1. What is primordial Spirit of God?

Before discussing this section, we have to accept a delicate truth, a truth that we do not know how to ask questions? And even if we have to question anyone, they do not answer. It is an agnostic question, a question has no answer. That is the question: where Primordial spirit of God “Act” does exit, what is the origin of Primordial spirit of God, of the Supreme Creator?

The author has ever posed that question hundreds of times, but the author’s questions and thought went into the endless universe with no response. Hence, in the present world, in the history of mankind, there was no clue, the data about God’s Primordial Spirit. Try in vain but finally I got feedback from the Supreme Creator. He said:

“My beloved son let me give you some advice. Instead of asking question about the origin of my Primordial Spirit, it is better for you to change this question by others.  Questions about the nature of life, questions that can help you get the necessary knowledge. The questions can help yourself and many others to get where they want to come.
My son; it does not mean that I cannot answer your questions; I do not hide any truths to humanity. However, you should know there are not any events without cause and timing, everything operates in the Universe; there is absolutely no accidental coincidence. The yellow apricot flower bloom in summer will become meaningless, a human crane could not lift the Himalayan Mountains – a glass of water may not contain all water of Pacific Ocean-people does not  teach advanced mathematics lessons for a first grade student”.” That is all for humans that can understand about Primordial Spirit of God at this moment.”

Indeed, what God’s conveyance is Truth, as a realistic and delicate reminder. In the present, our knowledge is very limited, compared with existences in the present life and in the universe.
Many years ago, in the seculare world, there are few scholars, doctrine; some of people look for reason of original universe. And almost all of them assumed that it has beginning, it should have the end.

They always trace origin of God, they ask where the universe comes from, and if God replies: God creates the universe; they would ask who creates God. And from curious knowledge in spite of their limited capabilities, they put their mind in infinite of hopelessness. They use all the knowledge of mankind to trace to the end, but still not explain the origin of God, the origin of what create universe. They have turned to deny God and ruin creativity theory to follow the so-called materialism and science. And indeed science is essential means to explain all things happened in the universe inevitably.

But there is a difference between idealism and materialism followers. When person follows materialism with unexplained problems such as origin of universe, origin of solar system, human beings, all operation of moon, sun, earth, galaxy, and the expansion of universe, they are believed due to natural causes, its existence is due to natural laws.
The mysterious supernatural phenomena occur on Earth, if cannot explained, the idealist supposedly it is created by Divine, God. But with the advocates of materialist, when scientific applications cannot explain, they will paste a label as natural phenomenon.

And finally instead of believing God, who used his wisdom to create Universe as idealists, the advocates of materialism have replaced God by a different deity called Nature. We try to understand the mean of nature; we will feel its infinite which is no different from the Primordial Spirit of God.

They implicitly accept nature, natural phenomena, and laws of nature without debate. But unfortunately if someone told them that; His wealth, her work, her inventions are lucky, there is nothing called a good ride. Certainly this will be knocked back, they will say that you really are short-sighted, there is nothing naturally, his wealth and work, his invention and possession is due to their effort and working mind.  When it comes to their work, they said that everything is due to their hard working and wisdom. But if you say that there is One used his wisdom and effort to create Universe, Earth and humans being etc. they will not accept and assuming it as naturally.

They rejected God and accept nature but they never concern and explain what nature is, where nature originates, who creates nature. They condemn and criticize those who trust God; they consider that everyone who believes in God’s creation is blind, superstitious and unclear. They are wise, believe in what they can prove, believe in science and believe in the natural laws.
But indeed mentioned laws of nature, natural phenomena are not natural. The natural language that they used to be unnatural, because they never explain what nature really is where nature originates, and who creates nature.

Until now, when it comes to this issue, we do not need to argue and judge whether who is right or wrong. We just observe to acknowledge the truth without prejudice and discrimination.

By the end of the debate, we have realized one thing.

