In this chapter, we‘ll look into the following mysterious phenomena: prophecy, telepathy, mediumship, dreams, ghosts, near-death experiences, sixth sense, and fortune-telling and physiognomy.

  1. Prophecy

A normal person can predict events which will happen in the future based on their understanding, analysis and calculation of information related to those events. However, most predictions typically do not have a high level of accuracy because there are a multitude of unpredicted factors.

To know exactly what will happen in one month, one day or even one hour is something that is impossible, except for prophets. A great prophet can predict many important events related to the world, a country, or an individual, and most of these events will happen exactly as foretold.

Prophecy is understood as knowing and fortelling matters that will happen in the future. A prophet is a person chosen by God to fulfill the task of informing people about what will happen in the future. Before becoming a prophet or a telepathist, one has to go through extreme physical or spiritual changes or both. Only then can one execute the tasks assigned by God. Prophets receive messages from God or the angels through superior brainwaves. At the appropriate time, God and the angels will send information, images or sound files into prophets‘ brains so that they can foretell. A prophet‘s mission is to deliver the message – all events will be executed by God and the angels. They use superior technological equipment from outer space to effect circumstances on Earth and affecting humans.

For example, angels send messages to prophets to foretell an earthquake which will happen at an accurate point in time. Because the angels know clearly about the Earth‘s structures and changes, the message sent to the prophet is highly accurate.

As another example, angels send messages to prophets to foretell the moment a catastrophe will happen in a country, who will be the next President, when a particular person will die, or whether a person will be successful or not. Although, people are warned in advance by prophets, all events still happen exactly as foretold – we can‘t stop these events from happening. Angels carry out these events based on the prearranged course of events of a country‘s destiny or a person‘s fate. The prophecy events related to the destiny of a country or an individual‘s fate can happen exactly as foretold.

Even an excellent prophet cannot foretell all events exactly, however, especially events related to humanity as a whole, such as World War III or worldwide disease epidemics. Whether these events happen or not depends much on humanity‘s morality and God‘s views towards us.

Therefore, although there are messages angles transmited to the prophets so they can fortell, but those events did not happen.

In brief, prophets are individuals who receive messages from God and the angels to foretell the future.

Baba Vanga (1911- 1996) is an example of prophecy. Throughout her life she lived in the city of Petrich, Rupit, Bulgaria. When she was 12 year old, a strong tornado swept Vanga far away, then she was found alive among the rocks, she was blind since then. After the accident, Vanga has ability to predict many things accurately. Eventually she became the world‘s famous prophet. Many of her prophecies are still correct after she died.

Nostradamus (1503 – 1566) was born in the province St Remy, southern France. Nostradamus is one of the most famous prophets in human history. He is the author of The Les Prophecies which includes 1000 prophecies expressing in the form of poems. The majority of his prophecies happened as said.

  1. Telepathy

Similar to prophets, telepathists also receive information from outside sources imposing on their brains; as a result, they become aware of certain information. However, prophets are assigned with more important assignments by God. Therefore, there are not many famous prophets, while there are many telepathists over the world.

All information telepathists receive is sent to them via super brainwaves by the angels. With this knowledge, telepathists can tell what happened in the past, see events happening at far-away places, and see what is inside the earth. They listen to the voice inside their brains.

Normally, a prophet‘s ability to prophesy lasts to the end of his life; however, in the case of a telepathists, there are few that hold on to their telepathy ability for the entire life. Usually, after a period of time the information they received will no longer be accurate, or they will no longer receive information from the angels. The information that telepathists receive is usually the information of the past.

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) was born in the city of Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He is known for his ability to read past lives and diagnose medical problems for others when he‘s in sleeping state.

He conducted 25,000 readings for people in the U.S. and around the world, in many cases he conducted readings remotely. There are 14,000 readings remains until today.

