When we experience success and happiness in life, we often overlook the presence of spiritual beings, such as deities or God. However, when we encounter insurmountable challenges, many of us turn to these divine beings for assistance. Why do we do this? It’s because we often see no other way forward. When we approach these holy beings, it’s typically driven by personal need and benefit. In reality, whether our requests receive responses from these divine entities remains a subject of debate. Furthermore, the existence of God itself is a matter of uncertainty in our beliefs. But if God does indeed exist, what is the nature of the relationship between God and humans? Is God willing to help us, and if so, how does He go about it?

I have personally gone through numerous ups and downs in my life. During challenging times, I used to pray to holy deities for assistance. Through these experiences, I have come to believe that holy beings do exist, but they operate according to their own principles when responding to human pleas. Even when I approached them with utmost respect, I found that I couldn’t sway their decisions. Consequently, I embarked on a journey to uncover the truth about their principles and sought to scientifically prove their existence. I hope that within the pages of this book, you and I can embark on this quest for truth together.