The fate of a person is generally thought to be the arrangement made for one before one is born, and it is unchangeable. But where does fate come from? Who arranges and manages it and for what purpose? Up until this point, no one has had clear answers to these questions. Nevertheless, many people believe in fate. Others do not believe in or accept the idea of fate. Is fate real, or is it a concept imagined by humans? Is fate a superstition, or can it be explained scientifically?

As discussed in chapter 2, to search for answers, we first need to gather related information from many sources. Then we can look for hidden clues which will help us see through the nature of the subject. We‘ll use the same method here to understand fate.

Fate, according to the teachings of Buddhism, as well as some Eastern religions, exists because of karma (the natural law that deals with cause and effect in a person‘s life). All of our deeds, whether good or bad, moral or wicked, kindhearted or cold hearted, that we carried out in our previous lives shall be naturally reflected in and influence our current life. This Buddhist teaching sounds reasonable, but there are still two weak points about this view:

  • First, if there was no supreme power to manage reincarnation, the souls would freely choose the family in which to be born. This would lead to situations where evil souls would oppress good souls and incarnate into the fetuses of rich, luxurious, and powerful families. And the good souls, as a result of being less competitive, would end up in poor and less fortunate families. Incidentally, bad souls would be blessed and the good souls would suffer. Therefore, the concept of karma in Buddhism turns out to be ineffective and not promoting fairness.
  • Second, in Buddhist teachings, the concept of God does not exist. Humans are not guided by any deity. If this is the case, there‘s no one to create souls. Instead, souls are available naturally when people are born. This can be understood to mean that the soul is merely an abstraction of human rationality and emotion and is a product of nature; after a human dies, everything ends. What we have in this life is the result of the choices and decisions we made in this life, without any intervention from any supernatural being. Thus, if there is no soul, there will be no reincarnation or karma. Evil deeds people did in their previous lives will not be reflected in their current life.

Muslims consider fate to be a very important factor in one‘s life. According to Islam, human fate is part of God‘s will. It is said that God sets the fate of each person before birth, and that fate will follow him for all his life unchangeable. The concept of fate in Islam is unreasonable and unfair in these two respects:

  • First, if God is a supreme power who is benevolent and wise, why would He treat the souls He has created unfairly? Some people live lives full of happiness, wealth, and success,

while others are poor, miserable, and unhappy for all of their lives. If there‘s nothing else to add this discussion, God is indeed unfair in His treatment of different people.

  • Second, why does God creates fate for humans but not allow humans to have free will? If fate is unchangeable, do we need to try hard to succeed in life? If we do good deeds for others, how does God reward us if He has already predetermined all aspects of our life? If fate is unchangeable, is His revelation for commandments—supposedly for the purpose of teaching humans—necessary?

Meanwhile, the concept of fate is rather vaguely described in the Christian Bible. Most of Christianity followers say that God punishes all of mankind because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit (fruits that came from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil). This concept is called the original sin. This concept also has two shortcomings:

First, Christianity views original sin as being the cause of all punishment—God punishes all mankind entirely because Adam and Eve committed a sin, and it has nothing to do with the sins of their descendants (i.e., later humans). If we said that God is all about punishments, to whom would we give credit for the greatness of life? Thus, the concept of original sin in Christianity only sees the negative side, but does not see the positive side that God provides for mankind.

  • Second, it is unreasonable for God to continue punishing all mankind just because of our ancestors‘ sins. We know that equality is a very significant principle for God, so why would

He behave in such a ridiculous manner? Where is His righteousness? Does He really care about the equality of human souls? Is this the God that we come to expect?

