Our understanding of the divine is rooted in science; all the creations and inventions attributed to a higher power are based on advanced scientific knowledge and superior technology. These divine works follow a process that requires time and effort, not mere words. In our everyday lives, we often witness events and phenomena that surpass our comprehension. This occurs because our intellectual capabilities have not yet reached the necessary threshold for scientific explanations. Consequently, we tend to revere these mysteries as divine.

Furthermore, our belief holds that this divine entity possesses boundless compassion and incredible patience in executing a divine plan. It is this deity who crafted humanity and guided us towards the pursuit of a perfect life.

The concept of Heaven, long sought after by humanity, is believed to exist right here on Earth. Achieving Heaven hinges on individual contributions, with each person having the potential to be part of an immortal and perfected existence. Therefore, we must collaborate and support one another, transcending gender, religion, nationality, or race. Each of us should strive for self-improvement, both morally and intellectually, and dedicate our abilities and passions to the collective goal of human evolution.

The physical and material resources created by this divine entity on Earth are abundant, intended to offer everyone a convenient and fulfilling life, both now and in the future. There is no need for conflict over material possessions, as we cannot carry wealth with us beyond this life. What we can transmit, however, are the virtues of morality and intellect to future generations, perpetually retaining ownership of these essential qualities. Morality and intellect hold immeasurable value for our present lives, our future incarnations, and the eternal life following salvation. Additionally, we can collectively contribute these values to the salvation of humanity, becoming legitimate citizens of the universe, liberated in both spirit and intellect.