CHAPTER I: What is the true essence of light and darkness?

     Dear friends, before mentioning what is the true nature of light and darkness? Let me clearly state that I am not discussing the physical meaning of light and darkness. But here I just talk about the words of light and darkness, which are often used in the spiritual world, the words that God and the Masters often used to tell us over the millennia.

     But before I can find the true meaning of the word light and darkness, I may have to seek the word “ignorance”. Ignorance is a very common term used in the Buddhist doctrine, and the meaning of ignorance is understood by many people as having no light, which is dark. Often, when one uses the word ignorance to say something to someone, it means that the person is confused, ignorant, without knowledge, without awareness, etc.

     And once we see the meaning of the word of ignorance, it means that we will envision the meaning of the word light, because it is opposed to each other. Usually, when you hear people say, that person is a person of light also means that person is conscious, aware, intellectually – conscious of God light.

     Actually, until now I only talk a part of the problem and you can only see the surface of the iceberg. Because I only analyze one-sided, but not multi-dimensional so you do not see all the real meaning of light and dark. So, I will have to analyze again from the beginning and again I have to pray for the words of ignorance. But I will not analyze deeper the word “unconscious” and consider it as darkness, because the word darkness is actually the opposite of the word light. But if I insist that the darkness “ignorance” is foolish, ignorant, unconscious, unawareness, I may lead you to mistakes.

     You see what thoughts, actions and activities that harm your physics and mental, which bring negative, suffering for others. It doesn’t matter what they did on behalf of anyone else, their actions are considered to be the actions of the dark forces. But the fact is that so many leaders, governments, bankers, corporate bosses, landlords, and so many different factions in the world have ever had. There are many leaders, bank owner, corporation owner brings many loss, suffering for many people. Whether they are lack of knowledge, ignorant, foolish as we used to think to the meaning of the word ignorance. No, I’m sure they do not, because they are not ignorant and lack knowledge, and they are not the only cunning, intelligent, but they are aslo very wise. In fact, in life they can always master the situation and actively do their job very well, more than many people.

     To illustrate this truth, you can imagine that there are so many powerful rulers in the past, they have issued many laws which are binding and repressive, so that they can control people. The main purpose is to safeguard their own interests and power, but it rarely brings practical benefits to the people. The big boss of heavy industry, they produce and manufacture a variety of weapons, they are linked together and they always looking for ways to create fear of the people. And in fact they always plot to promote the war with the purpose of selling more deadly products, in search of profit. Bankers, power tycoons in a country or in the whole world are always seeking to bless their people by turning them into debtors for the sake of many of their slaves, it is just for the purpose of profit and power. Landlords, real estate tycoons always seek to give credit to the people in their place, but to connect with the tycoons to turn them into debtors for whole life.

     Some of these examples are intended to help you visualize them as people of the light or dark forces. There are also many other forces, such as religious powers. At first glance, you may think that they are the forces within the power system of light. But if you observe in the spirit of non-prejudice you will realize that what is concealed behind the altar of charity, compassion is the opposite. As I have said in any work, any idea, any organization, to act in a way that binds other people’s thoughts, causes fear to others, causes suffering, causes interfering with the experience of others, infringing upon the right to life, infringing on the will of the will of man, whoever they may go, all their affairs are in the system of power dark.

     Typically, there are some religions that portray God as a powerful man, full of love but also full of cruelty, brutality. He will be willing to punish anyone who commit crime, or not follow His order. This teaching will make people very confused and very scared. So, if you do not want to get angry and punish, then you will have to depend on them to do what they teach, thanks to the priests and priests of the organization who mediates for you. Or there are religions that give ideas, doctrines like kusala cessation, eradicating craving, eradicating self and abstinence, abstaining from all things, living things. And if their followers do not act as they have taught, they will not be able to attain nirvana, cannot escape samsara. But asking if all the beings in this world acted exactly as their teachings have propagated, how can the world be able to exist, what will people create, experience what is the experience of life in the world? And if so, what are we going to do? In the supreme reality of God, the cosmic law has shown that if a soul comes to earth without being able to create anything, experience nothing, there are many things in life itself. On earth, that soul will not be allowed to go home with God, cannot reach nirvana and not escape samsara.

     There are also religious orders, including the banning of murdering, but they can kill people to protect the honor of Saint Allah, protect the honor of the Church, and protect their religion. You see the world appeared as many as the Holy Crusades, there are many extremists caused so much pain, suffering, death and fear for the people.

My dear spiritual friend, Le Thanh Tan, often jokes: religious dogma is similar to sugar-coated pills, it is similar to the toxic chemicals used to create color, bleach in the food processing industry.

     The above are just a few examples, in fact there are many paradoxes stemming from the dark forces and from religious organizations, but here I cannot say all.

     Addressing the inadequacies arising from the religious forces reminds me of the teachings of the Creator. And his revelations make people feel very weird, but if you think carefully you will realize that it is very wonderful. I would like to tell you, what happened on August 8th, 2015. That morning I talked to the creator of the lion gate opening. He taught me a lot of things, but what I like the most is the problem of religion. He said: “Little friends, you know, through the ages in the history of humanity. There have been many sages appearing on the planet Earth, in various forms, in order to carry out the mission of proclaiming the light of the truth of God. Indeed, they have preached the light of truth. God is a truth, undeniable. But you know, usually good, too bad, too blind, and you can imagine it like this. Gurus bring light to the human race, but electric arc light for the mortal eyes of the human world. And with bare eyes, barely any protection, but many people still want to look at that light. That’s why they are blind, and have been blind, and lead the blind, so they will both roll down the hole.

     Do you know? The impact of the light mission of the sorcerers has made humanity experience so much suffering and negative influence on the multitude of life in this world. But that is their true purpose, in the plan was set. They have, in the name of God, acted in the name of the MostHigh God, in My name, to perform My omnipotence. But why do they act like that? Why is their purpose so odd? You see, this is an undeniable truth. But what I say today is not an answer, but a question that I give to humanity, as well as to little brother. So, try to find the answer in the truth, to spread the word to many people”.


     Actually, everything that happens in the universe as well as in life has its cause and all causes are perfectly within God’s omniscient plan. Until we finally realize that all ultimate truths, all come from the Supreme Being. And it all comes from the first cause – and the God consciousness is the cause of all causes, Father God and Mother God is also the first and last cause.

  Back to issue that God has just revealed and from this disclosure we can recognize that: The cause of many instabilities and negativities in religion is affecting most people in the world. Because the Masters brought the truth and the light did not fit the time. And as you can see, I have put it in the Ultimate Truth, the new time is the decisive value of every problem and everything. The truth and the light that he masters brought to the world is not an exception. How is the Humans’ consciousness in all aspects of life including spiritual awareness in previous period? A question that anyone can answer. Yet in those times, the Masters gave to the Mankind too complicated and super high truth that beyond their awareness.  That is the reason make their truth misunderstood with limited awareness of humanity. From those limited awareness, it brings to wrong explanations. This is crucified in religious doctrine, and these are practiced through many rules in every religion. I will try to give you some examples to help you visualize the so-called illuminated reality as the Creator says. I say the example, but it is not, in fact, an example that addresses the specific problems God and the Light said.

     Example 1: In God’s Dialogue with Neale Donal Walsch, God says. According to the law of cause and effect, you will get back seven times what you gave. Accordingly, in observing and through my own experience in the reality of life, the word of God is indeed true. In fact, that teaching of God is the light of truth, the absolute truth. But according to my observation, God only speaks half and leaves half of this truth. Quit the full sentence of God’s law should be like this. According to the law of cause and effect, you will receive seven times what you have given, provided that your help is approved by the object or object requested. You see, according to the law of cause and effect, when you give away a lot, you will get back is quite reasonable. But once you are living in a state where you help someone else by default, you do not get the approval of that person or they do not ask for it. This means that you have violated their will freedom and also that you have violated the law. As I stated in The Ultimate Truth, before 2012 all your help, all your uncircumcised actions will not bring you back those 7 times, On the other hand, you will have to take the unpleasant experience for that person.

  Regard to this issue, it was also the handsome Jesus boy, our ultimate intelligence has also launched a trap. And this trap is the advice “But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth” the New Testament. It is the same as he advises you, seeing someone else miserable that you should help right away without waiting for that person to beg. And if you did not need to tell anyone, do not brag, do not tell the work. If you act according to his advice, it also means that you have broken the law, so you cannot get back seven times for what you give, but it the opposite. And as you can see, the traps that have been laid out for us in this world are numerous. But all these traps, when laid out, are based on truth, but the truth is well covered, half covered. But whether they are trapped in any way, the most complex or the simplest, it is still very effective in their intent. But they do not hate you, but they love you. And all their work for you, not to help you complete your mission soon.

    Example 2: In a recent message from Archangel Michael, he tells us that you will get 10 times from what you prayed for others.  Actually, this is a good news, isn’t it? I say it is a very good information, due to my initial thought, when reading through the message, I think, praying is a very simple matter and anyone can do it. But just pray for someone that you will get back ten times what you prayed for, what a fool if you don’t do it? But do you think the teachings of the Archangel Michael are true? At first glance, you may find it absurd in the teachings. Because you can only get back seven times what you give, but when you pray for others, you get back to 10 times? Indeed, if his words are true then you do not have to help anyone with anything material, but you just pray for them. And as you see, if the words of the Archangel Michael say the truth, then everything will be so easy for us to give and receive according to the law of cause and effect, do not you? If what is truth, then we already get a good deal, don’t we?