Before you continue to talk about fate, let us look into the concepts of God’s punishment from religion‘s perspectives. We know that the cause of punishment is from fear and therefore we take revenge, to protect our interest or because someone did not do what we want someone else to do. But let us think for a second, does our God really fear of anyone or anything? Does God need to protect his fame, as no one can offend God or defame of him. As for benefits, we must know that God is the great creator, should He need protection that much. Particularly with our idea that because people do not follow or disobey God’s commands thet should be punished by God is indeed wrong. Because once we believe that God created us and everything He has created those for us. Above all He gives us free will. If that is so, then for what reason he also forces us to follow Him, choose according to His will, obey Him or otherwise we‘ll be punished. What kind of free will is that? It‘s not acceptable. Given free will, humans should be able to choose according to our will. Humans should be able to choose either good or bad, virtue or mischief, left or right because we would like to, why we should be punished. In case God does not want humans to have free will to choose, God have a chose not to make them but in reality it is the opposite. Surely, God does not interfere or prevent human choices, we have complete free will to decide for our desires to deeds. God does not punish anyone of us even though one is extremely cruel, God does either reward or punish anyone, everything we have today reflect the results of our own choosing in our past live. Today we choose to mischief, we will be living in evil in the next life. Today we choose to do good deeds; we will be repaid with happiness. God’s job is to ensure that our choices can be carried out, everyone have opportunity to perform. Finally we understand that everything happens to us is due to the law of causality, not the punishment from God. He never had punished anyone and that will never happen neither.

After analyzing the viewpoints of these three major religions concerning the topic of fate, we find that they all have major shortcomings from a logical standpoint. But when we weave these viewpoints together and then eliminate invalid points while holding on to the good aspects, we can see clear, logical, and reasonable viewpoints about fate. They are as follows:

  1. The reason God created fate for each person is the sin of the very first humans on Earth. This view draws on the concept of original sin in Christianity.
  1. The criteria for God to determine fate for humans is based on the deeds we carried out in our previous life. All of our deeds, good for bad, in our previous life will be reflected in this life, either as a blessing or a punishment. God makes this happens according to the law of cause and effect. But in order to fulfill fate in a fair and natural way, our souls must reincarnate to receive reflections about our previous life. This view draws on the concepts of karma and reincarnation in Buddhism.
  1. God sets a fate for each human, and then manages and fulfills it. This view of fate draws on Islam. Fate is pre-determined and unchangeable because its foundation is based on our deeds from our last life. Our deeds in this life will be reflected on the next life.

In addition, to have a better understanding of fate, we will analyze a line in the Qur‘an of Islam: ―And you do not will except that Allah wills. Indeed, Allah is ever Knowing and Wise.‖ (SURAH AL – INSAN 30). We‘ll break this line into three verses:

“And you do not will”

In this verse, God says that, whether we like it or not, our life will be affected by the fate. In other words, we are being governed by karma.

“Except that Allah wills.”

In this verse, God explicitly says that it‘s His will, and He says so without explanation. We know that when God creates a new soul, it initially includes only the consciousness software program and the spirit software program; the subconscious storage and the RPLI storage are empty. That is what we all have in the beginning. God lets us have total free will in our first life. But in humans arose desires, ambition, selfishness, and cruelty, which caused damage and suffering to other humans. Thus, God has employed the law of cause and effect in order to arrange fate for everyone after the first life. We cannot say that God wants to arrange fate for the purpose of expressing power or his own interests, but all the benefits are for humans (all the practical benefits of fate will be analyzed further in the following section)

Thus, God designed fate to punish sin and reward good deeds so we can grow; and of course this must be done according to His principles of righteousness. At the core of fate, we should see that when God sets fate for each human it is because of the sins each person committed.

“Indeed, Allah is ever Knowing and Wise.”

Humans, because of our general misunderstanding the meaning of fate, often think God created fate for His own amusement. But with our new understanding of fate, we should realize that God is extremely knowledgeable and ultimately wise.

The origin and cause of karma shall be understood as follows: God puts forth the human fate mainly to maintain the supreme law of the universe and above all help humans evolve. God does not equip fate for those who currently have new soul. Fate is only possible after people actually go through life first. God arranges fate before birth of a person and performs course of events for humans on the basis of the law of karma. All the activities of our life in this life serves as criteria for the fate of next life. So, reincarnation and fate are necessary for the evolution of man.

To better understand how God is ever knowing and wise in His imposing of fate on humans, we will study some examples:

Example 1:

  • Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini (1883 –1945), the leader of the National Fascist Party
  • Adolf Hitler (1889 –1945), the dictator of Nazi Germany

These two people represent the world‘s top criminals. If these two people were allowed to reincarnate freely, this world would be an extremely unsafe place because their knowledge of leadership, their cruelty, and their dictatorial characteristics still remain in their RPLI. They would once again be successful in spreading wars and death. The fate God sets for them will reflect all their deeds in the previous life; therefore, they will be punished with poverty, sickness, and failure. Even if their cruelty and ambition to rule the world arises, they cannot do what they want. Continuously living in poverty and misfortune for several lives shall make them change their personality and ultimately become good.

