1. The Theory of Evolution and the Origin of Humans

Where do your beliefs lie? If you are an atheist, you likely believe in the Theory of Evolution as put forth by Charles Robert Darwin. Can you explain how the first single-celled organisms appeared on the Earth? Can you explain how those single-celled organisms later turned into multi-celled organisms, how multi-celled organisms became reptiles, and how reptiles changed into mammals? How do you explain why monkeys evolved into humans, and yet humans are so much more intelligent than monkeys?

Do you believe that Africa is the cradle of humankind? If you do, how do you explain that the first humans were black, but that today there are white, yellow, brown, and red-skinned people? If you believe that after humans migrated out of Africa, climate conditions and the environment formed different races, then how do you explain the following cases?

  • Two countries, Algeria and Mali, are both in Africa and share a border, but Malians are black and Algerians are white.
  • Similarly, Libyan people and Nigerian people belong to two different races and have different skin colors. Egyptian people and Sudanese people also belong to two different race and have different skin colors.
  • Russia and Mongolia are next to each other, but the Russians belong to the white-skinned race and Mongolians belong to the yellow-skinned race.
  • China is adjacent to Kazakhstan, but Chinese people have yellow skin while Kazakhstani people have white skin.

How do you explain why ancient people, after leaving Africa, did not choose Asia or Europe as a place to settle down, but rather traveled, with great hardship, through mountains and streams, across deserts and oceans, to remote Australia? And how could the ancient humans know that the continent of Australia even existed, such that they went straight there?

Can you explain why ancient humans, after leaving Africa, left their mother tongue behind and created numerous languages? This phenomenon did not occur in recent centuries when British people went to Australia, when Spanish people migrated to Mexico, or when French people migrated to Canada. They neither adopted the local language nor created a new one; instead, they maintained use of their mother tongue and found ways to make it become the primary language in their new homes.

In recent decades, a number of people from different nations such as Vietnam, Japan, Korea, and China settled in the United States, with families spanning multiple generations. Although they

use English in social communication, they still communicate in their mother tongues within their own communities and families. Moreover, they love, maintain, and teach their offspring the mother tongue from generation to generation. Meanwhile, we all know that, even with today‘s advanced civilization, creating a new language is not easy at all. So how could ancient people do so, and with such ease?

If you don‘t have explanations for these matters, you will find satisfying answers in the next chapters.

  1. Issues Related to Spirit and the Human Brain

Which schools of thought do you follow? Whether you are an idealist or a materialist, you must have at least once in your life witnessed or heard about psychic phenomena such as prophecies, telepathy, channeling, speaking in tongues, etc.

Do you know why a prophet can foretell someone‘s future, or the future events of a country or the world? Do you know why a psychic can tell someone‘s past accurately, tell what‘s happening inside the earth, or see far-away places?

Do you know why a medium, when channeling a spirit of the dead, can tell stories he or she has never heard or known before, or why he or she can speak a strange language or even cure sick people with water or leaves and make them well again?

In addition to psychic phenomena, do you have any idea why a prodigy of only a few years of age who has not yet acquired sufficient education can use a number of different languages fluently? Or why another prodigy is able to solve very complicated equations or problems of higher mathematics that even adults cannot solve?

The origin of prodigies‘ knowledge and the spiritual phenomena mentioned above will be explained to your satisfaction in the coming chapters.

  1. Ancient Architectural Works and Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

Do you believe that ancient humans constructed great ancient architectural works such as the Giza pyramid in Egypt, Stonehenge in England, and Tiwanaku site in Bolivia? If you do, can you explain how they constructed those great architectural sites with only the simple and primitive tools of their era?

Do you believe that aliens are real? If you do, what do you think about them? Do you believe that they come to our Earth with good or bad intentions? Do you know why aliens create mysterious crop circles in fields? Do you know what energy they use to operate unidentified flying objects (UFOs)? Do you know why UFOs often appear in places when natural disasters are happening on Earth? For instance:

  • A UFO appeared in the dual disaster of the earthquake and tsunami on 03/11/2011 in Japan.
  • A UFO appeared in the terrible dust storm that swept Mesa, Arizona (USA) on 07/06/2011.
  • A UFO appeared during Hurricane Irene on 08/28/2011in New York.

Information about phenomena such as those mentioned above are posted on many Internet sites and have garnered attention from many people, but no one can really explain these phenomena. However, all will be explained in the following chapters.

  1. Unexplained Issues Related to Religion

Do you follow a particular religion? If you are a Buddhist, do you believe in reincarnation and karma? If you do, do you believe that souls, in the afterlife, remain alive and experience consciousness? How are those souls reincarnated in humans? Is the incarnation process directed by a sacred being? Doctrines of Buddhism say that, after achieving holiness, you will attain nirvana. What and where do you think nirvana is? Once people go there, how will they live?

If you are a Christian, a Muslim, or a Jew, what do you think about God‘s existence? Does God have a physical body? If you believe that God created humans and life on Earth, can you explain how He did that? Can you explain why God unreasonably punishes the entirety of humankind for the sin Adam and Eve committed?

Can you explain why God has a fate for each person? Some are happy, rich, and powerful while others are poor, miserable, or disabled. According to certain religions, God created all humans equal—so why does God impose inequality upon humans when it comes to fate? There are numerous shortcomings and related questions, and it would take quite some time to list them all. By the time you finish this book, you will have a much deeper understanding of many matters related to God and humans—clearly and scientifically.