For those who follow dialectical materialism, the highest peak that they hit and not be able to tear down is the word Nature, natural phenomena and natural laws.

– And for those who follow idealism, the highest peak that they hit and impenetrable are primordial spirit of God, Daodism and extremity.

However, if you observe carefully we can see that pure materialists feel more comfortable. For what they cannot explain, they can blame on nature and they continue to research, search, explore with passion without concern of the word “nature”.

Particularly those who pursue equivocal idealism, half believe as well as doubtful, they will not get anything. They always want to explain what is the origin of universe, what creates universe, they always want the truth. They require themselves to explain the origin of God in their limited understanding. They always wanted to explain the origin of God before placing their faith in God. They always put conditions with God; hence they will not get what they want and cannot get the truth.

Indeed, idealism and materialism is not dualistic. Idealism and materialism are two paths which has same goal, the end of the path in two schools will be God. Until now, there is still controversy between the two schools because people are not aware of facts existing at the end of path. In fact, all the debate of humans is just our funny games, there is nothing to complain or judge.

Idealists are seeking the truth of God from the inside; materialists seek the truth of God from outside. Idealism found God quick but unsure, materialism found God slowly with certain reasons, because they build truth on scientific foundation. Up to a certain point in the process, the scientists will have to explain for religion and humans the truth of God.

We live in the relative world, there is beginning and there will be final. In absolute world, there is beginning but no ending, which is beyond human knowledge.  Even when the strange phenomenon happens on earth, we still cannot explain. Even a small cell formed our own life that man cannot create. So do we need to spend time and effort trying in vain to explain that we are not aware of?

God does not require of man anything, He does not force us to believe or obey Him. It is better to understanding more ourselves before we learn about God.

Believe or not is the decision, free choice of each person. But if humans awaken and believe in God, pursuing spirituality with faith, God will surely help us with His infinite ability and give us the truth, to the final truth.
New Testament – Matthew, chapter 5 verse 6.

6“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied
Vice versa, God does not force, punish, get mad, bother anyone”.

However, we should not be self-aggrandizement and assume that human beings are only intellectual life in the universe. We must aware that; knowledge, intellectual, science, technology of Humanity is very low compared with the high evolved civilization in the universe. Science, technology and what we got, compared to what they possess; similar to games of children compared to adults. But we do not feel low self-esteem, because we know they are humans and we are human beings, there is no difference. Similarly, our children have never felt inferior to adults. As they know, they will grow up and will not be inferior to adults in any aspects. Our current problem is not the inferior, but the process and time. When the time comes, they will back to the Divine, becomes omniscient, perfect as all they are. The next problem when we recognize the truth, we should be humble, grateful for their help.

Pride, vanity and how we think, God does not mind because it is free will that He has given to man. But the problem made us think, how we should think and act to bring the most benefits for ourselves.

If possible, at present, humans should listen to the advice of the Jesus Christ

New Testament-Matthew, Chapter 12verse31-32

31 And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. 32 Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come”.

  1. Is Universe unique or many?

From a large explosion, Primordial Spirit of God created the universe and the beginning universal Supreme God has created a total of 72 different Universal regions in infinite space of the whole Universe. (Note: Multi universe theory of scientists). The universe is not permanent, after the explosion, Universe will constantly swell to certain amplitude, its energy will be depleted , this time universe will shrink back to zero as the initial state. The time of shrinking until next explosion is called dead universe. This is actually the doomsday with its literal meaning which repeatedly mentioned in the Bible.

Within72regionsof the Universe, there are only 66 of them in operating state, the rest of them are death. 6 of them are dead, some of them are in shrinking state, and some of them has not started yet or just begun. Seventy-two universe regions alternatively end and begin always maintaining 66 universe regions in operating conditions.
This is meaning symbol of number 666 for first time.