  Indeed, Michael’s words is not a lie but the complete truth is the ultimate truth. But things are not as simple and easy to understand as he says, in fact what he says is just the tip of the iceberg. And the real essence of the new advice is the entire iceberg, but not just the floating part that we have seen.

When I was tempted into the spiritual world, even in The Ultimate Truth, the point of so-called prayer still has a very positive outlook. At that time, I had very simple thoughts concerning the question of prayer. And in fact, then I thought, praying God something for myself or for others and God would give it all. But, in fact, everything, everything always has its price, double-sidedness exists in any matter and there is not anything that exists that can be one-sided.

     Praying is the same, it always has two-sided in it. So the teachings of the Archangel Michael about the question of prayer seem very simple, anyone can do and can succeed very easily. But actually prayer is one thing, and success or not always depends a lot on you. In case, your prayers are successful, but it has succeeded in any positive or negative direction that is the problem that you need to care about. Do you think that prayer is a very delicious and easy to swallow? In fact, we have so many times been eating the wrong food created by that prayer call. But when you just swallowed the food out of your throat, it immediately became poison, so you never could have expected it.

And as you can see, God and the lights of the past as well as the present have always used a constant technique only say half and hidden half. Typically, as this revelation of Archangel Michael, for the sake of his will, he will receive ten times as much as you pray for others: But you have to keep in mind, while praying how you activate your soul energy.  You will receive the same thing. Therefore, do not rule out the possibility that you will also receive up to 10 times what you do not want, derived from your own prayers.

     You see, Michael’s advice sounds very easy to implement. But in fact, it is hard to understand the true nature of the so-called prayer according to his will. And so that you can visualize the so-called prayer, I will first try to explain the meaning of the word “praying” Prayer is simply ask (God, Buddha, God, or any god you trust) to satisfy you or for other’s wishes. You can ask God to give you whatever you want, and it is the privilege of free will. But in fact, if you want to pray for someone, something, first you must really have something, like what you are wanting for that person, then your prayers will be effective.

     In other words, everything from invisible to tangible things. What you give is what you have, you cannot give others what you do not have. So, you cannot give what you do not have. You do not have something, but you say you give someone something, that is, you lie. Statue, you pray for someone, something, but you are not there, that is, you lie to the Universe. So, your prayers will not come true, because it does not produce the energy you want! Likewise, love is the vibration frequency created by your own heart, in your heart. But even you, you still cannot use your own love to love yourself, so you will never be able to love others. Finally, you have to know that you have to know yourself before you know how to love others. Similarly, you must have something, before you want to pray for someone something, like what you have.

     In fact, prayer is a job that you can practice anywhere and anytime and just pray with sincerity. The so-called praying does not have to be carried out in churches, churches, pagodas or anywhere else in which new forms of worship are considered as prayers

   Example: You are travel on the road, suddenly you see a crowd due to the traffic accident. And when you see a woman lying on the street, suddenly you force her mouth to utter in thought or words, I pray for her that she can get out of that accident safely. And this is really a very sincere prayer for you, so it will work. And no matter what she can get out safely or not, you will still get back 10 times in the future. It is effective, because your prayer is sincere, above all you practice prayer in reality, and you are having peace and not physically. And the important thing is that you pray for the person who gets the accident physically, but not the other way around, so it works. Efficient, because you are holding your own calm physical energy, and when you pray you send that wave of calm energy to that person.

   For example: You say a blessing to someone, but just to show others that you are a polite, knowledgeable, virtuous person, but it is not sincere in your blessings. That happiness has no energy, even though you are happy. Example: You pray for someone who has a good life, happy and happy life, but your real life does not have that stuff, so you do not have the right energy source. So, no matter how sincere your prayers are, it never works. On the other hand, if you are a really wealthy person, when you are lacking, people ask for help, but you do not help, only pray for them, your prayers are not effective. It is not effective, because your prayer for that person is a lie. You can imagine through the below example. You are a very happy person and you are very sincere in your prayers for someone who is very happy, that is, you send him or her a source of true happiness. But here you are, who are living in misery, so your wishes for others do not bring happiness energy, so it does not work.

     For example, you are a very successful and wealthy person, and you say good wishes such as success and wealth to someone with your sincere heart. You also send them a source of energy from your own success and wealth to that person. But here you are the unsuccessful and poor person, so what energy does your blessing can bring? You know it.

So, you see, all your good wishes for others will be meaningless, if you do not own things like your prayers. Say that it is meaningless, because your prayers do not carry the energy to create what you want for that person. But in reality, that person is not necessarily destitute for life, but they can go on to succeed and rich in many different ways. Here when I come to inefficiency, your prayer is not effective for that person. But the person himself will be able to have many different energies to succeed. So, you pray for someone in your poor reality, just as you lie to yourself no less. Often, similar prayers, unlike prayers for others, are a prayer for oneself, which will be more appropriate.

     In fact, simply praying is sending you into the universe a thought that comes from the heart of your desire. In fact, all the success, everything you want is always around you and if you integrate enough energy it will show up for you. The problem is that you have enough patience and patience to pursue your goals or not is the crux of the problem. In case, if you integrate energy by prayer, you should not do it when you are distracted or the mind is not homogeneous. But praying with the state of mind merges, then you will have access to the energy sources you desire more easily. From there, you will integrate positive energy sources continuously, until it’s enough then your desires will be manifested.

     Where you pray for others, you must have the person who owns the right energy for what you pray for. For example: You only own and accumulate energy sources such as ABCD, but you pray for others with E or F energy. Of course your prayers cannot be successful, because there is no source of energy E or F for energy conduction. To be more precise, if your energy is in the dark, but what you ask for is light, then your vows are meaningless. But you can pray for yourself for whatever you want, just as you develop your heart with sincere faith, you will be. You can visualize the problem I just presented is shown in the sentence “Birds of the same feather stick together”.

     In fact, when you do not possess the same energy that your prayers have for others, it may still be possible. And if you really want to, just add a few words to your prayers, it will naturally be effective. For example, you are suffering, miserable, poor, always failing. But if you want to pray for someone, happy, rich or successful, you have to pray like this. I ask God to give you A, B for whom, for whom, to have a happy life, prosperous, wealthy, or always successful, etc., unlike me. Unlike me is the part you insist on what you want in your prayers. It also means that you beg God to agree to the fact that your prayer for that person is contrary to your own situation. And that is the reason for the success of your prayer. But there is something to keep in mind: The success of your prayers for others means that you have crucified a wish for unhappiness, suffering, poverty or failure to stay with your life. Because in your prayers, you say God wants someone to be happy or successful and keep you from suffering or failures. This therapy is in prayer, if there are often just parents praying for their children.

      But perhaps I need to come up with a more concrete example, in order to help you visualize the true nature of the so-called, compatible energy in the matter of prayer. For example, you pray for peace in the world, pray for world peace. But in reality, you never really have peace in your heart; in your heart there are always conflicts and instability. Typically, you are still hating terrorists, IS people, you always have a desire that the world will kill these people. In addition, you are always on the side of the so-called good people to condemn, criticize and hate those whom you consider to be bad. In you there is always separation, your thoughts always have a clear separation between what you call evil and good. So, your prayers will not have any effect, because the energy you are holding is the source of conflict, of uncertainty, of war, but not a source of peace. In fact, before you want to pray for peace in the world, pray for world peace, you should pray God to give you that self, before you start praying for someone. If there is no peace in your heart, there is no peace, no matter how sincere you pray, your prayers are just nonsense.

    Actually, all that I presented about the so-called prayer is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the true nature of what is left is the most frightening. Personally, after discovering the true nature of what is being hidden under the sheath of prayer, I was shocked, shuddered, and gnawed. In reality, a lot of bad and negative things are hidden in prayer. And that’s the part Michael really hid and did not reveal, it’s called half and half left.

     My dear friends, I think if you see the truth about the bad things that are integrated in the word of prayer, you may feel as scared as I am. When I realized this, I became more sympathetic to so many people, because what I have done before is no different than many people are doing now. You see, as I said to you, prayer is just a word to express the goodness that comes from it, the 3D way of thinking of the world. In fact, prayer is not always something that gives people the best, whereas prayer can give people something worse than your imagination. For simplicity, prayer is to think, speak up, write up … desire to have something that you yourself want, with your most faithfulness and sincerity. But if I say so, will you ask? I will never sincerely pray for myself, so the author does not need to bother. My dear, please listen to me a few words. Indeed, this is a secret of the universe, but I will try to expose the secret that has been covered for many thousands of years. And it is also one of the main causes for us, the people who have lived on Earth so much suffering.

And so you can imagine the true nature of the so-called bad things that come from prayer, I’ll give you some good examples to help you understand it.

     Example: You see there is a crowd, there are many people are fighting a person, ask you know that people are fighting a dog thief. You just heard that, you were loud enough for many people to listen. Fight for the father who steals the dog, what little now in the neighborhood is lost dog constantly. This is an emotional outburst and even your very natural thoughts are hidden from the heart so far, related to the problem of dog theft.

