NNT: Teacher, on the occasion of your message transmission, I want to ask you some issues related to your children. I hope you will be able to help me, as well as those who read this book so they can attain better view.

– Father God: Good, you may ask now.

– NNT: Teacher, as you know this is the golden age. So, in recent years, there have been many light-seekers who have appeared directly, or through light workers they sent many messages and spiritual books to humanity. It was thus possible to prove the fact that the forces of God were actively appearing and interfering in life, as well as helping humanity gain a new understanding of the light of God. They have appeared, They have intervened and They are full of consciousness. Of course, they can do whatever they are commanded by the Supreme Council in order to give humanity the light and truth with their transcendental wisdom. And of course, they can also make it easier for humanity to achieve a better life in peace. But why God does not let them do all as quick and good as possible. For whatever reason the Creator, Master still give me the task of finding truth and writing, while I am only a normal person of the world with very limited consciousness, I just partially awaken through correction.

– Father God: Good, this question is for yourself, but in fact it is also a question for many people, because nature of this question has come to the heart of the cosmic secrets.

    Indeed, in order for you to understand this truth, I must first mention the freedom of will. What is the freedom of will? Freedom of will is the right of the Supreme Creator given to each soul from the beginning, it is the complete freedom in creation as well as in the inner life of each soul. Freedom of will is free, but it is permanent and eternal.  It is also inviolable and respected in the world of light as well as in the mortal world. Whoever violates this right of the other soul during the dark experience, it means they have violated the law. Actually speaking of violating the freedom of will, one can only see it happening in the mundane world. But to those in the world of light, they will always be aware that there will never be an infringement of this right.

    Here is the most important reason that Creator Mother God and I give the mission for you to seek the truth and write the book. In fact, you must know that all the messages that the Light sent to humanity including books that are revelatory or inspirational, as well as written directly through the Light workers. They are always aware of how to do it, so they will never violate the freedom of spiritual evolution, nor violate the freedom of the will of the Earth. All the information of the Luminaries previously known as supporting knowledge is intended to help people evolve, but it never intervene to change the information- process of the spiritual evolution of humanity. In fact, their messages even the Trinity have brought to humanity the most suggestive information to help people get the necessary questions. And from those questions, people will find themselves the most honest answers. And today, I will give you a good example of moment of time when intelligent people appeared on the planet Earth. As you can see, in the same matter, the Light Masters have given very different data about the time when intelligent humans appeared on Earth in their messages. Typically, some people have put up the figure of 11,000 years, some people give the figure 12,000 years, but still people give the figure of 13,000 years. So, what exactly is the actual number? And of course, they know exactly what this event is, even they know exactly what month, day, and hour is the moment when intelligent people appeared on Earth. But when they worked together, they agreed that each person would give a different number and they would always keep their unchanged views from beginning to end. For example, Archangel Sheldan Nidle from the beginning has given the figure of 13,000 years as Intelligent Humanity appeared on Earth. So, He will always be loyal to this number in all his messages.

       In fact, it is extremely complex for you to understand how the Masters work to help humanity. So it is not just one day that Mankind can understand what they have done for the world. Back to the example, as you see the numbers there are 11,000, 12,000 and 13,000 none of them are absolutely correct. Because they are just hints to help you figure out the exact number. So, if you want to know the truth, then of course you have to answer the question yourself. And have you answered this question correctly? From such an incident, I have told you that mankind can answer any questions. Unfortunately, in the past as well as in the present, there are many people who consider all words of God, Master Angels are true. And they keep on saying the words of God, doing the truth for themselves, but they do not bother to consider whether the data they have obtained is true or not.

      The greatest teacher is the teacher who always brings the most questions to the student, but not the teacher who answers the most questions. The best way to help others is to help them create what they want, but not give them what they need. The Great Teacher is the Teacher who only gives you materials and you have to build the house yourself, but they are not the builders and give the house to you. They are Master of Light who have been appearing in various forms on the planet Earth and have been doing similar works to help humanity follow God’s instructions.

– NNT: Teacher, if I write books and reveal the secrets of the universe, reveal facts, does that inferred the spiritual evolution of others, do I break the law? Or do I violate freedom of will?

– Father God:  No, I say no, your current job is never breaking the law as you have asked.

I say that you do not break the law, because at this time on Earth, conscious law has replaced unconscious law. And you are the man of Planet Earth, you also will benefit from this event. So, bringing the true information of God to many people is beneficial to many people. So your job is positive, noble and respectful, but not breaking the law. Of course, it is not just you, but all the actions and deeds of any one to bring positive benefits to others in this age which need to be encouraged and multiplied.