  1. How many members are there in the great family of God?
  • Father God, Mother God

Primordial Spirit of God, after creating the Universe, He knew that it was time to leave the absolute world to step into the relative world. In Divine plan, the first thing of Primordial Spirit is creating perfect biological machines. The biological machine is called human being; this was the first man in the original universe (Adam according to Old Testament). This first man is the Father of all creatures in the universe.
After man’s body became perfect and nice, Primordial Spirit God used super brain wave technology to install the entire consciousness (Primordial spirit) into man’s brain.
Genesis – 2, verse 7.

Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.

So far, the intellectual activity of man is similar to a biological machine, only with conscious intellect without personality.
When the man has a sense of life, Primordial of Spirit God used man’s DNA and edited some of his parts to create a woman. This is the first woman in the original universe (called Eva according to Old Statement). The first woman is the Mother of all things in the universe. To this woman, He also used super brain wave technology to install the entire consciousness (Primordial Spirit) into this woman’s brain.

Genesis – Chapter 2 verse 21-22.

21So the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; then He took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh at that place. 22The LORD God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man. 23The man said, “This is now bone of my bones, And flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of Man.”…

After the man and woman have life, Primordial Spirit of God continued to create a perfect software program, and it was called a soul.

But spiritual software program of Woman and Man has a small difference. The soul of a woman with more naturally femle vibration frequency as soft, gentle, and beautiful… the soul of a man with more naturally masculine vibration frequency as powerful, excavation strength and courage etc. After this stage, Primordial spirit of God continued to install spiritual software program into heart for both.

Genesis – Chapter 3 verse 5-7.

“5For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil. When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves”.

Primordial Spirit of God, Father God and Mother God is the highest Trinity of Universe, all trinity in one. Supreme God, Infinite God.

Trinity in one, but they are three independently separated holy beings.

We still know that each of us and all man in universe is superior God. At present, when we have not awakened, it is easily to confuse when we call their correct Name.

All is God, but there is hierarchy of God, thus there is also difference within highest hierarchy of God. Supreme God means Trinity; Highest God means Father God or Mother God.

There are also many hierarchies such as son of God, holy God. After humans awaken, each of us has own name, separated title. Because everyone is awared as a superior God, this is absolute true.

Thus, at present, we need to be aware of their title exactly when they come to us.

  • For example, whena master named: “Thái Thượng Tiên Ông Thánh Thể Ngọc Hoàng Thượng Đế”

Thái thượng: light of the star, the primordial spirit of God

Tiên ông: the first man of the original universe

Thánh thể: the absolutely divine body.
Ngọc hoàng thượng đế: the supreme King of the Kingdom.
This is the name of Father God- Supreme God

  • For example: Whena master named: “Quan thế âm”

Quan is manage, supervise

Thế: universe, the world

Âm: the woman

Thus, quan the am is women who supervise the universe, the world

This is title of Mother God- Supreme God

The name Quan Thế Âm and Quán Thế Âm has same meaning

Quán: observing

Thế: the existence, the world, the universe

Âm: the woman

Thus, quán thế âm is also Mother God of the universe

  • For example: Whena mater named: Tam Thiên Thượng Đế Vô Cực Đại Thiên Tôn, it means The Supreme Trinity creator’ eldest son.

“Đại Thiên Tôn” is the eldest son of God – Jesus Christ (ton in the word of children but not respect). Besides whenever God named Himself, He did not use the word” great”, He use the word “high”.

So, when a God named himself as Tam Thiên Thượng Đế Vô Cực Đại Thiên Tôn, it means Jesus Christ, son of God.  However, before He named himself, Jesus Christ to the name of God as Highest Trinity God.

This is the names of God in Eastern countries. In Western countries, they name themselves simple.

– I am God, the first and last divine
– I am Jesus Christ.
– I am Michael Archangel.
– I am Gabriel Archangel.
– I am Raphael Archangel.

We still know that God exists anywhere in the Universe, He is still God. Jesus Christ exists anywhere in the Universe, He is Jesus Christ. No matter where in Eastern or Western, there is difference in naming because of humans ‘different consciousness in each regions and countries.