     And the story comes to an end, but I ask you, do you really know how you got involved in this dog thief attack? Indeed, when you utter a word for everyone to hear, it is your own sincerest words. And it is clear that this statement is very sincere, intent on expressing your thoughts and thoughts about what happens in the immediate future. You can say it is not a prayer, but it is just to express your thoughts at the same time. Yes, I still agree that you are not praying the way you think, but whether you think you are not praying. In fact, the word you say is the sincerest prayer, for simply praying is asking for a satisfaction for your own desires for something. And in this case, you asked the people who were attacking the dog thief, give you a satisfaction. That is the saying, “beat the father who steals the dog”, and your request is directed to those who are involved in the thief robbery. And your wishes at that time not only very much want the dog thief to be beaten to death but also his father. In fact, the diction you use here is just a buffer, but it’s still the most important word to confirm your true intentions anyway.

     So, you will have the opportunity to get back 10 times the pain that the thief has suffered after your speech, because your prayers have been successful. But you will ask why you do not participate in the thief attack that you are picked up to 10 times from cause and effect, the people directly involved in the fight is not?. I will tell you why? It is simply, even if you do not participate, you are the one who provokes, rejects hatred, directing others into the dark. You see, it’s very likely that those people will stop their hands and continue to beat the thief. But since they hear you fire on their hatred, they continue to beat and just each of them smacks the dog with a few more punches that the thief may die. A group of people may be 10 people, maybe 20 people, and hearing from your instincts, they continue to hand. But you only get back there 10 times of the cause, it is still ok. For those who directly hit people, cause and effect can only give them 1/1 that is the ultimate limit for their actions. Especially dog thief is not guilty, it will no longer receive any kind of cause and effect from the dog stealing, because it is receiving its own fruit.

     On the contrary, instead of you seeing that, you shout loudly. Let’s stop with your hands, there is nothing left, there is nothing to let the law deal. If you do not stop, you will be the one responsible. Actually, this is also your prayer. In this case, it comes from your compassionate heart, so you do not want to see someone beaten, tortured, for whatever reason. So you have to speak up for it, despite that it may be against the wishes of the crowd. But maybe because of that, that will all stop, because everyone is afraid of being responsible, if the thief stealing incident occurs. You see, this is actually a prayer, in my opinion there is no prayer that can achieve such sincerity. So, you deserve to receive 10 times the good, which comes from this prayer.

    But the article after being posted online, you and many others cited in the comments curse the girl no words. Which is worth the life of her husband robbed the other husband, who is beaten so damn child Destruction of other people’s happiness etc.

     You see, indeed, your comment action is no longer simply a statement of your own personal opinion. In fact, it is more than a prayer but it is written in writing. So, you deserve to receive 10 times the suffering that girl has suffered. By simply being one of those who excite and excite others hatred and hatred of the girl. In addition, you are the person who promotes the darkness, promotes hatred as well as denies love, compassion and forgiveness between people for human beings.

    Finally, to understand the true meaning of prayer that each of us performs daily in living, in whatever form. Prayer, simply a tool to help us attract more energy, to integrate and accumulate for the soul. Praying for its true meaning is the origin of the heart, or more accurately, from the vibrations of the soul and is transmitted by thought. And how your soul vibrates, you will be able to access that wave of energy. So, whether inadvertently or deliberately, your prayers will always be accessible to the dark or bright energy sources that fit your vibrations and thoughts.

     But you see, not everyone as better life if they just consider prayer as form. In fact, no religious followers pray as much as Muslims. You see, even though Muslims do pray five times a day and many times unofficially. But what in fact has proven? Are their many prayers more synonymous with peace and happiness for them than others? And if you can compare the real lives of non-believers or of other religions, are they inferior to them? You can answer this truth yourself.

     In fact, the main purpose of prayer is to ask God for you, for the other, or for the world something better, for things that you yourself cannot do. But prayer is not for the whole day to say hollow words like God, because God does not have that need. You do not honor God, but God is always the most glorious, eternal, eternal All-powerful. But if you say, I do not pray, how can I express my gratitude to God? Indeed, gratitude is the virtue, the quality of love that comes from God. You say thank you to God or say gratitude to others, or you can express gratitude for anything that has brought you good in this life that you are expressing the quality of love on the surface life. In fact, when you say thank you to God, you pray that God will continue to bless you, and nothing else. It is clear that God always loves you, giving you everything, everything, God does not expect you to repay. You should remember that God is always giving, but never expecting to receive. Giving in order to receiving is not God’s character. It is the personality of people on Earth. Thus, you should not base on people’s character to infer God’s character.

     In fact, God cannot accept any of your honors for him. If He accepts your honor, it also means that God’s name is not bright enough, not big enough, not high enough, so God needs to accept someone’s honor to help His name brighter. But you can honor God by acting, by your expression on the surface of life, when God will accept and be grateful to you. For example: Your day and night, pursue, seek the truth about God. Then you share to more people with more awareness of the truth of God. This expression of yours, your action, is to help others realize more truths in life. That means you are honoring God in the best, most perfect way. And from that expression of your own, God will accept this honor, and even be grateful to you. God is willing to accept your honor for Him in your own actions, but cannot accept the honor of others for you by the cliché.

    Similarly, God never receives your gratitude through words. If God accepts your gratitude, God has acknowledged, the love that God has for you is conditional. So everything, everything God gives you, is the purposeful action to be answered. Similar to honor, God is willing to receive your gratitude for Him in your own actions, but never receive the gratitude of others for your own words of cliché. So, you can see God is always able to accept any of your actions in the love of man.

     When it comes to this issue, it reminds me of the funniest job of my dear little nephew. I used to place an altar on the yard, and every night when I went to incense for God, my nephew often followed me on the terrace to receive light incense. One day, after my grandfather had burned incense, his grandmother asked him, what was he praying for? He replied that I prayed to God for the whole family to be happy and pray on the face of her mother always smile. Also, I told you, God, I have to go to America, God, stay in mind to stay healthy. You see, is there anybody in this life like a strange child like my niece? Do not pray anything but pray Lord Him stay remember to stay healthy. But, derived from my grandfather’s prayer, I realized that this prayer is very similar to those who go to church to honor God. You see, with the consciousness of a six-year-old, my nephew thought that his Lord could only exist and exist on the altar, on my house terrace. Thus, it used the words of the Lord Himself, in its prayers. Likewise, there are many who always think of His Lord, their Lord Buddha, their God, the Holy One of Alla. All of them can only exist and exist in the church, right in the church, right in the temple of their religion. So, they have to go to church, they have to go to church, they have to go to the temple, they can meet people they respect and pray, and not elsewhere. Also with the saying, keeping my nephew’s health, no different from people going to church to honor God.

     Similarly, God will never receive the curse or scandal of anyone else for God. If God takes away your curse, your sin, God is self-condemned, you are not perfect, not good enough so others can find the reason for cursing yourself. So, God will never take the curse of you or anyone for God. In addition, if God takes the curse of you or someone for Him, that is, to force Him to punish you or that person. But punishing others is something God never does.

    So, if you curse or slander God, all your words are always there, always with you. Speaking of the sentence that always stays, I suddenly remember an interesting anecdote of Shakyamuni Buddha. And I think this story in you guys may have known, but I still ask for permission to speak again. One day, Buddha Shakyamuni arrived at a village to give a lecture, suddenly a farmer came to see Shakyamuni and cursed him without any words. After hearing the farmer cursing himself for a while, Shakyamuni asked him. In case, you have a gift and you want to give someone another gift, but that person does not receive the gift belongs to whom. Of course, the farmer did not hesitate to answer, that gift belonged to me, but whoever came in here.

     You see, this is a highly philosophical story. And the story itself shows that, because farmer’s words is not true. So, Buddha Shakyamuni did not receive it, but once Shakyamuni did not receive it, it still remained with the peasant. It also means that the farmer retains that dark perception for himself.

     You see, in case God accepts your defamation, it means God accepts the truth in the content of the defamation. From which you can infer, God will never accept gratitude, or honor of anyone who surrenders to God which is merely formal, but not actionable. You see, the case of God accepts your gratitude, your honor, that God accepts your libel. In the case, God accepts your gratitude, it means God must bless you, likewise, God accepts your defamation, and God naturally punishes you. There is no reason to justify that God only receives good things for Himself such as gratitude and honor, and return all curse and libel back to man.

     Naturally, God will never do that, because everything is from God even good or bad, dark or light, everything does come from God. So, you have to understand that you cannot take God’s stuff and say, I’m going to give God that as a gift to bribe God. Even if you can use any good words to argue for your doing, then all you do is just meaningless. You can imagine praying to honor God, or saying gratitude to God in the form of prayer is the formal way. And you can continue to visualize this problem by example: There is a poor person, his family is very poor, and they always lack of food and clothes. And there is also a rich man, he often helps him with money and things. One day after the poor he received a large amount of money from the wealthy man. He immediately used a portion of the borrowed money to buy a gift for the rich man. So you think that the rich person will receive that gift from the poor man or not. You will be able to answer yourself.

   Actually, if you can be aware of the truth about God, I think that in there is always gratitude for God, and always express that gratitude with your own actions. But do not just wait until you pray to say that you are grateful to God. The gratitude for God must be a continuous process of the life of a soul. But not because there is an impact on the situation, then you say thank God. Gratitude and thanks are two different aspects of a problem, but gratitude is greater and fuller than many thanks. Because gratitude is made up of a combination of consciousness and the vibration of the soul. While thanks are created by the temporary feelings of the soul only. Example: You always show gratitude to your parents, because they gave birth to you, raised, taught, wrapped up and loved you. You see, you are always grateful for the continuous process that you have given your parents for what they have brought to you. But you go to a restaurant to order a bowl of pho, and when waiter brings pho to you, you can just say “thank you”, but you cannot say I am really grateful. “Know” is knowledge, consciousness and awareness, and “on “is an emotion derived from the love created by the heart. You can say thanks to God for the happenings in life, as supplement to the pre-existing gratitude in your soul, but it does not reduce the meaning of gratitude.

