1. The End of the World Day
  • Many people assume that the final judgment day is the same as the end of the world day, but these two notions are completely different. ―End of the world‖ means the last day of the earth, the day when everything on earth is destroyed: trees, houses, humans, and even Earth itself no longer exists. Everything will end. But we completely believe that God will not let this day happen due to the following reasons:
  • God created the solar system and life on Earth, which are included in His divine plan. In His plans, God created many lives and connected them together in the whole universe. Thus, God will not let the end of the world day happen. If the end of the world day happened, this would defeat God‘s purpose.
  • In the past 4.5 billion years, God and the angels have made a lot of efforts to create things which bring life to humans. His great intention is to lead humans to evolve both intellectually and spiritually in order to have immortal life. Thus, God will not let end of the world day happen.
  • God is merciful. All suffering is caused by man from the sins of man, not by God to punish. He always loves, not hate or seek revenge with us. Thus, we know that human sins are not a reason for God to get angry, to wipe out humankind and destroy his own plan.

Since the beginning of time, there have been many rumors and predictions about the end of the word day – for instance, in 1666 and 1999. Currently, there are some predictions about the end of the world on December 21, 2012, the last day of the Mayan calendar cycle and probably more of those rumors will come. However, based upon the explanation above, we can conclude that end of the world will never happen.

  1. The Last Judgment Day

The final judgment day is good news for humanity. This day was mentioned in both the Bible and the Qur‘an. However, information about the events of this day is only vaguely described in various religions.

As we know, after death a soul will be seized by God, and before incarnating back to life again, all souls have to be judged for good and bad deeds from the previous life in order to receive fate arrangement. However, the meaning of the judgment day in question is not the same as previous judgments; this is God‘s final judgment, without distinguishing between religious and non-religious followers, theistic or atheistic; this is judgment for all of humanity.

Before humans can be liberated from death and reincarnation, each individual has to improve himself. As a part of this, God will especially take into consideration two very important factors: morality and knowledge. Although these two factors have the same importance level, they are ranked differently by God on the last judgment day.

  • When God judges morality and dignity, he will only judge for each individual, not based on the general morality of humanity.
  • When God judges knowledge or civilization level, he will base this judgment on the overall level of whole world – not on each individual.

The reason for this difference in God‘s judgment process is due to the fact that intellect is something that God gives humans at each period of time in order to meet living and human developmental needs. On the other hand, morality and dignity belong to an individual‘s efforts to improve and reach a level of perfection according to God‘s standards.

For God to decide the time of the final judgment day, humans need to reach a certain evolutionary level and synchronicity of both intellect and morality – again, according to standards set by God. We know God does not just let us evolve by ourselves, from the beginning; God and the angels have helped us a lot.

In the intellectual field, God helped humans in many direct and indirect ways, such as:

  • In the early days that humans existed on Earth, the angels distributed humankind so that humans appeared all over the world. They directly taught each group a language so that we can communicate with one another.
  • God and the angels helped humans indirectly by revelation. For an example, the Russian Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev established the first version of the periodic table of elements in a dream.
  • God and the angels helped humans directly and indirectly by installing new knowledge into RLPI and then releasing geniuses into the world. Examples include physicist-astronomer Albert Einstein and German composer Ludwig Van Beethoven.

In morality and dignity, God helped humans through many direct and indirect ways, such as:

  • As an indirect form of assistance, God helped Gautama Buddha create Buddhism and helped Confucius create Confucianism, Martin Luther, John Calvin to create Protestant Church, and other great philosophers such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.
  • As a half direct / half indirect form of assistance, God revealed messages to the prophet Abraham, who then created Judaism. By way of revelation, God helped the prophet Muhammad create Islam. By mediumship and channeling he helped a group of Vietnamese people create Caodaism.
  • As a direct form of assistance, God let his son, Jesus Christ, borrowing an earthly human body, come to Earth to help create Christianity.

In brief, on the last judgment day God may not release some scientists or talented business owners, due to their poor morality, but he may liberatea craftsman or a famer because they have very good morality.