  • Son of God

Father God and Mother God has 144 children (having baby as a normal woman, this is the first experience necessary to God and to relative world) 72 son and 72 daughters (Jesus Christ is eldest son), each of them possesses different gene source (these are original gene in the universe). All of the children are installed conscious, intellectual and soul program by Father God and Mother God as their own; this is also called soul of children of God.
One hundred and forty-four children were divided into 72 couples. They are highest level angels and Archangel.

One hundred and forty-four children,butonly72 times of giving births, each giving birth includes one son and one daughter, also called dragon twins. After birth, they are also known as an enternal couple in Kingdom of God, two eparate individuals but the truth is only one.The same as theFather God and mother

God (Adam and Eve according to the Old Testament bible), but in fact, two are one. Those who were born directly by Father God and Mother God are High Divine Angles, Archangels; they are also creators in the future.

Note: All souls are born in the Kingdom of Heaven at its beginnings are twin souls and each pairs are enternal couples in a state of complete awakening.

Seventy-two couples, each couple manage one universe region.

One hundred and forty-four children of God are master of 144 professional careers of human beings.

The third and fourth generation God
Seventy-two couple, it couple has , each pair of 100 children 50 male, 50 female
Total: 72x 100 = 7200 people
One hundred- third generation grandchildren of God is divided into 50 couples.

Fifty couples- third generation grandchildren of God, each pair couple has 38 children

Total: 50 x 38 = 1900 people.
As of the third and fourth generation, each couple – children of god has

Total: 100 + 1900 = 2000 children and grandchildren.
Total:  descendants of 3rdn and 4th generation is 2000 people multiple with 72 couple will be 144,000 humans.

Each couple, children of God and 2000 grandchildren is a tribe.  They all together manage a universe region.  .
Onehundred and forty-four thousand peopleand all their descendants are given all conscious intellectual programs as His own.

This 144,000 Angel is mentioned in Revelation – 14, verse 1-3.

Then I looked, and there before me was the Lamb, standing on Mount Zion, and with him 144,000 who had his name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads. And I heard a sound from heaven like the roar of rushing waters and like a loud peal of thunder. The sound I heard was like that of harpists playing their harps. And they sang a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and the elders. No one could learn the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth.
This One hundred and forty-four thousand is the Archangel. Along with 144 children of God, they all manage the entire universe regions.

From 1900 humans from the 4th generation, they continued having descendants large enough to fill up all 66 universe regions, and then the baby production in the kingdom of heaven will end permanently.

Family of God includes Father God, Mother god, children, grandchildren and many souls existing in the whole universe. All of them are originated from the Primordial Spirit of God, the supreme creator.

The Primordial Spirit of God, Father God and Mother God actually are trinity and this is enternal truth. When We mention the supreme creator, it maybe mean of talking of the 2 eldest sons of God. The supreme God is actually not son of the primordial spirit of God; He is present of the primordial spirit of God in relative world. Thus, when We talk about God, We only talk about the Unique Divine, The first and last Divine, there is no distinquish between the primorial spirit of God or Father God, Mother God. Except for 144 divines were physical and spritual born by Father God and Mother God from the beginning. The children from 3rd generation those who were not born by Father God and mother god, hoewever, they are spriritual childern of God, a small part extracted from God, absolutely perfect version of God. Therefore, We can either call Father God and Mother God as grandparents or parents.

  1. Why did the Angels leave the Kingdom of heaven?

As we know in the previous section, every human being is first born in the Kingdom of heaven, God will equip human a soul with version of God Himself. So, each of us is a perfect Superior God.

But if God and all people live together in a world of all same thoughts, behavior and actions, then life of this world is no longer meaningful. Therefore, each person must create his own ego, however; man cannot get this job done in Kingdom of God. In addition to creating a separated ego self, humans also need to achieve perfect knowledge through practical expericences to get the most realistic feeling about life.