Phan Thi Bich Hang (born 1972) was born in Khanh Hoa, Yen Khanh, Ninh Binh, Vietnam. In 1988, she was bitten by a rabid dog and after the accident she had telepathy ability, helping many families look for the remains of loved ones lost in the war. During a period of 20 years she has found thousands of remains.

  1. Mediumship and Necromancy

In the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus said: ―Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.‖ God always responses to those who believe; those beliefs can be based on religion, or any faith. This means that when we pray to a deity, the deity always responds. Mediumship and necromancy are among the ways that angels respond to humans‘ entreaties. However, whether the angels give us what we ask for or not depend on our intentions and also our fate.

Unlike prophets and telepathists, a person when conducting mediumship (a medium) completely loses consciousness; all of his or her behaviors and words are totally controlled by the angels. The person is then become a medium for the angles to channel information.

For example, a person would like to call for the soul of Mr. A‘s. If angels accept, they will locate the information in the stored verson of Mr. A‘s RPLI. Then, angels make the medium lose consciousness with their superior technological equipment. The angels control his gestures, acts and words to mimic exactly Mr. A‘s when he was alive. Angels make voice sounds and answer all questions based on information extracted from Mr. A‘s RPLI saved in paradise.

Because of these phenomena, we still misunderstand the fact that the soul has non-material life after death. Having said that, is it still necessary for us to worship and pray to our deceased relatives when we know that our relatives‘ souls have already incarnated into new life long ago? A person who performs mediumship on a regular basis can easily damage his neuron system, because each time this happens, the angels anaesthetize him using super brainwaves. If a person performs mediumship too many times, he can become mentally ill or die. In short, soul is real, but soul does not actually ―get into‖ the medium; it is due to angles controlling him or her with their superior technological equipment.

  1. Dreams

Dreaming is a phenomenon that everyone experiences. There are some dreams that reflect our wishes; other dreams take us to completely strange places. Yet there are dreams that are repeated in life, and some dreams that foretell the future. We can categorize dreams into 3 types: dreams from the subconscious, dreams from the RPLI and dreams that foretell the future.

Dreams From the Subconscious

Dreams from the subconscious reflect the needs of the human psychophysiology, wishes, or worries in daily life.

For example, when we are young, our body control ability has not matured. Thus, when a child drinks too much water, he‘ll dream of peeing, and as a result he will wet his bed. When the child grows up, the developed body and curiosity about sexual desire result in dreams of making love, which makes him ejaculate.

As another example, a person who starves frequently will dream eating favorite foods. A person in love often dreams about his lover. An escaped criminal with a worried state of mind will dream of being caught. A person who is interested in one thing will dream of doing that thing.

Dreams similar to those above happen frequently in life because of calculation, worries, and desires that make up a great part of our daily thinking. When we sleep, they easily appear in our dreams.

Dreams From the RPLI

The RPLI has saved information about our lives. It includes beautiful memories, painful changes, and terrible accidents that happened in the past. In the present, a person has a peaceful and happy life without any worries; he will have beautiful dream conveying images in the past. Conversely, if one has difficulties and worries, he will often have dreams of bad things which happened in previous lives. All of these dreams are from the RPLI.

For example, a person with a pleasant life dreams of wandering in a field of fresh, green grass with a beautiful woman, and this dream repeats many times. This is because in his previous life he had great love with this woman, and those images are deeply engraved in his RPLI.

As another example, a person has many worries in his life. He always dreams of being drowned, and this dream repeats many times. This is because in his previous lives there was at least once when he died of terrible drowning. People often claim that those are nightmares which warn them about bad things that will happen in the future. In reality, these dreams do not have much impact on our current life.

Another example: In a dream we meet some strange people, as well as some acquaintances in a place that is neither strange nor familiar. This phenomenon is due to information extracted from the RPLI which has appeared at the same time as information extracted from the subconscious, creating a dream of mixed images.