Example 2:

  • Columbian serial killer Pedro Alonso Lopez was accused of raping and killing more than 300 girls and women in Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador.
  • Russian serial killer Andiu Chikatilo committed the murder of 53 women and children.
  • Ukrainian serial killer Anatoly Onoprienko confessed to killing 52 people.

As cruel and savage as these people are, if God did not impose fate on them, what would happen to our communities once these individuals are reincarnated and came back to life? Their fate determines that they will be born with disability, immobility, poverty, and misery; even if cruelty arises in their mind, they would not be able act it out. The fairness of karma law will help change their wicked characteristics and ultimately make them inclined to be good.

Example 3:

  • William HENRY ―Bill‖ Gates III (born 1955), the co-founder of Microsoft Software Corporation and an important figure in the information technology revolution of the world.
  • Jackie Chan (born 1954),born in Hong Kong, an actor, action choreographer, comedian, director, producer, martial artist, screenwriter, entrepreneur, singer, and stunt performer. Most of his movies were released in the USA and many countries around the world.

These two people work in different fields, but they both strive to contribute significantly to our society. They worked hard to make money and create wealth, but once they succeeded, they did not keep it all for themselves, but gave most of their wealth to charity. Their charity work has supported many families in hardship around the world, and they do it with a compassionate heart—not out of self-interest.

In fact, there are so many great people in the world that we could never list them all in this book. However, in the case of the two people mentioned above, in their next life, God will certainly set a wonderful fate for them because they deserve a life full of fortune, happiness, wealth, and success. Wouldn‘t that be fair and reasonable? The fact that God continues to bless them with success and wealth is because it‘s likely that these people will continue to show compassion as they are doing in their present life; this is an indirect way God helps other humans.

Usually, rich people try to become richer for their own enjoyment, or to save for their children. They seldom share their wealth with others. As a result, they use up their blessing account and forget to do good deeds for the next life. Very few of them have a compassionate heart like Bill Gates and Jackie Chan. Therefore, we can consider Bill Gates and Jackie Chan to be among the highly evolved souls.

Example 4:

  • Mahatma Gandhi (1869–1948) was the preeminent leader of Indian nationalism. Gandhi led India to independence (1947) and inspired movements for non-violence, civil rights, and freedom across the world.
  • Ho Chi Minh (1890–1969) was a revolutionary activist and the leader of the national liberation movements. He was the president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (1945-1969).

These two people were exceptional figures whose talents and virtue are well respected. In the context of this book, we don‘t discuss the political viewpoints of Ho Chi Minh and Mahatma Gandhi. What we will discuss, however, is their lifestyles, morality, and dignity. Ho Chi Minh and Mahatma Gandhi both worked hard and devoted their lives to the independence, happiness, and development of their countries. Once they gained success and respect, they continued to live a simple, economical, and whole-hearted lifestyle. To them, self-pleasure was not necessary; their most significant desire was to see their country and their people living in peace, prosperity, happiness, and freedom.

With such outstanding achievements and excellent virtues, God will certainly give these two fates with great advantages in their next life. God will let them reincarnate to live in a more developed country, and to become leaders that are loved and well respected by many people. Continuing to support these people to become successful and to become great leaders of other countries is an indirect way God helps the people in those countries

The morality and dignity of Mahatma Gandhi and Ho Chi Minh cause us to be deeply impressed.

Often, power and wealth can change people‘s behaviors. Typically, the initial viewpoints of political activists are to serve the people, and are therefore highly respected. But when they gain enough power and wealth, they may change their lifestyles. If a soul has not been strengthened through many incarnations, it won‘t have the great characteristics of Mahatma Gandhi and Ho

Chi Minh. Thus, we can say that people like Mahatma Gandhi and Ho Chi Minh are the most highly evolved souls.