These are the two main important reasons that every man must seek and create ego for himself in a different world from the Kingdom of heaven, it called secular world.

After time in Kingdom of Heaven, all angels and the fourth generation grandchildren as couples, “husband and wife in the kingdom of heaven” orderly left the kingdom of God to other planets in search of experience, and after fully awakening, they will settle in a new place.

144 sons and daughters of God, and 144,000 descendants will not experience during the beginnings. Because they are co-creators, architectures who prepare all things for lives in new planets. At the same time, they are also the gurus of souls at new place, until these are fully awakened. But in this process, there will be a number of angels in Kingdom of God coming to new places for experience and accomplishing missions of God.

This event belongs to the omniscient planof God. It is executed due to simultaneous acceptation and implementation between the mission takers and planners. They will be persons who see happiness for themselves and for God. It is a key goal of God when He decided to leave the absolute world to relative world. And that is the purpose ofGod to know who He really is.

The process of transferring souls born in the kingdom of God and experience in new planets are ongoing process until populations of 66 universal regions were fully filled up. When one universal region started to shrink, all the angels of that region will evacuate to other operating 65 universal zones for resettlement activities.

Some souls, who have not experienced salvation in the old universal zone, will be first ones to a new operating universal zone for ongoing experience. During the process of new Universal expansion, the numbers of people who gradually leave evacuation shelters continue to experience and settle down in new planet. The first soul of new universe is the last soul moving to the next universal zone. End of experience, every soul will awaken completely, return to the status of Holy Spirit.

Process of oblivion to experience and renewal ego self of each soul will be ongoing and infinitely, time after time in endless and eternal life. When the shrinking and expansion of a universal region happens, this process will continue.
As rules, Father God and Mother God did not directly experience. The rest of all souls have to accomplish these, even Son of God and 144,000 Holy Archangels. Normally, Son of God and the Archangel groups both experience and accomplish the missions from Father God and Mother God. Number of these unsalved archangels experienced in planets is more than low hierarchy souls.

  1. What did angels look for when they left the kingdom of heaven?

Before knowing the secrets of what the Angels look for? We should try to find out how did angels’s life in the Kingdom of Heaven look like?

There is a very easy thing to recognize is that all people in the kingdom are living with highest sense of “God consciousness”. In addition to absolutely conscious foundation, They also possess a living soul of “Divinity of Mind”. Based on their absolute love for everyone and all relation   of life, is also understood to be God or the Buddha nature.

Along with the infinite wisdom that God has given, they have ownership and control entire supreme technology that Humans cannot imagine. In addition to technologies like super brain waves, attraction waves and gravitational waves mentioned in the Great truth book. They also control all the super objective computing technology, super micro-wave technology “quantum” etc. super micro wave technology coordinate with the super objective computing technology separate and move some objects to other place and reassemble into its original status at a glance. When humans own light body, also means that human beings possess perfect physical body, one can move from one place to another by micro-wave technology trade instantly.

  • For example: You are living in Saigon, but today you want to come to New York to perform some necessary and urgent work.So to get to New York in the fastest time, you cannot travel by other means, thus you use super micro wave technology. After locating the destination, you will use the micro-wave technology combined with super objective computing technology, physical body and move to target place, then combining into one. Also at that time, you should use brain wave technology so that soul will be moved out of physical body before separation. And after your physical body combines into one again, your soul will be reinstalled in to body at a glance.

This is the technology that masters used in the mountains of India that we often hear about them in books such as Mysterious Eastern of Paul Brunton, Journey to The Eart of Baird t. Spalding etc. The gurus appear in a closed room door and leave in that situation as a ghost, all of them use technology mentioned above. When Jesus Christ was still on Earth, He also used this technology to make bread and dried fishes at multiple to distribute to His followers.

Living in kingdom of heaven, people do not have to worry about what to eat, what to wear, housing, transportation, no need to work, work is fun without force. In the kingdom of heaven, man will enjoy whatever they want, every demand is instanlty met. Beings in kingdom of heaven never get sick, or any disease, they are young forever and immortal.

