Dear friends,

It has been over two years since I shared my book, “The Great Truth,” on the website This period has been quite challenging for me. Initially, I believed that after completing “The Great Truth,” I would never write another book. I hoped that it would bring enlightenment, valuable knowledge, and joy to many readers. However, I was disappointed when the book remained quietly tucked away in a corner of the vast internet, seemingly ignored by most.

Then, one day, my daughter’s friend asked me, “What should we do next?” This question surprised me, making me realize it was a question I needed to answer for myself. I came to understand that the concepts I presented in “The Great Truth” were merely the starting point and did not encompass all the essential truths. There was so much more to learn about God and hidden truths yet to be uncovered. I realized that if I stopped at “The Great Truth,” it wouldn’t help me or others reach our ultimate destinations. God’s response was clear: “Your current challenge is not about doing but about thinking and being aware of what truly matters.”

Another time, during a family chat, my niece expressed her fear that those genuinely pursuing spirituality always faced difficulties and obstacles, and they were never wealthy. Her words cut deep as they reflected my own experiences. Before this moment, I hadn’t even considered that I was on a spiritual journey. The word “spirituality” had always seemed foreign to me, almost synonymous with superstition. However, her words haunted me, prompting me to reevaluate my situation. It became apparent that I had indeed been pursuing spirituality.

This realization led me to question the nature of spirituality itself. Why did spiritual seekers often face suffering, poverty, and challenges, especially the founders of religions? Was the pursuit of the spirit a path to happiness or a source of pain and misery? Did it lead to liberation and salvation? I pondered these questions and wondered why those who pursued spirituality often encountered hardship. This compelled me to explore the true meaning of spirituality, as I believed that without a deep understanding of this concept, few would have the courage to embark on a spiritual journey.

Once again, I turned to God for answers, and He revealed, “No one has ever asked me, ‘What is spirituality?’ People ask me countless questions on various topics, but few inquire about the essence of spirituality. It’s not that people lack interest in spirituality; rather, they assume they already know it. Your question has reaffirmed that my answers lie within your questions. Human beings often seek explanations from God, but they hope for answers that align with their existing knowledge, religious beliefs, and biases. Few approach me with an open heart and a sincere desire for the truth.”

God continued, “You should know that I don’t provide answers that can encapsulate the entire truth, and this is also the truth. If people approached me with sincerity and unwavering trust in their hearts, they would naturally find understanding in silence and in the sacred. True comprehension emerges without words.”

I questioned, “Dear God, can humans only know the truth through meditation?”

God responded, “No, that’s not the only way. Meditation is one of countless methods used to convey truth to humanity. The greatest barrier to reaching the truth from God is the existing clutter in the human mind. Achieving a completely blank mind is not easy. I reveal truth through the inner true self of individuals who passionately visualize and contemplate specific questions. This knowledge is derived from the true self and is known as the creativity of God.”

God elaborated, “Thinking involves reprogramming accumulated knowledge, while knowledge from the true self is divine truth, akin to creativity. Albert Einstein exemplifies this inner contemplation of the true self. He employed his acquired knowledge to formulate questions for himself, leading to groundbreaking discoveries.”

In reality, God’s truth is evident everywhere in human life – in prophets, messengers, scriptures, language, character, literature, poetry, art, nature, and human experiences. It exists in the smallest details, from the rustling of leaves to the cries of a bereaved mother. God revealed, “If you observe the world without judgment, brainstorming and contemplating, you will discover the truth about Me. Some individuals receive My true messages through Revelation, which carries deep meaning and is not influenced by human desires.”

God concluded, “Remember, answers are not always answers; sometimes, non-answers reveal everything. Think of Me as a master chess player, capable of playing with billions of people simultaneously, adapting to each player’s level. Therefore, people perceive various aspects of Me based on their own preferences – wise, superstitious, punishing, benevolent, and more. In essence, humans create their version of God.”

In this small book, I invite you to join me in uncovering the true nature of God and the reasons behind His concealed truths. Together, we will explore spirituality and seek a deeper understanding of the path to spiritual enlightenment.

With warm regards,

Thuan Ngoc Nguyen