Dear my beloved readers,

   Today is Christmas December 24th, 2015, I am Nguyen Ngoc Thuan and I wish all people on our planet with health, peace and happiness. I still know, when you’re reading this, Christmas of 2015 was over. But I still believe that the energy of love from my greetings to you is still there and forever waiting for you to come and receive.

    December 24th, 2015 is also the day when I will begin my journey of writing my third book at the suggestion of the Creator, Father God (Supreme Master) and Mother God.

By the way, I would like to inform you that I am going to write the book Light and Love, the Golden Age, under the guidance of my own Supreme Consciousness and always supported by my ego Nguyen Ngoc Thuan. At this time, unlike previous two books, I will be supported by Mother God. In addition, I was also told to receive extra support from the Creator, Father God, Masters and Archangels to help me accomplish my mission. Let me remind you, when I wrote two previous books, there was no different process. But since that day, I did not really know what supreme consciousness really was, so I didn’t mention it before.

     In fact, I know that it is not easy to understand information I wrote in the previous books.  What revealed in the previous two books was just reference information, opening info that set the base for new perceptions. Those are not actually help you in life. In this book, my biggest wish is to write deeper into detail about love and light, as well as issues related to real life. And I’m very hopeful, this information will help you get a clearer understanding of the truth, which can help you heal yourself.  I hope you will not consider my book as spiritual rules or mysteries. Unless you consider the meaning of spiritual language based on a clearer truth about it in life. And the meaning can also be: Mind is Soul and Spirit is an expression. From this, it can be inferred that Spirituality is the expression of the soul. You pursue spirituality also means that you pursue a manifestation of the soul and the expression of the soul, such as the expression of love. Because, the essence of the soul is love. So, I just want you to look at my book as the other ordinary book that tell you some truth in life related to love. From there, it can help you enhance a better, happier life.

     In my opinion, knowledge is in the spiritual domain or in any other fields, its sole purpose is to serve only one word of DAO. DAO created life, but it is also the service of life and ultimately all life will return to the Dao (again, for example God consciousness). From the supreme reality, it is known to us that the greatest purpose of the Dao is to help all beings develop more prosperous and better in love. So, you can see Dao and Life only inseparable, they are just one. Therefore, you will never be able to separate life from the path, if you separate life from the nature, then life will not survive. The world has no life, the Dao becomes meaningless, the universe has no life, and God has no meaning. God is eternal, it is also means that life is permanent and eternal. And you are one of them. From this truth, so you have the right to direct your life to the religion, in order to help you create the best possible life, that is God’s greatest desire for every living thing. in the universe. And that is my greatest wish, for me and for all people on our planet. So, I hope the information contained in this book will help you to create the best life for yourself.

I think the content of the book will be not smooth, there is maybe some repeating words, so please understand because I am not professional writer. Thank you very much.


Message from Father God,

Dear all my beloved sons, daughters, and great and courageous grandchildren.

     Today, Christmas Eve 2015 and New Year 2016, I bless all of you by giving you our love and endless light. To say that does not mean that from before I have never given you love and light. In fact, I and God have been, are and always love, as well as giving you everything, everything. In fact, the word of blessing that I use today is not consistent with my reality, because all blessings and blessings are the desire for God’s blessing. But in this case I say, I bless you, it also means that I expect someone to bless you, but not myself. In fact, from the ultimate reality, I can tell you, I am the blessed and can bless anyone, but not the one who blesses or blesses someone.

      But you must know that because of the language you are using in their senses. There is always a certain limit which leads to confusion in my words. But, in fact, everything always has its own value and the moment is what determines its value.

You should understand that the truth is impossible that it can be expressed in words, but it is the only thing that can be expressed by actual action in life. Therefore, when I say blessings to you, it also means that I always desire, you should have realistic manifestations in action, in the highest possible sense. Then from all those actions, that is the reason that I will bless you. And from that truth you have told me that, no matter how much I and God love you, the blessings you receive from God are created by you.