In this kingdom, there is no war, conflict, suffering, loss, misery, death, sorrow anxiety, hunger and deprivation. In this kingdom, there is no school, religion, government, hospitals, supermarkets, banks-they do not use money. In this kingdom, there is no contest, cannot find any painful falling of losers. There are no teen boys and girls falling in their first love. There is no tearful farewell in love; no screams of mothers lost their children, there is no pain that lost their beloved ones etc. There is no any negative existing in kingdom of heaven.

In the Kingdom, let imagine once if all is really nice, perfect, peaceful, nothing else rather than positive things. If humans live in that world, whether that life is still meaningful or not? Is that life really heaven? Or it is just boring hell, insignificant, literally dull happy. How they can enjoy full happiness of life when all round them is full of goodness, nothing else. How they can recognize that their life is really heaven when they have not experience hell. So, they seek through experience and feeling what hell is.

So, the Angels have to leave heaven to seek cure for themselves and God and Heaven from boring and dull hell.

We do know that when God gave us such his own consciousness, our soul look like His soul. It also means that human is a sub God, thus all man should understand, know what war, conflict, death, suffering, sorrow, loneliness, loss, sadness, loss failure, selfishness, deception, betrayal, miserere, cunning, abuse of power, oppression, trampled, disdain really are etc …  generally understanding of all negative aspects of heaven life. However, understanding is one thing; it is different story to experience what they know. Practical experience in all aspects of life both Heaven and Hell are essential to all souls which is unchangeable eternal truth.

God and we know it all, but only understand about conception. We cannot search the emotions and experiences about the dark side of heaven, the negative experiences in the Kingdom. So to be able to get the experience, to get the true feelings, each of us has to experience the reality of all that we have learned through concept.
That is why God created the secular world, “the world that Mankind has just been through more than 11,500 ago,” the world of ignorance, darkness, illiteracy, sin, cruel and violence … it really is the hell earth. In the world of duality, earth also means hell, opposite to the heaven.

  • For example: you try to live under thehotsunnearly45 °C, there is no wind, lack of drinking water. Suddenly, some one put me in as pace fully equipped, spacious, airy, temperatureapproximately20 °C, with a dequate food, all kinds of fruit juice, chilled beer, and melodious music. And then that person let you use all as your wishes. So what is more exciting, happier at that moment?

From this example, you feel like you step straight forward from hell into heaven. If you do not experience shortages and terrible heat, you will not have much emotion when access to that cool and convenient room.

  • For example: you live in a fully furnished space, surplus material in a tropical country, with cool sea breezes and warm sunshine year-round. Suddenly, you had accident and have to live in Arctic zone, snow ice year round without any sun, fireplace and suffering many things. There are no clothes, blankets, no hot chicken soup, no wine, no cakes, seriously lack of food etc. From this example, we feel like we live in paradise walked into life hell. So, you always remember and cherish the old life, which you considered as normal without much appreciation

Experiencing the negative state will help us feel loved and cherish positive state. But if we live in positive state, we will not feel happy and love it. It is the reason humans should experience again and again, always renew the ego from time to time, when the universe shrink and expand.

This is really a great and extreme desire of each soul before leaving the Kingdom of heaven. Experience on Earth is seeking for full happiness after angles come back to the heaven.

  1. How can the angels get desired experiences before leaving Kingdom of heaven?

Before leaving the kingdom to a new place, each of us is aware that destination will be the world full of darkness, full of crime and suffering etc. Howerver, if people come to earth in a state of complete awakening “angel divine”, people will not be able to experience anything.

Thus, God only let soul in body with pure soul and blank conscious software program which has no information. But all data about life in Heaven “Divinity of mind” and our knowledge of God installed in brain before each reincarnation. It is also called transcendental conscious; however, all of this information cannot be used on Earth with conditions.