Dreams That Foretell The Future

In our lives, some people have dreams and their meanings foretell what will happen in the future. This can be a good or a bad warning to themselves or for their relatives. These dreams are not from the subconscious or the RLPI; this type of dreams is sent by angels. When angels want to inform someone of something in advance, they create a file of information and, via super brainwave, they send it to that person‘s central brain to create a dream. Usually, the dreamer suddenly wakes right after the dream ends; thus, he can remember details from the dream very clearly. In these dreams, information and events are very clear and decisive – not vague, like other types of dreams.

A person with surplus ―account‖ (good morals) usually has this kind of dream. Angels create dreams to inform people of bad news or good news which will happen in the future.

To better understand the meaning of dreams, we first need to know how to classify our dreams.

If dreams come from the subconscious or RLPI, we don‘t need to pay much attention. But if we identify a dream as one that foretells the future, we should try to understand the message in the dream. It‘s not always easy to understand the meaning of dreams. Sometimes, we have to analyze a dream‘s details in order to decode the message sent by angels. These details can be sights, time, symbols, and meanings of names of people in the dream.

For an example, when one has a dream about fighting with others, it is a warning about losing money. On the other hand, when one has a dream about other people fighting one another, it is asign of receiving money. In dreams, playing chess with another is a warning of having troubles, but on the other hand, seeing others playing chess is a sign of things going smoothly in your life.

When a person has a dream about a fish swimming freely in the ocean, this is a good sign. On the other hand, dreaming of fish swimming in a pool foretells an unsuccessful event coming up. The smaller the pool is, the more challenging the event is.

These are just a few examples. There are clear dreams, but there are some that are mysterious. Therefore, personal experience and habits are necessary in order to extract the meaning of dreams and use them to predict events in the future.

  1. The Sixth Sense (Extrasensory Perception)

To better understand the sixth sense, we first need to differentiate the sixth sense from intuition. Intuition initiates from the RPLI and there must be leading information from five senses. People who have strong sense of intuition to process tasks or when communicating with others are among the people that live many lives. For example, when someone can often make decisions within a glance

In our life, each of us has at least once felt the intuition about something. Intuition is a frequent phenomenon for everyone, but each person‘s intuitive ability is different. Sometimes we feel nervous, worried, or angry without any reason, and we don‘t feel right. Then we lose money, fail, have accidents or meet unexpected troubles. Sometimes we suddenly feel unreasonable or uncontrolled sadness when we were enjoying a pleasant life, and then we hear that our relatives have had accidents.

The above phenomenon is considered to be part of our sixth sense. When these psychological conditions appear, we feel that something wrong is going to happen, but we can‘t prevent those events from happening, as they are prearranged.

For an example, Englishman Winston Churchill was famous for his intuitive ability. In 1941, after checking an aircraft team, Churchill came back to his car. Unexpectedly, he refused to site the seat his officer had recommended. He passed by the opened front door and sat in the back. Right after that, a bomb exploded in front of the car, causing the officer sitting in the front seat to die instantly. Another time, in a bomb attack from the German army, Churchill saved the lives of a whole team of cooks. He ordered everyone to go down to the basement right before the kitchen was hit by a bomb.

The phenomena are caused by angels affecting our consciousness via super brainwave transmitted from their superior technological equipment. In the case of the general, his fate was not yet at an end, and his destiny was great; thus, angels sent a file of information directly into his brain, which directed him and saved his life.

  1. Ghosts

Ghosts are a controversial topic everywhere in the world. Are ghosts real? Many people believe ghosts are not real, but others confirm that ghosts are real because they have witnessed these phenomena. We will find out whether the phenomena are real or not.

Ghosts are similar to other spiritual phenomena, which all remain mysterious. Scientists want to research and experiment with this phenomenon, but when scientists prepare equipment to verify, this phenomenon does not happen. As we know, all human actions and thoughts come from the brain, and all of these activities are watched by God and the angels via super brainwave; scientists are no exception. Thus, when seeing humans taking actions to check these events, angels instantly stop what they are doing. Therefore, it is hard for man to find out the truth unless the angels permit it. Furthermore, our scientific technology is very primitive in comparison to theirs; thus, our search is challenging. Ghost phenomena often appear at night due to two reasons: • First, angels often create ghost images at night because the dark makes humans feel easily thrilled and scared. • Second, it is easier for angels to create ghost images at night, because during the day it is harder to create these optical images due to sunlight.