Not all of us want to be bound by fate, but it is ultimately good for us, as our evolution has not yet progressed to a high level. We need fate because all of our wicked thoughts and cruel actions from our previous lives are still stored in our RLPI. Once we are reincarnated into a new body we are likely to follow our old path. Fate helps us suppress negative tendencies and push us in a positive direction. God sets fate for good people to have better opportunities to further develop their positive morality and dignity. For wicked people, God uses fate to inhibit negative nature that remained in their souls.

We should not mistakenly believe that God sets fate for humans for the purpose of controlling and restraining our mentality, like a machine. The fact that fate is predetermined and unchangeable does not mean that we do not have free will. If we did not have free will, our lives would be meaningless, so is God‘s divine plan. However, our free will to do good or bad deeds in this life will be reflected in the fate of the next life. God and the angels do not always have to intervene our thoughts and deeds. There are many ways that God executes fate to carry out the predetermined course of events accordingly.

The first is through heredity. In our daily life, we see many families and clans who are excellent at certain professions, such as politics, music, business, traditional crafts, etc. It is often said that they are good at these particular fields because they inherit good genes from their families. In reality, human heredity only contributes to physical traits and the brain‘s processing speed. All other characteristics are from the soul that God selected for reincarnation. The virtues and skills of the selected souls need be suitable for the parents. God often does this so children have talents that are aligned with their parents‘ professions. This enables them to develop their skills more effectively. And vice versa—parents also have advantages in helping their children to pursue family careers. Apparently, in these cases God has a dual purpose: He sets fate for these people in addition to helping the people with the best conditions evolve.

Nevertheless, there are cases whereby children totally hate to work in their parents‘ professions, and are more interested in pursuing other professions that are not at all related to their traditional family careers. The reason for this is that during pregnancy God cannot find any soul that has both virtues and skills suitable to the parents. Therefore, he gives priority to the virtue aspect and drops the other. For instance, we have cases of ―phá gia chi tử‖ (children that bring misfortune to the family) or cases whereby rich parents bear abnormal children. It initially appears that in these cases the virtues of parents and children do not match. However, these cases are accurate arrangements of karma‘s law. If parents have children that bring misfortune to the family, it‘s because their fate says they must face the problem carried on from the past life. If parents have children with abnormality, it‘s because their fate does not have blessing in that aspect and all are reflection of their deeds from the past life.

Besides heredity, God also has His angels carry out events in fate by using super brainwaves. We usually think that our thoughts and actions are ours alone. In reality, angels can use super brainwaves to send messages directly to our brains or maneuver information in the RPLI to manipulate our decisions and actions. The angels do this quietly so that we think all of our decisions and actions are really ours. Angel‘s interventions leading our thoughts and actions to success or failure must be in accordance with the predetermined course of events written in our fate. When this happens, people often say that they were induced by God or by some other deity.

In fact the effect of the law of karma is so magnificent and transformative, we only see a small upper part of the iceberg. Currently we cannot know all of the magnificence of the law of karma. Therefore, when referring to human fate we often assume that God has employed his supreme power to impose human fate. Using his supreme power to punish those who do not follow His teachings, bring misery and hell for those who do not believe in God. In fact God is the Creator, who always loves and helps us, as observer. He does not punish or favor anyone. All His work and that of the Angels are based on the law of karma. Actually fate is an essential part of the supreme cause and effect law of the universe. The karma law influence on the entire universe and it always respond to everything perfectly natural and accurate.

Below are the responses of the natural law of cause and effect without the intervention of any one force. For example, when human pursue deforestation, air pollution, the law of cause and effect will reflect naturally with negative feedback on the ozone layer, global warming, snow melting, sea level rise, drought, hurricanes. When humans over-employed of natural resources affecting tectonic structure, earthquake and tsunami happen and cause negative impact on our lives. Or to put it another way, these phenomenon are created by humans, not by happenstance and that is the law of cause and effect. A more straightforward example, the brutal murder of robbery, drug trafficking or do something illegal and the judge treated these people in prison or the death penalty. So we have to acknowledge the fact that the judge has the duty of law enforcement, rather than use their power to punish offenders. In contrast, there were many scientists, politicians, writers, social activists dedicated to social work and many other useful jobs for people. Because of their work honor society and among them may have received the Nobel Prize, but we cannot assume that the council approved the award has rewarded the award recipients, they specific work to honor. From this example we can see the presence of the law of cause and effect and we can give God innocuous, that all happened because human‘s causes.