This is the very intelligent work of God. It is very useful tool that God has given to man on earth, when humans live in dark world with ignorance, foolish, stupid and illiteracy, when mind has no knowledge enough to analyze an action which beneficial or harmful to themselves. This is time that human soul controls the whole life. Dark soul will push fear, lust, selfishness and lust rise which are not consciously and rationally driven. Since then, humans will live depending purely on emotion, do whatever without concern the results, use any tricks, unaware of what is good and evil, right and wrong.

That was all the motivation lead human beings to sin and from there humans became invented machines for experience materials. And from sinful materials, through a cycle of birth and rebirth, the karma will create bitten lessons for life. The lessons helps humans experience the true emotions of fear, distress, misfortune, loss, bitterness, loneliness, failure, bored, hungry, ragged, homeless, wandering, imprisonment, being despised, downtrodden, rejected, coercion etc.This is what a soul before leaving kingdom of heaven desire to experience and practice in reality.

In fact, Jesus Christ who is really loves humankind and courageous One. He revealed this truth 2000 years ago. From his first sentence of the sermon in the mountain, He revealed this great truth about the journey of human beings on Earth. But up to now, most of us does not interested in His speech.

New Testament – Matthew, Chapter 5 verse 3.
“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

We will analyze about “poor spirit”. What did He mean?

Before understanding the true meaning of the phrase “poor spirit”, we will try to find out through opposite phrase “rich soul”. So how meaning of the rich soul will be conveyed? Is is the same as saying as:

– A person with rich spirit of mercy
– A person with rich soul of tolerance
– A person with rich soul of compassion
– A person with rich soul of love.
– A person with rich soul of forgiveness etc.

When using the word “poor” in words, what He wants to emphasize, we already understand. Poor and rich in material is not what He mentioned here.

A rich man has money and material, but he is always stingy and miserly, miserere, wicked, cruel etc.this person is not poor in material but he has poor soul.

A really poor material man, but he is always generous, sharing for those who is poorer, and help superior person, and love everyone. This person is not material rich, but he has rich soul.

But why Jesus Christ assumes that Kingdom of Heaven belongs to poor soul, maybe He would be confused. No, He was not mistaken, He just told the truth. He knew that man on Earth up to darkness, blindness, confusion and man will commit the crime, cruel, wicked, and evil. When man commit the crime and evil, karma will only give him back what he had done. And only those with poor souls can implement sinful and evil actions.

Only those with poor souls can cause a lot of sin  ,and from what they done, karma will bring them pain and losses. Thereby, they can experience which is necessary to feel honestly about obstacles, difficulties, suffering, and get what they really desired before leaving Kingdom of Heaven. When they can learn the necessary lessons to experience everything, they will return to Heaven which belongs to them.

Those with rich soul, they cannot implement bad actions. Those were not as bad, evil then karma will bring them good things.

Indeed, Jesus Christ is very intelligent, with one statement; He can convey the whole truth and purpose of human beings on Earth.

God seldom come to Earth, however, through humans, God directly experience through each of us. God will be with us to experience everything that humans have created whether it is joy or sadness. Through the transmission of brain waves, God is always there, always within us since souls left heaven until humans are fully awakening and come back home.

What man experience, God will experience the same. What man feel in all living states, God will feel the same, how a hungier feels, God feel the same, and how a beggar feels, God feels the same. Cold feeling of a traveler in winter night, God also feel the same.  How the feeling of prisoner is, God will feel that. Feeling of a brutally tortured person is, God also feel the same.
Emotion of a person who is happy in winning, God will feel it, feeling of a person who win lottery, God feel it.
Man is God’s creation and God is created by humans. Until God comes to relative world, only when God created man, He knows Himself to be God.

In fact, in the absolute world, God has no relatives, no companions, no one else rather than himself.  Until God created man, and humans honored God to the throne of God, at this time, God know that He is really God. This is absolutely eternal truth, but it is very simple and easy to understand.