     You see, God has never forgiven you for any faults you have caused. In fact, God has never forgiven you, because in God’s eyes you have never made a mistake. In God’s eyes, you have never done anything so God can consider that guilty, so God will forgive you. Remember, whether your work is considered the most sinful or guilty, then all your actions are always considered divine by God. Because God always views all your actions as a manifestation of God himself on the surface of life. In fact, all human actions are labeled as compassion, charity, forgiveness, sharing, tolerance, empathy, or cruelty, selfishness is still what God created for human experience and through human expression, God will experience it with man. But God never manifests himself on the surface of life. So, whatever you and even those are considered evil by others. God still does not judge you just like humans judge you. On the contrary, your actions are considered good, God still does not honor you, as man honors you. God never has the distinction between right or wrong, good or bad, good or evil to judge people. So, we can assert that man is impossible to be completely like God. So, we can assert that all human thoughts are God’s thoughts, but God’s thinking is not human thinking. So, we can assert that all human actions are God’s actions, but all actions of God are not human actions.

    Likewise, love for human beings is the love of God. But God’s love for man is completely unlike man’s love for man. You see, people often say God always show God absolute love for everyone equally. But in fact, God cannot afford to show His absolute love for each of us equally. God does not consider it the most important thing to do to love human beings absolutely. But God always cares about how to create the perfect opportunity for all human beings. Because you know, love is the vibration of the heart, every heartbeat when you love is not the same, more precisely, every time you express love in each situation is completely different together. When your loving heart vibrates, the love that flows out of you is never able to be measured, measured, as ordinary matter. If you can measure your love, it definitely is not love.

      Vibration of love from the soul is not an accurate machine. Because the emotional vibration frequencies of the soul are always dependent on human communication. So, the soul does not calculate how much it loves to match with the equality. God loves his children with endless and unconditional love, but there is no need to show love in front of them. So, God cannot give absolute love to everyone fairly. In fact, for God, nothing is impossible. And the solution for God to express his love for all is absolutely fair that God never actively gives more love to any individual.

     You see, God’s love is the only and unique case, it is completely unlike the way people love each other. Usually in life, you will have to show your love to others, before you want to receive a response. In case you love someone but never ask them to respond to you, you have fallen in love unconditionally. But how much you love someone, is your right, no one can force you. God is completely different, if God shows love as your way there would certainly not have absolute justice. If God actively expresses his love for an individual by God’s will, it will inevitably lead to bias. So, in order to create absolute justice, God will never actively express his love to any individual by God’s liking. But if for that we think that God is not sentimental, then it is wrong. In contrast to before and forever eternal, eternal God is always the most loving in the universe. In fact, God loves people more than the imagination of man himself. God gives man the whole of God’s unconditional, in his love. But never ever hold anything for yourself or anything, including the pure energy of pure love.

    In fact, you can directly receive love through the expression of God. If you ask God to give you love, the more faith and sincerity you give to God, you will receive love through expression from God. Love through the expression of God, is like this: You are very hungry, you beg God to pity you, feed your children because you are very hungry. Once you beg, naturally someone brings you food. Example: You are about to be in jail, but you do not have enough money to invite a good lawyer to advocate for you. You beg God to have mercy on me, I do not want to be in prison because it was unfair. Once you ask for it, naturally there is a good lawyer who will give you free legal advice, eventually acquitted. From there you can see, God’s expression of love does not mean God does it personally. But God through man shows God’s love to the surface of life.

     In case you actively send your love and gratitude to God, but not for any purpose. God will feel your love, then will repay you 10 times the power of love that you used to send to God with pure energy source of love. It’s as simple as that for you to imagine. Often when your soul wants to love, it must vibrate to gain access to pure love energy then it can manifest that source of love on the surface of life. But when you show your love for God, God will feel and respond to your heart 10 times more than the love power you sent when you fell in love with God. Of course, I am only talking about our world in the present time, and in the world of light they can love and use pure love energy according to their needs, but not must pray to God. In addition, the pure word here is understood as God loves human beings with pure love, unconditional purity, no purpose. And the second meaning of pure words here is that God always gives man pure love energy, which is pure because it is an unused source of energy.

     Similarly, when you send to God hatred or defamation hatred, God will also feel it. Then God will send you back 10 times the dark energy you sent to God. God always knows what it takes to create justice for all sentient beings in his love. God always knows how to meet the soul’s aspirations from each individual. The purpose of your soul in the present is love and light, God will provide love and light energy. The purpose of your soul in the present is fear and darkness, so God will have to provide darkness, dark energy and frightened energy in order to serve your purpose.

     You see, God always knows how to create absolute justice with all sentient beings in love. Secretly to get more love from God, you don’t always say “God loves me”.  But you have to say I love God, “with your sincerity.” You say, God loves me is an undeniable truth. The problem here is not that God alone loves you, but God loves all sentient beings like you. You always say God loves me, it is no different from the thought of the children who all want the Moon. Because when a child is standing under the moon, he always thing it is his moon, wherever he moves, the moon follows him. This is cute thinking; moon does not follow any one. Moon quietly watch and radiate soft light on them all in the love of the moon.

God does not stand on the evil side; God is not on good side. But God stands on both sides, God exists in good and evil and exists in all beings, existing in all things. Simply God is unique and so is the whole, so there is nothing, anything, any human being that can exist outside of God.

     Similarly, you always say that God loves me so much, Christianity have always considered God is only theirs, but not to the people of Buddhism and other religions. And it is no different from the Muslims who claim that Alla is theirs. Just as before, people often thought that God was always on their side of the religion, standing on their side, not other side. You see, if you always say God loves me so much, then you automatically identify God as your own, but not by all. A God idea is your own, not only do you not get more love from God, but instead are aware of you in truth there is a problem. In contrast, you say I love God, with your true love, that is, you express your gratitude to God. But as I stated in The Ultimate Truth, when you say thank you, you express your respect for God. Because gratitude itself includes the respect in it. So, when you show your love for God, you will receive 10 times the love energy from God. But if you say, God loves me so much, then you give the assertion you got, God does not need to give you anything else.

     Actually, when I take this issue to the discussion, I do not intend to criticize you for giving gratitude to God. In my opinion, if you cannot say gratitude to God, you will never be able to say thank you to anyone else. If you cannot honor God, you probably will not be able to find anyone else worthy of honor. Actually, our gratitude to God or our respect for God is the mouthpiece of each of us in life. As for myself, I always behave just like you, God’s gratitude is the saying I always use every day in my life.

     However, no matter how much my love for God is, I still speak the truth. And from this truth I’m so hopeful that you can come to the realization that God never punishes anyone, nor gives reward to anyone, according to the will of God. God does not reward anyone for anything, as a favoritism, so all that you have is what you create. Similarly, you must always be held responsible for any actions you take under the law of cause and effect. God has given everyone, everything from the very first day that each of us has existed in the beginning. So you are suffering, God is miserable, you are happy that God is happy, God and you together in creation and together experience the kingdom of light as well as the dark kingdom, the game is just simple like that.

     You see, the fact that God or those who give us information, in fact the information is the ultimate truth. But to realize given information effectively, we need to brainstorm. In case, you are always confused, always believe and practice exactly as what they teach, it is possible that you will make mistakes unfortunately. And one of the most serious and systematic mistakes people have ever made. It also comes from the teachings of the great One, Shakyamuni Buddha etc. mentioned in example 3.

Example 3: During the time when Shakyamuni Buddha preached many truths. But there are truths that he just said half and left again. The most typical example is the saying, all human suffering comes from the word Want”, because Want is the source of all evil and suffering. You see, because of his overly wise teaching, later on he made tens of thousands of his deaths, by all means, at all costs, how to create the principal dogmas that can eliminate “Want”. It also means to seek to eradicate human desires, because human desires are the source of evil and suffering “he must not destroy”. You see, instead if he finishes the sentence maybe everything will be in a different direction. In case he says all human suffering comes from a “wish”, because Want is the source of all evil and suffering. But all peace and happiness are derived from the “want”.

     You see, your problem lies in what you want, what your desire is, the mind or mindfulness. From there it will decide whether your life is suffering or happiness. But not everything you want will cause you pain. From there, you can see, want is not a privilege reserved for suffering. But want to be able to bring you everything, everything according to your wishes in the best way, including nirvana or heaven.

     You see, the payment for a mistake in consciousness, derived from the supreme truth of the Messiahs, is not happened. And sometimes to understand a truth, it takes you thousands of years to recognize. But all their actions are not for the good of us, their love.

   Westerners like to say “No free lunch,” but do not judge them because they are too pragmatic or because they live without love so they say so. In fact, this statement is very real, more than the fact that it is the ultimate truth. Indeed, if you truly understand it, you will be successful in the inevitable. Success because you will always try, always try for yourself, but never rely on anyone. Because you have determined that nothing in this world is costly to you. You need to remember that in reality there is nothing in this world and there is not anything in the universe that you can use it for free.

