within the framework of life. Since then, I have always had the desire that I myself can contribute a little energy, a little light knowledge to humanity, on the journey to find the most joyful life, prosperity and full happiness in a peaceful life, based on an absolute basis of peace in the world. So, I do not want the information that I share with you will become mysterious and confusing spiritual information. But I just want to, you see the information from my book is just information related to life, it is simply like that.

     But in reality, in earlier times, we feel scared of the people in the world of light. In other words, people in the world of light is invisible to moral humans. And they themselves had gave us confusion in many different forms, in order to cause us fear. Not only that, they themselves, who now live in the world of light, have come here with roles that are also in the form of human beings and hence cause many unknown crimes and human sufferings.  Even for the most part, the people you once called the Emperor, the kings, even the most infamous, most brutal kings on Earth, are still souls from outside. Earth. And they are people like Nero, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, and so on. And the ones you can see today, such as the Pope, Obama, Putin, are not the same. Earth’s people. And the people who came here with such a splendid, magnificent and prestigious role as Confucius, Shakyamuni, Jesus of Nazareth or the Prophet Mohammed, etc. Do you think their mission is to bring light and true love to you? In fact, the ultimate reality can always show you that everything has been covered, unlike what you have been thinking, you are wrong!

      Do you know? Powerful, wise men such as Confucius, Shakyamuni Buddha, Jesus Nazareth or Prophet Mohammed etc. come here in the name of light and love. But the light and love that they bring to humanity is only a cover to cover their true purpose. So, you do not need to analyze many of you can also recognize, what Confucians give you are just stubborn, conservative, prejudiced, feudalistic, to bring about. There are many benefits to the kings. From there, they have the most powerful tools to suppress, censor and bind people. Do you think, really Jesus Nazareth or Prophet Mohammed gave you the truth, light and love? No, the real thing they bring to all in their purpose is to make you the most conservative and radical ideas possible. From then on, you will create countless bloodshed, suffering to the very end of the evil and cruelties that take place all over the world. And to this day, its consequences still exist, like the cruelest jihad you can see. What about Sakyamuni Buddha? Do you think he has brought you true wisdom and compassion? In fact, the wisdom and compassion that the Buddha likes to preach is just a cover, in order to cover his true purpose. And the truth from his purpose is how to eliminate your desires, in order to make you willing to endure, to voluntarily seek for yourself, the sad, but constantly and endlessly.

      If you look closer, you will realize that our masters have been spreading out so many traps. With Buddhism as a trap of killing, in the case of Buddhists who want to attain Nirvana, they must first reduce their desires to the end of their desires. The opposite of Christianity and Islam is the trap of impulses, and here Christians and Muslims have been inspired by the Masters to give us an insatiable appetite for a certain heavenly realm. God and Allah. Generally, the Masters were originally based on the desire to escape the sufferings of sentient beings through which they exposed many of the traps to us. But with the limited capacity of human consciousness at that time, even today, humans are unaware that humans are always trapped. And as you see, because man wants to escape suffering, but until the end man goes to any direction that man is still trapped. In fact, your first wish is to get out of suffering, which has become more miserable, so much because of being trapped.

     Actually, they’ve brought you the light of an oil lamp, but with that dark night, moonless night, it’s windy and stormy. In fact, they bring you a sword of justice, but it is accompanied by a sword of hate, in order to help people kill each other, as barbaric as possible. . Actually, tell you, they brought you a scientific invention, but with billions of tons of explosives, even nuclear bombs, a bombs for humans to kill. And destroy this life as quickly as possible. You see, the true purpose of God, in His omniscient plan is that. So what? Do you have God’s hat? Do you hate people in the world of light? Because they are the real agents that bring you so many sins and sorrows, in a life full of surprises as already in the world.

     And what do you think about my revelations, revealing their true intentions before, to us in this world? But you should also know that what is part of the binary world, everything happens to have a certain limit of it. So, crime and suffering cannot be beyond this rule. From there, you can see the climax of the crime and the suffering of the world is the Second World War. So, after World War II, God prepared humanity for the new age. And from the Second World War until today, our world has made progress and how a change can be made, you can feel it.

     Indeed, I do not speak out for them, I do not blame them, but I just tell the truth. But, in fact, this can because you pain, which makes lack of breath. It is almost like I have deliberately violated your beliefs, having believed in traditional ethical

Values. You can even hate and see me as representing the dark forces, which represent the forces of Satan.

     But when you come back, you will understand what they have done is to bring good things to us and to all in the world of light. The coldness of God for us as you have seen before or all the deeds of the Messiahs is not intended to bring us as many crimes and sufferings as possible. But all they did was always to help us accomplish our mission. You should remember that before you came here, you signed a contract with God. Also before you come here, you also ask them, is how to at all cost to help you all, so that can help you soon fulfill the obligation, but now you and I are forgetting it. In fact, without the requirement from each of us, they will never arbitrarily invade your free will. But no matter what, you will remember all that belongs to you as soon as possible on a beautiful day, it is for sure.