    But today, I want to tell you that, apart from what you can know specifically from Me, or from other Light-beings. There are so many things you cannot know, you will know more about them, when I speak through Nguyen Ngoc Thuan in the book “Love and Light The Golden Age”.

    But until now, I realize that among the children who reading this will have doubts, why must be Nguyen Ngoc Thuan? Why does God not directly give light knowledge to specific individuals, but need to pass him or someone else to reach him? If God did so, it seemed that God had a certain bias and God seemed unfair to all sentient beings. But no matter how you think, you will never be wrong, but all are good. However, I still need to give you some advice, that this way of thinking you should not be an assertion, but rather to ask your own questions, it is better. But let us understand better today, we will have to explain more about the issues related to this truth.

– First: I say that not today, not until now I give you what you want and what you need. But I and Mother God have given you everything from the very first day that your souls existed in the beginning. I say, all children are free to invoke their own will, an inviolable freedom. I say that all of my children have the right to use the source of pure love for each and every one of us, and everyone has the right to free access to God’s infinite source of consciousness. In addition, everyone is free to use their own higher self (supramundane).

But for the children to use these rights most effectively, everything always depends on words “moment of time”. And the moment a soul walks past the linear time line is extremely important. Time is the decisive for every meaning in the life of every soul. And the most important moment for all of you, the most important for all life is the present, is now. But now is not the time for you to be able, to have everything you want, everything you need. So!

– Second: What we say here are the words “moment of time”. Today, I cannot give you information or communicate directly with you, because you only own a 3D physicist, and live in a 3D space of the Earth. So, in order for you to be able to access and successfully connect with your own metacognition, telepathic contact with God and the Sages, or successful access to the Sense of Source. First, you need to be supported by the Light-beings from outer space, which affect your physiology, which is also called calibration. And the calibration process is a process of time that is combined by the sources of light and technology, but not a crossover. For the reason at this point, many of you may not have learned directly from the metaphor of yourself or from Me.

– Third: Those who are allowed to reveal the secrets of the universe and those who are allowed to transmit the light of God to humanity. Those carry my mission and Mother God’s directly. Each human evolutionary period will have a single person in charge of the mission decided by the Supreme Council. And the status of those who are allowed to reveal is always in accord with theirs in Heaven. But the higher their status, the more important their mission is and they are forced to work harder, but not the higher, the more their favor. You should know that such souls, when coming to Earth to perform the mission, will not be free to live like you. They are not free to create their own experiences, are not free to do things such as creating money, arguing, material and free to enjoy, free to live or free to do as they want. his children. But they must always work and live by contract as they have signed with the supreme council. So, in fact, they cannot have more freedom than you. In addition, when they have received the mission, they must always be aware that they should do something to serve the Mankind rather than serving themselves. As souls who come to Earth to perform God’s mission for a single lifetime in complete awakening, or to experience the dark world and only be awakened through correction, there is not much difference.

    Jesus / Sanada and Shakyamuni are a typical example of a complete consciousness when it comes to planet Earth’s mission. The Prophet Muhammad and Abraham were typical of the souls who came to Earth to fulfill their mission of awakening through correction, and these four were the only souls who came to earth in human forms, only in one life. In addition, in the endless time of the universe, souls of the 2nd rank order come to different planets and experience the dark world just made mission. And on the planet you have such souls. But such cases are rare and can be said to be extremely rare, because of millions of millions of living planets, millions of years ago such a case would occur.

   However, even if one with high status in the kingdom of heaven, when they come here to complete task, they must obey the law as all other souls do. Indeed, the person who is given the responsibility by Father God and Mother God is also the one who has the highest rank in the Kingdom. But you should know that not only those souls who carry out the mission of God, but all of you, who are carrying out their own great divine mission. I say this is not to comfort you but to tell you the truth, today you do not really know what mission you are undertaking, but then you will know and most the truth will be revealed through this book.