  1. Preparation for the Last Judgment Day

God will not predetermine the last judgement daybecause this process will depend on the evolutional level of humanity as a whole. Humansare a significant factor contributing to the progressof the last judgment day. God will execute many steps for thelast judgement day, as followed:

  1. First, God will set and inform the exact date of the last judgement day to all humankind.
  1. Second, God will let all souls kept in heaven incarnate into human form18 years prior to the final judgment day so that they all canbe mature enough to attend the final judgment day. This work of God can be considered to fulfill the statement ―death is alive from the grave‖ to attend the final judgment day (Revelation 20:13).
  1. Third, during the waiting time of the last judgement day, God will not let anyone die, and simultaneously will not let anyone have babies.
  1. Finally, God, Jesus Christ and high-level angels will come to earth to process the judgment.

There are two ways that God and angels will come to Earth:

  • First way: God will inform some scientists on Earth to prepare some clone humans according to his requirement. When the final judgment day will come, God, Jesus Christ and the angels will possess these bodies by super brainwave, similar to the way Jesus Christ descended to earth 2000 years ago.
  • Second way: the angels prepare clone bodies from their own orignal cells in outer space. When the final judgment comes, God, Jesus Christ and the angels will possess these bodies by super brainwaves and come to earth in flying saucers.
  1. Methods of Judgment

In the final judgment day, we will not see all of the people of the world coming to one place to hear God‘s judgement, because there is no place large enough forall of us to attend this event. On this day, angels will directly broadcast to the whole world the view where God, Jesus Christ and the angels perform the judgment. Those images, which the angels will execute through the use of superior optical technology and sound, will be seen in the clouds(Revelation, 1:7).

On that day, God will judge everyone – from a new soul who is in his first life to souls that had been though hundreds of lives. Everyone has equal chance.

This is the event that is mentionedin the ―Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard‖(New

Testament, Mathew 20:1–15). In this parable, Jesus Christ compared each working hour to a life.

After preparing everything, God will announce the judgment and guide the angels to fulfill His judgment by using super brainwaves to activate the RLPI for everyone at the same time. From there, each of us will see and recall thoughts, actions and emotions, from the first life to the last one. This information will show in our heads with clear imagery and sound, as if we are watching a 3D movie. From there, each of us will be aware of what we have done in the past: good or bad, virtue or sin, all is shown clearly so that we cannot deny it. After the self-judgment, God will make a list of deserved people who can receive his release. These people will be released from fate, escape reincarnation and enjoy immortal lives.

The rest who are not released by God in this judgment will have their physical lives taken away, but their souls will be saved. However, God will not take away the lives of these souls forever. He will let them incarnate into human form and live on a different planet, created after Earth. God will not let these souls incarnate into the first humans of the new planet. Instead, He will choose the right moment so that these souls‘ knowledge will match the civilization at that place.

This will help these souls to continue to evolve and wait for the final judgment day of that planet. This work of God was mentioned as releasing Satan after ―first a thousand-year imprisonment‖

(Revelation 20:1-10). We know that God has ultimate power. Thus, there is no one who can oppose Him. Therefore, Satan was not on the opposite side. He was a high-level angel under

God‘s leading. Angel Satan and others will be responsible for managing human virtue and sin.

And Satan Angel will be responsible for managing sins. Therefore, Satan is considered the symbol of all sins. We should understand that Satan is imprisoned in hell are also the soul of sin is not to be saved and no other Satan.

Once again, the consideration of these events will help us know that the soul is immortal and God is good-hearted and absolutely fair. He never gets rid of any souls. Even though they have done many evil deeds, he will still continuously guide them to the end.

  1. After the Final Judgment Day

After judgment, God will activates super brain wave system to connect with our RPLI and consciousness and became one, from which we can recall all the facts have occurred in all lives that we have experienced. In addition, God will adjust our gene so that it becomes the most perfect and give us the secret operation of the super-brain waves and gene structure so humans can create our own beautiful and youthful body as desired. At the same time, God will empower Jesus Christ and high-level angels to manage work on Earth. The first thing Jesus will do is to become the master of ceremonies for couples‘ who will live together on Earth in the future.

After the judgment, humans will not continue to have children because it is no longer necessary for a life that everyone live forever. humans can live in an absolutely fair and peaceful society.

At that time, all material products for serving humanity‘s needs and all services will be produced and managed mostly by robots and biological robots.

After the judgment, Jesus Christ will lead and guide us in helping souls and lives that form after Earth. We will do work similar to what angels used to do to support us as humans. At that time, we will also become angels for those humans living at different places.