Human fate is also a result of the law of cause and effect. However, in order to make it absolutely fair, God and the Angels must control and arrange in accordance with the course of events in the fate. We will learn more in a few cases:

  • For example: Today, for any reason, that we intentionally cause someone blind, then in the next life we will be blind. God operate the law of karma so as to let us experience ourselves the suffering of the blind, which we had given to others.
  • Example: A manufacturer of a product knows that the product may cause health or carcinogenic to consumers but for profits he move forward regardless. So according to the law of karma, in the next life he has cancer and experiences the pain of people with cancer.
  • A leader overuse power and oppress the people in corruption and harassment causing much suffering to the people, according to the law of karma in the next life he will experience all of what he had brought to others.
  • A person with a family living in peace and happiness, but his extramarital affair brings suffering to his spouse. According to the law of karma, then in the next life, this person will be betrayed by his lover or spouse for no obvious reason and painfully, let them experience the pain of people being betrayed.
  • For example: A child disrespects his parents, of course in the next life this child will experience the pain of parents with children treating him with disrespect and irreverent.
  • For example: Today we are white, so we always have an attitude of discrimination against black people. According to the law of karma, someday we will be a black person to experience that feeling stigmatized by others. Today I was rich, but I always despise the poor, someday I will be the poor to experience the feeling of contempt from others. Today we claim to be the smart and always look down on people poorer than us and call them stupid, someday I will be as stupid to experience the feeling of others.
  • In contrast, for example: In life there are people who always devote themselves to society, always share the love, money and help others unconditionally and from the actions of this person, some people have overcome difficulties, and bring joy and happiness. So according to the law of karma, the next life who will be destined with conditions for them to experience the joy and happiness they have brought to others.
  • For example; a teacher gives his students a lot of useful knowledge, and only base on love and dedication to the students. According to the law of karma, in the next life, he will not only get abundant knowledge, but also get what the students have achieved (which could be money, fame, happiness, etc.) by source of knowledge that teachers bring them in the past.

In general, the law of karma is very magnificent, it is not simply as today we help other people money, someday we receive the money or today we help others to get fame, someday we have fame or today we help others to become leaders someday we become leaders. Therefore, we only need to live in morality, we get benefits and let others gain benefit. We make ourselves happy and bring happiness and success to others as well. We shall try to love more with dedication and sharing. We shall work hard, anything even smallest tasks as long as it brings joy and happiness to others, those are true virtue.

But in reality humans do not know what we did in the past lives, so most of us do not accept or reject fate. And although there are many who do not believe in fate but when facing adversity, people often blame God for being unjust, unfair to them. And then they see others‘ happiness and success with envious eyes, and they said that the success is due to God‘s bias. In other words, they think that these people are lucky, fortunate, or blessing and not from talents. Indeed, it‘s not easy to be God at all, He had to listen to all of the prayers for things that people did not want to create (and, in fact, people always want to ask what they do not have, but they do not want to create for themselves). He always have to listen to the complaints and blames from humans.

When analyzing fate, we realize that when people do not accept the reality of the situation as it is when they suffer most. Who do not accept the situation, in himself has produced boredom, envy, jealousy, desire, and many other bad potential in his thoughts. Since that would make them

desire to be in any cost and do anything to change the current situation quickly or end it. We know that when someone is in a bad situation, which they do not accept it, usually they will switch to search for success. But in fact, if they do so, most of their actions will lead them to fail and their lives will most likely get worse. For example: A person born in a poor family, but they do not accept themselves as the poor, they want lots of money quickly to meet the demand and spend it wastefully. This, the majority will go into the wrong path and son, probably become thieves, daughter, to become prostitutes. For example: As a kind of education, knowledge is very limited, communication is very poor, but they do not accept it and do not see your weakness. They always want to do more work to work, of course it will go to failure. For example: a man carrying a disease but they do not have all the treatment options and when the pain occurs, they take or injected with painkillers, in order to end immediately the pain. Their course work will cause consequences. There are also situations where people are required to go through old age and death the things that we can not avoid. But if we accept that and treat it as a natural consecutive to the life of every human being, it is likely we will no longer feel the fear and see it as a pain anymore.