     Dear friends, when I reveal these truths, I do not intend to judge or condemn anyone, anything, anything or any other religious organization, or a dark force. In my opinion, all that is going on in the earthly game, is always the perfection that comes from God. So ask me what power to judge or condemn anyone or anything. You see, as I have said in The Ultimate Truth, I am always grateful to the wicked and the good, the good and the bad and grateful to everyone, especially God. And here is nothing to change than I will always be grateful for everything, things as well as gratitude for the past and the present. So, I would not need to judge anyone and anything that happened in the past, as in the present. But I will try my best to be able to heal myself, so that I can open my heart to everyone and everything in my love.

       In fact, when you fulfill the obligation to experience the dark, the person in the world of light must take the lead in approaching the light knowledge. And when you approach light knowledge it will help you broaden your horizons and apply that knowledge to yourself in your life. But not knowing, then you continue to live on the basis of old-fashioned perception, in fear. Honestly, during the writing of the book The Ultimate Truth I have been told by God / Father that I am the true identity of myself and those of my family in the Kingdom. And they have told me that things can change, but the truth about God’s family can never change. And they have also told me that if their true identity is not so, they will not necessarily say so to me. From then on, God made it clear to me that God would never say a lie or cheat on me or anyone else, but God always said the truth.

     But as you see, I believe what they reveal? Or do not believe them then? Because I know if the truth of my condition before, then it is still like that. The truth about the condition of a soul at the beginning is that destiny can never be changed. But whether the truth about my condition is, is it the most important thing for my life in the present? And the answer I get to myself is not. Because I always know that, no matter who I am, in God’s eyes, I am no different from others. And as you know, I once said that in the world of light, the higher the duty is, the greater the responsibility is. It does not mean you have higher order; you have more grace.

     And if you are an older person, you have children, and you have a better understanding of the truth. You can imagine, now that you have children and grandchildren, who you care more, love more either children or grandchildren, you can answer this question yourself. But here I am not referring to God as my loving parent. As I am here, I do not refer to the Creator loving those who have lesser status than those who have greater affinities. In fact, for God, all beings and God are just one, so God always loves everyone equally, unlike our mortal ones. But, in fact, you have shown that the most common and loved one is the smallest person, and naturally the family will have a lot of happiness. In contrast, the family, the person most concerned about is the greatest, not sure that family has much happiness. As it is possible, the largest family, most concerned with being the most powerful and wealthy, is unlikely to have loved the most.

   For this simple reason, I always thought I am now just Nguyen Ngoc Thuan and always is Nguyen Ngoc Thuan, a normal human as everyone else. I would not be Nguyen Ngoc Thuan unless I was completely awakening. But Nguyen Ngoc Thuan is still a man in his own metaphysics. I’m the only one, but you’re no different from me. So, in the above I have told you no matter who you were before? What are you? In Heaven, that body is in this world is normal. The reason is simple, because all of us are in a state of forgetfulness and are carrying out their own obligations. So, in the present you do not have too much dreaming and too much illusion about who your former position is.

    For example, the cruelty of Lord Caesar or the dictator Adolf Hitler, whoever they are? What? In Heaven, until today, in the eyes of the mortal people, they are always the cruelest, brutal and cruel people in the world. Even J. Krishnamurti, after fully awakening, knew that he was not J. Krishnamurti as he had known it. But only he knows who he really is, what is important to him in this world. So far, only Krishnamurti is known to J. Krishnamurti, an Indian of Sanjeevamma’s wife, Jidu Narianiah’s wife.

      Dear friends, obviously what I just said is the truth, and this truth you can see very clearly in the two bodies, the first and second in the universe, behind only the three Supreme God. And the two of them, one is Jesus Christ’s twin son / Sananda, and the other is Christine the twin souls of Lord Michael. And as you can see, even in the reality of the light world and in the whole universe, Kathryn and Christine are the two greatest souls in the Universe. But when they are on a mission to help humanity in a state of forgetfulness, then what? Is their voice and credibility really a part of Theresa May of Chancellor Angela Merkel? You can imagine yourself. In fact, the voices and the prestige of these two great souls are encapsulated in the community of light and with a few people awake. And if Jesus / Sananda is not so well guarded, Lord Michael and the people of the world of light, they may now be crucified just as Jesus did.