     Similarly, all the evolution of humanity, all human success, all the experiences a soul has, all must be paid. If you take a hard look at it, you will realize that there is not anything that you are given to others. From the fact that you receive a charity, to the gift of giving a meal, or anyone giving you something, it is never free. You really do not, everything you have today from happiness, until the wealth, money, fame, that you have today paid for it is not in the present. In the past, it is also in past lives. And remember, all existence, all existence, all that you have, is the cause of it, until the very end of the price of heaven must be paid by the very time that you living in hell The life of man and your existence in the universe, you have to pay for it by the obligation on this Earth and the whole other dark world you have experienced. That price is interpreted in other words as you have to create and extend the dark kingdom of God, and give God the necessary experience. The greater the price of your hardships and misery, the higher your reward. But from now on, from now on, be prepared to receive the great reward that God is about to give you.

     As you see, since the past until now, God and Masters hardly explain the words they have said. You understand how you apply it to your life, it’s up to you, your evolutionary level. And they will never interfere with your own mistakes. They never even appear to say that, oh, you were wrong, you misunderstood the true meaning of the information I transmitted. No, once and for all, from the light of the truth they have made humanity misunderstandings, wrongdoings, causing so many unknown experiences of hair loss. And they looked and always saw us grumbling, suffering, pity, but they quietly watched, silently watching us in silence. And in fact, they do as they are already innocent in this regard and avoid the obsession with so-called intrusion of free will. By the fact that they do not encroach, it is all in human beings. They do not do anything so we can assume they are wrong, but the opposite. So ask all the mistakes, all the suffering, all the bond that people have suffered, derived from life or religion by anyone out. Again, we must affirm that the fault is not human, nor fault of the religious leaders. Cause mistakes, mostly from the They, but ask Who are they? They are the oldest Jesus / Sananda, the Prophet Mohammed, the Son of God El Morya, the Shakyamuni Buddha, and all of them are the great sons of God the Father. Their true nature is immense. They are truly great masters, the angels of the superintendent, the real masters of the cosmos, and the true masters of the heavens. But they ask what they are doing, and if you judge in a secular way, you may think that they are too evil. But with them, there is no such thing as evil or good, nothing is right or wrong. In fact, each of them going to Earth and they only do one poke, all of the balls on billiard table will be pulled in one pocket. All from black, yellow red to white ones are in the same pocket. Are They really so superior, so unbelievable beyond our imagination?

     But why I say, all mistakes are from Themselves. For example: You are the math professor you are teaching your children, but there are some elementary school children, but you have given them difficult math problems, such as solving equations, mathematical spatial geometry. Do you think kids can solve math problems that you’ve given them? In my opinion, they will certainly get wrong, but you never corrected or explained them, so that they cannot get why they get it wrong. So, they think that their interpretation is true and they apply it to life. Likewise, the masters have acted like that for us. Of course, I am only referring to an observation, based on a fact that has taken place in the history of humanity, but I do not condemn or criticize anyone or any power. I think, we should not conceive of this one the wrong one, this one is good the other bad. This one has faults or the other is guilty and in this matter too, we all have no faults, no one is guilty and they are not in the world of light. Actually, all their deeds, all their actions are in God’s great and omnipotent plan. All their actions and all their causes are all cause and their purpose is to bring to humanity the best, there is something when we do not understand all, so the problem becomes paradoxical. But there is one thing that we must absolutely believe that God, and the forces of light, whatever action they take, they are based on their eternally love for us.

Back to the question of the true nature of light and darkness. We realize that even if it was a great idea like Jesus / Sananda, a transcendental thought like Shakyamuni or the thought of the brilliant scientist Albert Einstein, the talented composer Ludwig van Beethoven, painter Vincent Willem van Gogh, and so on. Or even a cruel thought such as Adolf Hitler, barbaric thoughts such as the Islamic state proclaiming IS: Everyone, everything, everything, and anything you can see, as well as not seeing, comes from a single source that is god conscious, “DAO.” The true nature of light and darkness, in fact, is just information that endless data sources emanate God consciousness, the source consciousness.

.     So you have to understand that the true nature of light is simply that the source of information is consciousness, that knowledge is the perception that when you express it in action, that will bring it the positive experiences such as compassion, love, joy, happiness, peace and so on. On the other hand, the true nature of the dark is the whole piece of information that, when we operate it, it will bring negative experiences, such as crime, fear, suffering, pity, and sadness, etc

     In summary, God’s light consciousness is also the light of God, its nature is to bring positive information and results from the operation will bring benefits, good for human life, say general. God is the one who uses the light information to create and express with his children. For this reason, people call God the supreme light. The dark consciousness is still information within the God consciousness system, and it takes up half of God consciousness. But it is negative information and results from the operation from it, which will bring disadvantages, suffering for human life, in general. Although all of the dark information that is still owned by God is still from the God consciousness. But God has never and will never use, or even use, a tiny part of the system of darkness. So, God never used this information, so God created it? It is the ultimate question, the essential question for the journey of every soul, experiencing life on this earth. But this question I put aside for later.

     In fact, it is not until now humans are interested in the so-called light and darkness. In the ancient epochs of Earth’s history, people often mention this issue. The most typical example of this is Taoism, Taoism is derived from Lao Tzu, He is God himself, “the event was revealed by Father God and I presented in The Great Truth. I say Taoism originates from Lao Tzu, but Lao Tzu did not personally create Taoism, human created it later, and “almost all major religions were born this way”. You do not need to explain the meaning of the two Taoist words, in a casual manner and how to do it. But you just need to understand in the simplest sense that Taoism is also the teaching of God consciousness and that is enough. But if you ask what the Taoist teaches about God consciousness and what it reveals about the world of darkness and light. The answer is Yin and Yang. It is not only a graphic, but in fact the so-called polar diagram itself has answered us a lot of questions related to the origin related to universe, light and darkness, soul and life of every soul. Try to look at the Diagram seriously, you will certainly visualize and recognize the many truths that Lao Tzu “GOD” revealed in the picture.



 I suppose you will realize many of the truths that are hidden in the diagram. But I will not explain the meaning of the graphic in the language of the scholars, or previous people have understood it.  And I will only explain the meaning of the graph in simple and simple language based on my own observation.

First thing you see in the pictures, there are two parts of darkness and light that are equal and twisted together creating a perfect circle. It is the symbolic image of the so-called Tai Chi, which means bodily light, and the light of infinity also means God, the Creator. Thus, the first work at the beginning of Tai Chi was bipolar, which also meant that the first creator created the “dipolar” poles of yin and yang. And from this first two angels, God created the universe, man, and universe in the universe. So, God wants to send us a message, that everything, everything, everything in the Universe is formed in creation and exists, not anything that can escape the rules Yin and yang.  This is also the ultimate truth of God, the first birth, the second birth, the third birth. And the most sacred, the greatest comes from this truth: The Creator, ADAM and EVA, but Adam and Eve are Father God and Mother God. They are the first man and woman from the beginning. They are also God’s image in the relative world. This is the first principle in truth, from One gives birth to Two, then Father God and Mother God create Masters”. This is the second principle, Two gives birth to Three gives birth to all things in the universe. Similarly, the universe and everything are created based on this process.

     The trinity, One gives birth to Two is very much expressed in nature and with observation you can see it. For example, guava tree, in a bunch of guava, the first branch is always just one, the next branch will be a pair, and then it grows many guavas. The first brand will never create a pair. It is also the principle of One gives birth to Two, and expression of trinity in nature.

     Back to Yin and Yang, you see two black and white sections divided by the S shape that represent the operation of the galaxies in the universe. The small white and black circles on both sides symbolize the stars and planets that exist in the galaxy. Small black circles represent the living planets, because living planets themselves can never emit light, such as the planet Earth. The small white circle is a symbol of the light emission that exists in our Galaxy, such as our Sun.

The big black and white portraits in the image are also God’s image of light and darkness. White is the image of God’s light and light energy in the “Heaven” world, and the dark side is the manifestation of God’s darkness and dark energy, in the shadow world. Dark “mundane world”. When a soul comes to earthly life, the light consciousness that that soul possesses is only a small dot in the whole of God’s darkness. And that is the small white circle, in the whole black part you see in the picture.

     And the whole white part on the opposite side represents the light consciousness of all the souls living in the world of light. The small black dot displayed in the whole white part is a manifestation of the dark consciousness that the soul has created in the past worldly life. And now it exists in the metaphor of the individual in the world of light. In addition, you also see two white and black sections in the head with very large and very small. Its meaning is that when a soul reaches the end of light it will be the beginning of darkness. Conversely, when a soul reaches the end of darkness, it is the beginning of light.

     Images from the graphic represent the endless creative motion of both light and shadow on the wheel of samsara. And it is also the image that symbolizes the endless journey of each soul, in the endless soul of the soul. And the journey of Mankind on the planet Earth is in the final stages of the black part of the picture. So, let’s have fun with this event.


CHAPTER II: What is the true nature of love and fear?

     We can simply define the two words of love and fear as follows: Love and fear are an activity of the soul that produces different frequencies of vibration, attraction, and access different energies and express them on the surface of life. Likewise, light and dark are two opposing poles rooted in God consciousness, and love and fear are two opposing poles created from the soul. But you have to know that, even though our souls play an extremely important role in the lives of individuals, as well as for all human beings in the universe. But it is still the result of the consciousness of God. And there is no change in my view of the soul that was presented in The True Story. That the soul is the most special and perfect software program has been created by the Creator.