But you should remember that unconscious law is removed only within the Earth, and person from other planet is not allowed to interfere with freedom of will on the Earth. Therefore, people in the world of light still do not have right to intervene deeply in the consciousness, soul and life of Earth people, just like Earth people do.

– NNT: Dear Teacher, as the words of the Creator, Mother God of Master of Light as Jesus / Sananda, Archangel Michael, Buddha Shakyamuni … and you have said to me many times “You are doing a very important and noble mission, because the information in your books are the information that will benefit humanity in the new age”.  But what really happens in reality is very different from your words.  And even though I have done everything as instructed, I post all books on giwho.com. But until now, there are not many people interested in those books and I am still unknown. So how those book can I myself can help others? So, what I am going to do with the knowledge that I have gained in recent days? So, should I continue writing the third book according to the instructions of the Creator, Mother God and Master? So after completing the 3rd book, and posted on website, is it the same path?

– Father God:  My beloved Son, actually my words and those who said it is completely true. And you should remember one thing, the words of God and the words of the Light are always the word of truth, the Master of Light and those in world of light would never deceive others, or to harm the true purpose of their souls. You should know the information in your book is to not just serve the whole of humanity for a specific time, or specific group of human beings.

     I say to you today as a statement to the whole of humanity on the planet Earth: That the spiritual forces have corrected your physiology, it gives you the access to the metaphor and the The telepathic that you can contact with Me in the world of light, so you can carry out the mission, but not to play. Moreover, over the past 30 years, I have personally assisted you in finding the truth, I would never play fun game for humanity. I do not confirm all information from The Great Truth and Ultimate Truth are all facts from God. Actually at this point, I understand what you were thinking. You think that your work is not helpful to anyone, can’t help them find the light. Just as they cannot help them escape the fear, escape the suffering, in order to have a happier and happier life. That is your thought, it is not the truth. You have thought so because you have not seen how tremendous and positive effect that the knowledge of light can influence world.  But today, I will explain how this effect is? Imagine you are a member of your family, your family is part of the city you live in, your city is part of your country, and your country is part of the World. Expanding to the planet Earth you live it is only a member, a family, part of life in the galaxy. Galaxy is part of the universe, and the universe you live in is part of many different universe space in the universe.

    And here, according to evolutionary laws of the universe, the planet Earth is only a member, a family of all living beings in the universe. So, just one instance of the Earth family knows a secret from God, as if the whole world would benefit from it. I will give you a concrete example so you can easily imagine this. In 1945 the United States successfully tested and built a nuclear bomb and threw it into Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. In 1949, the Soviet Union succeeded in experimenting with and developing a nuclear bomb. In 1952, the US made and successfully tested the H (hydrogen) bomb just a year after the Soviet Union continued to manufacture and successfully test the bomb. The above example illustrates the typical example of the two countries, but there are still many successful countries in the field. So, the knowledge and technology to make these bombs was originally from the United States. But why, after a very short time, other countries have possessed this knowledge and technology. But before you answer this question, I recommend that you have absolutely no so-called intelligence in this field at that time.

– NNT: According to your thoughts, in order to answer this special question, it takes time. Even with time, I cannot answer it, so please support me.

  Father God: I’m sure you will answer this question, but to save your time, let listen to me:  According to the law of the universe, in an evolution game for life of earthly experience. If a secret of the Universe is hidden, and it has been discovered by someone on that planet, God will no longer keep that secret for all beings on that planet. Therefore, the most important thing on the evolutionary journey of humanity is to have the first person to find the truth, then everything related to this truth will no longer be covered. So, you know then whole world knows, one thing you know, one thing you see, things you write in the book that declare to God, proclaim to the universe and proclaiming to everyone in the world of light: that I already know, that my Earth family knew. And from this first cause, then the Light-givers will carry out their duty to spread that information to all who truly want it.

      As a result, it is possible that many people never read through your books, but they still find the information they have previously found from different sources. But all the sources of spiritual information they have come from the first cause, and the first cause is mostly from you. Indeed, this is a secret of the Universe and it is also considered to be the true meaning of the Glowing Light that the Masters often refer to in their messages.

– Father God: Let’s continue

NNT: Yes, Master.

– Father God: I have explained quite a lot to you in the past, but in fact it is only the first cause, so that your two books are still quietly floating in the vast of Internet. Nobody know you yet. Your hope and wishes cannot become reality and you are confused about yourself. However, I will say that there will be many people read your books, because they know the information that you reveal is essential for their ascension. So, until then, surely many people will know who you are? This is my word, Father God, Mighty One, I am telling you and all the people who listening, when they read this my message, anyone has ears try to try listen, anyone who has an eye try to open your eyes to see the truth, I am the Supreme Master, I am the First and the Last.