   So even though at the moment I know who I really am, I still have no thought of trying to show it to others who I am as an assertion in the vanity name. So, I just try to express who I am in this reality, that’s all. And I have never thought of myself as a Master, a guru, an intelligence, or any other similar title. On the contrary, there are times when I think, I’m a hacker, a real hacker no more. And no matter who I am, I still want to give you the advice, that from now on you should not fear anything, or fear anyone and especially not fear God and those in the world of light, but only with love. Also, just ignore the dark and reach the light, just keep living with positive thoughts and be grateful for the reality of this life, you will have it all.

    Actually, if you ask for help and you always believe it is true, make sure you have whatever you want. Furthermore, I would like to suggest that, in the process of healing and upholding yourself, you do not have to search or think that you should do something so that you can become a complete human being. In fact, you are perfect, you are always perfect and all you can think and express on the surface of life, is always perfect.

     For example: You are experiencing a very painful life, you beg God to give you a perfect experience. God will tell you, you are experiencing a perfect life, even if you are suffering or have more trouble, God still tells you, you are experiencing perfection, that’s all. You live with a happy life, peace and always full, you think it is a perfect life and God also gives it a perfect life. But if you are living in misery and need, God has always considered it a perfect life, both lives are perfect. Even if you suffer to death and go to death, God still sees it as a perfect experience. The reason is simple, because God knows you are dead, you are entering into the next life. In addition, God knows with your physical death will not affect or lose any damage to your soul. Moreover, through the death of the physical, your soul can possess another perfect physique and step through a new ladder in evolution.

     So, all the things you think are not perfect are perfect. If you do not believe what I say, at least you should believe in the word of the Creator who told his friend Le Thanh Tan, in his message, above.

    For this reason, I strongly advise you whether today you are living in any situation, you are always convinced, your tomorrow will be a good day, the happiest, safest and happiest, and automatically you will have it. Either you wake up every morning, there is always a thought, today is going to be the best, happiest and happiest day, for you, surely what you think. , what you want is what you have. And just as you do, in this reality, you will have a perfect life like your own. However, if you have not seen it yet, you should not be discouraged, but try to continually use this therapy as a positive energy accumulation for yourself. And this is indeed a false footing, but you should remember, from fake to real, forced through linear time and based on energy accumulation, so you need to be patient.

     Finally, from here I am very hopeful that the information I have shared with you as well as the information contained in the two previous books, will be able to help you some in life. In the opposite case, you said that my view is not consistent with your opinion as well as they are no benefit for you. If so, I would like you to look at everything that comes out of me, as never before in your eyes, above all you should never bother about them once again.

     When I decided to write these words to you, because I really never wanted to, I have a problem between you and me to lead to a debate or a dispute, about a something called right or wrong, good or bad, true or false, etc. From my point of view, people are always right, you are always right and you are always right, but not yet wrong.

    However, in case you can feel the information from my share, but you do not understand all and need to understand more thoroughly what I wrote. You can contact me, through which I am very pleased and willing to help you, my ability.

     Wish you always successful and always happy with this life.


     First of all, I would like to show my most profound gratitude to the Creator, and then I am grateful to God with my most profound heart. In addition, I am always grateful to my brothers and sisters and friends in the world of light. Because they are all dedicated to help me complete this book. And most especially, our beloved Mother God, who has guided me day and night, whenever and whenever I need Her, She is always with me.

     And of course, I cannot help expressing my sincere gratitude to my dear wife, two daughters and two sons in law, my son and my most adorable granddaughter. Just as I will always be grateful to my mother, all my siblings and family members. Because they are the driving force, the true source of my life and motivate me to seek the truth. In fact, they are always ready to give me the most practical questions related to this life, this life. Indeed, they are the most representative images, the most vivid truths that represent the surface of life, to help me see the truth of the so-called truth of life.

    I also have to say my sincere gratitude to my friend Le Thanh Tan. Anytime, he can share with me, no matter what, he can speak with me on the phone to share my feelings. In addition, he has helped me find many valuable questions related to the book’s content. Along with that I would like to thank my brother, Truong Cong Huynh Chon and my little friend with nickname Hùng A Hùng 123 on the community of light, those have always supported and shared with me in the process of writing this book.

     I even have to say my gratitude to my grandparents as well as my dead ones, since from their graves, I found the truth about the so-called dead souls. I am sincerely grateful to everyone in the world, as well as to all human beings in this universe, but without distinction they are in the world of light or darkness. But I have to say thank you to all animals as well as plants and all things in the universe. Because they have helped me to see the perfect truth of the inseparable bonds between people and all species and things that can make life as perfect as possible. Above all, through all that I know and see, it has helped me to feel God’s greatness and greatness, as well as the infinite, so-called GOD’s CONSCIOUSNESS.

Thank you, sincerely thank you all. Da Nang City – Vietnam on December 24, 2016.

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