Besides using the superior optical technology to create ghost images, angels also use anti-gravity technology to move objects in space, and use super advanced sound wave technology to make noises such as crying and screaming with projected ghost images. To deceive humans more persuasively, angels often let ghosts appear at holy or gloomy places, or where someone died.

In brief, ghost phenomena are real, but can also be considered not real because they are all illusions created by angels with their scientific technology. Therefore, there is no reason to be scared of ghosts.

  1. Precognition Studies: Fortune-Telling and Physiognomy


Most prediction science subjects originate in the Eastern world, with the exception of astrology, which came from the Western world. It is difficult for us to identify who the author of fortune telling methods was, because it has appeared since ancient times, became popular in Medieval times, and still exists until now. When time goes by, people learned through their experiences and add more materials to make this art more perfect.

Some people say that fortune-telling is superstitious, but others believe it as a scientific subject. In reality, many people recognize the accuracy of the practice when they approach fortune-telling subjects such as astrology, horoscope, etc. From there, they can apply it in their lives, bringing about many benefits. But not everyone benefits from fortune-telling; it is not accurate for some

of people because they are new souls. New souls who are living their first life don‘t have fate yet.

A good specialist in this area can predict a person‘s future exactly using the person‘s exact date and time of birth. But we know that human fates are prearranged by God based on the deeds of each person in their previous life. Thus, stars and planets are just symbols with meaning according to a prearranged program used to interpret a horoscope. Besides, symbols do not play any role in affecting us. In fact, all fortune-telling methods are created with the help of God and angels which, based on fate, help us to know our fate in advance.

Each fortune-telling form has its own prediction method. For example, horoscope is based on date and time of birth on the lunar calendar. Astrology is based on the western calendar. Human fate is prearranged, so angels just adjust the date and time of birth of each person‘s birth before he‘s born to be relevant with a good or bad horoscope, matching with the stars on the twelve signs of the Chinese Zodiac master.

A good astrologer, horoscope, the four pillars, etc. are able to predict quite accurately the fate and destiny of each individual. But to predict the future destiny of a nation or the world is likely impossible. We already know that even the destiny of a nation or the world must also be determined based on the law of righteousness. In other words, when God set future destiny for a nation, he also rely on morality of the country, and for the world, he is based on the morality of humankind. But unfortunately we can not know how many years God bases on to arrange a term for national destiny and whether the time is synchronous or not between nations. We also do not know how many years God arranged a term of fate of the world. For this reason, we can not accurately predict the future of a country or the world. In addition to the destiny God can decide many things will happen to humankind from many thousands of years according to a predetermined plan, but those are the ―unrevealed God‘s works‖ we can not know beforehand.


Physiognomy is based on using outward appearance to foretell a person‘s fate. The human‘s appearance could be rich, poor, miserable, beautiful, ugly, etc. Information can be conveyed by parts of the body, such as the eyes, nose, mouth, forehead, hands, legs, chin, walking styles, voice, and even moles and fingerprints. God let this information conveyed to match with each person‘s fate. Appearance is almost always due to heredity, but when God lets a soul reincarnate, he has already chosen a suitable place for that soul. A good physiognomy master can predict a person‘s future destiny exactly, just based on information conveyed by his body – except for people with new souls.

Although our fate cannot be changed in our current life, God still lets us know our future in advance through many forms of fortune-telling. Knowing our fate in advance helps humans not to pursue desires that exceed their fate. Knowing it in advance helps humans adjust desires and avoid making mistakes with unexpected failures. Knowing it in advance, humans will accept the truth easier and create for themselves a remarkable life with in their fate.