Not accepting the reality of the situation is completely different from accepting the actual situation itself. Acceptance does not mean accepting surrender, but get to know yourself in a situation, your current position in life, his position in the family and in society and to appreciate the power of the self. So, when a person accept the reality of the situation itself, also means to accept fate, so they know what to do to fit the actual circumstances, since they will strive to find opportunities, as well as joy and happiness in life, then over time the feeling of anguish will not be too heavy for them.

In fact we will not be able to eliminate desire, envy, passion, anger, hate, bored out to make the hearts of all suffering. For in the soul of each of us exists emotional nature both good and bad. Our things to do right now is not a waiver of that or set aside what we think is not good for yourself on the path to reach perfection. We already know from the past until now, not at the level respect willingness to earth and bring the body of the earth to guide us. But we also know that to get the holiness and perfection so, they themselves have been through a process of rebirth and new long-term evolution achieve perfect holiness, but they are not who God created to become Divine instantly. Because of the fact that Buddha said that “today’s I am Buddhist tomorrow you will be Buddhist” and the Buddha that he often mentioned is the high life evolved in the universe.

We should understand that everything that today we believe is suffering, unhappiness or happiness, wealth, fame is what God wants us everyone has to walk through this life. He knows that our souls really need to experience the reality of our souls have a chance to mature. Life is inherently so including both good and bad with both good and evil want excellent color you want. God is the greatest innovator He created everything in the universe, all things in life. He created the pain so we know how to cherish happiness, create evil to know the good as good, created the evil to us that the cause is noble, create pests to know the price value of the pest species.

But throughout history there probably have had many people ask the question, if God is real, why does he not show up. We should understand that our current level of evolution is still very low, so if God present himself with any form humans also find it difficult to accept. Currently there are a lot of misconceptions about God, so if he appears in the flying saucer people will probably use rockets to destroy. And if he continues to appear in the form of the Jesus Christ, people will make sure to crucify him. Moreover, God is God, He does not need to present to anyone. There are also many people who asked if God is real, why does he let the world always immersed in deadly wars and crime everywhere, suffering everywhere. Better we should not ask God and ask why it is the way it is, the world is like today is because of the creative process and hard work of mankind. Better yet, we should ask ourselves what we have helped to build the society and the world. In addition, they wonder why God wanted the perfect man, but he also created the evil worse. If God created everything perfect, then maybe the world had never existed. If God created man perfect from the beginning, the man is not a human but a robot and the world will not evolve. Everything happens to us is because we created it, everything that happens in the world is created by all of us. All developments occurring in the world and is the process of social evolution, if we assume that the current world is not good so today everyone together to change certain future world would be better. Change is a product of evolution, people want better, better world to each of us all change together. Do not have anyone who can help me change if I do not want to change. So, the question of God really exists or not? it’s hard to answer so reasonable and evolution is a process rather than God created evolution.

God can not make everything fine, can not create everything down in a way because if he did not conform to the natural law. But let’s put that aside for God, to tell the story of humanity and self-assessment of what is good what is bad for example: scientist Alfred Nobel invented dynamite or scientists invent the theory of nuclear reactions. The nature of these inventions is neither good and evil, neither right and wrong, only when people choose to use it for the purposes of war, it becomes evil, if people just choose it to serve for human benefits, it becomes positive. For example, when scientists invented the laser, if people only used for medical purposes to save lives and serve the useful purpose of bringing the other, this is good invention. But people also applied it to create weapons, at this angle, the invention is indeed bad.

So God created man and woman, male and female, upper and lower, before and after, left and right, good and bad, right and wrong, virtue and evil. Everything that happens in nature there are no right or wrong, good or bad, good or evil, there is no honor or shame that all these things are identified and evaluated by human consciousness. A bird flying in the sky look us in their eyes of there is nothing right or wrong, good or bad, good or bad, but people can distinguish. People are aware of this by the human soul or, more accurately, human software program creative conscious of God and given to us.