     It’s about love and fear that we have to mention light and the dark, because it’s a two-way relationship. If all the activities of your mind are conscious of light, surely the vibrations of your soul will be love. On the contrary, all the activities of your mind are consciousness of darkness, surely the vibrations of your soul will be fearful. Remember, when your awareness is light, your life will always be love. Conversely, when your consciousness is dark, your life is always fearful. And as I stated Ultimate Truth, vibration of love that every human soul can create to pay for life will be just the equivalent of the light consciousness that one has, it cannot be higher. When you hear me like that, I believe that many of you reading this book will come up with a drastic response because they disagree. But I believe that following the words in these pages, hopefully you will have a common point with me. Actually, love is created equal to the light knowledge that I was referring to as unconditional love.

A – What foundation does unconditional love base on?


     Definition of unconditional love is the vibration created by the soul, from which it will be able to counter it with a wave of pure love energy. And the qualities of these are pure love energy waves that are very grainy, gentle, in the high frequency range, are positive. So, when you have access to these waves of energy, all your manifestations on the surface of life will carry the quality of uncontrollable love. However, you only have unconditional love unless your consciousness is conscious of light.

     Unconditional love is driven by the pure love energy that is the essence of God. So love is the source of all perfect life, the source of eternal energy, the eternal positive energy, and the one that creates compassion. Love is what can bring people happiness, peace and happiness. Unconditional love is the source of all things in the universe has been God consciousness created. Pure love is a positive energy source. “The simple meaning of positive is to be filled, to be born, to grow up in goodness”, to make good sense for everything, everything in life throughout the Universe. Unconditional love, is love paid without conditions attached, but if I say so is said to draw the capital, no more no less.

     So, you can imagine unconditional love in the following examples. For example, you have always loved your child even if it’s the most unrequited child, never listen to parents, moreover it also beating father, swearing mother, spoiling, breaking, causing a lot and breaking mistake. For example: You always love your friend even when he’s dating, he never helped you, but he cheated on you, wiped your money. For example: you have fallen in love with a stranger, like yourself, even though he or she has committed many serious crimes such as barbaric murder, robbery, rape, drug trafficking, etc. You love the fly like love birds, you love the rat like your pet cat, you love the roses like wild thorn in the garden etc. unconditional love is like that, is it really for hard for us to love in the present? In fact, people will not be able to love unconditionally with the state of darkness as thick as the present. But God is different, God has loved his children and all things, so in the past as in the present and forever eternally God’s endless source of love. Buddha, Archangel Michael, Saint German, Lord El Morya, Lord Ashtar, Shanta Gabriel etc. or any other person living in the world of “full consciousness” has loved us with great and unconditional love.

B – What foundation does love with condition based on?

     Definition of conditional love is a vibration created by the soul and from this vibration it will be able to access it with a wave of frightening energy, located in the low frequency, only 3D, negative, and divisive on the basis of dark consciousness.

     In fact, it is rare to use the phrase conditional love in life, in scripture, even in the spiritual realm. Conditional love itself is a one-dimensional vibration and the vibrations that make up these love frequencies are always supported by at least one enclosed condition or by a certain exchange. Conditional love is formed from the fear of the soul, supported by a sense of separation, in the divine consciousness system. Conditional love is the form of love in the phrase Name, Interest, Love, often referred to in the Buddhist teachings. Concerning this love letter I also mentioned briefly in the book TRUTH DETAILS. But today you and I will go deeper to understand the true nature of the phrase conditional love. Hope you can imagine its true nature from the following examples: Honestly, I apologize for the almost all the examples given in the book, the name of the character is you. It is possible that when you read the examples, you will find many images from the character is not very nice. I want you to eliminate the idea that I am referring to you, but when I use you, I just hope that you imagine yourself as a character in the example in order to help you feel the truth about things which I have pointed out.

     For example, when you first step into your husband’s home, what you find most difficult is to adapt and confront your mother-in-law. So, you tried to be very well behaved with your mother-in-law and always try to get her. But everything is just outside, in essence you do not love your mother in law even if that love is very little compared to your mother. But as time goes by, the more you realize that this woman is a truly virtuous person. She treats you very psychologically, not only does she have a hard time with you, but she always shows kindness, tenderness, guidance, always helps you to solve many difficulties that arise from life. Not only that, this mother-in-law is always on your side in front of the mistakes of the husband, always emphasizing and protecting you in front of everyone in the family, as well as in society. From then on you feel that you are more and more in love with this woman as your mother. And as you have seen, you fell in love with your mother-in-law coming from the conditions that were fulfilling your desires and it is completely different from your feelings about the mother in the first few steps. feet on the bride. On the contrary, the love of your mother-in-law for you still conditional. The first condition is because you are her daughter-in-law but not the other daughter-in-law. In addition, she gives love to you, because you are the one who has and will bring happiness to her son and grandchild.

    For example: You are a single woman and are about to marry a man who had a baby with his first wife. She is beautiful and look like his mother. This is the reason why you feel very upset and angry whenever you approach the baby. But you are always acting like you love in order to get trust from the man. And this love it is not real, you do not love her, and you really hate her. But after being married and living with the child, you realize that the baby is really smart, she is good at studying, good at being obedient. You realize the baby is very understanding, very respectful and polite to you. She treats you very well just as her father. Moreover, you recognize that you cannot have baby. You love her from your own heart. There is no doubt that you love her and of course you no long think you can treat her bad as you thought before your marriage. What the baby shows to you is something you do not expect, but it really is a condition created by the child that makes you change your mind, from which you love it realistically.

     The above are just two typical examples of the various forms of emotional life, in terms of the conditions that arise after people can pay for their love. In addition, there are many, many cases where conditions have been formed before the soul has the vibrations that create love.

     Example: You love your baby very much, love as if this love will never change. At first glance seemingly the kind of spiritual mother you have for me is unconditional, eternal but in fact everything is not as you think. As a matter of fact, all the love feelings you have for your child have been conditioned before. But to be clear about the conditions that you love your child is very latent. And these are the conditions that are hidden in your love.

     First, you love the child because it is your own child, but it is not other’s child. Because it is a living being that you carry for more 9 months.

Second, during pregnancy you hope after birth, the baby will bring you much joy, bring warmth to the family, and when she grows up she will become beautiful, intelligent, successful, famous for the whole family.

    Third, you hope your child will treat you good when you get older, she can take care of you when you are sick and getting old.

     Here are just three hidden conditions why you love your child. But I believe that everything will be broken and that the love you have for your child will be gone, instead it can be resentment, even hate when she didn’t meet your expectation. In fact, your love will change over time, if your child grows up as a loser, never obey his parents, refuse to study, do not help the family. Throughout the day, just hanging out and fighting with friends. When he grows up, he is ready to attack, his brothers and sisters. He would even be able to scold his father and friend if they could not provide his money and his unreasonable demands. He is a very dangerous child and very unfathomable, he never bothered anyone, regardless of the condemnation of the clan, the village and society. And this is really a serious breakdown of the conditions you have always been expecting about your baby since it was still in the womb. So, instead of loving this child as originally, you have become resentful now, even hating the baby that you thought you can love him forever unconditionally.

     To be honest here, in this book, I just want to tell the truth, the situations that have been perfectly perfected by human choice, stem from God’s omniscient plan. , but not the denial of divine motherhood. Actually, I always realize that in any situation, motherhood is always the most sacred and greatest love. One of the greatest emotions a man can give to others, but not himself. In fact, in today’s world, divine motherhood is truly a revered emotion. But also here, on Earth in the present time, near all the vibrations of love from the human soul is not unconditional love, including the love of mother.

     Another example of loving couples, husband and wife. When we refer to the spiritual motherhood we are referring to soft, gentle as well as strong love. But when it comes to loving couples, it is often thought that it is the most intense form of love vibration because one can die for his lover. Perhaps you have seen, people can die if his lover dies. But you rarely see that people will die when their parents, children or brothers/sisters die.

     Indeed, many people die when their lovers die, however this is still not unconditional love. Love of human beings is always accompanying with conditions. And for couples love, they cannot escape this rule. And maybe some of you will think I am extremist. I’m the one with the negative view in life. Actually, I’m just a guy who dares to look straight and dare to accept the truth in order to change, to renew my own love vibrations. If I do not dare to face and accept the truth, I will become more and more negative in paying for my own life. Similarly, if you do not dare to face the truth, do not dare to make sure that your life will become increasingly negative in this new, ever-changing world.

Back to the topic of love and couples, for example when you meet a guy, the first condition that you can arise feelings for that guy, because he is very handsome, dressed He is always very expressive, smart, intellectual and rich. These may be the initial prerequisites for some girls towards love and marriage. But here I will not mention these because if these girls have feeling and love this boy. It is also very common in life, but this relationship is not even close to unconditional love I want to mention here.

     But if a girl meets a guy in a surprisingly uninteresting situation, it’s different. For example, you are a very beautiful and wealthy girl. On your business trip, you fall and leading to body scratches, blooding, you are very painful and don’t know what to do. Surprisingly, a guy with a normal appearance, take off his shirt and cover you with it, look at your wound and take you to the hospital immediately. Then he asks your family member’s telephone number and let them know. The next day he returned to the hospital to visit you, but after he knew your health is not dangerous, so he will not appear again.