    And here is the second reason, as you have known, the journey back home with the God of Mankind only began 3 years ago since December 21st, 2012. But this period will take 320 years, so according to my calculations, the humanity has only gone a hundred percent of the way. Let’s imagine, you have a project and estimate that it will be completed in a year. So after three days of construction, how much work did you complete? You yourself can answer this question.

     Similarly, it was only 3 years in the period of 320 years, everything is just a beginning. It is the second reason, why you feed disappointed and sad. As you know at this time of the world, person can read and understand your books are those are almost still paying their own karma. But information from your books is only needed for those who are awakened and no karma. I honestly tell you that the spiritual forces and the guardian angels of each of them will always stop the souls who are looking for the purpose of experiencing the dark. Angels prevent all souls from carrying karma and souls who are not awake, so they cannot access the information from their books. If they could read your book, they would not have understood what you wrote in the book. Of course, the purpose of the spiritual forces when they act is to assist all souls to fulfill their obligations soon, but they are not cruel. Just because your book has a lot of information that is not really beneficial to the purpose of their souls at this moment.

     And now, back to your project, after three days of construction, how much work completed. I am sure that your work has not done yet. You can’t build a new house yet. Therefore, the building cannot be completed as you want. Likewise, the knowledge of light is still not enough to help humanity get rid of outdated perceptions, so they can’t either apply it to the new life. In fact, everything happens in life as in the universe, all must be operated according to its process. So, your books at this time are similar as part of a multifunctional, multi-dimensional design that helps builders build their own, but it is not an incomplete project.

-Father God: I will continue to answer questions about your third book. Actually, you do not have to ask anyone anything, because you can answer any questions to myself. The reason is simple, because all questions have answers. I will give you this funny example. When you open your mouth to ask a woman, do you love me? Well, you told her that you love her very much. If you do not love that person, you will not need to ask that person, or you will always avoid this question. Actually, once you put this question to use, it’s because you love the woman so much, but you’re not sure if that person loves you or not. In the opposite case, you love her very much, and you know she does the same. Naturally you would not ask that person “do you love me? “But instead, you usually use the words “I love so much”.

    Actually life has always told me that almost all the questions people ask are the same and the only reason is that people do not know. So, as above sample, you do not know whether she has lovers or not then you ask. If you do not know one thing, and you really want to know then you will come up with question about it. However, the things that you do not know about this life and about God are immeasurable. So the question that is being asked: you want to know about everything you do not know. But in reality, things that you do not know yet, you will never know how to question it, inferring what you ask is what you already know. To put it simply, once you know what to ask about something, you can imagine it, but it’s not a complete ignorance of it. So, if you wholeheartedly pursue the question with your real wish, then God will automatically help you get the true answer.  As I say “all questions have their answers” is absolutely correct. From that point, it is possible to show that there is a question, there will be answer in any forms of life.

But in the reality of the world, not all human questions are answered by God, if it is not at the right moment. In fact, there are many questions that have been asked by humans for thousands of years, but there is still no answer yet. And the most typical question is why did God create such an unstable and painful world? Meanwhile, God is a powerful and kind man. But do you know that there are many questions that have immediate answers around human life, but people cannot see. Simply because it has been concealed, to say more accurately, the vision of man has been covered by the veil.

      But so far the so-called veil has been thinned in the world of light or has been removed to so many people including you. From there, it is possible to prove that almost all the questions that I have deliberately brought to you, arranged for you to have, I answered myself excellently. And today you have decided to write a third book to help humanity deal with some of the issues that are related to the spiritual world and its life, it is so not so good or bad. Speaking in the Buddhist language, what you said before is just a sermon, but not just the way people do, but the new law is the most important. Indeed, on the evolutionary journey of the human race, the three stages of thought – word and action are three integral, but action is the most important step, as it is the expression of thought and the words of the people.

     So, after reading your third book, I’m sure that humans will have to say thank God, as well as grateful, because through me God has given them valuable information to help them return home with God. So, after reading your third book, I’m sure they will have to find you, to help me, to realize their own Heavenly Dream. It is important that when they come to you, they know that they will meet God directly through their children, in the words of God the Father. All, what we have just said is the future of the third book, which is also the future of the child and of all sentient beings in the world. Everything happens to be perfect, everything happens so well, I’ve seen that the future of humanity is wonderful.

I always love all of you, my beloved children!

Father God,