In the eyes of the observer, God see nothing happens in life that is not necessary for a soul in the process of evolution. When we experience happiness, then we must know what to do to avoid misery. But when we experience pain, sometimes there is also a fortune, because it helps us appreciate the happiness and try to create more happiness. When we live in the icy winter, we

cherish the warm summer days. Finally after much experience everything in life, through many lifetimes of being selected we will know what is the best way of life to perfect the process of growing spirituality and consciousness. God always have the highest sense of what he was doing, he seeks to bring us the best, but not always we know. In God’s eyes there is no such thing as punishment, there is no such thing as bad karma that things happen just by the law of cause and effect, we will never perish but all then everyone will achieve highest wish eventually. All the things that today we are evil or sin does not lead us to hell and in fact never existed something called hell. Heaven and hell are the two terms from only one place does not do it just to say, the human way of thinking. We will never find heaven after death, we only really get it when we live, the people in a state of mind, spirit and body work together. But Heaven that day we will live in, not in some distant place, that’s where. Whereas there are many who believe that after death the soul will of God, will go to heaven so we wonder what they think is true, in fact they are not wrong. Recalling what has been presented in Chapter 3, the moment we die God will retrieve our soul back to His kingdom, to prepare for the process of reincarnation. Therefore, their belief was true that after death the soul would go to heaven, but indeed even after we are saved, we do not have anyone living in the kingdom of God that we continue to live on this earth. But death is how we really dead? Truly death is a term to refer to a state where the soul left the body to look for opportunities to incarnate in a new body. In fact, we never die and our souls are immortal, death happens to the body, the soul will be temporarily suspended. But now there are not many people who believe in the human soul is real and immortal, not many people believe in reincarnation. God has revealed to me so many messages about this issue, through the violence of the religious order to the very real phenomena such as reincarnation past life memory and other evidence that each of us can sense, but we still do not believe it’s true. We require scientific evidence to prove the fact, but try to ask whether there is a scientist convince us than our own self-proven and experience. Indeed we have experienced reincarnation too many problems, we also have to verify it within himself so many times. But human beings are inherently skeptical, so many people still do not believe in truth nothing more real, a fact can not be denied. In fact if we did not believe in the truth will be a disaster for us. Because when we do not believe in the immortal soul and reincarnation, that is, that when we die everything ends, from thinking so there are many people living despite long to achieve what you want, as long copy what you need. They will not need to live good, moral lives, they do not need compassion, not necessarily have pity interested in someone because they think that death is finished, who bother to spend fatigue. The current leaders do not believe in the immortal soul and rebirth they will lack motivation for world peace and make the world closer together, scientists do not believe they will lack motivation to study long-term projects, environmental activists do not believe will lack motivation to create projects to save the earth, etc.

Maybe we went a little too far, but if we do not take steps, we will not really understand the true meaning of fate, the importance of reincarnation. It is difficult to understand the meaning of the law of cause and effect and we can not determine God’s intention for us in the future.

In short, the divine plan, God has set the operating rules for all life in the universe, including the laws of cause and effect is a law that reflects the all truth very effective and accurate. Today though we believe in fate or not, it does not matter much. But we can not believe the law of

causality is true, that the law of causality is the father of fate. In fact the influence of the law of cause and effect is too large, so when it comes to the response of the law of cause and effect affects people, we have to use the word fate. God arranged for human destiny so natural, that we mistakenly believe everything happens to us is due to random chance, accidental coincidence. All good or bad results in fate are created by people in their past lives. God does not punish any one, he always treated fair with everyone. God and the angels shall maintain direct causal law absolutely fair to help humanity evolve. When operating the courses of events destined for people, all the angels must comply with the laws that God has set out not arbitrarily change (of course, the angels always aware of this). But with the infinite power of God, He can appear in many different forms on Earth and that He may reward or help for all those who try to live well and strive, by law grace without having to be based on fate. All our law anyone can enjoy the grace of God to overcome the initial fate if people are trying to change.

Fate is an important part of God’s plan to expand and promote the evolution of life on a cosmic scale. Fate is an effective means God help maintain the law of karma and justice for all of life is not to be saved, not only for human life on Earth. Fate is a message of God to help people do good and avoid evil, since that would lead people to life immortality, complete freedom and enjoy the good things in the future.