     After leaving the hospital, you will want to see him again, but with him, he always thinks that helping a person is a normal thing. But once in a while you see him again, still in his working suit. And since then the two met again and again, in the end you fell in love with him, even if you know he is not handsome and poor. But the love of two people for each other is huge enough to lead them to marriage and they live happily together. You see, when you look at the process of love, you think that you love the guy unconditional, because the poo you desire about the man of his life are not that. The condition you are really looking for is something inside of a guy. And also because the guy meets the conditions you desire, you arise love with him. And the conditions that the guy meets, so that you can feel, first he didn’t pay too much attention of the appearance of the girl. Second, he didn’t mind how rich you are. He is really good man. In case, the guy come back to hospital and flirting you because he thinks you are beautiful and rich. It means he cannot meet the conditions you desire about a man you can love. So, you can use the money to repay him, but you cannot love him.

      In fact, you have to know that in order to have a happy and fulfilling marriage, the conditions that he can fulfill is only the initial conditions, it is not everything. Once you become the wife, the conditions that you expect from your husband will be created continuously. But I need to point out one condition, you ask husband to meet conditions in your marriage. And if he cannot meet that condition, then you may end up falling in love with him and the marriage will be broken. Example: After marrying you know that your husband’s sexual ability is too weak. So, gradually over time your feelings will change and change in the downward direction. As long as it is so, you will realize that all the conditions that he fulfills for you from the beginning have become futile and meaningless. It is a natural response to the demands your soul wants to experience, but it is not responding. So, it is very natural if you do not love him anymore. You do not even have a friendship with him because you think he cheated on you. At this point you will realize that the love you have for him, no matter what condition it seems, now becomes conditional upon your love for him to be unique.

     In contrast, during time you and that guy loving each other, but they are prohibited or separated by the family. Then you will be able to die for this man, will be able to die for this love without regret.

      Because of typical character of our love couples, it is the highest and most important vibration of all love relationships. But it is really not the feeling. In fact, loving couples are the ones that give people the most experience, and almost no love relationship can give a person more experience than a relationship. This. Love couples are a very precious love, because it is a kind of emotional can bring people the happiest, the happiest experience, giving people a great sense of great sublimation vice versa. Pair love is the most experienced human relationship, the most sensation that a soul can receive in life. Because it gives you the most, so when you lose you will suffer the most, as a natural law in 3d. And that is the cause of suffering most people, or want to die when the loss of this love.


     Actually, love is the relationship that brings soul to many experience the most attractive and intense. This statement is true to us human beings and to people in the world of light. The difference in the relationship between the two worlds is that human beings come together to form couples based on fateful lives. And the love that the earthly couples give to each other is nourished by the circumstances. But with eternal couples in the world of light, the relationship between them is twin souls, a twin flame, a fate from the beginning. And the love of couples in the world of light for one another is eternal, eternal and unconditional.

     Indeed, the love relationship is the first and most important love relationship that produces all the love relationships in life that a soul can experience. To determine the first love or love in the relationship between parents and children is first. In fact, it is quite similar to determining whether a chicken has a front or an egg. In this case, if you really want to know what is before, what follows is required for you to return to the beginning. To understand the problem, you must first determine what is created and what is born. The created one also means that what was first “created” in the universe comes from God consciousness. And the birth is the birth, produced in the pattern from the first creation. So you have seen a big difference between the two words being created and being born. But in order for you to get a better idea of this, I have to reiterate the original cause. And as you know, the Creator is not born, nor is he born, but simply he is the creator, the supreme creator. Father God and Mother God are created by Supreme Creator.  It also means that Father God and Mother God is the source of all souls, all living beings existing in the whole universe.

     And from this fact you can determine whether the chicken is pre-existing one or the eggs. Indeed, the chicken is the first and the egg is the latter, because the chicken is created and the egg is born. But to make you sure of this truth and without any doubt, look at the words you use when you talk about the chicken and the egg you will see. And the saying that you usually use is the chicken laying eggs, followed by eggs hatched to the chicken, but not the egg laying the chicken. Likewise, God the Creator is also the means, which means that the first love vibrations in the Universe are the love formed from the relationship between the two. Mother”. And since this first love relationship gave birth to all the other love relationships: love, motherhood, brotherhood, and so on. So, you can determine love. Love is a love relationship created and used by God the Father in the early universe. It is simple to understand this fact, because God the Father of the first two in the universe began. So, the love they can express in that moment is the love of two people for each other, it is also called love couples.

  Back to unconditional love and as you have seen, for nearly 12,000 years, since humankind emerged and lived on the planet Earth. Human History has proven that we, the inhabitants of this Earth, have lived to experience and expand the dark kingdom. So we can only love each other with conditioned love that is inevitable. But to say that does not mean that love has never been loved in this earth. For example, Jesus / Sananda or Buddha Shakyamuni who lived here and loved humanity with unconditional love. And there are also many who have come to Earth to carry out their mission, not as a sorcerer, but they also loved us and worked hard for the world, with unconditional love. For example, Mother Teresa an Indian woman, Mahatma Gandhi, Ho Chi Minh etc. In fact, in earlier times, to give human beings the Earth to have a living personality like They are impossible. By their simplicity, they are role models from the world of light and live the scripted scenario.

   But it is clear that conditioned love is not a bad emotion, it is necessary for the journey of the experience of every soul in this world. To the extreme, expressions from unconditional or conditional love, or any manifestation of the whole person in the world, or in the world of light, are supported by consciousness. Apart from love, nothing else can make this world more beautiful, love nourishes everything in this world, nurtures everything in the universe. Love does not exist, everything does not appear, not fed by love, everything, everything becomes meaningless and cannot exist.

     You see, nothing is possible, if there is no love. Love is something that can give life a real meaning, in addition to love out there nothing else can replace. But you must understand that, so that you can love and express your love to the surface of life, you cannot help but be conscious. So, what you have to have first is the light consciousness. In case you are unaware and especially conscious of light you will not be able to access the pure energy of love and cannot know how to express it on the surface of life.

     So, you only really know love unconditionally with a condition that you have to awaken your own heart and sense of who you are, what are you, and you need to be aware of the fact that we are all one, as well as full consciousness of the values of light as well as darkness, good as well as evil, good as well as bad, etc. you always renew your consciousness with God light awareness to eradicate the whole background of darkness that has been ingrained in your mind in the past. You only really know love with unconditional love, provided that you have to realize that everything that happens around you does not have anything, that it can impose conditions on you. For example: From the very first day your baby was born, and from the very first moment you looked at your baby, you realized your beloved child had a serious birth defect. But all that you see is not going to stop you from surrendering to the intense love for your beloved child. From then on you will always love, care for and treat your child as part of your own flesh and blood. And apart from the love you have given your child, the rest of what else the physical truth as well as its wisdom cannot impose on your love.

     Conversely, if you have too many expectations about your child, but the truth about your physical condition is that you will become frustrated, leading to no love for it. And usually when you look at it as a burden, it needs to be poured down, but it cannot be loved.

If everything happened the same way as in the example, you came to the boundary of unconditional love. Just a little, a little bit more to say your love is unconditional. And this little bit is the realization that this kid is your child but not the child of another.

     Unconditional love is what humanity is aiming for, but it is not something that humanity has been in love with. In the past and present we are often conditioned to love, whereas people in the world of light take love to nourish the condition. But in reality, except for the three supreme Gods, we do not exclude anyone, including Jesus / Sananda Lady Nada’s the first twin. You can love unconditionally with prerequisite condition is full consciousness. In case, Jesus / Sananda and Lady Nada’s are in the same time experience as us, They cannot love unconditionally as they still love in the past. 

C – What is the nature of fear based on?

     Fear is a vibration in opposition to love vibration, fear is a vibration that produces an extremely low frequency. From these vibrations you will access to yourself the low energy frequency bands that correspond to the vibrations of the soul. And always the fearful vibrations of your soul are always supported by the darkness. Fear is the cause of all negative causes produced by the low vibrations of the soul. In the literal sense of humanity, fear is the cause of all crimes such as oppression, domination, oppression, dictatorship, greed, cunning, ruthlessness, selfishness, fraud, pride, superstition and misery, etc. A planet living in a dark world is a living planet in fear. A society living in the darkness of consciousness is a living society in fear. A soul living in darkness is a person living in fear. Fear is the cause, the source of the evil that arises, the suffering that arises, it is the main cause of all human suffering, for almost 12,000 thousand years.

     You will not need to analyze everything that is produced from the soul. But you just observe that you will see all the crimes and all human suffering come from fear. And how can you imagine the fear that is causing us so much trouble and many negative traits? I will give you some examples of the following.

     For example: You are living in a village where droughts and floods often occur. So, harvesting from your crops is a good time to lose because it always depends on the weather. So, there are many years you harvest the season, but your mind always reminds you not to waste, but to accumulate, to save for the uncertainty. From that point of view, you do not want to share with anyone the food you have made, not wanting to help anyone, even if you find they are hungry. The reason is your family has no other income besides harvesting. So, you are afraid if you cannot harvest next year, your wife and children will be hungry. And as you have seen, from a very difficult life situation, it cannot fail to generate anxiety and fear, plus a powerful help of dark consciousness, gradually makes you selfish. And this selfishness to death is still far from you, but you will carry it with you in the afterlife, in the afterlife, in the afterlife. And then you will use this selfishness to transform and express them to the surface of life, in accordance with your own living circumstances.

    For example: You are in a financial crisis because there is no way to get out. So you thought that the only way to get out of the hustle and bustle you were thinking was to go out and steal a neighbor’s house one night. But unfortunately when you are doing the robbery was discovered by the neighbor. And because you’re so afraid of your neighbor knowing your face, you killed her for the fact that you were not exposed. From the above example, you can see that fear is the main cause of murder and crime. The first is that fear is always hidden in the life of need and hunger leads you to steal. Next, when you commit theft and are discovered, you fear because people know your face and will denounce you, resulting in fear of being arrested, fear of imprisonment, fear of friends and neighbors. Will be scorned, laughed. So you kill people with desires like you fear will not happen. From an initial fear led by a dark, narrow mind that makes you a criminal.

     In case you are educated, knowledgeable and qualified then your mind will help you overcome the difficulties and fears you face in life with many different positive ways. Unfortunately, in this case you do not have a lot of knowledge in its capacity, it can only help you overcome the difficulties by the best of itself. You see, when you only possess a sense of darkness, it can only lead your soul into darkness, but it is never light. When you only possess a dark mind, it can only bring you to suffering, but it cannot be happiness.

     Result of crime you have committed is your sbuffering, remorse in prison, as well as the suffering of your wife, children, parents, and other loved ones. This is just one example of the continuous evolution of the action that causes the suffering that comes from the fears of each one of us on earth.

     Example: You are a person born into a poor family, living in a slum, where the highest crime rate in the city. And because of the poor, you did not have a good education, you did not complete the primary school you dropped out of the brush yourself make a living in a landfill. And in your hardship, you are always bullied, bullied, you are often unreasonable blows from the larger children. For that reason, you are always afraid to go to the landfill for food, but in addition to having to stick to the dumpster you do not know what to do other things to make money. From constant fears in your life, you have a very strong desire to respect and respect others at all costs. The intense desire is the force that gives you strength, the courage to continue the life of the landfill. And from then on you have fiercely resisted all repression if it’s directed at you, you’re ready to fight back against any opponent who bullies you, in extreme hatred.

     You have fought with those whom you consider an enemy with the power created in extreme hatred, regardless of your own life, with the help of a knife, a hammer, a hammer, or any kind. What weapons do you have? Since then the children are very afraid of you and worship you as a great singer, many of whom are older than you. It is the turning point of your life, you are extremely excited and proud of being respected and respected by others.

    Your initial aim was to eliminate fear from the bully who succeeded. But in reality the fear does not end, but it is opening another fear, that after you are honored from the children, you fear that you will not keep this position for a long time. You are always afraid that if you cannot keep up the good fortune, you will probably return to fear before. Therefore, you always think that at all costs you have to improve your position and influence on the children. From there you set up gangs Wanderer, snatching, preserving, drug trafficking, killing people, slashing the bluff. And to end the story of your life is that you receive a life sentence. The price that you pay for the journey of suppressing fear and seeking good fortune with your own dark perception, is so inevitable.

     And as you have seen, your initial desire is to make sure you are not afraid of bullying by the people from the dumpster. And from this fear a greater fear arises, out of this desire a greater desire arises. But the desires and dreams that come from your soul are realized in your own fear and darkness, leading you to tragedy. From a person who has always been frightened of being bullied by others, you have become the cause of oppression and the spread of fear. The story is the experience of a soul in the darkness of consciousness, chosen by you in your past life.

     Example: You are a person who has lived in a feudal imperial capital. The life in the capital city is very rich and flashy. But in reality the hidden behind the flashy is an unbelievably complex. Because of the life around you, there are many mandarins in the court, and most of them are greedy, selfish people, good people, and many bribes to bribe. Therefore, in communication you are always very careful, because a minor misrepresentation, or a slight blasphemy, can lead to imprisonment for the loss of property, death or death. Because you have to live in such a society that gradually turns you into a leafy, leafy person. Living in this life, of course, you have to be sober, wise in every communication with the court officials and everyone, you can stand. To say that wisdom and alertness are exaggerated, in fact, there is no such thing as wise and sane here. But you always have a lie, a certain prostitution to deal with many situations in your life. You always live without your heart, always say hypocrisy to cover up your real thoughts and always avoid the people who you will not know what they are thinking.

And as you see, from the fears of fear of losing others, fear of being infected, fear of losing the property, fear of imprisonment, fear of death, fear of being abducted, etc. And these fears will always be in your life, and you will create a variety of personalities with the support of darkness. In this example too, prostitution, hypocrisy, unrewarding life, always cover up your true feelings created in the context in which your soul experiences.

     These above examples are just a small part of reality that the fear brings us in this life of the world. You are the leader of the country, but because you fear your power will fall into the hands of others, you will become a dictator. You are a business owner, but because you are so afraid your business will go bankrupt causing you to become a rip-off. Because you fear a supernatural force that has caused you to worship a mountain, a river, a tree, a rock, it is nonsense Because you are so frightened at the divine power of God, some earthy, from your imagination, that you can bring an innocent virgin to death to sacrifice. Because you are so frightened by a soul that is devouring, a demon spirit, according to your imagination, that you can buy tons of gold coins to burn to bribe the audience. This is true. Because you are so scared, make you year after month, go all the way to the temple to the other worship of the money, in order to please the Buddha, God, god, some holy man in the way of thinking yours. Your purpose is to make them happy and bless you, not to do that you are afraid that they will not be happy and will bring to you. Since you are so scared, every day you have to go to church, confessing every day in spite of the rain and wind. Because you are so scared, you have to pray five times a day, regardless of your work being saved, you can still leave when the prayer is over.

     The main cause of fear is because we live in a dark sense of dense in the 3D world. What can you be aware of and leave behind what you have been doing, such as worship, confession, prayers, pagodas, churches, prayers to honor God. If you spend time doing things that you love, then the Lord, Buddha, Allah be much happier. The joy and happiness you bring to them, because they realize that you have grown up, you have awakened, you are aware of the truth about God about your roots. Actually when you come here is to create and create continuously in your own life. But you have done the opposite, that every day, every hour, year after year you repeat the same action, you keep reading, reciting an unchanging chorus. In my opinion, you are not bored, “because you always try to do it for fear,” but God probably will not be interested in what you did. God brings you here is to create what is new in His total consciousness, to help you gain experience, and bring God this experience. But you spend most of your time praying, then how can you serve God? I honestly say to you, the fact that you recite prayers, confession every week, every day, you force God to experience for thousand, millions of times Imagine that if someone forced you to watch a movie, but watch it again and again for hundreds, thousands of times whether you are bored or not. You can answer this question yourself.

     In fact, all your actions, every action, every thought, every emotional vibration, God has known all along, have experienced with you already, from the moment you created it. So ask you to do things like “confession” to do? I am sure that in all your confessions, you do not always want to and do happy. Indeed, there are so many things, there are so many things that happen in life, that you never want to talk about and also do not want to confide in anyone. But because of a grim bondage that comes from religion, it makes you scared. From there you do things you sometimes do not want, such as confession to say things you never want to say. The general inattention to your religion and the person performing the rite of confession for you has committed the free will that God has given you.

     Daily prayer, you pray several times a day, year after year, you have forced God to experience only one thing repeats many times, you have forced God to review your only script many times. In fact, in my opinion, if you are not bored, perhaps God will no longer be interested in what you think you are serving God. You hear people say eating eggs is healthy. So, months after months, you gave your mother, father with all eggs to show your filial piety. In fact, this is an assumption that never happens, because you cannot be so foolish as to do so. But from then on you can associate yourself with the question, for what? Or is there any benefit? When you spend a lot of time going to pagodas, churches, mosques, prayers or chanting prayers throughout the day.

     And today I will give you another example that comes from fear, but this example is a practical one. For example, in the pages above I usually call Jesus / Sananda or the Archangel Michael as him, most likely you are some of the ones that I assume are arrogant, arrogant, self-righteous. But you have to know that, when I call Jesus / Sananda, the Archangel Michael calls anyone in the world of light, except the Three Gods, by his name, that is, I respect the mind. Their wish, but not the opposite. As you can see, almost all of Jesus / Sananda’s or Archangel Michael’s recent messages sign Me your beloved brother, Sananda. “I am your loving brother, Sananda” or “I love my brother.” Your precious, Jesus “I am your loving brother, Jesus”. Similarly, in Archangel Michael’s messages, he often signs his name similarly to Jesus / Sananda. So ask? with him Jesus / Sananda is the eldest of God Mother / Father and Archangel Michael is successor, Where, regardless of the Trinity, they are the highest spirits of the Kingdom. But they themselves, those great souls, have many times wanted us to know the truth that they are our sisters. But almost all of us are always doing the opposite of their true desires.

  Similar to this case I give an example, you contact a partner related to your work. The first time you meet this person, you always address him as Mr., but they have honestly told you that we should address each other as brothers. But you continue to address him as Mr., so behaving in that way is respect or disrespect that man or not. You can answer yourself.

 You call Jesus / Sananda or the Archangel Michael as brother, you respect the will that comes from their true love for you, it is not arrogant. In the case, you continue to call them God, Spirit, Masters, Archangel, it does not affect the love that they are always for you. But your behavior can prove you do not dare to affirm their relationship and you are the truth in love. In addition, it further demonstrates that, because you are so scared, your fears about them in the past are still present in you until today. So, although they always tell us they are friends, but you do not dare come close to them to create a loving and intimate relationship.

     And finally, you can know where and for what causes mortal mankind to face crime and suffering. All are not out of fear and darkness.